Digital Colour Production Printer
Pro C5100S
Pro C5110S
65 B/W
80 B/W
RICOH Pro C5110S/5100S:
Where productivity meets profitability
Designed specifically for high-quality, low-cost output, the Ricoh Pro C5110S and Pro C5100S colour digital
devices combine incredible speed with intuitive controls and advanced capabilities. Use them to produce
exceptional images with vivid colours and clarity on a wider range of media without compromising convenience,
space or resources. Produce high grade, professional jobs in-house and share them quickly and economically.
These versatile, easy-to-use production printers can be used as a primary device in production settings or as an
affordable, complementary system in your corporate reprographic department or print centre environment.
s Print full colour or black and white documents at up to 80 pages per minute (ppm).
s Impress customers with colour image resolution up to 1,200 x 4,800 dpi.
s Manage a wide range of media up to 330 x 487 mm.
s Share documents quickly with innovative scanning capabilities.
s Load up to 8,250 sheets for outstanding paper capacity.
s Produce more projects in-house with advanced finishing options.
s Print on a wide range of stock from textured media to envelopes.
s Print banners up to 1260 mm in length through the advanced settings.
Tight on space? Look no further
If you’re tight on space, look no further. The Pro C5110S/C5100S, with its markedly small footprint, takes up
approximately only 1.5 m of working space. So you can enjoy production print quality in a device not much
larger than an office multifunction device.
Keep growing as you save space and reduce costs
Small in looks but big in capabilities, the Ricoh Pro C5110S and Pro C5100S have been designed to
deliver leading quality output in a small, affordable footprint – without compromise. High-speed colour is
delivered with an engine made for the production market using Ricoh Production’s proven technologies,
including inline finishing options for high productivity and an impressive duty cycle for maximum uptime.
The light production models are a versatile choice for in-plant rooms, marketing and advertising agencies
seeking high quality in-house print capability, while print-for-pay and commercial printers will also benefit
from their speed and capability. The fastest in its class, reaching output speeds in both colour and mono up
to 80ppm (Ricoh Pro™ C5110S) and 65 ppm (Ricoh Pro™ C5100S), they are ideal for the production of
on-demand prestigious marketing material, collateral or client mailings.
Powerful features, productive workflow
Move from one project to the next seamlessly with the Ricoh Pro C5110S/C5100S. It offers an intuitive,
post mounted control panel with easily identifiable icons for fast navigation to critical tasks and
functions. Producing 80 colour prints per minute for impressive throughput in any environment.
This workhorse is designed so trained users can easily replace key units and consumables themselves
without technical assistance, even replace toner in moments without interrupting print runs.
High productivity
With fastest-in-its-class speeds and a host of automation options, the Ricoh Pro C5110S/C5100S will
help keep your print room ahead of demand:
s Runs at up to 80 pages per minute in black and white and colour.
s Enhanced paper handling and print quality through advanced toner transfer technology and elastic
fusing belt.
s Meet tight delivery schedules with high productivity on low volume runs.
s A robust duty cycle of 300,000 A4 pages per month will help you meet peak period demands
(target maximum range of 150,000 A4 pages per month).
s Maximise productivity with on-the-fly toner replacement while the device is running.
Designed to maximise your success
The latest technology
Ricoh has employed its latest innovations into the Pro C5110S/C5100S Series, improving colour, quality,
consistency and capabilities to offer you extended capabilities with outstanding results.
s Active toner density control monitors the toner
density levels inside the developer to ensure image
quality will be stable regardless of how many
copies are printed.
s Enhanced media library lets operators apply pre-set
or customer media types for simple set-up
with reliable results.
s Improve your competitive advantage with the
ability to print on linen and other challenging
stocks due to Ricoh’s new enhanced toner
fusing technology.
