Reference programmes
Detergent dispenser:
1 Prewash
2 Wash
Control panel:
A LCD display
B Delayed Start Button / Controls lock
C Spin button
D Prewash/Autoclean button
E Turbo/lock control button
F Extra Rinse Button
G Dry Button
H Start/Pause button
I Programme selector knob
Before using the washing machine, make sure that it has been installed correctly as reported
in the instruction book.
Daily use
1.Before placing the washing in the washing machine, make sure that there are no hard pointed
objects in the pockets (nails, screws, coins, pins, stones, etc.) as these can damage both the
clothing and the applianace.
2. To improve the performance of the wash, place the washing loosely in the drum without compressing it. Do not overload the machine. A full load of particularly absorbent material such as bathrobes
and towelling can unbalance the washing machine during the spin phase.
The automatic load-balancing system distributes the washing as evenly as possible and automatically sets the best spin speed to reduce vibrations to a minimum.
3. Close the door, making sure that no washing has become trapped between the door and the gasket.
4. Place the correct amount of detergent in the appropriate dispenser 2. When using a liquid detergent,
insert the partition supplied. If the Prewash function is required, add detergent to compartment 1.
Add softener to the compartment marked with the symbol
. After adding the detergent, gently
close the detergent drawer.
5. Use knob I to select a wash programme suitable for the type of fabric, following the instructions
reported in the Programme Table. The LCD will display the duration of the selected programme
and the maximum load. The remaining time may vary during the course of the wash programme
in accordance with the load in the drum. At the end of the cycle, the word End will appear on the
6. The spin speed automatically selected by the programme can be changed by touching button C.
Button B is used to delay the start of the wash cycle by up to 19 hours. Both values appear on the
LCD display.
7. Buttons D, E, F and G are used to select the extra functions. The options selected appear on the
LCD display. The duration of the wash cycle varies according to which options have been selected.
8. To start the wash cycle, touch the Start button H. The LCD will display the duration of the cycle
and the maximum load. The Easy Logic system updates the remaining cycle time in accordance
with the actual load in the drum.
9. At the end of the wash cycle, the word End will appear on the display. Place knob I in the Stop
position and open the door to remove the washing.
10. The washing machine can be reset at any time by placing knob I in the Stop position.
LCD DISPLAY: The large LCD display ensures quick and intuitive use of the washing
machine. The display shows the wash options enabled, any delayed start, spin speed
selected and the time remaining until the end of the cycle. The word End means that
the door has been released.
After a few seconds, from the end of the wash
cycle, the display switches off with the word
End. To reactivate the display, press any button
on the display.
DELAYED START: This feature allows you to delay the start of the wash cycle up to
a maximum of 19 hours. Press the B button repeatedly until the display shows the
desired start delay. The icon : flashes on the display until the start of the wash cycle.
When the function is activated, the display will turn off the backlight after a few seconds to save energy. To reactivate, press any button on the display.
RINSE: Press the F button to activate the extra rinse function. This option is recommended if your skin is particularly sensitive to enzymes in detergents.
PREWASH: To perform a prewash, press the D button and put the detergent in the
drawer 1. The washing machine performs a prewash cycle at 40°C, max. Prewash
is recommended for garments soiled with dust, dirt and sand or with particularly
stubborn stains. See the program table for further information.
TURBO: Press the E turbo button to reduce the wash time. The operating parameters
are automatically adjusted to ensure washing effectiveness and to allow time to be
saved. See the program table for further information.
ADJUSTABLE SPIN Pressing the C button, the spin speed can be adjusted depending on the wash program selected and the type of fabric. The LCD display will show
the speed selected. The “00” value will exclude the spin cycle at the end of the cycle.
N.B.: The maximum spin speed varies depending on the model. The speed matched
to each program is the one recommended.
Unbalanced load control during spin cycle:
This washing machine is equipped with a special electronic control system for proper load balancing. Prior to every spin, the system makes sure that the cloths are spread as evenly as possible in
the drum. In the case of uneven laundry distribution, for safety reasons, the final spin speed will be
reduced and in cases of high load imbalance, will not be performed.
DRYING: Drying activate the option, the display will show the symbol indicating
the level of drying and duration (h:min). In the case in which has been selected at
the beginning of the drying cycle the washing program, this will start automatically
and the total time on the display means of washing + drying. Until we will begin the
process of drying, you can change the time by touching the button on the display,
putting the machine to pause (see Start/Pause). With this option enabled no you can
exclude the spin cycle and put in the basket dispenser detergents, during drying,
can melt and damage linen and washing machine.
To achieve the best drying performance of clothes washed, the maximum load of washing declared
(see program table), you should run this cycle in two phases with a maximum load does not exceed the
value stated on the rating plate.
START/PAUSE: When programs and wash options are being selected, the start LED
remains off. To confirm your selection and start the wash cycle, press the H button.
The LED turns on. During the wash program in progress, the cycle can be stopped
by pressing the START/PAUSE button for a couple of seconds. At this point, the wash
program stops and you can make changes to the wash options (enabled depending
on which stage of the wash cycle you are in). If the water temperature is below 50°C,
the door can be opened (about 2 minutes after enabling the pause function) to load/
empty any laundry. To re-enable the wash phase press the START /PAUSE button again.
N.B. if, during a pause, no operation is carried out, the wash phase will restart automatically after 5 minutes.
CONTROL LOCK (child safety lock): to activate the control panel lock, simultaneously press the B-E
(lock symbol) buttons; three horizontal lines will appear on the display. If, during the wash cycle or at
the end of the cycle, you wish to reactivate the controls, press buttons B-E simultaneously, until the
three horizontal lines disappear.
AUTOCLEAN: Frequent washes at low temperatures can lead to the formation of mould and create
bad smells inside the washing machine. The AUTOCLEAN function thoroughly cleans the washing
machine by means of a special 90°C cycle. AUTOCLEAN will automatically suggest starting the
cleaning programme after a certain number of washes, if no hot washes have been carried out
during this time. This it does by means of a flashing
on the display. Remove all the washing
from the drum, place knob I in position Autoclean, and press Start button H to start the cycle. The
AUTOCLEAN programme can be effected at any time or when circumstances require it. Remove
the washing in the drum and close the door. Place knob I in position Autoclean, keeping button
pressed until
appears on the display. To start the AUTOCLEAN cycle, press the Start button H
EASY LOGIC: The EASY LOGIC system automatically regulates the wash time and water and power
consumption according to the actual amount of washing placed in the drum. The ½ load function
is therefore redundant in that the EASY LOGIC system automatically sets the wash parameters.
Width (cm)
Dimensions Height (cm)
Depth (cm)
Max. spin speed (rpm)
Max Load Wash
Max Load Dry
Recommended Times Dry (min.)
Water pressure
Electrical connection
6.0 / 4.0
220' / 150'
0.05 MPa - 1.00 MPa
see rating plate
Type of laundry
Maximum load
Extra dirty white cotton and linen fabrics even with stains of an
organic nature.
White and colour resistant cotton and linen fabrics. Reference
program in compliance with Standard EN 50229.
The program ensures the best cleaning performance at just 40°C
with the maximum energy saving.
The special mix program allows to wash different types of synthetic
fabrics all together (cotton, synthetics, mixed) with a perfect result.
The wool program is ideal to wash delicate items labelled "machine
washable". Assures to take care of colours and the original consistency
of clothing for a long time.
The wash cycle Express 20' is suitable to refresh, in just 20 minutes,
slightly dirty linen. Express 20' allows you to save valuable time by
performing a wash cycle at 35°C.
Delicate fabrics require special care and are usually washed by hand.
The specific hand wash assures you the maximum gentleness in
treating clothing.
spin speed
The hygienic program ensures the removal of germs and bacteria
from the laundry.
The coloured program allows you to wash clothing of different
colours all together; you can safely wash light and dark linen without
any risk of discoloration.
The special jeans program, carries out a gentle wash at 40°C, which
takes care of all denim fibres and at the same time prevents colours
fading. Delavé denim clothes will always remain as new.
The shirts program reduces the time spent on ironing operations.
Temperature, water level, intensity of washing and spin speed are
electronically controlled to decrease the formation of wrinkles and
ease the ironing of blouses and shirts.
The sport program is designed for sportswear and casual wear. The
wash cycle at 40°C keeps intact the fabric's shape and the elasticity
of modern synthetic fibres.
The Dry program allows you to dry those clothes already washed that
only require drying; also useful to remove moisture from clothing
that has to be stored for a long time. If the laundry is a lot wet, to save
time and energy, do a spin cycle before drying.
The Rinsing program is useful to rinse out hand-washed laundry or
to refresh clothing that was stored for a long time.
The spin speed is adjustable to suit all types of fabrics.
(*) The actual water temperature could differ from the one indicated in the program.
.EN 50229
6 0 W D 1 4 1 0 6 LW / A / B / X
6.0 / 4.0
220' / 150'
0.05 MPa - 1.00 MPa
‫دليل الغسيل‬
‫درج املنظفات‬
‫‪ 1‬الغسيل األويل‬
‫ ملطف املنسوجات‬
‫‪ 2‬الغسيل‬
‫الغسيل بطريقة صحيحة‬
‫قبل أن تبدأ وظيفة غسيل املالبس‪ ،‬تأكد من الرتكيب الصحيح كام هو مبني يف كتيب التعليامت‪.‬‬
‫االستخدام اليومي‬
‫‪ .1‬قبل إدخال األصناف يف غسالة املالبس‪ ،‬أفرغ الجيوب من األشياء الصلبة والحادة (مسامري‪ ،‬براغي‪ ،‬عمالت معدنية‪ ،‬دبابيس‪ ،‬حىص) والتي ميكن أن تتلف املاكينة واملالبس‪.‬‬
‫‪ .2‬لتحسني أداء الغسيل‪ ،‬ضع الغسيل مفرودا دون كبسه ودون التحميل املفرط عىل الجهاز‪ .‬حمولة كاملة من أقمشة ماصة جداً للامء مثل البشاكري واملناشف والرشاشف‪،‬‬
‫ميكن أن تتسبب يف عدم اتزان الجهاز خالل دورة الطرد املركزي للعرص‪ .‬النظام األوتوماتييك ملوازنة حمولة الغسيل يرتب الغسيل بطريقة أكرث تجانساً ويحدد رسعة‬
‫الدوران األمثل للتقليل إىل أدىن حد من أية اهتزازات‪.‬‬
‫‪ .3‬اغلق الكوة (الباب الزجاجي) مع التأكد من عدم وجود مالبس محشورة بني الباب وحشوة العزل‪.‬‬
‫‪ .4‬حدد الجرعة الصحيحة من املنظف يف الدرج الخاص به ‪ .2‬أدخل الحاجز املتوفر مع الجهاز يف حالة استخدام منظفات سائلة‪ .‬إذا كنت تريد تنشيط خيار الغسيل‬
‫األويل أضف املنظف يف الدرج ‪ .1‬لتلطيف وتليني املنسوجات استخدم الدرج الذي توجد عليه عالمة الرمز املبني لهذا الخيار‬
‫‪ .‬بعد سكب املنظف أعد إغالق‬
‫الدرج برقة‪.‬‬
‫‪ .5‬اخرت برنامج الغسيل املناسب لنوع األنسجة من خالل مقبض االختيار ‪ I‬مع اتباع اإلرشادات الواردة يف جدول الربامج‪ .‬سوف تعرض شاشة ‪ LCD‬مدة الربنامج املختار‬
‫عىل أقىص حمولة‪ .‬ميكن أن يتغري الزمن املتبقي خالل دورة الغسيل حسب الحمولة التي تم وضعها‪ .‬تظهر كتابة كلمة ‪ End‬عىل الشاشة عند نهاية الدورة‪.‬‬
‫‪ .6‬عن طريق الضغط عىل املفتاح ‪ C‬ميكنك ضبط رسعة طرد مركزي للعرص مختلفة عن التي اقرتحها الربنامج املختار‪ .‬يسمح الزر ‪ B‬بتأجيل بدء دورة الغسيل حتى ‪19‬‬
‫ساعة عىل األكرث‪ .‬يتم عرض كال من القيمتني عىل شاشة ‪.LCD‬‬
‫‪ .7‬من خالل األزرار ‪ D، E، F‬و ‪ ، G‬ميكنك اختيار الوظائف اإلضافية‪ .‬الخيارات التي تم اختيارها يتم عرضها عىل الشاشة ‪ .LCD‬تختلف دورة الغسيل حسب وظيفة‬
‫الخيارات التي تم تنشيطها‪.‬‬
‫‪ .8‬اضغط عىل الزر النابض ‪ H‬لبداية تشغيل دورة الغسيل‪ .‬عىل الشاشة سوف يتم إظهار مدة الدورة مع الحمولة القصوى‪ .‬نظام املنطق البسيط ‪ Easy Logic‬سوف‬
‫يضيف الوقت املتبقي أثناء الدورة حسب الحمولة الحقيقية التي تم وضعها‪.‬‬
‫‪ .9‬نهاية دورة الغسيل تتم اإلشارة إليها عىل الشاشة بواسطة الكلمة ‪ .end‬أعد وضع مقبض االختيار ‪ I‬عىل وضع ‪( Stop‬إيقاف) لفتح الكوة وإخراج الغسيل‪.‬‬
‫‪ .10‬يف أي لحظة من املمكن إلغاء الربنامج بإعادة وضع مقبض االختيار ‪ I‬عىل الوضع ‪.stop‬‬