Apacer Takes the Lead in Announcing the Halogen

Apacer Takes the Lead in Announcing the
Halogen-Free DDR3 Memory Modules
--Playing a Part in Supporting Global Ecology and Environmental
[Taipei] With the growing awareness of environmental protection, the leading international manufacturers have announced to adopt halogen‐free materials in their products. The move bears witness to the new trend of “green” environmental protection. Apacer Technology, the leading professional memory module manufacturer, takes the lead to announce its halogen‐free DDR3 memory modules that all parts, materials, and processes of the products do not contain halogen atoms. By doing so, Apacer commits to play a part in supporting global ecology and environmental protection, as well as in preventing the possible generation of hazardous substances. According to reports, a large amount of smoke are released during the burning of halogen‐containing products. The smoke is detrimental to the immune system of human body and is one of the culprits in the destruction of the ozone layer. The halogen‐free DDR3 memory modules newly launched by Apacer include UDIMM and SO‐DIMM. Available in capacities from 1GB to 4GB, both products boast a bandwidth of up to 1333MHz/second and are strictly controlled to meet the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) 61249‐2‐21 requirements, including: 1.
The total content of chlorine compound is less than 900 PPM 2.
The total content of bromine compound is less than 900 PPM 3.
The maximum content of total halogen (chlorine and bromine) is less than 1500 PPM Apacer has been devoted to research and development on memory modules for many years, providing not only the modules specialized for various application markets but also technologies for different specifications. All its products have been tested in harsh environments (long‐term experiment under high and low temperature and pressure), and undergone an actual motherboard testing procedure. Apacer DDR3 memory modules have been approved by OEM (original equipment manufacturing) leaders. Apacer strives to provide products with quality assurance in terms of stability and compatibility, as well as comprehensive customized professional services. Therefore, Apacer products are the first choice for enterprises who look for professional storage solutions. Appendix A: Apacer DDR3‐1333 UDIMM HF Product Specification and Part Number Model Name DDR3 1333 DIMM 1/2/4GB Capacity DRAM Type 128x8 /256x8 Voltage 1.5V±0.075V PIN 240 Pin Cas Latency 1333‐CL9 JEDEC Standard Yes RoHS and Halogen‐Free Compliant Yes Warranty Limited Product Lifetime Warranty 1GB:78.01GC6.AF00B 2GB: 78.A1GDE.AF00C 4GB: 78.B1GDE.AF1 Part Number Appendix B: Apacer DDR3‐1333 SO DIMM HF Product Specification and Part Number Model Name DDR3 1333 SoDIMM 1/2/4GB Capacity DRAM Type 128x8/256x8 Voltage 1.5V±0.075V PIN 240 Pin Cas Latency 1333‐CL9 JEDEC Standard Yes RoHS and Halogen‐Free Compliant Yes Warranty Part Number Limited Product Lifetime Warranty 1GB:78.02GC6.AF00B 2GB: 78.A2GC9.AF0 4GB:78.B2GC9.AF10B About Apacer Apacer Technology Inc. offers a wide range of industrial SSD, digital consumer products and memory modules. Together with its broad R&D, design, manufacturing, and marketing strengths, it has become a leading global manufacturer in the industry. Since its establishment, Apacer has always followed its promise, “Access the best,” to produce reliable, innovative products and services. Apacer supplies customers with high performance, reliable, high value memory modules and flash memory via a marketing network that stretches across worldwide distributors, product manufacturing facilities, and retail consumers. Apacer provides innovative, state‐of‐the‐art digital storage products to store, record, and share the digital information crucial to their work and essential to their daily lives. -END-