Toner Density
Active toner density control
s The PXP toner has been developed to fuse at a lower temperature, meeting Ricoh’s R&D focus to
continually reduce the environmental impact of its products wherever possible. This in turn also ensures
a quicker warm-up time for increased productivity.
Innovation provides superior quality
The Ricoh Pro C5110S/C5100S prints documents with up to
1,200 x 4,800 dpi image resolution for professional-grade
results. Take advantage of its revolutionary Vertical Cavity
Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) technology for precise
reproductions, delivering best in class resolution. It emits
laser beams to adjust to sheet expansion and contraction,
minimising colour shift. VCSEL has as many as 40 laser
beams emitting simultaneously to give exceptionally
accurate and smooth, professional output.
Advanced image control
Enhance documents with rich, engaging colour. The Ricoh
Pro C5110S/C5100S uses proprietary PxP-EQ chemical toner
to expand colour density and saturation. As a result, it can
deliver brilliant quality colour using a minimal amount of toner.
Because the toner melts at lower temperatures, it requires
less energy and minimises operating costs. It also continually
monitors image quality along with internal and external
conditions so you can print highly visible material—including
postcards, business cards, restaurant menus and more—with
incredible colour clarity and consistency.
Extend your capabilities
Broad paper support
Print more types of jobs on a wider range of paper. The Ricoh Pro 5110S/5100S can handle thicker paper
stocks, up to 256 gsm duplexing, and stocks up to 300 gsm for standard printing. With its total paper
capacity of 8,250 sheets, it’s the perfect system for your black-and-white and colour production needs.
s Print on up to 330 x 487 mm sized paper as easily as smaller
sizes, including textured, heavy-coated media and envelopes.
s The printer will accept almost any paper size automatically to
streamline printing.
s Use its embedded Paper Library feature to access and adjust
up to 99 printing attributes in moments.
s Discover new applications with 1.26 m banner mode printing.
s Enjoy the ability to print on textured stock, envelopes and paper
as light as 52 gsm due to Ricoh’s innovative fusing technology.
Professional grade finishing
Configure the Ricoh Pro C5110S/C5100S to handle more robust jobs and bring previously outsourced projects
in-house. Extensive stapling, hole punching, booklet finishing and other related features are available to
address pressing demands and quick turnarounds.
s Insert pre-printed front and back covers with a
Cover Interposer.
s Take advantage of a Multi-Fold Unit to offer a variety of
folding options.
s A Buffer Pass Unit and Decurl Unit cater for the
specialised requirements of production environments.
s The Plockmatic Booklet Maker provides for printing up to
120 page books at the device’s full rated speed.
s Choose from a wide range of die punch patterns and meet
high demand with the GBC Stream Punch.
Maximised uptime
s Paper weight detection prevents mismatching of paper
weight to setting, eliminating incomplete fusing or downtime.
s Multi-feeding detection avoids misfeeds of paper ensuring print
quality and avoiding problems.
s Status Light Pole allows operation to be monitored from a distance.
s Operation panel features animations to easily guide operators
through the clearance process if a jam occurs.
s Trained Customer Replaceable Units (TCRU) allows trained operators to easily replace units themselves
rather than waiting for a technician to arrive and therefore limiting downtime to a minimum.
s Active Tray Indicators highlight where paper is being fed from, allowing the set-up for following jobs,
improving efficiency and productivity.
Take advantage of innovative features to
improve productivity
CI4010 and CI4020 Cover Interposers (Optional):
Feed pre-printed sheets from one or two sources for
front and back covers.
SR4100 2,000-Sheet Booklet Finisher (Optional):
Produce full-colour booklets cost-effectively with the
in-line Booklet Finisher. Also available with an
optional Hole Punch Unit.
SR4090 and SR4110 3,000-Sheet Finishers
Choose from 65- or 100-sheet stapling with the ability
to output documents up to 330 x 487 mm. Add the
optional Hole Punch Unit for even more flexibility.
FD4000 Multi-Fold Unit (Optional):
Execute up to six different folds to create a variety of
finished documents.
