Worldwide Innovation….The current state of play

Worldwide Innovation….The current state of play
Staying abreast of cutting edge innovation locally or worldwide is of vital importance, but
how do you use your current research / innovation effectively to seek partnerships or
collaboration opportunities or even repurpose your innovation / research if applicable?
Partnerships or collaboration, the way forward….
From a University perspective, assessing the influence of your innovation (patent or research article) can quickly
help identify key points of contact for potential partnership or collaboration. Forward citations can offer a wealth of
information directed toward collaboration efforts. Entities that cite your innovation or research are most likely
operating within your research area and potentially may be open to engaging with your university. With the ability
to gauge more easily how important a forward citation against a patent is (by examiner relevancy codes), this may
offer your university extra incentive to engage an entity based on the relevancy of the innovation in question. This
can be undertaken for each patent or research article a university or commercial entity may possess.
Australian University design patent - wearable visual sensor and transceiver apparatus
The above visualisation is representative of a forward citation tree. This example is directed toward an Australian University design
patent relating to a ‘wearable visual sensor and transceiver apparatus’. Here, we are able to quickly see all organisations (both
academic and commercial) citing this IP. We are also able to colour code various information relating to citations such as
applicant/owner and technology field, to instantly (and visually) gain insight into this specific technology. For this example, the
likes of Google (in yellow), Samsung and LG Electronics are all citing the Australian University design patent.
Industry can also use this method in order to gauge a university’s expertise and research capability and highlight any
academic institutions working in the field relevant to the innovation in question. Industry also has the ability to utilise
this method to monitor the competitive technology landscape to highlight any new or emerging threats or potential
disruptors related to a technology field using innovation of relevance to the entity as a starting benchmark.
Research….. Repurposed!
Research originally directed to a specific technology area may have the ability to be repurposed into other
technology areas of viability. Academic or commercial organisation have the ability to locate other technology fields
for application of its innovation and investigate the ‘forward citations’ associated with a patent or research paper or
interest. This method has the ability of not only highlighting technological areas that others are adapting aspects of
your innovation toward, it also highlights other players or disruptors in the technology field who may be potential
sources of collaboration, licensing or commercial type opportunities.
Sulfur-vulcanizable rubber composition
Through its many forward citations, other entities are adapting parts of this technology to completely different
technology areas such as compositions for apparel (NIKE INC), coloured extruded food products (FRITO LAY NORTH
AMERICA), Solar Panel Components (BP CORP NORTH AMERICA), animal necessities (JOSEPH VAILLANT), additives
for cleaning and cosmetic compositions (HENKEL AG & CO KGAA) and antiglare articles including touch screens (3M
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