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20th May 2004
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• EPSON launch the new EXPRESSION 10000XL A3 scanner for
the demanding graphic art and business users
Scanner range update
EPSON announces the new
EXPRESSION 10000XL A3 scanner
“The scanner for professional graphic artists, designers and business users”
EPSON is pleased to announce the immediate release of the EXPRESSION
10000XL high speed A3 scanner, which replaces the EXPRESSION 1640 XL.
EPSON’s EXPRESSION 10000XL A3 scanner
has been designed for demanding graphic art
and business users. With its 2400 dpi resolution,
3.8 optical density, network connectivity and
EXPRESSION 10000XL is the scanning solution
for the scanning perfectionist.
2400 x 4800 dpi with Matrix CCD technology and Auto Focus
High Optical Density of 3.8 – rivalling many dedicated drum scanners
Flexible Scanning – Up to A3 size for a variety of scanning applications.
High Speed – optional moving carriage type A3 Transparency Unit (TPU) with
new lamps for faster film scanning
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High Image Quality
With an improved Matrix CCD (Charge Coupled Device) technology the
EXPRESSION 10000XL’s 2400 x 4800 dpi resolution scans exhibit incredible levels
of detail and gradation reproduction. This is particularly evident in the output from
transparency and negative scans where the original is slightly elevated from the glass
by one of the scanner’s bundled film holders. By utilising an advanced Auto Focus
optics system, the scanner automatically determines the optimal pinpoint focus up to
6mm above the glass.
Rivalling the quality of even many drum scanners, the EXPRESSION 10000XL has a
maximum optical density of 3.8, ensuring high-quality print-ready negative and
transparency scans can be made within the graphic arts studio. The result is a major
saving in time and money.
A3 Size Scanning
For graphics professionals, the EXPRESSION 10000XL’s ability to scan at any size
up to A3 is a major benefit. Now, documents such as brochures, magazine spreads
and CAD/GIS drawings up to A3 can be scanned in a single pass. Adding even
further to its broad scanning flexibility are the two-up A4 scanning and with an
optional Auto Document Feeder (ADF) the time-consuming task of scanning multiple
page documents is simplified.
High Speed Scanning
Quality without a speed compromise is one of the EXPRESSION 10000XL’s greatest
advantages. And with a High-Bright Xenon Lamp for zero warm-up time, a new bluish
lamp to increase scanning speed for negatives, and on-board ASIC (Application
Specific Integrated Circuit) to image processing, the EXPRESSION 10000XL delivers
the speed performance required in even the most demanding of graphic arts
Film Scanning
Capable of applying scanning templates, the EXPRESSION 10000XL optional
Transparency Unit (TPU) makes incredibly light work of scanning multiple negatives
and transparencies. With bundled film holders, powerful scanning software and an
integrated, light-weight, high speed all-in-one moving carriage TPU the
EXPRESSION 10000XL delivers simultaneous scanning of up to:
2 x 24 frames of 35 mm strip film
2 x 15 frames of 35 mm mounted film
2 x 6 frames of medium format 120/220 (6 x 18cm) strip film
2 x 4 frames of 4 x 5-inch film
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Highly Flexible Connectivity
Along with the standard USB 2.0 and IEEE1394 (FireWire®) interfaces for highspeed data transmission, the EXPRESSION 10000XL can be connected directly to a
local area network using the optional Network Image Express Card. In environments
where multiple users require access to the scanner’s speed, quality and versatility
this represents major benefits in productivity and time/money savings.
Total Control
With the EXPRESSION 10000XL, the user has total control over the entire scanning
process – from initial scanning right through to image editing. The EPSON Scan
driver features Colour Restoration, Dust Removal and Grain Reduction functions to
improve the appearance of scanned images. These images are processed in the
ASIC hardware to reduce the scanner’s dependence on the PC’s processor and RAM
capacity. Other bundled software includes: SilverFast Ai 6 and Photoshop Elements