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Airplane Takes Flight
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Safer and Less Stressful
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Firestone launches first Run-Flat 34
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60 l
What are the new developments in Land Rover
since we spoke a little over a year ago?
What is the Range Rover Evoque’s
It has been an extremely busy year for Land
Rover, with a lot of activity around the Range
Rover Evoque in particular. To add to that, Land
Rover has just showcased its strongest ever
product line-up at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show
this month, with two stellar vehicles – the Range
Rover Evoque Convertible Concept, the DC100
Land Rover Concept and we also had our one
millionth LR4 to roll off the production line in our
Solihull Manufacturing plant near Birmingham in
the UK.
We developed the new Range Rover Evoque
for “white space” which means a completely
new concept that none of our competitors
are currently offering. When the original
Range Rover was introduced in 1970 it
created the luxury SUV segment and has
really never been matched. In 2005, we
introduced the Range Rover Sport; again it
created a new luxury sport tourer segment.
The Range Rover Evoque is a small, luxury and
more urban SUV and will naturally expand
the breadth of appeal of the Range Rover
brand to a younger and more style conscious
What is your favorite part of the new Evoque?
There’s a lot to choose from when it comes to
the Evoque! I have to say the masculine, almost
muscular shoulder running the length of the
car, and that distinctive taper to the roofline
that I feel, gives the Range Rover Evoque a
very dynamic, almost athletic stance. Pushing
the wheels out to the four corners helps give
the car its purposeful stance I would say. The
wheel arches are wide, but softly integrated into
the body, while the carefully sculpted corners
dramatically reduce the car’s visual overhangs
front and rear. From a performance perspective,
the Evoque offers a smooth and responsive
turbocharged powertrain line-up, the most
impressive being the advanced new 240PS
2.0-litre Si4 turbocharged engine with direct
fuel injection and twin variable valve timing. It
has exceptional drivability and fuel efficiency,
delivering 0-100 kph in 7.6 seconds.
Evoque has been called by some a distant
relative to the Land Rover brand- Your
Of course Range Rover is a part of the Land Rover
brand and the Range Rover Evoque does not
compromise the core brand values of interior
luxury, refined performance and all-terrain
capability. The Range Rover Evoque takes its
inspiration directly from the LRX concept car
which drew worldwide acclaim for its exciting
new interpretation of classic Range Rover design
cues. True to the Land Rover brand, the Range
Rover Evoque effortlessly delivers premium levels
of craftsmanship, luxury and performance, but
shrink-wrapped into a more compact package.
The vehicle demonstrates our commitment
to building sustainable, yet highly desirable
products and helps to define a new segment for
premium compact SUVs that are more sporting
and stylish. The lightest and most fuel-efficient
Range Rover ever, the Range Rover Evoque
demonstrates the marque’s commitment to
environmental sustainability, bringing sub145g* CO2 capability to the premium SUV
class. It makes a strong statement about the
future direction of the Range Rover brand and
has a powerful appeal to a very broad range of
customers worldwide.
When can we expect the full scale
production of the evoque cabrio?
The Range Rover Evoque Convertible Concept
has just made its world motor show debut at
Geneva and will explore the potential for the
world’s first premium convertible SUV. This
bold concept builds on the global success
of the Evoque and continues Land Rover’s
tradition for creating and leading new market
segments. The concept is being shown to
gauge reaction and to assess the market
appetite for a premium convertible SUV. At
present, there are no plans for a production
line Evoque Convertible.
Will the evoque have bigger engine
options in the future?
There are currently no plans for bigger engine
options as we have a fantastic engine in the
Range Rover Evoque. The 2.0-litre 4 cylinder
petrol engine in the Range Rover Evoque
produces an impressive 240PS and powers it
from 0-100kph in just 7.6 seconds. The engine
has a unique calibration developed by our
engineers to deliver this power output whilst
also meeting targets of fuel economy, NVH
and the drivability requirements appropriate
for Range Rover’s all-terrain capability. The
engine has also undergone stringent levels of
testing for all off-road conditions - including
wading up to 500ml, extreme hot and cold
temperatures and durability in environmental
conditions including dust/sand/mud.
What new marketing strategies were used
for the New Evoque (social media?)
We worked with Ali Mustafa, the acclaimed
Emarati director on some action led film
footage shot exclusively with the Range Rover
Evoque around Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain
and Saudi Arabia. Ali is passionate about the
city he grew up in (Dubai), and has a deep
connection with the people living here – he
also holds a strong appeal across the region
due to the success of his debut film City of
Ali is a perfect example of our ‘City Shaper’,
creative influencers who have made an
impact on the cities they live in, and have
interesting points of view that people
resonate with. He was open to creative
collaborations to create great content that
would engage the Range Rover Evoque target
audience, which made it really appealing for
us to work with him on the launch.
From this emerged the 5 series short film
‘Classifieds’ which has been a phenomenal
hit on You Tube. In addition, we also have the
interactive blog and facebook campaigns,
which really give owners and fans the
opportunity to open dialogue with the brand
experts, and of course with like-minded
Range Rover Evoque owners!
Have any apps been developed for Land
Rover? And what makes them different
than other companies’ apps, for example
Mercedes used augmented reality for the
launch of the new C class.
In today’s cluttered environment, brands
have an even harder job to grab the attention
of their target audiences and sustain this
over a long period of time so they become
advocates. This is even important with the
proliferation of digital and social media
channels and the amount of time people
are now spending online. For me, it’s about
creating compelling or ‘sticky’ content that
not only has genuine relevance for our
audience, but also makes them want to
engage in an ongoing conversation with us
– this is true for all marketing channels, but
especially online. We have recently created
I-phone and I-Pad apps for Land Rover which
enables customers to access the websites and
get in touch with the dealers on any queries
by just one click.
What has been the funkiest or most
innovative way that you have marketed
Land rover or any of its vehicles?
The Evoque’s design is inspired by city
architecture and a big part of a city is the
people within it, their journeys and their
conversations. Land Rover has brought
together 50+ influencers across key cities
worldwide to join the Range Rover Evoque’s
launch journey, e.g. New York, London, Paris
City Shapers come from different aspects of
culture that make up the varied nature of
their cities, from arts, the creative industry,
film, music, fashion, media - anywhere where
they’ve made their own mark and shaped
the cities they live in. And importantly they
appreciate the design thought that has gone
in to producing the new Range Rover Evoque. l
Ali Mostafa is the first City Shaper in the region,
and one of over 50 influencers in major cities
from around the world. For example we are
working with the likes of iconic fashion designer
Henry Holland in London as well as numerous
other DJs, bloggers and those working in the
film, TV, design, music and media industries.
Our partnership with Ali will give us the
opportunity to incorporate his personal
creativity and filmmaking expertise into various
elements of the communications campaign
to ensure a fully integrated and truly unique
collaboration that is unlike traditional brand
Will Land Rover vehicles maintain their offroad capabilities in new designs?
Land rover will always stay true to its core values
of off-roading capabilities. All our vehicles deliver
the all-weather, all-surface capability which is
a hallmark of the brand. They feature a suite
of technologies to maximize performance and
safety in challenging on and off-road conditions.
A fleet of Range Rover Evoque development
vehicles were subjected to twelve months
of grueling tests, covering millions of miles
between them to ensure that the Range
Rover Evoque achieves the same standards of
ruggedness and all-terrain versatility as every
Range Rover before them. Over 100 engineers
carried out over 16,700 tests on prototype
development and testing, travelling to over
20 countries worldwide to test in extremes of
climates over a variety of road surfaces and
altitudes. From the frozen extremities, to the
searing heat and dust, to the Autobahns and city
traffic, the Range Rover Evoque was validated
against every element the earth can throw at it.
Range Rover seems to be losing its approach
angle with each refresh, and the Defender seems
to be in the discard bin.
As a true Range Rover, the Evoque delivers the
all-weather, all-surface capability which is a
hallmark of the brand. In common with its larger
siblings, the new model provides formidable allterrain potential, enhanced by the latest version
of the company’s signature Terrain Response
The Land Rover Defender is a very important part
of our line-up and we have also recently revealed
the DC 100 concept at the Dubai International
Motor Show last year which is the potential
future design direction of the iconic Defender.
The Defender is one of the most adaptable
vehicles on the planet and has been put to use
by any number of industries and organisations
from explorers, ecologists, UN aid workers and
Red Cross medics. Its replacement will lose none
of this versatility and Land Rover is actively
exploring future variants with the help of its
customers. l
After how many years does the range
rover usually get a facelift?
Would the DC100 be a replacement for the
We don’t comment on future products.
The Land Rover Defender has been in
production for more than 60 years and
represents the bedrock on which the brand has
been built. It remains a steady seller thanks to
its breadth of capabilities and the two millionth
vehicle is set to come off the production line
in late 2012. Legislation changes however for
EU Light Commercial Vehicles CO2 emissions
means that the current Defender will eventually
not be able to meet the standards. Legislation
will not change until probably the middle of the
decade, so this should enable current Defender
to continue until 2015 with a successor vehicle
to comply 2015+.
What was the reaction of the DC100
launch at the Frankfurt motor show?
The DC100 is a concept and represents the
company’s thinking on how to reinvent the
Defender for a new generation. It is one of
many ideas that we have and we received
an unparaled volume of feedback from
Land Rover enthusiasts, media and new
customers. Defenders, with their ability
to go anywhere have always represented
the ultimate in automotive freedom and
the DC100 takes that spirit and reinvents
it for the 21st century in the form of a
performance vehicle with all-terrain
capabilities. The design brief was to create a
vehicle that would be capable, versatile, and
configurable. It must work for our existing
customers and capture the hearts and minds
of a new generation of customers. At the
heart of the current Defender is capability
and design for the new Defender is as
important as it is for every other new Land
Rover. We can’t imitate our past. We can’t
produce a pastiche. It’s important to move
forward with design integrity. For design and
engineering to work together hand in hand
to create a Defender that demonstrates
longevity and functionality in a desirable
contemporary design – not retro – to create
a vehicle relevant for the 21st century.
I believe the feedback we received was
valuable and indeed offered a great insight
into the demands of or customers both
current and future.
What’s the best part of your job?
I would say the best part of my job would be the
level authority I have at Jaguar Land Rover. The
company has invested their trust in my abilities
and the need to consistently deliver a high
standard of work is what keeps me motivated. I
also like the fact that I get to drive some of the
best machines in the world!
What do you do personally that you enjoy?
I am a self confessed health and fitness fanatic!
I spend a lot of time in the gym during the
working week, then at the weekends; I can’t
resist a good night out with friends, and enjoy
discovering even more great night spots in
Dubai. Besides that I am also an avid reader,
especially when it comes to non-fiction and
historical accounts – I believe we are the
products of our past and we can learn such a lot
from our predecessors.
Camera- and Radar-Based Driving Aids
The new Lincoln MKZ offers the Lane Keeping
System, a suite of advanced driving aids that
helps drivers avoid drifting from their lane due to
distraction or fatigue. Consisting of Lane Keeping
Aid, Lane Keeping Alert and Driver Assist, the
Lane Keeping System utilizes a mono-vision
camera integrated into the rearview mirror to
read the lane markers ahead.
“The new Lincoln MKZ represents the future of Lincoln in both
style and substance,” said Jim Farley, Group Vice President,
Global Marketing, Sales and Service. “It is proof of our
commitment to deliver a new breed of Lincolns for a new
generation of Lincoln clients – motor cars that are distinctive,
elegant, full of technology and a delight to own.”
Available radar-based (ultrasonic) driving aids
further enhance the driving experience. Adaptive
Cruise Control and Collision Warning with Brake
Support each use a long-range radar system
that scans in front of the vehicle, automatically
adjusting to traffic speed and providing a visual
and audible alert when a potential front end
collision is detected.
Active park assist, Blind Spot Information System
(BLIS®) with cross-traffic alert use multiple shortrange wide-angle radar sensors. Each function
provides a distinct benefit, ranging from making
parallel parking easier to warning of oncoming
vehicles while backing out of a parking space.
SYNC with MyLincoln Touch
SYNC with MyLincoln Touch is standard in the
new MKZ. The combined system makes it easier
to use the entertainment, climate and available
navigation features as well as devices brought
into the car (e.g., phones, PDA, MP3 players). Twin
five-way controls on the steering wheel manage
essential systems, and many functions can be
voice-activated via SYNC.
Standard SYNC Services make turn-by-turn
directions available via one-button push and
simple voice commands. Continually improving
voice recognition software learns user voices,
improving the efficiency of voice commands. l 8
MKZ Dynamic Driving Technologies
The new MKZ offers Lincoln Drive Control as
standard. Lincoln Drive Control is an automatic
system that delivers an ideal balance of a smooth ride
with confident handling as it intuitively responds to
driver commands and the road, making the 2013
model the most refined and engaging MKZ ever.
Always on, Lincoln Drive Control orchestrates
the performance of the Continuously Controlled
Damping (CCD) adjustable suspension, electric
power-assisted steering (EPAS), engine, transmission,
Active Noise Control (ANC), traction control and
stability control systems.
The result is an unsurpassed combination of refined
ride and engaging driving dynamics. CCD offers
three modes (Sport/Normal/Comfort) that are
accessible using MyLincoln Touch. Selecting “Sport”
on the Push Button Shift gear selector enables a
decidedly more sporty driving experience.
CCD contributes to Lincoln Drive Control’s transparent
action by monitoring the car’s suspension settings
up to 500 times per second. The real-time system
adjusts the suspension up to 50 times per second to
deliver more controlled handling with a smoother
ride. CCD augments a highly developed chassis that
includes a refined strut front suspension and an all
new integral link rear suspension.
The new MKZ is the only sedan in its class to include
Continuously Controlled Damping and Active Noise
Control as standard equipment.
MKZ Engines, Transmissions and Drive Systems
The 2013 Lincoln MKZ offers three distinct
powertrains. The standard 2.0-liter four-cylinder
EcoBoost delivers the performance of a traditional
V6 along with expected segment-leading fuel
economy that is at least 3 mpg better than the
closest competitor. This engine delivers a projected
20-percent increase in highway fuel economy versus
the 2012 MKZ.
Emphasizing performance and efficiency, the
optional 3.7-liter V6 produces significantly more
power (37 horsepower and 28 lb.-ft. of torque) than
the previous MKZ V6 while improving fuel economy
approximately 5 percent.
