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Housing Authorities
Advance Professional has a large inventory network for housing authorities
management. We carry multiple product lines and have more than 6,500
stores throughout North America ready to serve your needs.
OPTIMA Performance AGM
• High-performance spiral AGM battery
• 3X time the life of a standard battery
• 15X the vibration resistance of a traditional battery
• Heavy-duty Power-PerformTM plates for improved deep cycle capacity
• Tightly packed construction dramatically reduces vibration damage for 20X the life
• 2X the life of a standard battery
CARQUEST Best Flooded
• Full line of group 31 heavy-duty batteries available
• Deep pocket envelope separators protect plates from shorts extending battery life
• Also available in cycle service design for class 8 trucks, reefer units and APU’s
CARQUEST Wearever Platinum
Professional Pads
• Longer pad life
• Improved stopping performance
• Cleaner wheels
• Silent braking
CARQUEST Wearever Gold Pads
• Engineered for exceptional stopping
power, longer life and cleaner wheels
•Ceramic and semi-metallic formulations
meet or exceed OE specs
CARQUEST Wearever Rotors
• Meet or exceed OE design for superior stopping power
• Up to 17.9% heavier than lightweight
rotors, resisting premature warping for fewer comebacks
Steering and Suspension
Monroe Quick Strut
• First complete, ready-to-install
replacement strut assembly
• Includes all components for
strut replacement in a single,
fully-assembled unit
For more information, email uscommunitites@advance-auto.com or 1-888-823-6592
MOOG Suspension Parts
• Specifically designed and developed
for the needs of the aftermarket user
• Designed to deliver solutions that
make installation easier, while
helping solve your steering and
suspension problems