Consistent code quality
for production and
supply chain protection
Large Character Ink Jet
2300 line printers
Replace pre-printed
boxes and labels
Videojet 2340/50/60
Consistently high print quality
For printing variable information such as bar codes, dates,
ingredients, logos and graphics, the Videojet 2300 line of
large character ink jet printers combine high resolution
printing with a simple user interface, making message
selection and printing quick, easy and virtually error-free.
The 180 dpi resolution of the Videojet 2300 line allows for complete generic case
coding at pre-printed quality. These systems produce high quality bar codes and printed
images on every case – even in dusty environments. A unique, automatic, patented
printhead micropurging process reduces operator intervention and simple, regular care
helps maintain high print quality and clean operation. Innovative technology in the
2300 printers sustains superior print quality, without affecting production speed or
• High resolution text, bar codes, and logos up to 2.8” for
a pre-printed look
• Help eliminate excess inventory of pre-printed boxes
and labels
The whole family of 2300 products is designed to make
operation quick, simple and virtually error-proof. This
means you can spend more time focusing on the critical
aspects of your business.
Reduced cost of ownership
The Videojet 2300 printers are unique because the ink used for the automatic printhead
micropurge is reclaimed and used for printing after careful filtration. The air-driven ink
system virtually eliminates potential downtime from maintenance on pumps, solenoids
and other moving parts. Efficient use of ink and a mechanically simple system mean
these printers will be ready to print the next code with reduced human intervention and
without the costs of downtime. A case tracking interlock system reduces the risk of dual
marking or uncoded product and helps prevent wasted ink and mess caused by
accidental triggering of product detectors.
Productivity tools
Customer configured fields in the Videojet 2340/50/60 printers allow for on-line
message changes, helping to ensure maximum uptime. Ink can be added without
interrupting the printing process, so there is no need to stop production. The micropurge
feature also helps minimize the need for operator intervention and allows you to focus
more on production, less on user interaction and maintenance.
Generic carton
coding helps save
time, space and money
Reduced coding mistakes
The 2300 line comes fully integrated with Videojet’s CLARiTYTM user interface
for assured job set up. This advanced software helps you get the right code in
the right place, on the right product, time after time. With CLARiTY, you can
virtually eliminate coding errors through simple, intuitive software that
minimizes and mistake-proofs operator inputs to the coding and marking
process. You can easily set message parameters and limit what can be
changed by the operator. It’s the extra control and assurance that can make
the biggest difference to your operation and your bottom line.
Code Assurance
to get the right
code on the right
An ink for your
In addition to a standard black ink,
Videojet offers a variety of ink colors
for the 2300 line of printers.
Colored inks can be employed to increase visual appeal of
product packaging. They may also be used to define product
variants, or to link corporate brand/image with product
packaging. These colored inks provide visually attractive brand
and/or product identification onto various paper and pulp-based
materials ranging from standard corrugate to wood and lumber.
Colors can be used to identify a particular sub-brand, to
distinguish between different product grades, or to indicate
compliance to specific building codes.
These inks are excellent for brand coding onto a range of porous
finished products, and for identifying and differentiating outer
wrappings of various weights and grades of paper stock.
Primary Benefits
Easy integration
Each Videojet 2300 printer consists of a single, compact unit that takes up
minimal space on your production line. The unit contains an intuitive touch
screen control system that makes it easy for operators to select the right job,
limiting the opportunity for errors created by on-line message creation.
Clusters of Videojet 2300 printers can be operated from a single master unit,
or can be controlled remotely from factory IT systems, PLC input or other
remote computers through built-in network capability. An optional remote
user interface allows for increased flexibility and easy integration into your
production line.
• Enhanced productivity employing visually distinctive colors,
bringing increased brand differentiation and code value, while
optimizing bar code readability
• Increased code assurance and lasting code durability from
pigmented formulations that deliver increased UV light
fastness and fade resistance over dye-based formulations
• Simple usability as ink colors in this family are chemically
compatible with each other, making for low risk during ink
color changeover
Peace of mind comes as standard
Videojet Technologies is a world-leader in the product identification
market, providing in-line printing, coding, and marking products,
application specific fluids, and product life cycle services.
Our goal is to partner with our customers in the consumer
packaged goods, pharmaceutical, and industrial goods
industries to improve their productivity, to protect and
grow their brands, and to stay ahead of industry trends
and regulations. With our customer application experts and
technology leadership in Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ), Thermal
Ink Jet (TIJ), Laser Marking, Thermal Transfer Overprinting
(TTO), case coding and labeling, and wide array printing,
Videojet has more than 325,000 printers installed worldwide.
Our customers rely on Videojet products to print on over
ten billion products daily. Customer sales, application,
service, and training support is provided by direct operations
with over 3,000 team members in 26 countries worldwide.
In addition, Videojet’s distribution network includes more
than 400 distributors and OEMs, serving 135 countries.
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