BK 5010e Plockmatic Booklet Maker
Produce saddlestitched booklets up to 30-sheets at
a time, the equivalent of a 120-page book.
GBC StreamPunch Pro (Optional):
Combine punching into your workflow — the
interchangeable die punch unit rapidly produces
punched documents for a variety of binding styles.
Buffer Pass Unit (Optional):
Minimise toner adhesion on stacked, coated paper
by cooling output prior to the media entering a
finishing unit.
Decurl Unit (Optional):
Promote more accurate stacking and higher
throughput by reducing the risk of paper curling.
100-Sheet Single Pass Document
Feeder (Standard):
Copy and scan jobs more efficiently with
single-pass colour duplex scanning — up to
220 ipm in duplex mode.
Full-Colour WVGA Control Panel (Standard):
Navigate from job to job easily with fingertip
control via the post mounted, intuitive
touch screen.
Status Light Pole (Standard):
Visually alert operators to changes in system
status for prompt attention.
Automatic Duplexing (Standard):
Save paper and filing space with standard
automatic duplexing that runs at the same
speed as one-sided output.
Oversize and Heavy Media Support:
Accept 330 x 487 mm paper sizes and heavy media
(up to 300 gsm cover through the Bypass Tray and
the RT4030 LCT) to give you many more options
for in-house production.
Paper Trays (Standard):
Standard paper sources include the tandem
2 x 1,250-Sheet Paper Tray, two 550-Sheet Paper
Trays and 250-Sheet Bypass Tray for a total paper
capacity of 3,850 sheets. With additional paper
sources, this system can hold up to 8,250 sheets.
Active Tray Indicators (Standard):
Indicator light shows which tray is in use, allowing
operators to refill other paper sources while the
system is running.
RT4030 and RT4020 Large Capacity Trays (Optional):
The RT4030 2,200-Sheet LCT utilises a straight paper
path to help reliably feed up to 300 gsm and up to 330
x 487 mm sheets. Choose the RT4020 4,400-Sheet LCT
to handle paper sizes up to A4 and up to 216 gsm.
Ricoh Pro C5110S/C5100S
Versatile controllers, proven performance
In today's economic climate, you need innovative technology that helps reduce operation costs and boost your
performance more than ever. The Ricoh Pro C5110S/C5100S caters to your print environment's specific needs,
with three controllers to choose from: Ricoh's intuitive GWNX controller (standard) or two optional Fiery
The Ricoh GWNX Controller offers marketing departments, ad agencies and in-house departments
everyday simplicity with production quality output and versatility.
s Ricoh-developed to ensure stability, ease-of-use
and functionality.
s Print from driver, USB or SD card.
s Supports basic job management and binding.
s Colour management capabilities.
s Cost-effective solution for budget-conscious departments.
The Fiery E-22B Controller can handle most jobs and colour management tasks with ease, making it a
great choice for central reprographic departments and agencies.
s Embedded controller.
s Intuitive job managements and EFI colour management
for precision and accuracy.
s Seamless integration with the latest FS100 PRO
Fiery platform.
s Powerful 2.9 GHz Intel processor, 2 GB memory
and 500 GB HDD.
s Tight control of job queues.
s Print personalised jobs and basic Variable Data
Printing with Fiery FreeForm included.
The Fiery E-42B Controller is server-based for advanced
control and high quality performance to keep up with
fast-paced commercial and print-for-pay environments.
s Professional job and colour management.
s Fast ripping speed for enhanced productivity.
s Incorporates the latest FS100 PRO Fiery platform.
s Top of the line 3.1 GHz Intel processor, 4 GB memory and
s Supports complex print jobs and finishing options
for the most demanding environments.
Powerful solutions for your workflow
Ricoh’s TotalFlow is where software, services and skills come together in a portfolio of flexible
and powerful one-stop print management solutions that will save you time and money, while
also reducing wasted resources, whatever your print environment.
