WorkCentre® 7425 / 7428 / 7435

7425 / 7428 / 7435
Target Markets
Vertical Market
Professional services; Government: Federal, State and Local; Education:
K-12 and higher; Healthcare; Financial Services; Life Sciences; Legal
Horizontal Market
Sales; Marketing; Finance; Human Resources; Executive / Administration;
Logistics; Operations and Planning; Customer Service; Quality Assurance; Training and Education
Selling Points
• Breakthrough 1200 x 2400 dpi print technology coupled with Xerox
Emulsion Aggregation High-Grade (EA-HG) toner for amazing, highquality output
• An innovative, new HiQ LED print head requires less space than laser
printers, letting us pack more finishing capacity into a small space
• Fewer moving parts than conventional laser printers means less
maintenance and greater uptime
• Blue-Angel-compliant, considered the most stringent environmental
award for information technology equipment
• Energy Star compliant — consumes less power (< 2 watts) than other
laser devices in its class
• The WorkCentre 7425/7428/7435 outputs color documents at a fast
20 ppm, 28 ppm or 35 ppm, depending on the model chosen
• Booklets are easy with a choice of optional finishers that stack, holepunch, fold and staple
• Optimized Duplex print productivity — first side is imaged then circles
around while the next side is imaged
• Print Around feature means you don’t wait for a problem print ahead
of yours to clear
• Large, intuitive touch screen puts 90 percent of the common features
on the first screen
• Integrates easily with 3rd party workflow applications, such as
accounting and document management
Business solutions
• Create searchable PDF, PDF/A, XPS files at the device and automatically route them to your desktop, network folder or email address
• Simplified driver management with Xerox Global Print Driver (X-GPD)
and Xerox Mobile Express Driver (X-MED)
• Users can specify unique driver settings for individual pages in a
document, then save and apply those settings to other jobs
• Fax Forwarding — Auto-route faxes to email, mailbox or network
folders to save on paper and speed retrieval and distribution
• The WorkCentre 7425/7428/7435 conforms to the latest industry
standards for network security, including IPSec, SNMPv3 and 802.1x
• Optional EFI conroller with easy-to-use color management controls,
powerful productivity features and superior workflow tools
Engine speed
Duty cycle (up to)
time (as fast as)
WorkCentre 7425
WorkCentre 7428
WorkCentre 7435
Up to 20 ppm color /
25 ppm black
Up to 28 ppm color /
28 ppm black
Up to 35 ppm color /
35 ppm black
60,000 pages / month
80,000 pages / month
105,000 pages /month
8.7 seconds color /
6.7 seconds blackand-white
6.4 seconds color / 5 seconds black-and-white
Automatic two-sided, Color touch screen interface, Electronic pre-collation,
Automatic tray selection, Build Job, Negative/Mirror image,
Automatic booklet creation, Multi-up, Auto RE, Mixed-size originals, Covers
insertion, Sample set, Book copying, Store and recall job programming,
Annotation, Auto color selection, Area designation, Poster mode,
Watermarks, Contone photo mode, ID Card Copy
Automatic two-sided, Secure Print, Delay print, Sample set, Booklet
creation, Cover selection, Paper selection by attribute, N-up,
Watermarks, Banner sheets, Fit to new paper size, Transparency Separators, Output tray selection, Store and recall driver settings, toner saver
Copy features
Print features
Additional options
Scan to Email, