Battery-powered, reliable and cost efficient

Process Instrumentation
Battery-powered, reliable
and cost efficient.
SITRANS F M MAG 8000 water meter for
long-term accuracy.
The water meter of choice for
distribution, billing and irrigation.
The SITRANS F M MAG 8000 portfolio of battery-operated flowmeters
combines world-class performance with a low cost of ownership, tailored
to meet the needs of your specific water application. No mains power
The robust SITRANS F M MAG 8000 operates
in even the most challenging environments
with consistently high accuracy and virtually
no maintenance — making it a highly costefficient water metering solution.
High-precision water metering – no
compromises necessary
Engineered for maximum flexibility
without sacrificing accuracy, the SITRANS F M MAG 8000 is the ideal flow
solution for a wide range of
water applications, including
abstraction, distribution, revenue
and bulk metering, and irrigation.
The MAG 8000 is available in both
compact and remote versions with
0D inlet/outlet requirements, making
it easy to install virtually anywhere –
even underground or in flood-prone
Abstraction and distribution
To ensure that consumers receive a consistent
supply of drinkable water, the MAG 8000
monitors all stages of network water flow from
production plants and trunk lines to local
delivery systems with:
•Bidirectional flow capability - one solution for
all applications
•Network load monitoring - reduces leakage
and saves energy
•Early leakage detection - achieved with reliable
and repeatable measurements of
low flow at night
Its sturdy construction according to ISO
12944-2 is built to resist solids and
other debris. And when powered by a
highly efficient external lithium battery
pack, the MAG 8000 can operate continually for up to 15 years in areas
lacking mains power.
An integrated power management
program calculates the amount of
power remaining, and a configurable
“low battery” alarm alerts you when
replacement is necessary.
Reliable and robust, it also features:
• Remote transmitter option with
factory-mounted cables and
• N
o moving parts resulting in less wear
and tear
• Bidirectional accuracy
• Unrestricted flow tube for minimal
pressure loss even at high flow rates
• IP68 / NEMA 6P enclosure and cable,
allowing for sensor burial and operation in flooding conditions
• D
urable enough to withstand extreme
temperatures, high humidity and
Where irrigation systems are used in crop
production, the MAG 8000 Irrigation keeps
water wastage to a minimum and ensures
that farmers get a fair deal with:
•No moving parts - not prone to wear and tear
in the usual way
Bulk water and revenue
To ensure water bills are fair, and to reduce the
need for verification, the MAG 8000 CT measures usage precisely and cost effectively with:
•High accuracy - 0.2 to 0.4% of flow rate
•IP68 / NEMA 6P enclosure - allows for installation in places where flooding can occur, or
even complete underground burial
•Custody transfer approval - according to
international revenue standards OIML 49
and MI-001
•Optional conduit adaptor - provides a clean,
protected pathway for device cables to secure
integrity in any conditions
•No moving parts - minimal maintenance
requirements optimize your cost of
•Battery power and easy connection to solar
panels - ensures long-term performance in
locations without reliable mains power
•0D inlet/outlet - offers greater flexibility in
meter installation
Intelligence at your
Data flows better with Siemens
To enhance operational efficiency, improve
billing accuracy and significantly reduce
costs, the SITRANS F M MAG 8000 includes a
built-in wireless automated meter reading
(AMR) solution designed for use in Water
Fixed Networks. Flow measurement data
from any site can be accessed via a web
browser and secure password protection.
The 3G/UMTS-based wireless
communication module collects
measurement data from meters
anywhere in the world covered by
the 3G/2G network. Alarms from
the MAG 8000 are sent immediately to the customer once an
alarm signal is detected by the
module at a minimum sample
interval of 1 minute.
MAG 8000 3G communication
allows for data transmission via
numerous protocols including
SMS, email via SMTP, email via
SMTPS (TLS/SSL-based encryption), FTP, and FTPS (TLS/SSLbased encryption). This provides
customers with the flexibility to
receive data via email or text
message as well to relay data
directly to internet-capable
monitoring and control systems
anywhere in the world. The MAG
8000 also ensures the security of
transmitted data to the levels
required by individual customer
The MAG 8000 also features a standard IrDA
interface for configuration, data collection
and documentation using SIMATIC Process
Device Manager or Flow Tool software. For
remote monitoring of water applications, a
compact wireless communication module can
be added to log all data from the meter and
transmit it via FTP, email or SMS at customizable intervals throughout the day.
Public mail server
for 3G/UMTS
The MAG 8000 keeps you connected with:
• 2-channel analog input measurement for
external ratiometric pressure transmitter,
transmission together with flow measurement (2-in-1 solution)
• 4-20 mA alarm signal detection and realtime SMS alarm for tamper protection
and flooding situations
• Real-time clock synchronization with internet NTP server, ensuring that all
measurement data is accurately
• Data transmission at customer-specified
points in time, allowing for synchronization
of information from multiple
MAG 8000 devices
• Seamless communication via both the
2G and 3G networks
With comprehensive data collection and logging options, advanced diagnostic
functions and the capability for remote monitoring, the SITRANS F M MAG 8000 keeps
you fully in control of your water application – whether you’re on-site or
Once the MAG 8000 is installed, a
wide range of smart features ensures
reliable performance with minimal
• An electrode resistance module
measures the meter’s contact with
the media
• A product sizing program indicates
whether the size of the meter
selected is appropriate for the flow
conditions on site
• A comprehensive data logging function records and stores consumption
levels, alarms and operating conditions from the site
• Remote Qualification Certificate
integrated into the 3G module
enables offsite quality audits on
devices anywhere in the world
Flow simulation
Integrated flow simulator verifies and adjusts the
pulse output to any connected device or system,
with configuration possible via the standard IrDA
interface or the communication channel.
