This interface can insert RGB,CVBS video onto Dodge, Chrysler,Fiat cars like, which uses 5‐inch LCD with OEM touch and radio antennas on. The features of this interface are: 
Daughter board is used, to insert navigation and other video onto the OEM screen, all connectors are plug and play, the installer does not need to cut any wires. 
Oem key on the steering wheel is used to switch the video input. the reverse signal can also be generated based on CAN bus processing, also
guide lines can be shown when in reverse state. 
The OEM touch screen can be used for inserted navigation, the touch switch board will switch the oem touch while in inserted video mode.
High quality video process guarantees that 800X480 RGB navigation will have a nice video display on this 5inch small screen.
navigation HD/ Reverse video/guideline display OEM display 1. DIP settings DIP =ON side(DOWN) =OFF side(UP) 1
RGB Enabled
RGB disabled
AV1 enabled
AV1 disabled
AV2 enabled
AV2 disabled
RGB=High definition RGB
RGB=Normal definition NTSC
The recommended definition for this interface: 800X480]
Reverse signal(green wire=12V)switch to CAM video
Reverse signal(green wire=12V)switch to OEM video
The DIP6/7 are not used, they can be in UP/OFF state. The DIP8=UP for 8 inch screen.
The DIP8=DOWN for 5 inch screen. 1 / 5 2. system connection.
This cable goes to the LVDS output connector of interface box. Connect this daughter board to replace the OEM ribbon here so video can be inserted. The Top 40P:wired to the OEM driver PCB. The Below 40P: wired to the OEM LCD. If External navi is inserted, the OEM touch should be switched so the OEM touch is used by the inserted navi for touch control. The OEM touch sockect‐‐‐‐connect to this ribbon. The OEM touch ribbon‐‐‐‐‐Connect to this socket. This Can harness should be inserted behind the CD, so power, switch signal and Reverse signal, and guidelines will all be displayed. RGB,CVBS and power input. 2 / 5 The Wire Description of 6p to interface: Yellow:constant power of 12V. Black: to GND。 Red:ACC(key power): When screen is on, this line voltage is 12V and when it is off, the line voltage is 0V. Green:Reverse signal wire [=12V when in reverse] or 1A,with auto switch for reverse. It can also be connected to the reverse light to trigger reverse video. White:witch signal wire, when = 12V or 5V, this interface switches. it can be connected to the external keypad to switch.
Gray:CAN box dedicated data signal to the interface box. This wire carries guideline values from the can box to interface box.
3.OEM keys to switch
The user can use the external key to switch the input.
The user can also hold the “Vol‐” or “voice” key on steering wheel to switch the input.
4.The 3 keys on steering wheel
There are 3 side keys on the interface box, which can be pressed to pop up the setup menu. 
When menu key is pressed, OSD strings will pop up on screen, and the installer may adjust the value through +/‐. 
The first 3 options can be used to tune the picture.
The menu Pos.H, Pos.V: Users can set the position of the image on the screen, Continue to adjust until achieve optimal
screen position 
The Reverse Guideline settings can be used to switch the guide ON/OFF.
The DVD/TUNER/NAVI is to set the IR code output, there is already different AV codes inside the interface, through
which can use OEM key to control.
When not set to“none”, the DVD/TV control icons will pop up, and the installers may use OEM key to control
installed devices.
3 / 5 
When set to “none”,the DVD control icons will not pop up.
When set to “Prog”,the installer can use DIP6=DOWN to program the IR code into the interface. So DVD can be
controlled by OEM keys. 5. CTRL PORT:
This is an 8‐pin extra CTRL port on the interface, usually does not need to use in normal situation. But users
can also use it to get extra functions. For example connecting to the daughter touch board would use OEM touch
screen to control installed DVD or other devices.
Connected to Navigation connected touch screen the CTRL port can be connected to the left touch cable, so DVD and other devices can be touch controlled. There is a touch signal switch for 2 options. When touch the screen in AV1, it will show like right picture, can control DVD and when in other inputs, can use the touch screen for installed RGB navigation. connected to CTRL PORT Ctrl port signal definitions: Pin 1,2 +5V output voltage for relay(Max 3A output) Car AUX input, can insert external sound directly, if use 2 or more sound When AV1 is selected=5V,AV2 is selected=0V channel inputs, can switch by the +5V voltage relay. 3: Constant +5V Max output 2A 4,8 GND
5: Dedicated control bus. Useful when converting the OEM 6: touch screen to control the installed DVD or digital TV. 7 =5V when in RGB or AV(inserted video mode), otherwise Should not be connected to GND, otherwise CPU will halt. (Max 3A ) =0V 6. Parameters:
No. name parameter 1 RGB map resolution 800X480 HD suggested. 2 Av1, , cam video 0.7Vpp with 75 ohm impedance NTSC/PAL/SECAM automatic switch 3 GPS antenna 5V active antenna from the golden finger connector. 4 Reverse Control wire >5V will force into camera mode.
All these wires can tolerate 12V for <10 seconds. 4 / 5 5 Normal Power consumption 4.8W 6 Standby current < 10uA 7 Reverse trigger threshold >5V trigger
8 Work temperature
‐40 ~ +85C 9 Size 15.8 * 9 * 2CM Attention: Dodge / Chrysler /Fiat maybe need another interface from FOSP, if the installer finds something different when he disasmbles a car. 300C:
For the Radio and displayed separated cars, the installer just insert the power and LVDS cable between the OEM ones, then it is done. This interface fits both 8inch and 5‐inch LCDs. CHRYSLER 2014
For the Radio/displayed stay together version with 8.4 LCD, this interface can insert video and navigation picture. 5 / 5 
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