Capture regular and new print opportunities using web-to-print and job submission tools that help
move you towards a fully automated production process. This will enable you to interact more
efficiently with your clients, saving time for you both.
Prepare to drive print efficiency with variable data and print data stream transformation solutions.
Prepare files for production with document imposition and composition tools, all the while boosting
productivity, reducing production time and driving profitability.
Manage jobs across multiple printing systems, automating workflow with a suite of streamlining
solutions to optimise productivity and meet tight deadlines. Make last-minute document changes and
automatically prepare for split colour and B&W production and produce complex document production
faster and more efficiently.
Output from the new Ricoh Pro C5110S/C5100S series boosts your value added services with versatile,
scalable solutions that embrace digital colour and B&W production systems. It improves output
capabilities with high quality cost-effective print solutions to gain new business.
Protect your most valuable assets with a host of innovative features. Simplify meter and maintenance
related device management with Ricoh’s @Remote fleet monitoring solution. Take advantage of
authentication controls to help ensure only authorised users have access to key functionality and
printed output. In addition, the device includes the DataOverwriteSecurity System (DOSS), automatically
overwriting any files on the hard drive to render them unreadable. HDD encryption adds another layer
of protection against hackers.
Add profitable colour to the workplace
The Ricoh Pro C5110S/C5100S is designed for production environments looking for a high-performance colour system to
produce professionally finished output with vivid clarity on a wider range of media. From multi-fold finishing to professional
booklet making, the Pro C5110S/C5100S can be configured to meet the demands of your high-volume workflow and
specialty projects.
Cover Interposer Tray
Decurl Unit
s 1-Tray or 2-Tray Cover
Interposer can be attached.
s Feed media up to
330 x 487 mm size from two
inserting trays.
s Capacity of up to 200 sheets
per tray.
s Ideal for commercial
printers who frequently
produce jobs with high
toner coverage on thin
paper and paper with long
s Significantly reduce the
natural curl that can occur
and deliver sheets with
optimal flatness.
2,000 Sheet Booklet
s Up to 330 x 487 mm size
s Stack capability of
2,000 sheets.
s 65 sheets staple.
s 20 sheets for saddle stitch.
3,000 Sheet Finisher with
Multi Position Stapling
s Choose from 65 sheet or
100 sheet stapling.
s Output stack capacity of
3,000 sheets.
s 2/4 switchable hole punch
or 3-hole punch.
Multi Folding Unit
A3 Large Capacity Tray
s Accommodates up to
2,000 sheets of
330 x 487 mm stock.
s Paper weights between
52.3 to 300 gsm.
s Wide range of paper types
and paper sizes.
A4 Large
Capacity Tray
s Provide for A4 input to add
4,000 sheets to your input
s Paper weight
52.3 – 216 gsm can be
s Choose from six professional
folding patterns to
accommodate any folding
needed inline
s Accommodate media
included coated between
64 to 105 gsm
GBC StreamPunch
Buffer Pass Unit
Booklet Maker
s Minimise toner blocking on
stacked, coated paper by
cooling output prior to the
media entering the
finishing unit.
s Punch a full range of
media types.
s Up to 4,000,000 punched
pages using heavy duty
die sets.
s Up to 11 punch die sets.
s Maintains full rated
engine speed.
s Supports paper sizes
A4 to 320 x 457.2 mm.
s Capacity to handle
s paper weights
s 64 to 300 gsm.
s Include pre-printed
s covers when configured with Cover Feeder Option.
Why choose Ricoh:
A digital one-stop-shop
Ricoh’s products, service, support and training offer a one-stop-shop for your digital print
environment. Our national network of production specialists will partner with you to understand your
business needs, challenges and strategy to develop a tailored solution to your business that combines
hardware, software, service and training.
