Adaptec® SATA & SAS RAID
3405, 3805, 3085, 31205, 31605
Unified Serial™ controllers deliver scalability and flexibility for
high-capacity SATA drives or high-performance SAS drives
Adaptec Unified Serial controllers deliver the
ultimate in flexibility and performance for
customers who need either high-capacity
Serial ATA (SATA) drives or high-performance
Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) drives, or the
ability to integrate both in a single system.
Leveraging SAS technology, these controllers
deliver the richest feature set in the market.
Adaptec Unified Serial RAID
This Adaptec RAID controller family is a
full line of Unified Serial RAID controllers
designed for entry to mid-range servers and
Hardware features
These controllers support a PCI Express host
interface and up to 256MB ECC-protected
data cache. An efficient Intel processor
delivers excellent performance with low
thermal output. The family includes 4- and
8-port models as well as industry-first 12and 16-port designs. The new Adaptec RAID
3085 with two x4 connectors also offers the
industry’s first path failover for external data
path redundancy.
Advanced data protection
Adaptec RAID Code (ARC) delivers the
industry’s most advanced feature set. The
Adaptec Advanced Data Protection Suite
delivers improved hot spare performance
(RAID 5EE) and a patented RAID 6/60
technology allowing for up to two
simultaneous drive failures.
Optimized Disk Utilization
Array 2
Array 1
500GB 500GB
750GB 750GB
Excess capacity used to create another array.
ARC supports array sizes up to 512TB –
allowing full usage of new, higher capacity
SATA drives. Optimized Disk Utilization
offers the ability to create arrays and utilise
all available capacity on dissimilar drive sizes.
As disk drive capacities grow, replacing a failed
drive no longer results in wasted space on new
larger drives, increasing the value of existing
Easy-to-use storage management
This Adaptec Unified Serial RAID family
operates under Adaptec Storage Manager™,
a one-view tool that centralises management
of all Adaptec RAID products. The software
enables remote configuration and monitoring
of RAID arrays through secure, encrypted
communications. The intuitive management
tool simplifes RAID array creation and
management pop-up tips and online help.
Product Highlights
SATA and SAS compliant
PCI Express host interface
3Gb/s per port
RAID levels 0, 1, 1E, 10, 5,
50, 5EE, 6, 60
LED header for drive activity
and failure indication
SES2 and SGPIO enclosure
Up to 256MB DDR2 fixed
data cache
Operating system support
for Windows, Linux, NetWare,
SCO Unix, Sun Solaris x86
and FreeBSD
RoHS compliant
Compatibility, reliability and support
Adaptec has been delivering storage and I/O
solutions for more than 24 years. In fact,
Adaptec is the undisputed RAID leader; no
other vendor’s technology is more proven.
The Adaptec RAID Unified Serial family has
been extensively tested with third-party components to deliver the utmost in compatibility. The cards are backed by a three-year
warranty and legendary Adaptec technical
Adaptec® SATA & SAS RAID
Why Buy?
Adaptec Unified Serial Controller Family
Affordable Unified Serial RAID controllers support both SATA and SAS devices. Ideal for workstations, and entry to mid-range servers.
Customer Needs
Affordability and performance with an advanced feature set for customers needing storage flexibility and capacity growth.
Intel IA32, EM64T and AMD64
System Environment
• Supports up to 128 SAS or SATA devices (depending on server design)
• RAID Levels 0, 1, 10, 5, 50,* JBOD
• Advanced Data Protection Suite
• RAID Levels 1E (Striped Mirror), 5EE (Hot Space),
6 and 60* (Dual Drive Failure Protection)
• Copyback Hot Spare
• Snapshot Backup (optional)
RAID Features
Dynamic caching algorithm
Online Capacity Expansion
RAID Level Migration
Optimized Disk Utilization
Quick initialisation
Native Command Queuing (NCQ)
Adaptec Storage Manager™ (ASM)
• Java-based GUI Management Utility
• Remote configuration, monitoring and notification
• ASM OS Support: Windows, Linux, SCO, Solaris, NetWare
• Microsoft VDS Support
• Simultaneous remote firmware updates
Management Utilities
Hot spares – global, dedicated and pooled
Background initialisation
Automatic/manual rebuild of hot spares
SAF-TE enclosure management support
Configurable stripe size
S.M.A.R.T. support
Up to 512TB array sizes
Multiple arrays and types per disk drive
Bad stripe table
Dynamic sector repair
Staggered drive spin-up
Bootable array support
Hot-plug drive support
Redundant path failover
• Command Line Interface
Adaptec BIOS Configuration Utility (ACU)
• BIOS level configuration utility
• Flashable BIOS support
• Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES), Novell NetWare
Operating System
6.5, SCO OpenServer, UnixWare, Sun Solaris 10 x86, FreeBSD
Operating Temperature
(incl. battery)
167mm H x 64mm L (6.6” x 2.5”)
0°C to 45°C (without airflow)
0°C to 55°C (with airflow)
Operating Voltage
Regulatory Certification
1 amp @ 3.3V
FCC, C-tick, CE, VCCI
Three years
Snapshot Backup Key (2228200)
Physical Dimensions
167mm H x 116mm L (6.6” x 4.6”)
Adaptec Battery Module 800 (2248000-R)
* Expander is necessary for Adaptec RAID 3405.
Adaptec RAID
Ordering Part Number
2251800-R (Kit)
2252100-R (Kit)
2251600-R (Kit)
2252600-R (Sgl)
2252900-R (Sgl)
Form Factor
MD2 – Low Profile
MD2 – Low Profile
MD2 – Low Profile
Half Length / Full Height
Half Length / Full Height
1 internal SFF-8087
2 internal SFF-8087
2 external SFF-8088
3 internal SFF-8087
4 internal SFF-8087
Bus Interface
4-lane PCIe
4-lane PCIe
8-lane PCIe
8-lane PCIe
8-lane PCIe
Intel 80333 500MHz
Intel 80333 500MHz
Intel 80333 800MHz
Intel 80333 800MHz
Intel 80333 800MHz
128MB or 256MB
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