Maximizing fuel efficiency, the optional 2.0-liter fourcylinder hybrid powertrain is expected to enable the
2013 MKZ Hybrid to remain North America’s most
fuel-efficient premium sedan. The 2012 MKZ Hybrid
is rated at 41 city mpg, 36 highway mpg.
Non-hybrid models utilize a six-speed automatic
transmission. Standard paddle shifters mounted
behind the steering wheel add to the performance
driving experience of the MKZ.
2.0- and 3.7-liter gasoline engines are equipped with
six-speed automatic transmission; 2.0-liter Hybrid is
equipped with a continuously variable transmission.
Horsepower, torque and fuel economy figures all are
projected, not certified.
Improving grip on slippery roads, the available allwheel-drive (AWD) system anticipates and adjusts the
power delivery to the front and rear axles in as little as
16 milliseconds, faster than the blink of an eye.
The new MKZ is the only sedan in its class to offer
inflatable second-row outboard seat belts. Rear-seat
passengers – often children or mature passengers – can
be more vulnerable to head, chest and neck injuries.
The available inflatable second-row, outboard seat belts
spread impact forces across more than five times the
area of conventional belts, reducing pressure on the
chest while helping to control head and neck motion
and helping reduce the risk of injuries.
“We call it elegant simplicity,”
said Max Wolff, Lincoln Design
director. “We wanted the new MKZ
to be inviting and approachable.
We moved away from traditional
luxury cues and complex designs.
We came up with something warm
that is rich, yet still intentionally
Retractable Panoramic Roof
The Retractable Panoramic Roof is a new signature
feature for Lincoln. The 15.2-square-foot glass panel
offers one of the largest openings available on any
current sedan. The design maintains the structural
strength of a steel-roof vehicle.
Nearly identical to the MKZ Concept shown at the
North American International Auto Show in January,
the production 2013 Lincoln MKZ embodies a design
language that is subtly distinctive. l 7 l 9
The SUV with all the prowess of a sports car
is entering its second generation. In Beijing,
at Auto China 2012, Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG,
Stuttgart, is celebrating the world premiere of
the new Cayenne GTS.
The latest version of the Cayenne concentrates
on sporty performance, with a more powerful
engine; more dynamic power development;
a tauter chassis with lower ride height and
sporty equipment. In the process, the new
Cayenne GTS doesn’t just fill the gap between
the Cayenne S and the Cayenne Turbo, but
stands out from the other models with its
own special character.
The Cayenne GTS’s bonnet conceals a 420 hp
uprated V8 engine, based on the Cayenne S
power unit. Power transmission is ensured by
the eight-speed Tiptronic S with integrated
auto start/stop function. The dynamicallytuned engine and transmission design
reinforces the sporty characteristics, enabling
short bursts of speed just when needed. The
Cayenne GTS sprints from a standing start to
100 km/h in 5.7 seconds, reaching 160 km/h
in 13.3 seconds. Top speed is 261 km/h and
NEDC fuel consumption is 10.7 litres per 100
kilometres. l
The Cayenne GTS’s looks openly proclaim its pronounced sportiness with eye-catching
features such as the front-end - borrowed from the Cayenne Turbo.
It feature frames and trims in high-gloss black, prominent side skirts and wider wheel arches,
as well as a distinctive roof spoiler with twin-wing profile.
The interior exudes sporty elegance, the leather interior features Alcantara elements as
standard. Front sports seats with eight adjustment options are featured as standard in the
new Cayenne GTS.
The new generation G-Class
Forever Young
Mercedes-Benz has once again
significantly upgraded the G
Class.The interior is characterised
by high-quality appointments
cluster and centre console have
been completely redesigned.
The driver’s field of vision now
encompasses a colour screen,
between two new round dials.
The car features as standard
the sophisticated COMAND
Online infotainment system,
including a navigation system.
New LED daytime driving
lamps and new exterior mirrors
bring a few discreet changes
to the exterior appearance
of the luxury off-roader. The
range of safety features can be
optionally enhanced with the
addition of Blind Spot Assist,
the parking aid PARKTRONIC
and the adaptive cruise control
to the range are the G 63 AMG
with an eight-cylinder biturbo
engine and the ECO start/stop
system as standard, and the G
65 AMG with twelve-cylinder
biturbo engine. l 12
Discreet exterior modifications, a complete new
look inside
The external modifications include LED daytime
running lamps and new exterior mirrors for all
engine variants. The AMG versions also feature a
new, characteristic AMG radiator grille with double
louvres, plus distinctive new bumpers with large
air intakes. Red brake callipers and 20-inch wheels,
available here for the first time, complement the
emotive appeal of its exterior.
The instrument panel and centre console have been
completely redesigned to include new controls and
generously proportioned, exclusively designed trim
elements. These give the interior of the car a fresh and
classy look. Drivers will now find a TFT colour display
in the instrument cluster between the two round
dials. A further large colour screen, conveniently
positioned in the centre, is part of the COMAND
Online system and incorporates a DVD changer and
the COMAND Controller, which are standard on all
G-Class models. This new infotainment generation
offers, amongst other features, a navigation system
with special additional off-road functions, the
LINGUATRONIC voice-operated control system and
Bluetooth wireless connectivity. In order to ensure
that the G-Class nevertheless does not lose any of
its character, certain specific design elements in
the interior have been preserved. The G-Class thus
retains the grab handle on the front-passenger
side, the switches for the three differential locks
– clearly aligned within the driver’s field of vision
and highlighted in silver-coloured trim – and the
redesigned shift lever in the lower section of the
Since it was originally conceived in 1979, as a vehicle to centre console.
be used primarily in tough off-road terrain, the G-Class New optional extras include safety features such as
has undergone an astounding process of evolution. Over DISTRONIC PLUS, Blind Spot Assist and the parking
the course of 33 years Mercedes-Benz has refined what aid PARKTRONIC with reversing camera. The ESP®
was initially a very practically-oriented off-road specialist system has been completely revised and now
by giving it a high-class interior and road-going qualities includes Trailer Stability Assist and a HOLD function.
on a par with those of the premium saloons emanating
from Stuttgart. The G-Class today is considered the top Further individualisation options from the exclusive
model among luxury-class cross-country vehicles, and designo range are available as enhancements to
has provided the gene pool for the other very successful what is already a very high-quality interior package.
SUVs built under the Mercedes-Benz brand. The G-Class Sophisticated engine with high power reserves
has been voted off-roader of the year countless times
The G 500, with its powerful 5.5-litre V8 petrol
over the past years – as also once again this year.
engine, has an output of 285 kW (388 hp) and offers
A comprehensive range of measures ensures that this excellent torque of 530 Newton metres.
classic cross-country vehicle remains in a class of its
own in the off-road sector. These measures include new The G 500 features the 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic
engines, a significantly extended range of appointments, transmission as standard. This sixth generation of
a new, even more luxurious interior and a few discreet the stepped automatic transmission that has been
external modifications that nevertheless manage developed and produced by Mercedes-Benz since
to preserve the timeless, classic design – virtually 1960 has once again been thoroughly revised, and
unchanged since 1979 - that has made the G-Class a optimised with regard to both consumption and
true automotive style icon.
Frank Bernthaler, Director, Sales & Marketing, Mercedes- New to the range are the G 63 AMG with V8 biturbo
Benz Cars, Daimler Middle East & Levant, said: “Our engine (400 kW/544 hp and 760 Nm of torque), which
G-Class has been a force to be reckoned with for the last features the ECO start/stop system as standard. The
33 years. In its latest evolutionary stage, it offers state- engine range has been extended by the addition of
of-the-art, powerful engines, a further improved range the G 65 AMG with V12 biturbo engine (450 kW/612
of luxurious appointments and the very latest safety hp and 1000 Nm of torque), making this the most
features, as well, of course, as its now legendary off-road powerful series-produced cross-country vehicle in
capabilities. At the same time the design remains true to the world.
its down-to-earth, unmistakable style.”
Flying Car
Second Generation Transition Street-Legal Airplane Takes Flight
The Transition’s first flight reached an
altitude of 1400’ above the ground and
lasted eight minutes while staying in the
vicinity of Plattsburgh International Airport.
It demonstrated the controllability and safe
operational characteristics of the aircraft. Six
phases of flight testing are planned to continue
development and demonstrate compliance to
the Light Sport Aircraft standards.
Speaking about the first flight, Terrafugia Chief
Test Pilot Phil Meteer said: “It’s a remarkable
vehicle both on the road and, now, in the air.
When I drove it into the shop, literally from the
road through the garage door, I was amazed
that I had just flown it at Plattsburgh a few days
before. A long-overdue mode of transportation
and fun is just around the corner. I can’t wait
for the upcoming flight tests and the chance
to ‘wring it out’, demonstrating how safe and
enjoyable the Transition® is to fly.”
The Transition® Street-Legal Airplane is
now a significant step closer to being
a commercial reality. The production
prototype of the Transition® StreetLegal Airplane completed its successful
first flight at Plattsburgh International
Airport in Plattsburgh, NY on March
23, 2012. The same vehicle has also
successfully conducted initial drive
and conversion testing, demonstrating
the Transition’s capability to provide
unmatched freedom, flexibility and
fun in personal aviation. Developed
by Terrafugia, Inc., the Transition® is a
two seat personal aircraft capable of
driving on roads and highways, parking
in a single car garage, and flying with
unleaded automotive fuel.
“The successful first flight of this
marks a critical move toward initial
production and first delivery,” said COO
Anna Mracek Dietrich. The Production
Prototype phase of the Transition®
program follows Proof of Concept work
which included a flying, driving Proof
of Concept vehicle and was completed
in 2009. The Production Prototype
program includes two vehicles and is
being used to develop and inform the
manufacturing tool-up and compliance
program necessary to begin commercial
deliveries. Terrafugia will continue its
testing program in preparation for first
delivery, which is expected to occur
within the next year. l 14
Regarding this first flight, Terrafugia CEO/
CTO and co-founder Carl Dietrich said: “The
first flight of the Transition® Production
Prototype is a major milestone for Terrafugia.
With this flight, the team demonstrated an
ability to accomplish what had been called
an impossible dream. We look forward to
continuing to show that the challenges of
bringing a practical street legal airplane
to market can be overcome. This is a very
exciting time for Terrafugia. We are on our
way up – literally and figuratively!”
The Transition® Production Prototype is
on display at the New York International
Auto Show April 6-15th at the Jacob Javits
Convention Center in New York City. Terrafugia
would like to thank Giora Guth, Chief Chase
Pilot, as well as the teams at Plattsburgh
International Airport, Sheltair Aviation, and
Lawrence Municipal Airport, for their support
of our ground and flight testing operations.
Terrafugia (terra-FOO-gee-ah), based in
Woburn, MA, is a growing aerospace company
founded by pilots and engineers from MIT
and supported by a world-class network of
advisors and private investors. The company
name is Latin for “escape the earth.” Terrafugia’s
mission is to design and deliver revolutionary,
practical air and land vehicles that provide
freedom, flexibility and fun to their loyal
AUDI AG acquires sports motorcycle
manufacturer Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A.
AUDI AG is acquiring from Investindustrial
Group the tradition-steeped Italian sports
motorcycle manufacturer Ducati Motor
Holding S.p.A., which has its registered
office in Bologna. The transaction will be
completed as quickly as possible once
authorized by the competition authorities.
The Supervisory Boards of AUDI AG and
Volkswagen AG approved the acquisition
18 April in Hamburg. Ducati is known
worldwide as a leading brand in motorcycle
manufacture, with outstanding expertise
in engine development and lightweight
Alongside the traditional Italian brands
Lamborghini and Italdesign, Ducati is now
a third pillar for AUDI AG in Northern Italy.
Another building block in the Company’s
growth strategy thus falls into place.
Rupert Stadler, Chairman of the Board of
Management of AUDI AG, declared: “Ducati
is known worldwide as a premium brand
among motorcycle manufacturers and
has a long tradition of building sporty
motorcycles. It has great expertise in highperformance engines and lightweight l 16
construction, and is one of the world’s most profitable
motorcycle manufacturers. That makes Ducati
an excellent fit for Audi.” The progressive control
systems and special combustion chamber process
of Ducati engines, their resulting sporty character,
and Ducati’s extensive know-how in lightweight
construction thus offer great potential for AUDI AG
and the Volkswagen Group.
The company was founded by
Adriano and Marcello Ducati
in Bologna in 1926. Known
originally as Società Scientifica
initially built parts for radios. It
ventured into the manufacture
of motorcycles in 1949.
Peter Mosch, Chairman of the General Works
Council of AUDI AG, explains that the employee
representatives of AUDI AG support the Company’s
sustainable, codetermined growth strategy.“We must
use the opportunities offered by globalization for
Audi – and that’s exactly what we’re doing. Everyone
at Audi is looking forward to working with our new
colleagues from Ducati,” commented Mosch.
Ducati has been actively
involved in motorcycle racing
for many decades through its
racing division Ducati Corse. Its
racing activities are currently
focused on the Ducati official
factory team in the MotoGP
class of the Motorcycle
World Championship and
in the Superbike World
competitive private teams.
Ducati won the manufacturers’
championship in this latter class
17 times in 21 championships
and the pilots’ 14 times.
Ducati is a globally active company and has
manufacturing operations at its headquarters
in Bologna and at its own factory in Thailand. It
maintains a series of importer companies in strategic
markets. Experts predict that the motorcycle market
will enjoy strong growth over the next few years,
especially in Asia. In 2011, Ducati sold around 42,000
motorcycles and generated revenue of some €480
million, employing around 1,100 people.
HH Sheikh Saud Bin Saqr Al Qasimi
inaugurates world’s largest armoured
vehicle facility in Ras Al Khaimah
Streit Group’s new facility can produce 400 armoured vehicles a month
In his comments, Oussama El Omari,
CEO of RAK FTZ, said: “We are
extremely privileged to have this
wonderful facility of Streit Group
at RAK FTZ. This is ample testimony
to the growing importance of RAK
FTZ as a strategic hub for industries
across multiple sectors, with top
companies choosing the free zone,
thanks to our investment-friendly
regulations and transparent policies.
We look forward to a mutuallybeneficial partnership with Streit
Group in the years to come.”
The manufacturing facility is
equipped with the latest Computer
Numerically Controlled (CNC) lasercutting technology, with automated
and semi-automated production
lines. All procedures are ISO
certified, and the facility can craft
all the components required for an
armoured vehicle with the input
of steel sheets and raw materials.
The manufacturing facilities are
sufficiently large to enable the
storage of 120 million auto parts in
the warehousing facility, and the
entire project brings together a
truly multinational workforce from
over 20 countries that has worked
together for over the last 20 years to
create high-quality and extremely
safe armoured products.
attracting big businesses and investments
to the UAE and we are happy to have this
facility of Streit Group here at RAK FTZ.
We wish to extend our congratulations
to Streit Group for their expansion and
The new facility, owned by Streit Group (SG) – one of the
completion of this new facility, and wish
world’s largest armoured vehicle manufacturers – is located at
them all the success.”
the Technology Park of Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone (RAK
FTZ), one of the fastest-growing and most cost-effective free The new facility, can produce and test 40
different models of armoured vehicles for
trade zones in the UAE.
commercial, semi-military and military
SG’s expansion plan is divided into three consecutive phases,
use, has a total capacity to manufacture
of which the main production facility, occupying 1.4million
250 armoured vehicles per month under
sq feet, has been completed at a cost over AED 80 million –
normal loads. The production capacity can
making it one of the biggest investments of its kind at RAK
be raised to 400 units, when required.
FTZ. SG, which has been operating from RAK FTZ since 2005,
started with a 1,615 square feet (150 square metre) warehouse “We are delighted with the inauguration
facility at Technology Park, and today, has grown to develop of our new facility, and the support that
the leadership of Ras Al Khaimah has
the world’s largest armoured vehicle facility.
offered in our operations. The emirate
Part of the Phase I of the development, the new facility boasts
offers a range of public services, such as:
a state-of-the-art design and houses full range amenities for
easy access to transport infrastructures
research and development, manufacturing, testing, training,
like ports and airports, flourishing
and storage of the armoured vehicles in a single complex.
Phases II and III of the project, estimated at over AED 120 facilities and access to other support
million cumulatively, will include a glass factory, pre-fabrication services. With our new facility, Streit
facilities, expansion of the employee accommodation facility, Group is looking to further penetrate the
fuelling stations, helipad, and support manufacturing. These market for armoured vehicles in the UAE
facilities are expected to be completed by 2014.
and the region by leveraging superior
HH Sheikh Saud said: “To have the world’s largest privately- engineering and world-class design to
owned armoured vehicle facility is an achievement for the create the products known for its safety
UAE and Ras Al Khaimah. We have always believed in putting and endurance,” said Guerman Goutorov,
our best efforts towards supporting our local economy, by CEO of Streit Group.
His Highness Sheikh Saud Bin Saqr Al Qasimi, Member of the
UAE Supreme Council and Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah, inaugurated
today the world’s largest privately-owned armoured vehicle
facility at Ras Al Khaimah . l 18
“The new facility will help us offer a
wide range of production options
for various uses in the region, and
help us cater to large orders and
customisations with minimum lead
time. We are looking to expand the
use of semi-military vehicles, for
instance for ferrying aid staff and
relief supplies to conflict areas, and
are also looking to introduce a new
range of Military Police vehicles,”
said Goutorov.
The new facility currently employs
400 people, and the staff strength is
expected to increase to over 2,000
as the new facilities come online and
the output expands. The group is
estimating sales of AED 150 million
over the next five years. “Streit
Group’s core values revolve around
excellence, reliability and meeting
the increasing market needs, and our
facility in Ras Al Khaimah will serve
as an added proof to the reputation
and image that the group has built
over the years. The facility puts us at
the centre of the transport links, raw
material sources and expertise that
we need to successfully grow our
operations locally and regionally,”
added Goutorov.
On 14 April 1927, the first massproduced Volvo car rolled off the
production line at the Lundby factory
in Göteborg. Now, 85 years later, the
Volvo Group is one of the world’s
largest manufacturers of commercial
vehicles and Volvo Car Corporation
sells almost 500,000 cars each year.
At 10 in the morning on 14 April 1927,
sales manager Hilmer Johansson
drove the first mass-produced ÖV4
model through the factory gates
in Lundby in Göteborg. Now, 85
years later, the same model will pass
through exactly the same gates to
celebrate Volvo’s birthday. Stefan
Jacoby, President and CEO of Volvo
Car Corporation, and Olof Persson,
President and CEO of the Volvo
Group, will be behind the wheel. “It’s
a fantastic car, but it’s easy to see
how much has changed over the last
85 years,” says Stefan Jacoby, who
recently premiered the new V40 at
the Geneva Motor Show. l 20 l 8
The Volvo Group and Volvo Car Corporation are two companies with a
long shared history. However, what was at that time one company began
as a very unpromising project, because Volvo’s founders Assar Gabrielsson
and Gustaf Larson had no direct experience of cars or the automotive
industry. During its first year of production, Volvo sold a very modest
300 cars. However, in the following year business really began to take off,
when the company also started manufacturing trucks and buses. Even
back then Volvo realised that the key to success lay in exports. “Our roots
are still very important to us. Around 30,000 of the Volvo Group’s 120,000
employees work in Sweden, but 95 percent of our products are sold
outside the country,” says Olof Persson. The equivalent figures for Volvo
Car Corporation are 14,500 employees in Sweden out of a worldwide
total of 21,500. Around 87 percent of all Volvo Car Corporation’s sales take
place outside Sweden.
In 1999, the Volvo Group sold its car business. Since then, the two
companies have continued to grow in different directions. Volvo Car
Corporation is now in the premium segment and last year sold around
450,000 cars in 120 countries, with the USA as its single largest market.
The Volvo Group produces trucks under the Volvo, Renault Trucks, Mack
and UD Trucks brands, together with buses, construction equipment,
drive systems for marine and industrial applications and components
for aircraft engines. With a turnover of SEK 310 billion, the Volvo Group
is the world’s second largest manufacturer of heavy trucks and Sweden’s
largest company. The group has production sites in 20 countries and sales
organisations in 190.
2.4 L, Gasoline, 4 cyl, 137 HP, 5 Speed
Manual Transmission
Drive Type: 4x2 and 4x4
Available in Single Cabin / Double Cabin
(With Gasoline and Diesel Engines)
Loading Capacity – 1 Ton
Electric Windows
A/C + Heater
CD + USB + SD Card
Al-Futtaim Motors launches the first-of-its-kind
Never repair a bent
or cracked wheel as
the damaged area
is already weak and
may bend or crack
again. Just replace it.
Toyota Off-road Safety Program
In keeping with its commitment
towards responsible driving, AlFuttaim Motors, exclusive distributors
of Toyota in the UAE, launched the
Toyota Off-road Safety Program – the
first initiative of its kind in the UAE
aimed at raising awareness on driving
safety on off-road and desert terrain.
The experience allows participants to compare their
vehicles’ performance on road and off-road and get
a hands-on demonstration of the car’s centre of
The weekend program, that began
in March 2012 and runs every Friday
and Saturday, consists of two morning
and afternoon 5-hour sessions.
Participants can look forward to
briefing and practical lessons covering
familiarization and best use of
transmission and 4WD, recommended
driver positioning and safety rules,
acceleration techniques, braking and
cornering in sand, as well as slope
safety and danger guidelines.
“Our objective is to educate our customers on
safe driving and the best ways to drive their SUVs
in the toughest terrains across the UAE. We know
how intimate the relationship between the UAE
people and their land is. But we also know that
not everybody has enough knowledge and skills
to explore its toughest terrains without risk. We
aim at compiling the best desert driving tips and
demonstrations in the most professional yet fun
atmosphere,” said Simon Frith, Managing Director,
Al-Futtaim Motors. l
The session also tackles basic off-road recovery and
usage of different rescue equipment, in addition to
desert etiquette and environmental ethics.
“Toyota SUVs make the majority of cars
used for desert safaris in the UAE. We feel
it is our responsibility to let our customers
explore their cars’ off-roading capabilities
within the safest conditions possible. This
is a complementary program targeting all
our SUV owners from Sequoia, our largest
vehicle, to Land Cruiser, Prado, FJ Cruiser,
Fortuner and RAV4,” he added.
The program targets all Toyota customers
who own an SUV. Customers will be
reached through invitations by Al-Futtaim
Motors Sales and Service teams to inform
them about the program. Those wanting
to participate will have to be present at
the Dubai Festival City Toyota showroom
at either 8.00 am for the morning session
or 12.30 for the afternoon session.
The program only allows individuals
above 12 years of age and is run by a team
of professional desert driving marshals,
backed up by a rescue team.
Special Features of XCool premium automotive films
A range of exciting automotive window film in modern colors
and shades that match the latest factory tints adding a stylish,
sophisticated look to your car.
XCOOL provides high tech metalized and sputtered metal
automotive films for vehicles with total solar energy rejection up
to 60% that will reduce the strain on your car air conditioner.
The 99%+ UV block will prevent damage from harmful radiation
while ensuring that the fabrics and trim do not fade.
The tinted safety films in XCOOL range protect from flying
glass and small stones during accidents and off road use.
Complete range of metalized, sputtered, spectral
selective and ceramic film products
Better solar heat rejection and UV protection than
Tinted Safety range protects against small stones
and flying glass during accidents and off road use
High VLT windscreen films with excellent heat
100% Genuine USA product
5 Year Warranty
Competitively priced
In the course of the conversion of Porsche KG into a jointstock corporation in 1971/72, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche,
along with all the other family members, stood down from
the company’s front-line business operations. In 1972 he
founded the “Porsche Design Studio” in Stuttgart, the head
office of which was relocated to Zell am See in Austria in
1974. In the decades that followed, he designed numerous
classic gentlemen’s accessories such as watches, spectacles
and writing implements that achieved global recognition
under the “Porsche Design” brand. In parallel, with his team,
he designed a plethora of industrial products, household
appliances and consumer durables for internationally
renowned clients under the brand “Design by F.A. Porsche”. A
strong and clear design concept typifies all product designs
created in his design studio to date. The credo of his design
work was: “Design must be functional and functionality
has to be translated visually into aesthetics, without gags
that have to be explained first.” F.A. Porsche: “A coherently
designed product requires no adornment; it should be
enhanced by its form alone.” The design’s appearance should
be readily comprehensible and not detract from the product
and its function. His conviction was: “Good design should be
Ferdinand Alexander
Porsche dies
Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart, is mourning Professor Ferdinand
Alexander Porsche. The Honorary President of the Supervisory Board
died on 5 April 2012 in Salzburg, aged 76. Matthias Müller, President and
Chief Executive Officer of Porsche AG, paid tribute to Ferdinand Alexander
Porsche’s services to the sports car manufacturer: “We mourn the death of
our partner, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche. As the creator of the Porsche 911,
he established a design culture in our company that has shaped our sports
cars to this very day. His philosophy of good design is a legacy to us that we
will honour for all time.”
Ferdinand Alexander Porsche was born in Stuttgart on 11 December 1935,
the oldest son of Dorothea and Ferry Porsche. Even his childhood was
shaped by cars, and he spent much of his time in the engineering offices
and development workshops of his grandfather Ferdinand Porsche. In 1943
the family accompanied the Porsche company’s move to Austria, where
he went to school in Zell am See. After returning to Stuttgart in 1950, he
attended the private Waldorf school. After leaving school, he enrolled at the
prestigious Ulm School of Design.
In 1958, F.A. Porsche, as he was known by his colleagues, joined the
engineering office of what was then Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche KG. He soon
proved his great talent for design by sculpting the first model of a successor
to the 356 model line out of plasticine. In 1962 he took over as head of the
Porsche design studio, creating a worldwide furore one year later with the
Porsche 901 (or 911). With the Porsche 911, F.A. Porsche created a sports car
icon whose timeless and classical form survives to this very day in what is
now the seventh 911 generation. However, in addition to passenger cars,
F.A. Porsche also concerned himself with designing the sports cars of the
1960s. His best-known designs include the Type 804 Formula One racing
car or the Porsche 904 Carrera GTS, now considered to be one of the most
beautiful racing cars ever. l24
Ferdinand Alexander Porsche received numerous honours
and awards both for his work as a designer as well as
for individual designs. For example, in 1968 the “Comité
Internationale de Promotion et de Prestige” honoured him
for the outstanding aesthetic design of the Porsche 911
while the Industrial Forum Design Hannover (iF) voted him
“Prizewinner of the Year” in 1992. In 1999, the President of
Austria bestowed on him the title of Professor.
Ferdinand Alexander Porsche retained a close lifelong
association with Porsche AG as a partner and member of
the Supervisory Board. For example, even after stepping
down from front-line business operations, he contributed
to the design of Porsche’s sports cars over many decades
and repeatedly steered the company in the right direction.
This was especially the case for the difficult period Porsche
experienced at the beginning of the 1990s. From 1990 to
1993, F.A. Porsche served as President of the company’s
Supervisory Board, thus playing a major role in Porsche
A.G’s economic turnaround. In 2005, he stood down from his
Supervisory Board role in favour of his son Oliver and assumed
the mantle of Honorary President of the Supervisory Board.
Ferdinand Alexander Porsche will be buried in the family
grave at Schüttgut in Zell am See, attended by his immediate
family. An official funeral service will be held in Stuttgart at
a later date. l
All-new to the Dodge Challenger
Rallye Redline model is the availability
of heated front performance seats
in Radar Red leather. In addition,
Dodge Challenger’s class-exclusive
seating for five may be wrapped in
Dark Slate Gray leather.
The Dodge Challenger Rallye
Redline is available in four colors,
including Bright Silver Metallic,
Tungsten Metallic, Bright White and
Pitch Black.
Track-tuned performance
The new 2012 Dodge Challenger
Rallye Redline combines world-class
ride and refinement with its 305
horsepower aluminum Pentastar
V-6 engine and track-tuned
performance suspension to deliver
a thrilling driving experience.
Evolving into the largest homecoming
of modern Dodge rear-wheel-drive
performance cars, the seventh
annual Spring Festival of LXs marked
the perfect opportunity to reveal
the new 2012 Dodge Challenger
Rallye Redline. With its powerful and
efficient 305 horsepower engine,
performance suspension designed
to maximize the muscle car’s near
50/50 weight distribution for
improved handling, and all-new red
hot styling enhancements - this new
Challenger delivers exactly what
Dodge fans want.