Knowledge is power
The best way to get the most out of your Ricoh device is through professional, customised training
provided by Ricoh Production Services. While the device is being installed in your print room, operators
receive hands-on, tailored training in our Production Education Centre, ensuring they are fluent in
everything that the Pro C5110S/C5100S has on offer, as well as any other integrated finishing and
software solutions.
Responsive service and training
In today’s competitive market, Ricoh’s team of production specialists are on hand to keep you up and
running. Maximum productivity is assured with Ricoh’s fast-response service. Most issues are quickly
resolved with a phone call and the average time for our onsite service is under two hours.
Customised training is provided on site or through our purpose-built Production Education Centre.
Located within the Ricoh Printing Innovation Centre, it’s fully equipped with all of Ricoh’s production
devices and software for effective, relevant and tailored operator training.
Leading you to a more sustainable future
Do more work using less energy. The Ricoh Pro C5110S/C5100S offers several features to reduce
Typical Energy Consumption (TEC), including proprietry PxP-EQ low melt toner. Standard one-pass
duplex scanning saves steps and energy to maximise efficiency. Many internal components are
engineered with non-toxic, plant-based plastics to reduce the system’s carbon footprint.
Print carbon neutral
Partner with a certified carboNZero organisation: Ricoh Australia will offset the greenhouse gas
(GHG) emissions caused by customer use of select new equipment, including the Ricoh Pro C5110S/
C5100S.* This new carboNZero certified service will be available to customers who deal through Ricoh
Australia, finance qualifying equipment from Ricoh Finance, agree to automated meter reading and
participate in Ricoh’s Consumable Recycling Program.
* Go to for further information and the service disclosure statement.
Ricoh Pro C5110S/C5100S
Print/Copy Process
4 drum dry electrostatic transfer system
with internal transfer belt
Oil-less belt fusing method
System Memory
320 GB (160 GB x 2)
Document Feeder
100-Sheet ADF with single-pass colour
duplex scanning at up to 220 ipm
Control Panel
Full-colour 9" WVGA touch panel
Copy Resolution
600 dpi
Print Resolution
1,200 x 4,800 dpi
Scan Resolution
600 dpi
Scan Speed (FC/B&W) Simplex: 120 ipm; Duplex: 220 ipm
Maximum Print Area Up to 323 x 480 mm
Warm-Up Time
Less than 299 sec.
Output Speed Pro
C5100S: 65 ppm (FC/B&W)
Pro C5110S: 80 ppm (FC/B&W)
Paper Capacity
Tray 1: 1,250 x 2; Trays 2 – 3: 550 x 2;
Bypass Tray: 250 sheets; Supports
duplex; Total Standard/Maximum:
3,850/8,250 sheets
Paper Size
Tray 1: A4;Trays 2 – 3: A5 – 330 x 487
mm; Bypass: A5 – 330 x 487 mm,
Paper Weight
Tray 1 – 3: 52 – 256 gsm; Bypass Tray:
52 – 300 gsm; Duplex: 52 – 256 gsm
Maximum Monthly
Duty Cycle
Power Requirements 208-240V/12A/60Hz (dedicated)
