Why Upgrade your large format printer?

HP Designjet printers
Why Upgrade?
From HP Designjet 5000/5500 Printer series to HP Designjet Z6200
Photo Printer series
HP Designjet 5000/5500 Printer series
HP Designjet Z6200 Photo Printer series
The fastest production printer1 for graphics with unrivaled
print quality
Why should users upgrade from the HP Designjet
5000/5500 Printer series to the HP Designjet Z6200 Photo
Printer series
Save money with a lower cost per copy:
•Up to 25% lower cost per copy using pigment-based inks on the HP Designjet Z6200 Photo
Printer series, compared to using dye-based inks on the HP Designjet 5000/5500 Printer
Print more in less time:
•Improved performance from top speed of 12 sqf to top speed of 140 sqf
•Improved unattended printing - even overnight - with up to 75 m long rolls and eight 775-ml
•Increased memory to 1.5 GB for faster file processing
•Take advantage of faster drying time with pigment inks
ompared to large-format inkjet printers under
$25,000 for graphic applications. Based on
the fastest rated color speeds as published
by manufacturers as of January 2010. Test
methods vary.
2 Loading table included in the take-up reel. Take-up
reel included in the HP Designjet Z6200 60-in
Photo Printer; is an optional configuration for the
HP Designjet Z6200 42-in Photo Printer.
3 Display permanence rating for interior displays/
•Ergonomic loading table2 to make the loading of heavy rolls easier
Offer better image quality:
•From 1200 x 600 dpi to 2400 x 1200 dpi for improved print quality
•Increased scratch resistance
•HP Embedded Spectrophotometer and HP Optical Media Advance Sensor (OMAS)
•Wider color gamut with 200+ year fade resistance indoors thanks to pigment inks3
•Three black ink cartridges allow for true neutral range of grays and blacks
•Up to 23% increased Pantone coverage from 66% (5500) to 89% (Z6200)
•Improved skin tones and gloss uniformity
Why upgrade your HP Designjet large format printer
HP Designjet 5000/5500 Printer series upgrade to HP Designjet Z6200 Photo Printer series
HP Designjet 5000/5500 Printer series
Ink costs for
sample drawings
HP Premium ID
Photo Gloss
HP Designjet Z6200 Photo Printer series
Up to 25%
size A1
No matter if you are currently using
UV or Dye inks, with the efficient HP
Vivid Photo Inks in 775-ml, you will
experience significant savings in
your cost per copy.
Sample print speeds
HP Premium ID
Photo Gloss
size A1
More than
2X print
Enjoy HP Double Swath technology
to double your speed with
impressive image quality.
Print quality
Resolution by Print Mode (dpi)
Maximum resolution
1200 x 600 dpi
Number of Cartridges
Six print cartridges
Line Accuracy
+/- 0,2%
Offer better
2400 x 1200 dpi
Eight print cartridges
+/- 0,1%
Offer better image quality with HP
Vivid Photo Inks. Create gloss and
uniform output, with vibrant color
and improved scratch resistance.
Enjoy a wider color gamut with
the HP chromatic red. With the
different black cartridges, get
smooth transitions on your blackand-white prints and deep, rich,
and neutral blacks for impressive
Additional improvements
Cartridge Capacity
680-ml cartridges
775-ml cartridges
Number of Cartridges
HP Jetdirect 10/100Base-TX print
Gigabit Ethernet (1000Base-T),
Hi-Speed USB 2.0 certified, EIO
Jetdirect accessory slot
Color Management
Closed-loop color calibration
HP Embedded Spectrophotometer
including closed-loop color
calibration for the right color each
and every time
RAM Memory
128 MB/256 MB Max
1 GB/1.5 GB Max
Hard Disk
40 GB
160 GB
* Prices might vary per country
HP technologies provide you
reliable, accurate colors every
time you print, regardless of
fluctuating environmental
Why upgrade your HP Designjet large format printer
The HP Designjet printing system
Deliver the quality your customers expect and maintain the
productivity you need. The HP Designjet Z6200 photo printing
system, including Original HP Vivid Photo Inks, HP printheads,
and HP large format printing materials, is designed and
engineered together to provide uncompromising image quality,
consistency, performance, durability, and value–with every print.