“Infused with Dodge DNA, the
new Challenger Rallye Redline
adds even more excitement to our
iconic muscle car, and to show our
appreciation to our most hard-core
enthusiasts, we revealed this new
model at Spring Fest,” said Reid
Bigland, President and CEO, Dodge
Brand - Chrysler Group LLC. “With
its unique Redline Red accented
exterior details, available Radar Red
leather, performance suspension
and brakes, and 305 horsepower
V-6 with paddle shifters getting 27
mpg – this new Challenger fuses
the nameplate’s iconic heritage
with modern Dodge styling and
performance.” l 26
New red hot styling details
Based on the 2012 Dodge Challenger SXT Plus, the new
Challenger Rallye Redline model adds even more ‘bad
boy’ attitude and head-turning style to the brand’s iconic
Flanking the center of the Dodge Challenger Rallye
Redline’s performance hood scoops, roof and deck lid is its
signature Redline Red stripe with two thin side stripes for
added detail. A body-color painted deck-lid spoiler adds
to the performance look, while continuing the Redline Red
triple stripe pattern at the center.
Filling the wheel wells, the Dodge Challenger Rallye
Redline features new 20-inch Pitch Black wheels with a
Redline Red lip and inner drum for a one-of-a-kind look. In
addition, wider P245/45R20 Firestone Firehawk all-season
performance tires provide greater contact with the road
and a lower sidewall profile for improved steering precision
and at-the-limit handling.
The Dodge Challenger’s 3.6-liter
Pentastar V-6 engine features a
cold-air induction system and dual
exhausts from the headers back
to the exhaust tips for maximum
output. The result is 305 track-ready
horsepower (227 kW) at 6,350 rpm
and a responsive 268 lb.-ft. (363
N•m) of torque at 4,800 rpm. The
engine’s torque exceeds 90 percent
of its peak value from 1,800 to 6,400
rpm, which provides outstanding
drivability and responsiveness.
Thanks to its all-aluminum design,
the 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 engine
provides the new Dodge Challenger
Rallye Redline with a 52.4 / 47.6
front-to-rear weight distribution for
improved balance and handling.
Enabling even more spirited
driving with its five-speed Auto
Stick transmission are die-cast
paddle shifters. Race-inspired with
precision feel, Dodge Challenger
Rallye Redline’s paddle shifters are
ergonomically located behind the
sporty thick-rimmed three-spoke
Dodge steering wheel for maximum
And to deliver improved all around acceleration,
the Dodge Challenger Rallye Redline replaces
its 2.65:1 rear-axle ratio for a more responsive
3.06:1 unit.
Upping the ante, the Dodge Challenger Rallye
Redline features the Super Sport Group as
standard equipment and includes: performancetuned suspension with 42 percent firmer front
and 22 percent firmer rear monotube shocks. A
larger 1.18-inch (30 mm) front and a 0.78-inch
(20 mm) rear-sway bar replace 1.06-inch (27
mm) and 0.62-inch (16 mm) bars, respectively
and add to the Dodge Challenger’s cornering
capabilities. A performance-tuned steering
calibration delivers 25 percent quicker steering
and 20 percent heavier on-center feel. Topping
off the handling upgrade are larger and wider
20 x 8.0-inch (replacing 18 x 7.5-inch) wheels
with wider P245/45R20 all-season performance
tires (replacing P235/55R18 tires).
Lotus establishes
Bespoke partnership
with Mansory
Group Lotus has selected Mansory to be Lotus Cars’ official
customization studio.
Making sure the Dodge Challenger Rallye
Redline delivers world-class levels of stopping
power, larger performance disc brakes replace
the standard set. At the front, dual-piston front
calipers replace single-piston units and larger
13.6 x 1.26-inch (345 x 28 mm) vented rotors
replace 12.6 x 1.1-inch (320 x 28 mm) vented
rotors. At the rear, 12.6 x 0.87-inch (320 x 22
mm) vented rotors replace 12.6 x 0.4-inch (320 x
10 mm) solid rotors.
Dodge Challenger Rallye Redline also includes a
tremendous level of standard equipment found
on every 2012 Challenger SXT Plus, including:
Uconnect™ hands-free phone, six Boston
Acoustic Speakers with 276-watt amplifier,
premium Nappa leather faced seats, heated
front seats, SIRIUS/XM satellite radio with 12month subscription, fog lamps, dual exhausts,
automatic temperature control, power 10-way
driver’s seat, cruise control, Electronic Stability
Control (ESC), Keyless Enter ‘n Go, and six
standard airbags.
The German specialist in craftsmanship on
luxury vehicles has already worked with
Lotus on a range of special editions, and
will offer Lotus enthusiasts the ultimate
tailoring service. At the Paris Motor Show
in September this year, Lotus will unveil an
exciting new model variant in collaboration
with Mansory.
Assigned to special projects, Mansory will
contribute bodywork, trim and special
finishes for Lotus’ acclaimed model range;
the Elise, Exige and Evora. As the official
customization studio, Mansory are working
closely with Lotus’ engineers and designers
to produce modifications that scream
individuality and quality.
Since the exciting reaction to the Evora
Concept Bespoke at the 2011 Geneva expo,
Lotus and Mansory have collaborated on
several projects together, principally the
road-going Evora GTE – the most powerful
Lotus yet - which prompted a deluge of
international orders.
‘Specials’followed: The chrome-orange Evora
GTE by Swizz Beatz and, most recently, the
raw carbon-fibre Lotus F1 Team Evora GTE,
have claimed poster space on teenagers’
bedroom walls and sparked frenzy among
supercar collectors desperate to get their
hands on these extremely limited-edition
Eponymous founder Kourosh Mansory has
always been passionate about British luxury
and sports cars. He spent many years in
England in order to absorb vehicular values
such as tradition, craftsmanship, and stateof-the-art engineering.
Kourosh Mansory, Owner, Mansory Design
and Holding GmbH: “At Mansory, we have
always been passionate about British cars,
and the cooperation with Lotus is the perfect
partnership as it meets our quality standard
of production on the highest technical level
combined with masterly craftsmanship and
the most precious materials. As the official
Lotus customization studio, we amplify the
existing options with harmonically designed
aerodynamics and ultra-light aluminium
rims. High-quality accessories and stylish
interior fittings complete the Mansory
Wolf Zimmerman, Chief Technical Officer,
Group Lotus: “Mansory are leaders in their
field, and having worked closely with them
on the Evora GTE and the special editions
we’ve unveiled recently we wish to now take
the partnership to an official level. Together,
I am confident we will continue to produce
outstanding sports cars, with the bespoke
qualities that many of our discerning
customers look for.”
Maurizio Parlato, Commercial Director,
Group Lotus: “There’s a strong market for
official customization, and Mansory is the
perfect partner in ensuring the quality and
style we strive to maintain at Lotus. For
customers who are seeking Lotus’ principals
of speed, innovation and fun, but with added
exclusivity, our official customization studio
is the answer. The Lotus Evora GTE is a great
illustration of what is to come. The car has
already prompted around 250 orders and
leads between China and Europe and we
expect it to have a very successful future as
the top of the range Evora.” l
The complete BMW Welt experience
The BMW Welt “ensemble” – formed by the BMW
Welt, Museum and Plant – has quickly become
one of Bavaria’s top attractions. The success of
all three realms of discovery lies in their diverse
range of regularly changing exhibitions and
focus topics, as well as their exciting programme
of events. The BMW Welt combines technology,
design and innovation with lifestyle, dynamism
and culture to create a public space for meeting
and discussion.
The BMW Welt. The heart of the brand – the beat
of the city.
Since it opened in 2007, the BMW Welt has
provided its roughly two million visitors a year
with a wide range of unforgettable experiences
– and, today, is one of Bavaria’s most popular
attractions. Visitors from all over the world come
to admire the latest trends and exhibitions,
technology and design, or even experience the
excitement of collecting their new car at the
BMW Welt. Both as a building and an institution,
the BMW Welt serves as an important interface
between the company, the brand, its products
and the visitor. This is the only place where it
is possible to experience the company’s past,
present and future as a whole.
Besides personal delivery of up to 100 cars a
day to their new owners from all over the world,
exclusive presentations of the latest vehicle
model series and motorcycles, combined with
interactive exhibits, offer insights into BMW
research, development, design and production
– and allow the visitor to experience the BMW
brand and the company from virtually every
perspective. The BMW Welt’s Junior Campus
for children and teenagers is a comprehensive l
and exciting programme designed especially
for younger visitors. It allows them to explore
the world of mobility in a highly creative way
and implement it in many different scenarios.
The BMW Welt also has its own Events Forum,
equipped with state-of-the-art technology
for all kinds of company and other events.
This makes it an ideal venue for concerts,
exhibitions, conferences, live broadcasts,
receptions and seminars as well as for the
sparkling array of events the BMW Welt hosts
itself: From readings by best-selling authors
to jazz contests, parties and improvisational
theatre, through to New Year’s Eve parties –
this is a place where guests can truly feel the
beat of the city.
BMW Museum. History up close.
The BMW Museum was built right next door to
the BMW Group Headquarters – which Munich
residents soon dubbed the “Four-Cylinder” – in
1973. The concept behind the BMW Museum,
which reopened on 21 June 2008 following an
extensive expansion, focuses on the fascination
of the BMW brand. Around 120 original exhibits
showcase more than 90 years of BMW brand
history along a central route, or “road” that guides
400,000 visitors a year through 25 separate
exhibition areas. Special junior programmes for
children and teenagers round off the Museum’s
Daniel Libeskind and Rem Kohlhaas. The
roof of the BMW Welt could easily fit over
Saint Mark’s Square in Venice. But the
entire roof construction is supported by
just eleven pillars, so that it almost appears
to be floating. Some 3,600 solar cells were
installed on this same roof, over a total
area of 6,300 square metres, creating the
impression of a single entity. Photographers
and camera teams have also discovered its
exciting architecture for themselves: The
BMW Welt is regularly used as a location for
TV productions and photo shoots.
The BMW Welt also offers an exceptional
fine-dining experience. A large team of
expert staff takes care of visitors’ wellbeing, serving everything from light meals
to three-course dinners, and making a visit
to the BMW Welt a real culinary highlight.
BMW Plant. A passion for technology.
TheBMW Plant Munich is the original BMW Group Plant. As
part of the BMW Group’s global production network, the
plant builds up to 1,000 BMW 3 Series (Touring and Sedan
models) and more than 1,000 power units a day, including
four, eight and twelve-cylinder petrol engines and highperformance engines for the M3, M5 and M6. The Munich
plant employs a workforce of around 9,000 people from
more than 50 countries and accommodates all automobile
production technologies. It belongs to the Group’s global
production network of 24 plants in 13 countries and, as part
of the BMW Welt, also serves as a “window on the world of
BMW production”. Individual tours provide a unique and
authentic insight into automobile production.
At its opening in 2007, Christian Ude, Lord
Mayor of Munich, the Bavarian state capital,
commented that: “In this day and age of
growing competition among industrial
locations, it is by no means a given for such
a large, dynamic and, in particular, global
company to put down deeper roots in
the city. The BMW Welt not only benefits
Munich in visual and architectural terms –
it is also a highly significant project through
which BMW is once again pledging its
commitment to its home city.”
The latest information on opening hours,
events and guided tours can be found in
the internet at
3. The BMW Museum. History up close
Munich is where BMW’s history all began.
The Museum also reflects the ongoing
history of the company in the city. Visitors
are able to experience and learn about the
The BMW Welt. The heart of the brand – the beat of the brand’s technological horizons and design
history: from the very beginnings early last
century all the way into the new millennium.
The BMW Welt hosts more than 50 different events a year, The Museum’s collection of historical cars,
from Brazilian carnival, to improvisational theatre and motorcycles, racing and aircraft engines,
poetry slams, through to Sunday matinees and the finale
of the renowned BMW Welt Jazz Awards. Since the vehicle
collection process is such an integral part of the BMW
Welt, visitors who are taking one of the fascinating tours or
viewing the changing vehicle exhibitions, can also share in
the new car-owners’ joy as they receive their BMW fresh off
the production line.
combined with a glimpse of the technology
and designs of the future, have been the
foundation of its success since 1973. With
its unique range of original exhibits, the
BMW Museum appeals to visitors from all
over the world and has established itself as
one of Munich’s most popular attractions.
Since it reopened in 2008, the BMW
Museum has continued not only its own
success story, but also that of the company
– in a new space, with new content: With its
new approach, and five times the exhibition
space, the BMW Museum highlights BMW’s
competence and innovative strength.
Over an area of 5,000 square metres,
vehicles, themes, architecture, design and
media concepts combine to provide an
unmistakable brand experience and form
a unique composition of exhibits from
past, present and future. The range of
topics comprises the history of the BMW
Company, its brand and products, and
combines all of these with a broad range
of developments in design, technology and
motor sports. Strolling through 25 focus
topics, visitors from all over the world walk
along “Museum roads” and submit to an
intense brand experience.
The concept of the museum of the
The museum concept focuses on the
fascination of the BMW brand. Special
emphasis has been placed on using the
latest presentation techniques to showcase
the more than 120 original exhibits and
present information on BMW vehicles,
their sporting successes and the design
development process in an interesting
way. A central “road” leading through the
Museum creates an urban setting and
guides the visitor through space and time.
The “Bowl” is an ideal new venue for any
kind of temporary exhibition as well as a
wide range of cultural events.
The BMW Welt’s Junior Campus Portal invites younger
visitors to enter a fascinating universe for them to discover.
The BMW Welt’s wide range of educational programmes
allows young guests to try their hand at being an engineer
or a car designer, for example. All of the content is closely
tied in with the Bavarian school curriculum and designed to
appeal to youngsters’ curiosity. Specially trained staff assist
with the individual programmes.
Besides the diverse programme of events and regularly
changing exhibitions on BMW technology, design and
innovation, visitors are also fascinated by the building’s
extraordinary architecture. Professor Wolf D. Prix’s awardwinning design makes the BMW Welt one of Munich’s most
exciting locations – both inside and out. The Viennese
architect and his team, COOP HIMMELB(L)AU, consider
themselves part of the deconstructivist tradition – together
with famous international figures, such as Zaha Hadid, l 29
Bridgestone has been awarded the “Special
Award for Partnership” in the Daimler Supplier
Award 2011. The award was presented at
the Daimler Supplier Award presentation
ceremony at the Mercedes Center, Stuttgart,
Germany, on 15th March 2012 in the
presence of Daimler top management
and representatives of key global Daimler
Bridgestone wins Daimler
special supplier award
One of key Japanese companies recognized for its special efforts to
keep business running after the March 2011 catastrophe
The award was received on behalf of
Bridgestone by Edwin Van der Stad, Director,
OE Business, Bridgestone Europe who said:
“Bridgestone is honoured to receive this
special award after the extremely difficult
situation caused by the catastrophe in Japan.