Maximum Power
2,400W or less
Dimensions (WxDxH) 835 x 880 x 1,230 mm (including ADF)
Less than 261 kg
Copier Features
Simplified Display, Auto Paper Selection, Auto Start, Auto
Tray Switching, Auto Image Density, Auto Colour Calibration,
Interrupt Copy, User Codes (1,000), Job Programs (25),
Colour Erase/Convert/Overlay, Electronic Sort/ Stack, Image
Rotation, Rotate Sorting, Bates Numbering, Multiple Security
Features (DOSS, Data Encryption (AES256bit/SHA2), Network
User Authentication, Unauthorised Copy Control, Mandatory
Security Information Print (Compulsory Security Stamp),
RT4030 DLT Large Capacity Tray (LCT)
Paper Capacity
2,200 sheets
Paper Size
Up to 330 x 487 mm
Paper Weight
52 – 300 gsm
Dimensions (WxDxH) 869 x 730 x 658 mm
82 kg
RT4020 Large Capacity Tray (LCT)
Paper Capacity
4,400 sheets
Paper Size
Paper Weight
52 – 216 gsm
Dimensions (WxDxH) 352 x 540 x 625 mm
20 kg
CI4010 Cover Interposer
Paper Size
A5 – 330 x 487 mm
Paper Weight
64 – 216 gsm
Stack Capacity
200 sheets
Dimensions (WxDxH) 500 x 600 x 600 mm
12 kg
CI4020 Two-Source Cover Interposer
Paper Size
A5 – 330 x 487 mm
Paper Weight
64 – 216 gsm
Stack Capacity
200 sheets x 2 trays
Dimensions (WxDxH) 540 x 730 x 1270 mm
45 kg
SR4090 3,000-Sheet Finisher with 65-Sheet Stapler
Capacity (Proof Tray)
250 sheets (A4, 216 x 279 mm or
50 sheets (B4, 216 x 356 mm or
Capacity (Shift Tray)
A4: 3,000 sheets
A3 SEF – 330 x 487 mm: 1,500
Paper Size
A5 – 330 x 487 mm
Paper Weight
Proof Tray 52 – 220 gsm;
Shift Tray: 52 – 300 gsm
A4 – A3: 65 pages
Dimensions (WxDxH) 657 x 613 x 960 mm
53 kg
SR4110 3,000-Sheet Finisher with 100-Sheet Stapler
Capacity (Proof Tray)
500 sheets (A4, 216 x 279 mm or
250 sheets (B4, 216 x 356 mm or
Capacity (Shift Tray)
A4: 3,000 sheets; A3 : 1,500 sheets;
305 x 457 mm – 330 x 487 mm:
1,000 sheets Paper Size A5 – 330 x
487 mm
Paper Weight
Proof Tray: 52 – 216 gsm;
Shift Tray: 52 – 300 gsm
A4: 100 pages
A3 – B4: 50 pages
Dimensions (WxDxH) 806 x 730 x 980 mm
75 kg
SR4100 2,000-Sheet Booklet Finisher
Capacity (Proof Tray)
250 sheets (A4, 216 x 279 mm or
50 sheets (B4, 216 x 356 mm or
Capacity (Shift Tray)
A4: 2,000 sheets
A4 LEF – 330 x 487 mm: 1,000 sheets
Paper Size
A5 – 330 x 487 mm
Paper Weight
Proof Tray: 52 – 216 gsm;
Shift Tray: 52 – 300 gsm
A4 – A3: 65 pages
Saddle Stitch Staple
A4 – A3: 20 pages
Saddle Stitch Weight 64 – 105 gsm
Folding Without Staple 1 – 5 sheets
Dimensions (WxDxH) 657 x 613 x 960 mm
53 kg
FD5000 Multi-Folding Unit
Folding Type
Single Sheet Mode: Z-Fold, Half-Fold/
Print inside, Half-Fold/Print outside,
Letter Fold-in/ Print inside, Letter
Fold-in/Print outside, Letter Fold-out,
Double Parallel/Print inside, Double
Parallel/Print outside, Gate-Fold/Print
inside, Gate-Fold/Print outside
Paper weight
Single sheet mode 64.0 –105.0 gsm;
Multiple sheet mode 64.0– 80.0 gsm
Dimensions (WxDxH) 470 x 980 x 730 mm
92 kg
Buffer Pass Unit
Paper Size
Paper Weight
Dimensions (WxDxH)
Decurl Unit
Paper Size
Paper Weight