Original HP Vivid Photo Inks
Deliver across a versatile array of print jobs—from photo reproductions and POP displays to
line drawings, even backlits with rich black backgrounds—with the impressive results produced
by HP Vivid Photo Inks. HP Vivid Photo Inks are delivered by HP 771 Printheads that are
designed to achieve precise, accurate placement of smaller drops at high speed. Each printhead
prints two colors of ink with 1,056 nozzles per color.
Using HP chromatic red ink, your HP Designjet printing system provides the broad color gamut
needed to produce vibrant color and deep, rich blacks and to achieve true photo-realistic image
High, uniform gloss provides the professional finish. With a wide range of blacks and greys
with smooth, subtle transitions, true grey neutrality, and rich black density, you can produce
remarkable B&W prints. And these prints provide lasting results with exceptional print
permanence indoors in-window and away from direct sun4.
HP Vivid Photo Inks
HP technology leadership
Outstanding speed
HP Double Swath Technology provides breakthrough speed and performance. The HP
Designjet Z6200 Photo Printer series includes two sets of four HP 771 Designjet Printheads,
creating a wide print swath—up to 1.67-inches/42.5 mm—and a high firing frequency to deliver
prints with amazing speed. Four bi-color printheads feature 1,056 nozzles per color, 1,200
nozzles per inch, and small drop volumes for top photo quality.
HP Optical Media Advance Sensor (OMAS)
The HP Optical Media Advance Sensor (OMAS) allows you to print at top speeds and still
get great output results. This breakthrough technology improves paper-advance control and
accuracy, so the printer can print at higher speeds across multiple environmental conditions
without impairing image quality.
Amazing color
The HP Embedded Spectrophotometer, with i1 Color Technology from X-Rite, is mounted on
the printer carriage for accurate printer calibration measurements that deliver print-to-print
and printer-to-printer color consistency and accuracy. It revolutionizes professional color
workflows by enabling the creation of media profiles.
High productivity
HP Embedded Spectrophotometer
Display permanence rating for interior displays/
5 PDF version 1.9 or earlier.
6 PowerPoint 2003 or higher must be installed.
The HP Easy Printer Care Tool lets you easily navigate through color-management, printing,
and job-management workflows, and the HP Color Centre provides easy-to-use, step-by-step
instructions on how to add new media and calibrate the printer. Plus, the HP Designjet Z6200
printer’s accounting tool allows you to easily track supplies use by job, while the job submitter
tool lets you submit your HP-RTL, HP-GL/2, CALS G4, PostScript, PDF, TIFF, EPS, and JPEG files
directly to the printer.
4 HP Instant Printing PRO allows you to quickly preview, crop, and print in large format using
one simple tool, providing a quick and easy way for reprographic and copy shops to print in large
format. You can easily manage your files from one single application. Just drag and drop PDF,5
TIFF, JPEG, PPT,6 HP-GL/2, and DWF files to HP Instant Printing PRO to manage and preview
them. Access the job queue as well as accounting information with one simple click. HP Instant
Printing PRO enables true print confidence. Avoid printing on the wrong-sized media with a
realistic print preview.
Why upgrade your HP Designjet large format printer
Graphics services delivered with confidence
Predictable Return On Investment from your printing capital equipment is key to successful
Print Service Provider business. With HP Designjet Support Services the warranty support
experience can be extended to up to 5 years with no incremental costs during the coverage
period. Coupled with choice of Maintenance services you get the maximum performance of
your printing solution, delivering predictable uptime. On top, number of authorized HP support
partners offer fully customizable services that meet your specific needs.
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