Daimler has ambitious goals for the future and
Bridgestone looks forward to working closely
with this premium car manufacturer in all
regions of the world, in both the commercial
vehicle and passenger car markets.”
Daimler awarded its Special Award for
Partnership to a group of 34 Japanese key
suppliers in recognition of their exceptional
efforts to overcome the disruption caused by
the catastrophe and find solutions to keep
the supply chain running, with minimal effect
on Daimler business.
Bridgestone supplies a wide range of Daimler
passenger cars and commercial vehicles
with original equipment tires. Two of the
most recent passenger car fitment contracts
are with the new Bridgestone Turanza T001
touring tyre for the Mercedes B-Class.
E-V tire to equip the
RENAULT ZOE in a world first
A new car featuring new technologies and new tires
- everything about the Renault ZOE is new, including
its MICHELIN ENERGY™ E-V tires. Developed through a
four-year research and innovation program conducted
jointly by Renault and Michelin, the new, highly energyefficient tires help increase the car’s overall range.
All Renault ZOE models equipped with 15 and 16-inch
tires will be fitted with the new MICHELIN ENERGY™
E-V tires. These innovative products are in line with the
carmaker’s Range OptimiZEr approach for the Renault
ZOE, which integrates an array of innovations designed
to improve the vehicle’s range in all driving conditions.
In near-urban use, for example, the MICHELIN
ENERGY™ E-V tires increase the ZOE’s range by up to
6%, depending on the type of use.
Michelin’s goal is to design tires that help to reduce
energy consumption while maintaining the same high
performance in the areas of safety - especially wet
grip - and longevity. Michelin is deeply committed to
simultaneously improving tire quality in different areas.
This constant focus on balanced performance was an
important reason behind Renault’s decision to forge
the development partnership.
Based on more than 20 years of research to develop
solutions that save energy and reduce carbon emissions,
the MICHELIN ENERGY™ E-V integrates Michelin’s most
advanced technologies and applies them to deliver
cleaner, safer electric mobility, which is exactly what
the Renault ZOE offers. l
p l 21
Apollo Tires launches
concept retail outlet
in Dubai
First Apollo Super Zone outside India, marks
next step in regional growth strategy Leading
Indian tire major, Apollo Tires, launched its first
premier branded retail outlet in the region, the
Apollo Super Zone in Dubai.
Designed to provide customers with an
enhanced retail experience and a better feel
for the brand and its products, the Apollo
Super Zone is located in Al Qiyada, near the
Dubai Police General Headquarters and is
operated by Middle East Tires LLC, Apollo Tires’
business partners. The Apollo Super Zone was
inaugurated by Chairman of Apollo Tires, Onkar
S Kanwar.
Apollo Tires’ foray into specialised retail outlets
is part of the US$2 billion company’s ongoing
expansion strategy for the Middle East region,
which already provides around 30% of its export
earnings out of India. Apollo Tires already
enjoys a considerable presence in the region
through its distributors and business partners
spread across 14 countries, which has been
enhanced considerably by the establishment
of a regional headquarters in Dubai, almost a
year ago.
“The launch of the Apollo Super Zone in Dubai,
the first of its kind outside India, underlines
the importance of Dubai as a regional
commercial hub and as a focus of our Middle
East operations,” said Satish Sharma, Chief,
India Operations, Apollo Tires Ltd. “The launch
of the concept store is the next stage of our
progress in the region building on the success
of our Dubai headquarters. The Super Zone
will enable us to interact more closely with our
customers and get a better feel for the unique
requirements of this market,” he added.
The Apollo Super Zone is a premier branded
concept store spaciously designed laid to allow
customers to browse through various ranges
of Apollo products on display and learn more
about the brand and its development with the
aid of the highly trained staff in attendance. The
store is designed to allow customers a premium
retail experience and comes complete with
a play area to keep accompanying children
occupied. l 34
Apollo Tires Ltd has a range of
specialised concept retail formats
which range from a Super Zone, the
largest format, to Apollo Zones and
the Apollo Points, which are scaled
down versions inspired by the shop in
shop concept. Currently the company
has two Super Zones, 25 Apollo Zones
and 44 Apollo Points spread out across
India. Apollo Tires’ office in Jebel Ali is
the company’s largest office outside
its operations in India, Southern Africa
and The Netherlands. This functions
as the reporting hub for its employees
operating in Iran, Saudi Arabia and
Apollo Tires also maintains considerably
warehousing facilities in Dubai in order
to expedite the regional supply chain.
Apart from an office, the company has
also taken up an expandable 10,000
square feet of warehousing space in
Dubai, to stock its tires locally for speedy
demand fulfillment in the region.
This also enables Business Partners to
have low inventories, cutting down on
stocking costs; the ability to pay in local
currency with no bank charges, and of
course faster demand fulfillment to the
end customer.
“The office, network of employees and
local warehousing facility will allow us to
address customer demands effectively;
while our entire range of tires tuned
to this market, along with our service
proposition, will allow us product
leadership over time,” mentioned Satish
Sharma, Chief, India Operations, Apollo
Tires Ltd.
Apollo Tires has already invested
around US$ 2,50,000 in creating
appropriate permanent infrastructure
for its business needs in Dubai; and is
projecting investments and expenses
of around US$ 1.5 million on an annual
level, starting last year.
first Run-Flat
Technology tire
Firestone has launched the Firehawk SZ90 RFT
for the replacement market, the brand’s first
tire with Run-Flat Technology in Europe. The
tire’s reinforced sidewall rubber construction
enables the driver to continue driving safely
if the tire deflates or suffers a total loss of
The Firehawk SZ90 RFT will appeal to valueoriented drivers whose cars were originally
fitted with Run-Flat Technology tire when
new and now require 2nd or 3rd replacement
tires. The SZ90µ RFT therefore aims to attract
new Firestone users in this segment and
complement the brand’s existing line-up of
Firehawk SZ90µ, TZ300α touring tire and allround performer Multihawk.
“The new Firehawk SZ90 RFT will enable the
company to increase its market share in a
maturing RFT segment” says Tomio Fukuzumi,
Director Consumer Products, Bridgestone
Run-Flat Technology has been added to the
existing Firehawk SZ90 tire which has built
up a solid reputation for well-balanced wet
and dry performance. With the addition of
its reinforced sidewall construction, the new
Firehawk SZ90 RFT now adds extra safety
and convenience to the list of benefits – for
an excellent quality/price ratio
Toyo Tires goes
another round as
the official tire
of the UFC
Kumho has proven its wet weather
performance capabilities at Germany’s
famed Nürburgring in the opening round
of the VLN Endurance Championship
helping the works backed Team Peugeot
RCZs to a class win on debut in the series.
Kumho Tire Australia’s national
manager, David Basha, says the
technology on the track is the
same technology Kumho road
tires boasts.
Toyo Tire U.S.A. Corp. (Toyo Tires®) announced the
company will continue as the Official Tire of the
Ultimate Fighting Championship® (UFC®) in 2012. A
long-time supporter of the UFC and MMA athletes,
Toyo Tires has become a regular presence inside and
outside The Octagon®.
Team Peugeot RCZ praised the Kumho
tires for their grip and longevity in wet
and demanding conditions on the testing
Nordschlieffe circuit as part of the team’s
lead up to the famed Nürburgring 24
hour event.
“Every vehicle is just as
important in the eyes of Kumho
- be it a race car in Germany or
a road car in Australia,” said
David Basha.
In 2012, TV viewers and event attendees alike will see
the Toyo Tires logo inside The Octagon during six UFC
Pay-Per-View television events and several UFC® on FX
and FUELTV events.
Rain and drizzle set in early in the race
and only got heavier as the race went on
before fog prematurely ended the race
with approximately 80 minutes left on
the clock.
According to French Peugeot RCZ driver
Julien Piguet, the Kumho tires provided
speed and confidence around the tricky
25km circuit despite the prevailing
“On rain tires I was able to overtake much
more powerful competitors. A big ‘well
done’ to our partner Kumho. The tires
provided perfect grip in any condition,”
said Julien Piguet.
Team Peugeot RZC, made up of
Frenchmen Julien Piguet, Julien Rueflin,
Steven Palette and Germany’s Paul
Englert are competing in the entire
VLN Endurance Championship in a
factory developed, Peugeot Sport built
endurance adaptation of the RCZ used in
the RCZ Racing Cup using Kumho Tires to
keep them on the track.
36 l 24
“The research and development
we do on the track is utilized
across all of our passenger
car and commercial tires sold
around the world.”
A tire test in 2011 by Australian
motoring publication Wheels
saw the Kumho Ecsta Le
Sport KU39 excel in the wet,
taking the top prize for wet
braking and a close second
in wet cornering, confirming
David Basha’s sentiments
about Kumho’s wet weather
“Team Peugeot RCZ had
confidence because of the
wet weather characteristics
of Kumho Tires and Australian
Drivers can feel the same
confidence by purchasing
Kumho next time they visit
their local tire dealers,” David
Basha concluded.
As the Official Tire of the UFC, Toyo Tires will also have
an increased presence on this year and plans
to again incorporate UFC and MMA fighters into its
marketing efforts. SEMA Show attendees will recall
Octagon-inspired display, photo opportunities and
fighter appearances at the 2011 event. The company
also promotes the affiliation and activities through its
consumer website and social media sites.
“Toyo Tires is proud to continue its association with
the UFC, and to connect with its passionate fans who
expect performance at the highest level,” said Amy
Coleman, senior director of marketing, Toyo Tire U.S.A.
Corp. “This is a huge, year-round sport that is highly
visible. We have received an overwhelmingly positive
response regarding our association with the UFC,
both from our dealers and consumers, many of whom
are avid UFC fans.”
Toyo Tires first became the Official Tire of the UFC in
2006 and has maintained a strong relationship since,
sponsoring the UFC and individual athletes such as
Middleweight Mark Munoz, Lightweight Anthony
Pettis and Light Heavyweight Brandon Vera. During
that same time, the UFC expanded globally and
cemented its place as the fastest growing sport in the
world. Today, UFC programming is broadcast in over
149 countries and territories, reaching almost a million
homes worldwide, in 20 different languages.
zbk l 37
Nissan Chooses Dunlop
Tires for 2013 GT-R
Formula 3 Euro
Series exclusively
on Hankook Tires
Premium tire manufacturer Hankook will be the
exclusive tire partner to the Formula 3 Euro Series.
The Monoposti in the most competitive junior
racing series in Europe will enter the 2012 season
on Hankook’s high-performance Ventus racing
tires. In 2011 already DTM, during which all events
of the Formula 3 Euro Series are taking place,
choose Hankook as their exclusive tire partner.
When the 2013 Nissan GT-R rolls into dealer
showrooms this spring, it will arrive with
more horsepower, a retuned suspension
system and ultra-high performance Dunlop
According to Nissan, major refinements
to the 2013 GT-R’s 3.8-liter twin turbo V6
engine resulted in an increased output of
545 horsepower–15 hp over the 2012 model.
Similarly, torque has been increased to 463
lb-ft from 448 lb-ft. The engine is even handassembled in a special clean room, similar to
racing powerplant construction.
To put that power into motion, Nissan worked
with Dunlop to develop a tire exclusively for
the R35 GT-R which would maximize the allwheel-drive supercar’s performance. The
result was Dunlop’s SP Sport Maxx GT 600
DSST CTT–the exclusive original equipment
tire of the 2013 Nissan GT-R.
The SP Sport Maxx GT 600 builds upon
Dunlop’s strong track record of building
ultra-high performance tires. It features
compound, solid center rib to help enhance
steering response and driver feedback,
an asymmetric tread pattern to provide
a balance of performance in wet and dry
conditions, and circumferential grooves
to help evacuate water for enhanced wet
traction. To strengthen the link between
the tire and rim, a unique bead shape was
developed. l 38
The SP Sport Maxx GT 600 also
Dunlop technologies, including:
•Dunlop Self-Supporting Technology
(DSST): a patented, reinforced sidewall
construction designed to temporarily
support the weight of the car after a
loss of air pressure.
•Combined Tire Technology (CTT):
allows for less tire weight and a rounder
cavity shape which helps improve ride
•Jointless Band Technology: a
continuous spiral fabric ply helps
maintain the tire’s shape, enabling
smooth performance at high speeds.
•Multi-Pitch Tread Design Technology:
helps reduce noise for a quiet ride.
“The Nissan GT-R represents one of the
ultimate achievements in automotive
performance and innovation,” said
Jonathan Lee, Dunlop brand general
manager. “Nissan’s choice of the SP
Sport Maxx GT 600 is evidence that
Dunlop delivers the tire technology
and performance to match.”
The race-inspired tire, tested at
Germany’s famed Nurburgring, will
appear on the 2013 Nissan GT-R
in sizes P255/40ZRF20 (front) and
P285/35ZRF20 (rear).
“After having been chosen as the exclusive tire
partner for DTM, we are delighted to now also
become the tire partner to the most important
junior series in European motorsport, the Formula
3 Euro Series.” says Manfred Sandbichler, Director
Motorsport Hankook Tire Europe. “Supporting
young talent in motorsport is very important
to Hankook, and we are excited to provide the
young talent in the Formula 3 Euro Series with our
successful Ventus race tires. We look forward to our
first joint season and wish all the teams and drivers
the best of luck.” adds Sandbichler.
Tire manufacturer Hankook will benefit from
synergy effects of this dual partnership. The
Formula 3 Euro Series will ride on Hankook Ventus
F200 racing tires and Z206 as the rain option on the
front axle respectively Z207 on the rear axle in the
dimensions 180/550R13 (front) and 240/570R13
(rear). Thus, the world’s most competitive junior
racing series and their talented pilots will now
be provided with racing tires of the highest
quality. Hankook will benefit from their extensive
experience in international formula racing: In
2002, the company was chosen as the official tire
partner of the Italian F3 followed in 2005 by the
German F3. Four years later Hankook also became
the official tire partner to the Japanese Formula 3.