Dimensions (WxDxH)
GBC StreamPunch
Paper Size Punched
Paper Weight
Die Sets
Up to 330 x 487 mm
52 – 300 gsm
330 x 980 x 725 mm
92 kg
Up to 330 x 487 mm
52 – 300 gsm
170 x 990 x 730 mm
30 kg
216 gsm
(3-hole Ring Bind, 11-hole Velo Bind,
19-hole Comb Bind,
21-hole Wire Bind 2:1, 32-hole
WireBind 3:1,
32-hole ProClick, 47-hole Colour Coil)
BK5010e Production Booklet Maker
Max Booklet Capacity 30 sheets (120 pages)
Finishing Speed
Maintains Rated engine speed of
65/80 ppm
Paper Size
Width: A4 (206 mm) Length:
SRA3 (457 mm)
Paper Weight
216 gsm
Additional Accessories
PU5000 Punch Unit; PU3060 Punch Unit; Output Jogger
Unit Type M2; 279 x 432 mm Tray Unit Type M2; Tab Sheet
Holder Type M2; File Format Converter Type E; Copy Data
Security Kit Type G; Copy Tray Type M2; Cooling Fan Unit Type
M2; TCRU Type 5100
Fiery E-22B Colour Controller Specifications
Controller Type
Fiery Platform
Maximum Continuous
Print Speed
Host Interface
Internal HDD
Operating System
Network Protocol
Printer Description
Maximum Print Resolution
Maximum Scan Resolution
Operation Panel
Embedded Type
Fiery FS100
Pro C5100s: 65 ppm (FC/B&W)
Pro C5110s: 80 ppm (FC/B&W)
Intel Pentium G850 2.9GHz
10/100/1000Base-TX Ethernet
2 GB
500 GB
Adobe PostScript 3 (std.),
PCL6/5c (std.)
1200 x 4800 dpi
Up to 600 dpi
PS3: 138 fonts/PCL: 80 AGFA fonts
Via touch panel display on the MFP
Standard: Co mmand WorkStation
5, Fiery Scan, Printer Delete Utility,
Fiery Web Tools, Fiery Bridge, Fiery
VUE, Secure Print
Optional: Fiery Impose, Fiery
Compose, Colour Profiler Suite ES2000, Productivity Package
Colour Management Tools ICC Profile, Colour Chart, CMYK
Colour Reference Pages, RGB
Colour Tests, Trapping Support,
ColourWise Pro Tools
Colour Cal, ES-2000 (opt.)
Fiery E-42B Colour Controller Specifications
Controller Type
Fiery Platform
Maximum Continuous
Print Speed
Host Interface
Internal HDD
Operating System
Network Protocol
Printer Description
Print Resolution
Scan Resolution
Server Type
Fiery FS100 Pro
Pro C5100S: 65 ppm (FC/B&W)
Pro C5110S: 80 ppm (FC/B&W)
Intel i5-2400 3.1 GHz
10/100/1000Base-TX Ethernet
4 GB
1 TB
Windows 7 Professional
Adobe PostScript 3 (std.),
PCL6/5c (std.)
1,200 x 4,800 dpi
600 dpi
PS3: 138 fonts/PCL:
80 AGFA fonts
Operation Panel
Via touch panel display
on the MFP
Standard: Co mmand WorkStation
5, Fiery Scan, Printer Delete Utility,
Fiery Web Tools, Fiery Bridge,
Fiery VUE
Optional: Fiery Impose, Fiery
Compose, Colour Profiler Suite
ES-2000, Graphic Arts Package
Premium Edition Upgrade, FACI
Furniture Bundle, HDD Security
Colour Management Tools ICC Profile, Colour Chart,
CMYK Colour Reference Pages,
RGB Colour Tests, Trapping
Support, ColourWise Pro Tools
Colour Cal, ES-2000 (opt.)
Maximum Power
350 W
Dimensions (WxDxH)
212 x 482 x 488 mm
19.6 kg
Toner Yield (prints/bottle)
Waste Bottle
For maximum performance and yield, we reco mmend using
genuine Ricoh parts and supplies.
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