The free plug-in integrated into the SIMATIC PDM tool allows for on-site meter assessment
and prints a Qualification Certificate for monitoring and auditing purposes.
Improved low-flow performance
Siemens’ conical flow tube design improves low-flow
performance with negligible pressure drop across the
meter for reduced energy loss.
Insulation test
Built-in "cross-talk" test checks the
entire signal chain of the system to
ensure that the sensor flow signal
is unaffected by external noise.
Accredited calibration for more accurate
water measurement.
Every Siemens water meter is calibrated inhouse at facilities that are individually accredited in accordance with ISO / IEC 17025.
Flowmeter calibration is a vital step in
ensuring consistently accurate measurement. All SITRANS F M electromagnetic
meters are wet calibrated at Siemens
flow facilities with traceable instruments referring directly to the physical
unit of measurement according to the
International System of Units (SI).
A certificate is supplied with every
calibration to satisfy worldwide traceability standards, including NIST in
the United States.
±E% uncertainty
Siemens offers accredited calibrations
assured to ISO/IEC 17025 in the flow
range from 0.0001 to 10,000 m³/h.
Siemens Flow Instruments accredited
laboratories are recognized by the
International Laboratory Accreditation
Corporation Mutual Recognition Arrangement (ILAC MRA), ensuring international acceptance of test
7ME6810 ±0.2% ±2 mm/s
7ME6810 ±0.4% ±2 mm/s
7ME6880 ±0.4% ±2.5 mm/s
7ME6880 ±0.8% ±2.5 mm/s
NMI M10 Class 2.5
±E% uncertainty
A calibration certificate is supplied with every
water meter, and all calibration data is stored in
the instrument.
The maximum uncertainty of measurement following a standard calibration is
±0.4%, and an extended calibration
CL II = 5%
CL I = 3%
CL II = 2%
CL I = 1%
FM Fire Service Class 1044
v = m/sec.
Q2 Qmin.
Q4 Qmax.
A suitable meter for every water application.
MAG 8000 Standard
MAG 8000 CT
MAG 8000 Irrigation
Abstraction and distribution networks
Bulk water and revenue
Transmitter type
Basic version
Advanced version for advanced information and functionality
Custody transfer version
Basic version
Type-approved and verified according
to OIML R 49 / MI-001
NMI 10
2” – 24”
with EPDM liner
1” - 48”
with Ebonite liner
Sensor size DN
1” – 48”
with EPDM liner
Enclosure sensor and transmitter
IP68 / NEMA 6P, compact and remote with connectors and factory-mounted cable
Display with touch keypad
2 individual pulse outputs (forward, reverse and net volume)
Integrated standard IrDA interface, wireless communication module,
RS232 / RS485 with MODBUS RTU protocol, encoder interface module with sensus protocol
Power supply
Internal 2 D-cell or external 4 D-cell battery pack
12 – 24 V AC/DC and 115 – 230 V AC with battery backup
Approved to the international water meter standard
OIML R 49/MI-001 (EU), complying with the European CEN – EN 14154,
ISO 4064 specifications and FM Fire Service Class 1044
NMI 10
Data logger with configurable log interval up to 26 months, time and date, data protection, application identifier,
alarm handling, meter status, diagnostics, battery power management, insulation test
Transmitter features
Advanced version only (not valid for MAG 8000 I): Leakage detection, flow statistics and consumption profile,
advanced diagnostics, self-check, meter utilization, tariff and settle date (revenue)
±0.4% ±2 mm/s 1” – 48”
±0.2% ±2 mm/s 2” – 12”
Bi-directional measurement
Drinking water approvals
for sensor part
NSF/ANSI Standard 61 (USA),
NSF/ANSI Standard 61 (USA)
Process connections
EN 1092-1 (DIN 2501), ANSI 16.5 Class 150 Ib , AS 4087, and AWWA C207
AS 4087 and AS 2129 Table E
Flange drilled according to ENSI
Operating pressure
145 psi or 232 psi
16 bar / 7 bar
Media temperature
32 – 158 ˚F
Electrodes and earthing electrodes
Hastelloy C276
The accuracy of each meter is
determined by the calibration
performed. MAG 8000 water
meters are available with
three types of calibration, each
suited to different application
OIML R 49 Class 1 and 2
MI-001 Class 2
±0.4% ±2.5 mm/s
±0.8% ±2.5 mm/s
NMI Class 2.5
32 – 122˚F
32 – 158 ˚F
Stainless steel
Calibration type
Water meter type
General water
MAG 8000 Standard
MAG 8000 Irrigation
MAG 8000 Standard
Bulk water / revenue
Custody transfer (CT)
FM fire service
OIML R49 Class 1 / Class 2
OIML R49 Class 1044
MAG 8000 CT
Measuring everything that matters:
Siemens Process Instrumentation offers
best-in-class measurement and seamless
integration into your automation system.
We are the total solution provider for flow,
level, pressure, temperature, weighing,
positioners and more.
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