“In the DTM, the partnership between Hankook
and ITR was exceptionally successful right from
the beginning! The quality of the tires, the
development expertise and service - the package
as a whole - could not have been any better. The
ITR as a long-time promoter and supporter of the
F3 Euro Series is delighted to have Hankook as
their proven partner join them in the promotion of
young talent and also equip the young drivers with
high-end tires.” says Walter Mertes, ITR Director for
Marketing and Sponsorship and CEO Formula 3
Euro Series.
Continental has further developed
its successful second generation of
long-distance tires. The new tires from
generation 2+ allow greater overall
mileages and offer optimized driving
properties and handling thanks to new
micro-sipes in the longitudinal grooves.
“The new tread on the HSL2+ longdistance tires perfects the handling
and the overall mileage. Four front-axle
variants of the successful long-distance
tire will be launched as XL versions for
front axle loads up to eight tons,” explains
Bernd Korte, head of Commercial Vehicle
Tire Development at Continental.
The newly developed HDL2+ and HSL2+
tires are the continuation of Continental’s
second generation for international longdistance transport that was introduced
in 2010. The steering axle tires are
particularly important for fleets since this
axle position accounts for over 35 percent
of the replacement requirements. During
development, the focus was placed
on handling and thus even better wet
braking and steering performance. Good
wet grip has been achieved with broad
drainage channels in conjunction with
a new sipe design. Continental’s tire
developers have integrated new microsipes into the longitudinal grooves on
the HSL2+ steering axle tires. These sipes,
which are positioned at a right angle to
the rolling direction, further improve the
Continental HSL2+: The new tread with micro-sipes integrated into
longitudinal grooves ensures improved driving properties and handling.
The new XL types account for the increasing
load on the front axle resulting from more
complex and heavier engines with new exhaust
gas treatment systems. The new types of tire
with the XL label can carry up to eight tons per
axle and are thus well equipped for future Euro
6 trucks with greater front-axle loads. The lowprofile tires in the size 355/50R22.5 are ideally
suited for large-volume vehicles.
In generation 2+, the innovative casing structure
again forms the heart of the tire with four-ply
triangular belts, increased air volume, a new
steel cord chafer and the patented AirKeep®
technology. The 355/50 R22.5 XL, 315/70 R22.5
and 315/70 R22.5 XL sizes feature the visual
alignment indicator (VAI) for the steering axle
A newly configured rubber compound is
tires that allows you to quickly and simply check
used for the drive axle tires in generation
for early signs of uneven wear and to prevent
2+ to further reduce the rolling resistance
increased consumption due to greater rolling
compared with the previous model.
The tread was developed for optimum
The low-profile size 295/55R22.5 of the HDL2+
pressure distribution in the ground
drive axle tire is new and particularly interesting
contact area in order to ensure high
for large-volume trucks. It will be available from
May of this year. The extremely robust casing
In addition to excellent tracking and design and the low rolling resistance of this tire
precise steering, the HSL2+ offers a high should also be highlighted.
level of ride comfort and, in the sizes
Tires make an important contribution to the
295/80R22.5 (standard and XL) and
competitiveness of fleets. The tires may account
315/80R22.5, is equally suited for all axles
for only about five percent of the costs, but they
on coaches. The new steering axle tires
do influence around 45 percent of the overall
have a new groove design in the tread
running costs through the fuel, maintenance
base of the outer tire shoulder area. This
and repair costs. Continental’s tire generation
ensures an even distribution of tension
2+ allows top mileages to be achieved with
across the groove base and improves
constantly low fuel consumption.
tread durability. l
Goodyear DuraSeal Tire Survives 367 Punctures
Without Losing Pressure
“The results were eye-popping,” said
Tim Miller, marketing communications
manager, Goodyear Commercial Tire
Systems. “DuraSeal Technology is the
industry’s first and only built-in tire
sealant, and is designed for multiple
Goodyear DuraSeal Tire Survives 367 punctures while maintaining tire
Punctures Without Losing Pressure
While this year’s Mid-America Trucking DuraSeal is a yellow, gel-like rubber
Show in Louisville, Ky., drew a record compound that instantly seals punctures
number of attendees, The Goodyear Tire & of up to ¼-inch in diameter in the tread
Rubber Company set its own record of sorts area of the tire. (It does not seal sidewall
during the three-day event thanks to its punctures.) As a nail enters the tire and
DuraSeal Technology.
reaches the tire’s inner liner, DuraSeal
Mid-America Trucking Show attendees immediately surrounds the puncture to
drove approximately 367 nail holes into a seal the leak.
Goodyear G394 SST wide-base trailer tire at “If the nail is pulled out, DuraSeal can
the tire manufacturer’s booth – without any instantly fill the hole and keep air from
impact on tire inflation.
escaping,” said Miller. “People are amazed
Attendees punctured the tire using that a truck tire can seal itself.”
Goodyear’s “DuraSeal Popper,” a device that Goodyear’s DuraSeal Technology is
enables users to pierce the tread area of a available in drive and trailer tires for overtire by pulling down on a handle. (The tire the-road applications, plus in all-position
was mounted on the DuraSeal Popper but tires for mixed service and waste-haul
not under a load at the time.)
applications. l
Empowering Movement
Super intensity terminal
Terminal design
Integrated handle
High resistance design for vibration
Longer Life Cycle l
Swiss Tuning Show
02-03- June 2012
Organizing by Geneva Palexpo, the Swiss Tuning Show is
a dedicated event to the automobile tuning. Held at GENEVA PALEXPO, Switzerland,
the event will offer unparalleled exposure to automobile
02-06- June 2012
For 5 days, Amicom will be
held at Leipzig Exhibition Centre and will prove to be highly
effective in displaying Car Audio, Mobile Media, Navigation/
Telematics, Telecommunications / Mobile Telephony, Security Technology and varied
other related items.
Leipzig Exhibition Centre,
Leipzig, Sachsen, Germany
Motorsport Expo
05-06- June 2012
Collision Claims Expo l 44
Motorsport Expo is one of the
leading events for the sector
of motorsports. This is the
only event of its kind in Czech
Republic where motorsport is
one of the most popular and
renowned sports. This event
brings in professionals from
the entire spectrum of the motor sport industry and serves
to be an excellent platform for
communicating with professionals from this community.
Brno Exhibition Centre,
Brno, Jihomoravsky Kraj,
Czech Republic
05-08- June 2012
Organizing by Messe Essen
GmbH, the Reifen is highly
prioritized event tire manufacturing technology exhibition
and conference. Held at Messe
Essen, Nordrhein-Westfalen,
Germany, it is 4 days event
which unveils tire manufacturing process.
Essen Exhibition Centre
(Messe Essen), Essen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
07-09- June 2012
Collision Claims Expo will offer demonstrations of crash
tests for the attendees. This
event will also provide the
attendees with opportunities
to learn from experts in the
field on various matters like
crash data recovery, insurance
applications that utilize crash
data and that are related to
crash data retrieval issues.
This event will also enlighten
the attendees with important
information on what would
be the outcome for the misapplication of crash data in the
claims process.
Palace Station Hotel &
Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada,
United States Of America
07-12 June 2012
Auto Chongqing
London Motorexpo
Stirling Truck Show
As the first auto show integrating the display and trading
of imported and domestic
passenger cars in West
China sponsored by China
Association of Automobile
Manufacturers, after 12 years
development, Auto Chongqing has grown into one of the
professional fairs with great
influence in China auto industry and has made great contribution for the development of
automotive industry in West
Chongqing International
Convention & Exhibition
Center, Chongqing, China
11-17 June 2012
London Motorexpo is going to
be most eye appealing expo
of the entire nation of London.
The expo will be held for a
week at Canary Wharf in London. The expo will be visited
by the leading manufacturers
and retailers of the world who
will display the most updated
motor vehicles to the commoners of the fair. The expo
will see visitors interested in
the field of motor manufacturing.
London Canary Wharf,
London, England, United
13-16 June 2012
The Autopar is recognized as
one of the largest exhibition
of Brazil for Automotive Industry. Organized at Expotrade
Convention Center, Brazil, the
event attracts eminent trade
visitors from both Brazil and
across the world. This 4 days
event is expected to see visitors from Automotive Accessories, Body/Chassis Component, Brakes & Braking System,
Electrical & Electronic Systems,
Engine & Engines Components
industry etc.
Expotrade Convention Center, Curitiba, Parana, Brazil
Stirling Truck Show event will
be a true reflection of the
changing face of the trucking
industry with an ideal blend
of cultural extravaganza. The
event will include plenty of
activities including Inside &
Outside Trade Show, Show &
Shine Competition, Job Fair,
Educational Seminars, Family
Entertainment, Ethnic Food
and much more.
TBA, Ontario, California,
United States Of America
16-17 June 2012 l 46 l
AW Rostamani Group opens
new parts distribution centre in
Dubai Industrial City
A facility to house various brands under one roof
MK Rajkumar, Director –
Aftersales &Trading also added,
“As part of our continuous
efforts to maintain our leading
position in the aftersales
sector, we have adopted
the theme of ‘Pursuing Parts
Excellence’ which we will
also incorporate into all our
communications henceforth.
With the right technology,
staff and processes, we are
confident we can maintain
the high standards Arabian
Automobiles is recognized
for by Nissan Motor Company
As part of its growing investment, AW
Rostamani Group today opened a state-ofthe-art spare parts warehouse and distribution
center to support its automotive-related
businesses. Located at Dubai Industrial City
(DI), the facility delivers 600,000 square feet of
storage capacity and will house over 90,000
line items for Nissan, Infiniti, Renault, MG &
ZNA spare parts.
The facility was inaugurated by Abdul Wahid
Al Rostamani, Chairman of AW Rostamani
Group in the presence of Michel Ayat, CEO
of Arabian Automobiles, Atsuo Kosaka,
Managing Director, Nissan Middle East and
Mustansir Lakdawala, Managing Director,
Renault GCC.
Arabian Automobiles Company (AAC)
currently ranks as a leading dealer for Nissan
genuine spare parts globally. The AAC
Aftersales department has witnessed record
sales year on year with increasing spare parts
stock levels and growth in its corporate fleet
servicing offering. The new parts warehouse
is designed as a multilevel facility with large
operational areas. The warehouse also houses
a training facility within the premises. l
Michel Ayat, CEO of Arabian Automobiles commented, “The
AW Rostamani Group continues to grow its investment in the
automotive sector and the newly opened parts distribution
centre at Dubai Industrial City is another milestone towards
achieving continuous excellence in our products and services.
This facility has been designed to deliver a quality spare parts
logistics service in the minimum amount of time and monthly
will handle over 100 containers of incoming spare parts
shipments and 250 outbound deliveries by the 200 members
of our dedicated and professional logistics team.”
Abdulla Belhoul, Managing Director, Dubai Industrial
City, said, “We are pleased that Arabian Automobiles has
established its warehouse and distribution center at Dubai
Industrial City. A seamless process of import and supply of
spare parts is integral to a quality service network, and a
facility such as the Arabian Automobiles has set high industry
standards in this space. We are confident that leveraging DI’s
inherent advantages of proximity to the emirate’s sea and
air ports, excellent road connectivity and the high standards
of our storage offerings will make the process even more
efficient for Arabian Automobiles.”
Arabian Automobiles continues to champion a customercentric approach across its business. It maintains a 99% spare
parts ‘fill rate’, stocks AED 150 million of spare parts lines at any
one time, operates 16 spare parts branches in Dubai and the
Northern Emirates and supplies 103 approved independent
spare parts dealers in the UAE.
Arabian Automobiles Company
was recently awarded the
ISO 14001* certification by
Lloyd’s (LRQA), making it the
first automobile distributor
in UAE to receive ISO 14001
certification for its sales,
service and parts operations.
The Aftersales department
of Arabian Automobiles also
created a world record among
Nissan dealers with its fourth
successive win of Nissan Motor
Company’s ‘World Aftersales
Progress Club’ (WAPC) Global
Award in December 2011. The
WAPC Award is one of the most
prestigious honours awarded
to a Nissan distributor by
Nissan Motor Company. The
criteria for the WAPC award
include stringent checks
and evaluations on Parts
Sales, Parts Logistics, Labour
Sales, Nissan Competitive
Advantage Map (N-CAM) and
customer service. AAC won
the Grand prize in the ‘Large
National Sales Company’
(NSC) category. Renault France
also recognized AAC Renault
operations as its 2011 dealer
of the year.
Garmin Enters In-Car
Infotainment Market with
Factory-Installed Suzuki System
Business Wire - Garmin®International
Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. the global
leader in satellite navigation,
announced that it will provide a
fully integrated, factory-installed
infotainment system for most
American 2013 model year Suzuki
vehicles. Garmin’s infotainment
system combines a 6.1-inch highresolution touchscreen display
with a full-featured infotainment
platform, including AM/FM/CD
radio, multi-media playback, backup
camera support, Bluetooth® handsfree connectivity, Pandora radio and
Garmin’s award-winning navigation.
The intuitive user interface with
advanced voice control makes it
easy to operate the system and
switch between functions.
“We’re pleased to extend our
cooperation with Suzuki Motor
Corporation by providing our fully
integrated infotainment platform
that goes beyond GPS navigation
and provides a whole range of
information and entertainment
functions,” said Matt Munn, Garmin’s
managing director automotive
OEM. “By leveraging our longstanding experience in developing
navigation software, user interfaces
and hardware design, we created an
integrated system that is easy to use
and makes driving more enjoyable.” l
is not available, for example in tunnels.
When switching to other menus, such as
the music player, navigation directions
will continue and visual cues will be
displayed at the top of the screen. Map
updates can easily be downloaded to a
SD card from a Garmin Web portal.
Full voice control: Users can control the
system with voice commands, which
helps reduce driver distraction. This
includes all the integrated functions,
such as navigation, radio, CD player and
Pandora. Garmin’s one-shot address
entry technology allows user to speak
a full address at once without going
through multiple steps. Additionally, the
system includes steering wheel control
buttons on selected vehicles to activate
voice recognition or directly control
certain functions, such as the volume,
switching between radio stations or
accepting and ending calls.
information, such as traffic, dynamic
parking, weather and fuel prices,will be
available through Garmin Smartphone
Link[2]. This app can easily link an Android
phone to the Suzuki infotainment system
via Bluetooth. It utilizes the existing data
connection of a smartphone to bring
live services to the vehicle, so users don’t
have to pay for an extra data plan.
