SafeNet Enterprise Key Management – KeySecure

SafeNet Enterprise Key Management – KeySecure
Customer Problem
SafeNet Solution/Value Proposition
Market Segments
KeySecure is the industry’s first high-assurance,
FIPS validated, KMIP standards-based Enterprise
Key Management (EKM) solution.
All market segments including Banking and
Investment, Insurance, Government, Healthcare,
Manufacturing, Retail, Media, Energy & Utilities
KeySecure provides robust enterprise key lifecycle
management, and enables centralized
management of millions of encryption keys and key
policies through a hardware-based platform,
covering heterogeneous systems across the
enterprise, from the data center to virtualized
Fragmented encryption solutions have proliferated
through internal projects and compliance mandates,
across multiple tiers and multiple vendor platforms,
leaving organizations in a management and
operational quandary. As the number of encryption
solutions increase, the number of encryption keys
grow proportionally.
Security teams struggle with the administrative
efforts of managing encryption deployments and
associated key lifecycle operations.
SafeNet Advantages
Heterogeneous Key Management Support
• Centralized key lifecycle capabilities from storage
and archive systems to encryption in SAN switches
to mixed databases and applications today and
HSMs in the very near future.
KMIP Standards-based Interoperability
• Secures keys from KMIP-based solutions such as
Quantum Tape Libraries today and more to come
and easily expands interoperability.
Ensures Compliance
• Integrates with existing infrastructures to provide
unified key lifecycle management, data isolation,
and protect partitions in multi-tenant environments.
Next Generation Key Management
• Replaces NetApp LKM (Lifetime Key Manager)
• Manages encryption keys from self-encrypting
drives (such as NetApp NSE), existing DataFort
implementations, and Brocade SAN switches using
• Supports keys for StorageSecure – the next
generation DataFort solution.
Roadmap to Expansion
• Integrates with a variety of encryption devices
(between KeySecure and HSMs, StorageSecure,
and ProtectV) offers a powerful cross-selling tool.
Competitive Analysis
RSA Data Protection Manager (formerly RSA Key Manager):
• What They Say: Data Protection Manager leverages RSA's common enterprise key-management infrastructure
to simplify the provisioning, distribution, and management of encryption keys and can be easily integrated with a
number of host, database, SAN switch, and native tape-encryption solutions, among others.
• What We Need to Say: KeySecure is a hardware-based, out-of-the-box key management solution with the
broadest coverage from storage & archive systems, SAN switches using encryption, Quantum Tape Libraries,
NSE (self-encrypting drives), HSMs, databases, applications, and easily expands interoperability with 3 rd party
and legacy systems through KMIP.
IBM Tivoli Key Lifecycle Manager
• What They Say: Locking down data through key-based encryption with IBM Tivoli Key Lifecycle Manager
• What We Need to Say: KeySecure is a hardware-based, out-of-the-box key management solution. KeySecure
offers the broadest system coverage, highest assurance and scalability for any key management solution.
Other Niche Vendors (Venafi, Vormetric, Voltage, Protegrity, NuBridges)
• What They Say: Varied from certificate , key & SSH mgmt, to key security expert, to stateless key mgmt, etc.
• What We Need to Say: Security is our core company strategy. More than 30 years of accumulated security .
Target Customer Profile
SafeNet KeySecure centralizes key lifecycle
capabilities across heterogeneous environments—
from storage and archive encryption systems, to
SAN switches using encryption, to mixed databases
and applications today and HSMs in the very near
• NAS, SAN & DAS storage customers
• Brocade BES storage customers
• Quantum Tape Libraries customers
• Large-scale Luna HSM customers
• KMIP standards-based systems
• Existing NetApp DataFort customers
Corporate Position of Strength
30 Years in Security: Since 1983, SafeNet has
been solving complex security issues.
Large Enough to Scale, Small Enough to Adapt:
SafeNet is a $500M company with over 1700
employees with a unique ability to respond to both
customer requirements and the changing threat
The Data Protection Company: SafeNet protects
its customers’ most valuable asset - data. More
than 25,000 customers, from commercial to
government, In over 100 countries - - trust
Trust Is Earned: Security is SafeNet’s core
company strategy. We have accumulated
extensive knowledge and understanding of the
challenges facing enterprises and have answered
those challenges through our broad product
SafeNet Enterprise Key Management – KeySecure
Qualifying Questions
SafeNet References and Tools
• Do you have sensitive data?
• Where do you store your sensitive data?
• Do you use encryption to protect your data?
• Do you have more than one encryption solution &/or encryption vendor in your organization?
• Where do you store the keys?
• Do you use storage encryption to protect your data-at-rest?
• Do you your backup / archive data? How do you store the keys? Do you store the keys with the tape?
• How do you verify data is not accessible to unauthorized users?
• How do you provide key lifecycle management (key rollover, key versioning, policy management) for your existing
encryption solutions?
• How are you validating compliance for your encryption keys (auditing, logging, and alerting on key state
• How do you handle a compelling event such as an upcoming audit to prove compliance for your encryption keys?
• Are you planning on migrating your data to the cloud?
Objection Handling
Hardware is more expensive. Why would I want to pay more when I will need to do more for installation
(find datacenter space, rack the unit, obtain an IP address, etc)?
Hardware-based solutions are more secure. KeySecure is a high assurance, FIPS, solution-in-a-box that controls
the way encryption is used for compliance, audit control, policy management, separation of duties, and dual control.
KeySecure embeds a SafeNet HSM card to provide secure repository and FIPS boundary for critical keys.
My enterprise has a mixture of encryption vendors including native hardware and software systems. There
isn't a key management solution that can handle the different types of native encryption.
KeySecure can. KeySecure is a hardware-based, out-of-the-box key management solution with the broadest
coverage from mixed databases and applications, to storage & archive systems, to HSMs, to encryption in SAN
switches, and interoperability with 3rd party and legacy systems through KMIP. KeySecure can grow as the
business expands and transactions grow.
Aren’t hardware solutions slower than software? Why would I want to buy a hardware platform?
Having a single, dedicated hardware-based key management platform eliminates the need to deploy multiple
systems and software. Centrally managing all of your encryption keys with one system gives IT one company to
contact and one company for support.
When I move to the cloud, I want a virtualized appliance. Why would I want a physical appliance now?
You want physical ownership of your keys to maintain ownership and control of data as you migrate to the cloud.
KeySecure maintains your root of trust in the cloud. KeySecure evolves with you as you extend into the cloud.
If I centralize all of my keys, why shouldn’t I be concerned that this is a central point of failure?
KeySecure has high availability and load balancing with key and policy management distributed globally. Keys are
synchronized with all of the clustered KeySecure platforms preventing the concern if one system is unreachable,
users are unable to access data. KeySecure automatically backs up keys and policies for disaster recovery.
Product Brief
Customer Presentation
Sales Presentation & Use Cases
Quantum Solution Brief
Key Management Blog
Press Release and more
Certification, Reviews, and Awards
SafeNet References and Tools
“As the use of encryption grows and various
solutions are deployed, key management
becomes exponentially critical and complex.
Mismanagement of keys can expose an
organization to unnecessary risks.”
FIPS 140-2 level 3 (in process)
SafeNet Cross-Sell/Up-Sell
KMIP: As a interoperability protocol for legacy
systems with KeySecure centrally managing KMIP
based systems
StorageSecure: As storage encryption solution with
KeySecure centralizing key management
HSM: KeySecure provides centralized monitoring of
all the keys for each HSM partitions in an
enterprise. Additionally KeySecure supports
remote key foundry where an administrator can
control key creation process centrally but actual
keys are generated in local HSMs
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