Up to 45 PPM
Black & White MFP
Small/Med. Workgroup
Copy, Print, Scan, Fax
Secure MFP
Eco Friendly
Outperforming the
You can’t stop progress. In fact, Toshiba is dedicated to finding better ways to hurry it along.
Take, for instance, our new e-STUDIO356/456 Series for workgroups. We’ve managed to
raise the bar with this series. It’s proof that progress sometimes comes in small packages.
Packing a powerful punch
It used to be that large companies
utilized large multifunction products
and smaller businesses used smaller
devices with fewer functions. However,
in the past few years, Toshiba has
helped change all of that. A prime
example is the new e-STUDIO356/456
Series. We’ve managed to include a lot
of features that are typically reserved
for larger MFPs – like impressive warm
up and first copy out times, colour
scanning, and print speeds of up to
45 pages per minute. There’s also
walk up printing, simply by plugging
in a USB flash drive, and you can fill
a paper tray on the fly, without halting
operation. Even bigger features
include a full 9” LCD Touch Screen
with large, easy-to-read control
buttons and an optional total paper
capacity of up to 3,200 sheets.
And there’s more
In-house document production is
bigger and better than ever before,
thanks to the e-STUDIO356/456
Series. Able to go where larger MFPs
would have never been considered,
this smaller, more economical series
makes document storage, management
and production possible. And, the
next generation e-BRIDGE open
platform allows software solutions to
be integrated with Toshiba systems
so you can increase productivity
and better manage your workflow.
3,200-Sheet Capacity
USB Direct Scan & Print
Large 9” Touch Screen
Add Paper “On the Fly”
Compact Footprint
Self-Encrypting Drive
36,600 Toner Yield
Exceptionally Crisp Output
Super G3 Faxing
Colour Scanning
Standard Network Printer
e-STUDIO456 with Saddle-Stitch Finisher
A big step with
a small footprint.
You may not know what to expect in today’s business environment, but at least
you know what to expect from Toshiba. Impressive performance, unparalleled
quality, and exceptional features. Not to mention reliability, dependability and
versatility. It’s all part of our relentless pursuit of leading innovation.
Everything you wanted
The e-STUDIO356/456 Series comes
fully loaded with the features and
benefits you’d expect from Toshiba.
Network printing is standard, along
with limitless duplex for two-sided
output. Colour scanning allows you to
capture, manage and store images in
full colour. Compact service modules
reduce down time and costs while a
36,600-page toner yield minimizes the
frequency of cartridge replacement.
There are several energy–saving
and eco-friendly features, as well as
heightened security. In case all of that
isn’t enough, you can choose from a
host of options like walk-up faxing, PCLAN faxing, and advanced scanning to
MS Word, Excel, and Searchable PDF.
From start to finish
Starting with a warm-up time of 20
seconds, a first copy time of 3.7
seconds, and output at 35 or 45 pages
per minute, you can rest assured
this series will keep up with demand.
Reduce or enlarge originals if you’d like,
from 25% to 400%. You’ll be impressed
by the unparalleled image quality of
each printed page, at 2400 x 600 dpi. In
addition to quality, you’ll also appreciate
quantity. The standard paper capacity
is 1,100 sheets, and if your workload
demands it, you can opt for up to
3,200 sheets. Also, take advantage of
the e-STUDIO356/456 Series’ various
new finisher options, including an inner
finisher with hole-punch, contributing
to an overall smaller footprint.
20 Sec. Warm-up Time
3.7 Sec. First Copy Time
High-Speed Duplex
Change Toner “On the Fly”
Multiple Finishing Options
e-STUDIO456 with 2,000-Sheet LCF,
Hole Punch, and Saddle-Stitch Finisher.
e-STUDIO456 with 2,000-Sheet LCF, Hole
Punch, and 50-Sheet Staple Console Finisher.
e-STUDIO456 with 50-Sheet
Inner Finisher and Hole Punch.
e-STUDIO456 with
2,000-Sheet LCF.
Smarter, safer,
and greener.
At Toshiba, we work hard to produce MFPs with a level of performance that is unsurpassed.
We also realize that is only part of a bigger picture. With security and environmental concerns
at an all-time high, as well as the need to manage the workflow more efficiently, we consider
those features to be just as important as copy, print, scan, and fax.
Managed Print Services
Environmental performance
Along with each new series of Toshiba
products released, we seek to find new
ways of reducing our carbon footprint
and yours. The e-STUDIO356/456
Series is more environmentally friendly
because we’ve eliminated hazardous
substances, reduced paper and toner
waste, and continued to participate
in new, industry-leading programs
and practices like our zero-wasteto-landfill toner recycling. Of course,
the e-STUDIO356/456 Series is
also Energy Star Tier 2 rated.
More secure than ever
The e-STUDIO356/456 Series
utilizes a new Self Encrypting Drive
(SED) technology with 256-bit AES
Encryption and Automatic Data
Invalidation (ADI) that renders the drive
useless if removed. This technology is
exclusive to Toshiba. In addition, Data
Overwrite is standard and meets the
Department of Defense requirements
by writing over any data stored on the
HDD during document processing.
For added security, you can also opt
for an IPSec enabler. This encrypts
data being sent to or from a device.
The Managed Document Experts
At Toshiba, we’ve moved far beyond the
box. Our people bring innovative, realworld solutions to all your document
management needs. We’ll help you
cut costs, secure your documents and
reduce your environmental footprint.
And if there’s one thing every business
and our planet can use right now,
it’s managing to do more with less.
So call or visit your nearest Toshiba
dealer. We’d be happy to show you
how the e-STUDIO356/456 Series
outperforms the competition.
Compact Footprint
Energy Star Tier 2 Rated
Solutions Ready
Self Encrypting Drive
Data Overwrite
Black & White MFP
Up to 45 PPM
Sml/Med Workgroup
Copy, Print, Scan, Fax
Secure MFP
Eco Friendly
Accessories (Options)
Copying Process/Type IEPM (Dry Process)/Laser Technology
Original Reading Method CCD Line Sensor
Copy/Print Resolution 2400 x 600 dpi (with Smoothing)
Copy/Print Speed
35 / 45 ppm
Colour Scanning
Warm-Up Time
Appx. 20 Seconds
First Copy Time
3.7 Seconds
Duty Cycle
125K / 150K
Multiple Copying
Up to 999 Copies
Standard Paper Supply 2 x 550-Sheet, 100-Sheet Stack Feed Bypass
Maximum Paper Supply Up to 3,200 Sheets
Acceptable Paper Size Cassette: Statement-R to Ledger (17-28 lbs.); Bypass:
Statement-R to Ledger (17-110 lbs.); LCF: Letter (17-28 lbs.)
Special Paper
Bypass: Envelope, Tab Sheet
Reduction/Enlargement 25% to 400%
Bypass Tray
100-Sheet Stack Feed Bypass
Control Panel
9” Wide VGA Colour Touch-Screen
Appx. 23” x 23” x 30” (W x D x H)
Appx. 132 lbs.
Power Supply
115 Volts; 15 Amps
Power Consumption
Maximum 1.5kW
PM Cycle
125K / 150K
Black Toner Yield
36.6K Impressions @ 6%
Drum Type/Yield
Organic Photoconductor; 125K / 150K
Developer Yield
125K / 150K
Input Options
100-Sheet RADF
Platen Cover
Connectivity/Security Options
Fax Kit
2nd Line Fax
IPSec Enabler
Wireless LAN Adapter
Meta Scan Enabler
Advanced Scanning
Print (Standard)
Miscellaneous Options
SmartCard Reader, HID iClass
SmartCard Reader, HID Prox
SmartCard Reader, Inditag
SmartCard Reader, LEGIC
SmartCard Reader, Multi ISO/Mifare
SmartCard Reader, Multi 125
Card Reader Bracket
Accessible Arm Handle
Harness Kit for Coin Controller
Print Speed
35 / 45 ppm
PDL Support
PCL6, PostScript3, XPS
Operating SystemsWindows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7; Mac X OS10.2.4/10.3
10.4/10.5; UNIX, Linux, CUPS
Protocol Support
IPX/SPX, TCP/IP (IPV4/V6), EtherTalk, AppleTalk PAP, LPR/LPD,
IPP w/Authentication, SMB, Netware
DriversWindows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7; Mac X OS 10.2.4/
10.3/10.4/10.5 (OS 10.4 PPD); UNIX, Linux, AS/400, SAP R/3
Ethernet 10/100/1000BaseT, USB 2.0,
802.11b/g Wirelesss LAN
Device Management
WHQL, Novell, HPOS (Dazel), Vista Premium
Additional Paper Options
550-Sheet Paper Feed Pedestal
2,000-Sheet Large Capacity Feeder
550-Sheet Paper Feed Unit
Finishing Options
Job Separator
Bridge Kit for Finisher
50-Sheet Inner Finisher
Saddle-Stitch Finisher (high capacity)
Saddle-Stitch Finisher (low capacity)
50-Sheet Staple Console Finisher
2 or 3 Hole Punch Unit for MJ1032
2 or 3 Hole Punch Unit for MJ1101 and MJ1106N
2 or 3 Hole Punch Unit for MJ1033
Scan (Standard)
Scan Speed
57spm LT-Size@300dpi (B&W)/43spm LT-Size@300dpi (Color)
Scan Resolution
100 dpi, 150 dpi, 200 dpi, 300 dpi, 400 dpi, 600 dpi
File FormatTIFF, PDF, Slim PDF, JPEG, XPS
MS Word, MS Excel, Searchable PDF w/Adv. Scanning option
E-Filing (Standard)
Operation Method
Number of Boxes
Capacity of Boxes
Colour Touch Screen Control Panel or Client PC
1 Public Box; 200 Private User Boxes
100 Folder per Box; 400 Documents per Folder;
1000 Pages per Documents
Security (Standard)
Data Encryption
HDD Overwrite Authentication
256 Bit AES
Meets Department of Defense (DoD) standard 5220.22M
LDAP, SMTP, Windows Server Domain
191 McNabb Street, Markham, Ontario L3R 8H2
Tel: 905-470-3500
Web Sitewww.toshiba.ca
Facsimile Option
Data Compression
Transmission Speed
Fax Modem Speed
Fax Memory
Memory Transmission
Scan Speed
Other Fax Functions
Corporate Office
Super G3, G3
Appx. 3 Seconds per Page
33.6 Kbps
Transmission and Reception 1GB (HDD);
Backup Permanent (HDD)
100 Jobs, 2,000 Destinations Max; 400 Destinations/Job
0.7 Seconds per Page; 50 Scans per Minute
Internet Fax; Network Fax
Designs and Specifications subject to change without notice. For best results and
reliable performance, always use supplies manufacturer or designated by Toshiba.
Not all options and accessories may be available at the time of product launch. Please
contact a local Authorized Toshiba Dealership for Availability. Toner yields are estimates
based on 6% coverage, letter-size page. Driver and connectivity feature support varies
by client/network operating system.
© 2012 Toshiba of Canada Limited, Office Products Group Division
Inv. Code: CE-ES456-B