Backup camera support: When backing
up, the system automatically displays the
backup camera on the screen, so drivers
get a better view of what’s behind the
Hands-free Bluetooth: The integrated
Bluetooth calling function allows users
to make calls hands free. A phone can
easily be synced via Bluetooth and then
controlled with voice commands.
Garmin’s Suzuki system includes the following
Media and music integration: Music and media is
integrated in multiple ways, providing users a wide
range of options to choose from. This includes an
integrated AM/FM radio and CD player as well as several
interfaces that allow user to play music from external
devices such as a mobile phone or iPod, including a
USB and AUX jack, Bluetooth and a SD card slot. Also
included is an integration with Pandora (via a connected
smartphone[1]) that allows users to easily browse and
select their personalized radio stations, skip a track or
give a song a thumbs-up or down.
Navigation: The system integrates Garmin’s intuitive and
award-winning navigation, providing premium road
guidance with spoken turn-by-turn directions and street
names, PhotoReal Junction View with lane guidance,
optional traffic via TMC, speed limit and current speed
displays, millions of points of interest, a customizable
data menu and many other features. The navigation
system has access to vehicle speed sensors to provide
precise location information even when a GPS signal
The hardware of the Suzuki Infotainment
System is designed and built by Garmin
and includes a 6.1-inch touchscreen
display, Bluetooth, an AM/FM tuner, a CD
player, a USB and an AUX jack, a SD card
slot and internal flash memory. Garmin’s
infotainment system will be available for
selected Suzuki vehicles in Australia and
New Zealand, Europe, North America
and Russia.
Garmin’s automotive OEM business
segment provides a broad range of invehicle electronics for the automotive
industry, including automotive grade
infotainment and telematics systems,
navigation software, location-based
services, and integrated portable
navigation systems. Garmin has
agreements with leading brands in the
automotive sector such as BMW, Chrysler,
Honda, Kenwood, Panasonic, Suzuki and
Toyota, among others.
Smart Drivers Told to Get
Ready for Summer Conditions
Tires Take the Greatest Strain from Summer Heat and Cause the
Most Accidents, Says UAE Auto Expert
During the upcoming hot summer months, car parts are
strained to their maximum tolerance levels, particularly tires,
says a UAE auto expert.
The simple fact is that summer heat in the Gulf, which can
some days hit 50 degrees Celsius, means that it is absolutely
critical that UAE drivers regularly maintain their vehicle’s tire
conditions, to include replacing them before they give out
and lead to an accident.
What is recommended for all drivers is that they get into
the habit of checking their tire pressure at the same time
every week while the tires are cold; for example, every Friday
This simple and easy-to-remember approach to tire
maintenance virtually ensures the drivers will never be
running on tires that have either not got enough air pressure,
or are worn bald to the extent that they lack necessary traction
to properly and safely maneuver the vehicle.
“It really is surprising that most UAE drivers do not fully
appreciate the critical role of the car’s tires in the overall
driver experience,” said A-MAP Managing Director Asad
Badami.“Driving particularly long distances, such as Dubai to
Abu Dhabi, at high speeds in the summer heat with the underinflated or worn tires is a ‘disaster waiting to happen’. At best,
the driver will suffer a substandard ride, cause irreparable
damage to the structural integrity of the tire, increase fuel
consumption, and affect braking effectiveness; at worst, the
driver will cause a very serious accident.”
A-MAP, one of the UAE’s leading automotive part suppliers. Headquartered
in Dubai, A-MAP is a genuine ‘made in the UAE’ success story, having
expanded by an astonishing 300 per cent since 2009 and established
operations in Africa, Asia, and North America - an achievement largely
down to a burgeoning reputation as a go-to supplier and re-exporter of
world-class stock such as Solite batteries, Asimco brake pads, Fenix tyres,
and RBI rubber products..
Three, quick summer time tire tip
If not every
•Check your tire pressure regularly.
least once
week, then at least every month
at the petrol
each month, take time to ‘air up’
has its valve
station. Also, make sure that each tire
cap safely in place.
ls for abnormal
•Inspect the tire’s treads and sidewal
excessive wear
wear – bulges and cuts are signs of
r tire.
and may require you to replace you
your tires. It
•Be nice to your car tires; respect
many UAE
sounds obvious, but there are too
’. If you brake
drivers who are ‘hard on their cars
you will wear
hard and skid your tires, over time,
if you drove
them down much, much faster tha
your car more responsibly. l51
Technology on XTS,
ATS Can Help Avoid Crashes
Control and alert strategy assists drivers and can take action if needed
focus driver attention to the direction of potential
crashes. It also may help drivers who may be
annoyed by or not hear beeping alerts. The driver
may also program the system to replace seat
vibrations with beeps.
Forward Collision Alert – Radar and camera
technology detect a possible front-end collision
threat and alert the driver, giving him or her
additional time to react. The driver can set the
alerting time to far, medium or near settings.
Lane Departure Warning – A camera-based lane
detection system alerts the driver of unsignalled
lane changes. If a turn signal is used, it will not send
a warning. The camera, mounted near the inside
rearview mirror, identifies traffic lane markings.
Lane Departure Warning activates at speeds above
35 miles per hour.
Cadillac will introduce a network of cameras,
radar and ultrasonic sensors on the all-new
2013 XTS and ATS luxury sedans designed to
help drivers avoid crashes by improving their
vision and awareness of road hazards, even
braking automatically if sensors predict the
vehicle is at risk of crashing.
“New technology in the XTS and ATS is
intended to extend the vision around the
car to help drivers identify obstacles. When
necessary, the vehicle may take action to
help them avoid a collision,” said Don Butler,
vice president of Cadillac Marketing. “Cadillac
expands its lineup dramatically in 2013,
and these technologies are an important
The Driver Awareness Package,
available for the launch of the XTS
this spring and ATS this summer, and
Driver Assist Package, available on
XTS and ATS this fall, includes:
Safety Seat Alert – Uses auto industryfirst directional seat vibrations on
either the left and/or right side of
the driver’s seat cushion, depending
on the location and nature of the
impending concern, alerts the driver
to a potential collision. Threats from
the front and rear trigger pulses
on both sides of the seats. It works
with other visual alerts, and research
shows it can quickly and accurately
Side Blind Zone Alert – Using radar sensors on both
sides of the vehicle, the system “looks” for other
vehicles in the blind zone areas and indicates their
presence with symbols lit in the outside mirrors. This
technology alerts drivers to vehicles that otherwise
might escape their vision. If the driver activates the
turn signal in the direction of the detected vehicle,
the symbol will flash to provide extra warning not
to change lanes.
Rear Cross Traffic Alert – Using radar sensors, it
warns the driver of approaching cross traffic when
backing out of a parking spot. Left or right-side
alerts are triggered if moving vehicles are detected.
The system helps give drivers more time to react
to obstacles that may be difficult to see in the side
Adaptive Forward Lighting – With adaptive
forward lighting, the projector headlamps swivel
in the direction of the front wheels to maintain
forward lighting in concert with vehicle steering.
Heading into a curve or turning around a corner,
the headlamps swivel up to 15 degrees at varying
speeds, depending on the severity of the curve
and the vehicle speed. The system works with
both low- and high-beam headlamp settings. The
system improves visibility at night and in inclement
weather compared to traditional headlamps,
making driving easier.
Rear Vision Camera With Dynamic Guidelines – With
a display in the center stack, the camera provides
a natural view of objects directly behind the XTS
or ATS. Dynamic guide lines laid over the video
image assist in parking maneuvers by showing the
vehicle’s path and available space. l
Full-Speed Adaptive Cruise Control – This system uses radar
and vision sensing to detect a vehicle ahead and calculate
its distance and relative speed, and then sends a message
to the onboard computer to maintain a driver-selected
following time/distance. When the traffic has cleared or the
object has moved, the system will accelerate the vehicle
back to the previously set speed. Like conventional cruise
control, the driver can always control the system by applying
the brakes or accelerator.
Front and Rear Automatic Braking – Using radar and
ultrasonic sensors, this feature can help prevent or mitigate
front and rear collisions at low speeds via a progression of
alerts that extends to complete braking if necessary. In effect,
the system works like a “virtual bumper.” For example, if the
vehicle is in stop-and-go traffic, the system will alert if the
lead vehicle slows unexpectedly and, if needed, brake the
vehicle to help prevent an impact or reduce impact speed.
Automatic Collision Preparation – When the XTS and ATS
sense a collision is imminent, braking is applied to lessen
the impact severity with the vehicle detected ahead, or even
enable the driver to avoid the crash.
Intelligent Brake Assist – Detects a panic-braking situation
and assists a braking driver by automatically applying added
brake force to help slow the vehicle more quickly. This
system uses radar and vision sensors to help the driver avoid
or mitigate damage caused by a front-end crash.
The Driver Assist Package uses sensor fusion, which
integrates a broad range of sensing and positioning
technologies. Sensor fusion is a key to Cadillac’s ongoing
work in developing sophisticated, self-driving systems able
to do things such as automatically maintain lane position
and adapt to surrounding traffic. Semi-autonomous or even
fully autonomous driving systems could be available by the
end of the decade.
Beyond the new technologies, XTS and ATS have a strong
body structure and 10 standard air bags. Other standard
safety features include:
• Dual-stage frontal driver air bag
• Dual-stage frontal passenger air bag with passenger
sensing system
• Driver and front passenger side-impact air bars
• Driver and front passenger knee air bags
• Outboard head curtain air bags, front and rear, with rollover
• Outboard rear thorax air bags
• Safety belt pretensioners and load limiters
• Child seat LATCH system
• StabiliTrak electronic stability control
• Four-wheel disc brakes with four-channel antilock brakes.
New parts featured in the 2012 Monroe®
online catalogue
Tenneco Inc., a manufacturer of
Monroe® suspension systems, is
extending its applications to provide
even more coverage for European
cars. The new applications feature
a range of replacement shock
absorbers for Audi, BMW, MercedesBenz, Opel and Volkswagen. New
extended coverage will be featured
online in the Monroe®2012 electronic
catalogue, which provides the motor
trade with up-to-date information at
the click of a button.
“We are delighted to expand our
aftermarket coverage of European
car models,” said Samy Mahta, senior
sales and marketing director of
emerging markets for Aftermarket
Europe. “As a leading supplier
to OE vehicle manufacturers
worldwide, we continue to expand
our aftermarket product coverage,
leveraging Monroe®’s OE quality
to our aftermarket replacement
Currently, Monroe® offers the widest
product range on the market,
featuring applications for all types
of vehicles - from passenger cars
and SUVs to off-road and light
commercial vehicles.
Highlights include the Audi 80,
100/200 and 400/500; the Audi A3, A4,
A5 and A6; the Audi TT, Q5 and Q7; the
BMW 1, 3, 5, 6 and 7; the BMW X3, X5
and Z3; the Mercedes-Benz 110/111,
114 and 115 series; the Mercedes-Benz
A, B, C, E, M, S, SL/SLC, SLK, Sprinter,
Viano and Vito; the Opel Ascona, Astra,
Calibra, Combo, Corsa, Kadett, Monza,
Meriva, Omega, Record, Commodore,
Senator, Vivaro and Zafira; the Porsche
924/944; the VW 1500/1600; all VW
Beetles; the VW Jetta1/Citi, Jetta 2, 3, 4
and 5; and the VW Caddy, Crafter, Golf
6, VW Kombi/Microbus/Caravelle, VW
LT, Passato, Polo, Sharan, Tuareg and
The company also plans to introduce
additional applications, which include
the Audi A1 (front and rear shocks) and
the VW Amarok (rear shock) by the end
of the first quarter of 2012.
The addition of these applications
completes an extensive suspension
product offering that includes Monroe®
Reflex, Original, Quickstrut®, Adventure
and Rancho® (for 4x4 vehicles);
Monroe® Magnum (for heavy-duty
vehicles); and a range of Mounting,
Magic Camber and Protection Kits. l
Safer and Less Stressful Reversing out
of a Parking Space
Accidents when moving into or out
of parking spaces drive up insurance
companies’ costs; reversing out of a
parking space often leads to serious
accidents involving personal injuries.
When reversing out, the usual reason
for these accidents is because drivers
either fail to see a vehicle or cyclist
approaching from the side or they see
them too late. In order to avoid such
accidents, Continental, the international
automotive supplier, has developed an
electronic aid for this maneuver as part
of its ContiGuard® safety concept. The
Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA) system
uses the same radar infrastructure
used for detecting vehicles in the blind
spot (Blind Spot Detection (BSD)).
The BSD sensors have been suitably
upgraded in order to be able to meet the
requirement for greater precision. “This
new driver assistance system makes
use of our unique signal processing
capability which has been upgraded so
as to offer additional functions. Multiple
use of the sensor hardware makes new
advanced driver assistance systems
more economical. And the more vehicles
which are fitted with these systems, the
safer our roads will become overall”, said
Wolfgang Fey, director development
advanced driver assistance systems of
Continental’s Chassis & Safety Division.
Initial series production of the new RTCA
advanced driver assistance system is
planned for 2013. l 54
Continental has upgraded its
warning system which detects
vehicles in the driver’s blind
spot; when reversing out of a
parking space, a new generation
of sensors warns the driver of a
potential collision with vehicles
passing behind
Upgraded sensors detect
trajectory of another vehicle
Like today’s BSD systems, the ‘Rear Cross Traffic
Alert’ (RCTA) is based on two short-range radar
sensors. These two eyes, which are not visible
behind the plastic bumper at the right and left
rear corners of the vehicle, can each monitor a
120 degree angle. In addition to the BSD function,
this relatively wide arc can also be used to detect
vehicles crossing behind. This assumes, of course,
that the vehicle is fitted with Continental’s
powerful radar sensors, which generate a precise
image of the vehicle surrounding.
This is why Continental has specifically upgraded
its existing BSD sensors and made them more
accurate. “The challenge for an electronic aid
like the RTCA is being able to reliably calculate
the collision trajectory of the crossing vehicle”,
explained Norbert Hammerschmidt, head of
advanced driver assistance systems customer
programs. “What we need is
precise data on the crossing
vehicle’s direction and speed and
how far away it is. The new sensor
generation provides us with this
basic data. If it assesses a collision
between the vehicles as probable,
the system will warn the driver.”
In the current demonstration vehicle
configuration, the RTCA is designed
to detect cars, motorcycles and
bicycles that are within at least 35
meters and traveling at a speed
of somewhere between 5 km/h
and up to around 30 km/h. It will
detect pedestrians, but only those
who are walking quickly and
directly towards the vehicle will
trigger the warning. One of the
RTCA’s technical subtleties is that
it can also detect vehicles which
are turning while passing behind.
If the advanced driver assistance
system detects an imminent
collision, a warning will sound and
LEDs will light up in the interior rear
view mirror to alert the driver. The
warning strategy employed can, of
course, be modified in agreement
with the vehicle manufacturer. One
possibility might be an additional
warning light in the rear roof lining,
for example. Another possible
action could be for the vehicle’s
brakes to be automatically applied.
Automechanika Middle East
celebrates ten successful years of
facilitating automotive aftermarket
industry in the region
Event is the key window to growing automotive
aftermarket that spans wider Middle East and Africa
Automechanika Middle East, the
foremost trade exhibition for the
wider Middle East and Africa, is
celebrating ten years of success.
The past decade has seen the
event, which started off as a onehall show that attracted just 119
exhibitors in 2003, transform
comprehensive business platform
in Dubai which now features more
than 1,200 exhibitors from across
the world, spread over 9 halls.
“Automechanika Middle East
has not only grown remarkably
over the years, but its success
has reflected the development
of the automotive sector in the
region,” said Ahmed Pauwels, Chief
Executive Officer of organiser, Epoc
Messe Frankfurt. “The event has
benefited enormously from being
situated in a high-growth region
and has enjoyed tremendous
support from our partners,
international trade associations
and local au-thorities.”
“Today, Automechanika Middle
East is much more than a pure
trade fair. Situated at the hub
of a thriving region, the event
is recognised as the ‘not-to-bemissed’ professional networking
platform for the regional trade as
well as an interactive discussion
forum for the latest trends,
developments, challenges and
requirements of the industry in the
wider region,” Pauwels stated.
As the automotive aftermarket
trade gained in size and
prominence riding on a growing
re-export market, more and more
international manufacturers and
distributors of automobile, truck
and bus spare parts & accessories
and batteries & tires began to see
Automechanika Middle East as a
crucial component in their regional
expansion plans.
By 2011, the event drew in 17,310
trade visitors, key decision makers and
buyers from 130 countries as the total
automotive trade in Dubai mounted
over US$ 9 billion, with 41% of it being
headed for export and re-export. In 2003,
the total automotive trade was valued at
$3.4 billion, underlining the tremendous
growth over the last decade.*
Vertexcel Dieselectra SpA, from Italy, is one
of the many exhibitors who has been part
of Automechanika Middle East since its
inception. “We specialize in spare parts for
diesel injection pumps and fuel lift pumps.
We have had extremely good results from
our participation at the event over the last
decade. Being here has helped us gain
con-siderable traction in a vibrant market
for our entire product range,” said Mr.
Alessandro Lovati, President of Vertexcel
Dieselectra SpA.
“Automechanika Middle East continues
to bring manufacturers, suppliers and
service providers in touch with one of the
world’s most lively markets,” said Mr. Hani
Arwani of Arwani Trading, UAE, who has
exhibited at all nine editions of the show
and will return once more for the 10th
edition. “Over the years we have benefited
tremendously from the event and we hope
to continue our partnership in the future,”
he added.
Automechanika Middle East will run from
May 22nd to 24th at the Dubai International
Convention and Exhibition Centre. This
year’s exhibition is already estimated to be
about 17% larger than last year’s edition.
The trade exhibition reflects the entire
scope of the automotive aftermarket
industry and attracts trade visitors from
across the globe and mainly from the wider
Middle East region, including buyers, key
decision makers, garage and workshop
owners, professional tuners and modifiers
and all those involved in automotive sport,
work-shop equipment, parts & systems,
repair & maintenance, service station & car
wash, tires & batteries and accessories &
All the fun of an authentic espresso anywhere,
without electricity
Close your eyes, smell, taste … From
the edge of a lake, a mountain or in
your office, you are transported in
your favourite coffee by the magic
of taste. This miracle has a name:
Handpresso, the first portable
espresso machine in the world
operating without electricity!
With Handpresso Wild, the pleasure
of a true espresso is more reserved
at home or cottage. This ingenious
lightweight (476 g) allows you
to prepare the divine nectar in a
few moments where you are. «
The Handpresso Wild is the ideal
companion for mobile espresso
lovers. This is the ideal solution
for those who do not want to
compromise on the taste of their
coffee, whether in leisure or work
», says Francois Ouellette, President
and founder of Equinnov Globe
Trotter, the Product distributor in
Take pleasure in Stylish,
compact and easy to use,
the Handpresso Wild is
available in two versions:
•The Handpresso Wild ESE
(Easy Serving Espresso),
which is used with pods;
• The Handpresso Wild
Domepod, which is used
with the coffee of your
are also offered trend,
as the carrying case,
unbreakable cups, and
the case for grinds, the
filter holder intense, or
home in his leather device
Handpresso Wild four cups
unbreakable, a thermos
flask and two towels. l
Chrysler Group LLC Introduces Industry-first In-vehicle Wireless Chargin
After being the first to eliminate heavy, bulky
owner manuals from its vehicles, Chrysler Group
LLC, through its Mopar® division, will now be
the first to eliminate unsightly dangling power
cords in its vehicles by offering in-vehicle wireless
The company will first make the technology
available on the all-new 2013 Dodge Dart that
arrives in dealerships in the second quarter of this
“At Mopar, we look for every single opportunity
to make our customers’ lives easier,” said Pietro
Gorlier, President and CEO of Mopar, Chrysler
Group LLC’s service, parts and customer-care
brand. “Our industry-first in-vehicle wireless
charging system is the perfect solution for those
connected customers who are always on the go.”
For easy access, a seamlessly integrated power
bin, measuring 8.27 inches by 9.5 inches by 3.25
inches, is installed just below the center stack and
in front of the center console. The bin has a builtin charging grid that is activated when customers
place in their battery-powered device. The unit
begins to charge when the vehicle is started. A
phone case, specifically designed for a variety of
smartphones, is required and included with the
feature. l
Ferrari S.p.A. Selects Movado Group,
as a global license partner for their Scuderia
Ferrari watch collection
Movado Group, Inc.
announced that it has
signed a multi-year,
agreement with Ferrari
S.p.A., the iconic sports
car manufacturer and
race team, to design,
produce and market a
collection of watches
under the Ferrari and
Scuderia Ferrari brand
names. This collection of
Ferrari fan watches will
be priced up to 1,500
euros and will be sold
globally through select
wholesale distribution
outlets as well as Ferrari
stores and the Ferrari
online store.
Efraim Grinberg, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of
Movado Group, Inc., said, “We are extremely pleased to
announce this new agreement with Ferrari and believe
this will prove to be a mutually rewarding venture for both
companies. The Scuderia Ferrari watch collection will feature
compelling, identifiable designs combined with the high
quality craftsmanship that Movado Group is known for.
The Ferrari Formula 1 cars and Ferrari Road cars will provide
great inspiration to our design group. We look forward to
collaborating with them to design an innovative collection
and to satisfy the requests of Ferrari enthusiasts around the
The collection will be launched at the Annual Watch & Jewelry
Fair held in Basel, Switzerland in 2013.
Luca di Montezemolo, Chairman of Ferrari, commented, “I am
very pleased to be collaborating with the Movado Group. This
agreement is the perfect complement to our branded watch
business in an innovative and highly competitive segment.
We look forward to benefitting from Movado’s expertise in
design, development and distribution in order to reach our
fans around the world.” l
Vehicle Mover increases capacity
to three metric tonnes
The capacity of the Stringo 450 vehicle mover was
recently upgraded 50% to three metric tonnes,
meaning that the Mover can now also move Vans
and light Trucks as easily, safely and efficiently as
it moves lighter vehicles. With increased capacity,
all company operations can be improved while
retaining and improving time and surface area
“All our Models are designed to increase efficiency
in moving and utilisation of floor space and to
improve work environments and safety,” says
Anders Bergkvist, Marketing Manager at Famek
AB, Developer and Manufacturer of the Stringo
Movers. “Bridging the gap between lighter and
slightly heavier Movers like the Stringo 450
helps meet our customer’s needs and gives them
considerable economic advantages.”
Like the other Stringo Models, the Stringo 450 has many Options that
further enhance Vehicle handling. One such option is a Ride-on Platform for
the Operator that enhances Safety, is ergonomically beneficial and increases
Increases efficiency no matter what the task’s are
Since you don’t have to use the Vehicle’s own Engine, there is no risk of
Exhaust Emissions. All Stringo Models are very easy to handle with Push
buttons. Transporting Vehicles with its own Electric motor eliminate the risk
of stress injuries.
Various Models of the Stringo are used by Auto makers throughout the
World as well as Machine shops, Garages, Parking ramps, Auto paint shops,
Museums and Exhibition halls. In several countries, Police Departments
are using Stringo to transport Vehicles in order to not destroy Forensic
Since you don’t need spaces to open the Vehicle’s
driver door, surface area can be used more
efficiently, even for heavier vehicles. According
to Bergkvist, the surface area for parking can be
decreased up to 25%.
Six hours of Operation
The Mover can turn on its own Back wheel’s axis,
which provides efficient use of surface areas. For
the Stringo 450, the turning radius needed, is the
Vehicle’s length plus 700 mm. Since January of this
year, the Product has also been furnished with an
audible warning when the Battery needs to be
charged. Normally, the Battery provides six hours
of continuous operation and can then be charged
in the nearest Electrical outlet. l
57 l
Sony Mobile Communications announces the
availability of its new SmartWatch, a wearable
device that extends the power of Android
smartphones by sending timely and personal
information from your smartphone straight to your
wrist. A vibration and screen alert notifies you of key
events, like an incoming call. It also allows you to
read texts and emails as well as receive Facebook™
and Twitter™ updates – all from your wrist.
SmartWatch from Sony connects to Android
smartphones via Bluetooth™ giving you the ability
to control key functions without removing your
smartphone from your pocket or bag. With just a tap,
touch, and swipe, SmartWatch turns from a watch
displaying the time to a remote information center
for your Android smartphone. At launch, SmartWatch
has a suggested retail price of $149.99 and will be
available at and
Sony stores. SmartWatch availability at additional
retailers will be announced soon.
SmartWatch is part of Sony Mobile Communications’
strategy to create Smart Extras that make Android
smartphones smarter. l 60
Dropcam DVR is the online monitoring camera video
recording service that ensures you can access your
HD video anywhere, anytime - even when Dropcam
HD is unplugged or offline. Optional Dropcam DVR
recording plans provide massive cloud storage for
every single Dropcam HD, with up to a month of
wireless HD video storage for everyone. Dropcam
DVR handles motion detection, audio detection,
and even light detection for automatic night vision.
Paired with mobile email and iPhone alerts, you
won’t miss a thing with Dropcam HD and Dropcam
AirPlay Speaker
Logitech introduces the Logitech® UE™ Air Speaker with
Apple’s AirPlay®. Now you can stream uncompressed
music from iTunes or an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
connected to your home’s Wi-Fi® network to a Logitech UE
speaker that delivers high-quality audio with a big sound
stage boosted by dual tweeters and woofers.
With Logitech UE, it’s about delivering pure, undiluted
music wherever you want to listen. Combining Logitech’s
experience in home audio with the Ultimate Ears heritage
of delivering great quality sound directly into music lovers’
ears, the new Logitech UE Air Speaker offers superior
functionality in a stylish design. The Logitech UE Air
Speaker’s subtle curves and handsome piano-black finish
look great in any room, while its custom-tuned acoustics
deliver a big soundstage with impressively detailed stereo
Big Pony 2
Cologne for Men
A provocative idea composed by perfumer
Antoine Lie, reminding us of the endless
possibilities hidding in the realm of men’s
colognes. The smooth chocolate opening
segues to an unusual, balanced spicy and
silky gourmand heart that is both delectable
and outside-of-the-box; an invitation to ditch
our preconceptions on what a virile cologne
should smell like! But rest assured that it won’t
offend anyone coming into contact with
you either, its fresh, dependable base being
classically handsome. Big Pony 2 comes in a
bright red bottle following the flask shape of
the classic Polo cologne embossed with the
number 2 on it.
Nike Free Run +3
Since its debut in 2004, the wildly popular Nike Free has since evolved
and been refined to further enhance the barefoot running experience
for a variety of levels and preferences.
Featuring the Dynamic Fit construction that wraps the arch of the foot
for a glove-like fit, the Nike Free Run +3 has a seamless upper that
provides lightweight support where you need it most. This construction
provides ventilation, comfort and a second skin fit. The sole’s natural
movement is enhanced with trans-tarsal diagonal cuts through the
arch which enhance natural motion flexibility and increasing foot
strength. The Nike Free +3 offers a unique balance of flexibility, comfort
and support.
Montblanc Alfred Hitchcock
Limited Edition 3000
Many of Alfred Hitchcock’s
scenes remain the most
memorable in movie history
– just remember the pivotal
scene in Hitchcock’s “Vertigo”
(1958), when the character
races frantically up the stairs
of a tower and experiences
a crippling bout of vertigo –
looking down stairs.
This famous cinematographic
innovation known as the
“Vertigo Effect” of the
dizzyingly dark staircase
influences the overall design
of the pioneering Alfred
Hitchcock Limited Edition
3000. In the spiralling, black
lacquer finish one remembers
the staircase and the special
effect that Hitchcock invented. l 62
The film “Psycho” (1960) on the other
hand provides the inspiration for a key
design element in the knife-shaped
clip, whose sinister gleam brings the
famous shower scene instantly to
mind. The notes engraved on the 925
sterling silver cap and barrel fittings
refer to the original “Psycho” film reel
while the cone features 53 hatch
marks symbolising the 53 movies that
Hitchcock directed during his impressive
career spanning almost six decades.
Hitchcock’s self-portrait sketch, a
caricature of his profile, adorns the
rhodium-plated 18 K gold nib.
With the Alfred Hitchcock Limited
Edition 3000 presents its latest Great
Characters Edition, which since 2009
honours the great figures of the 20th
century who created history with their
groundbreaking work.
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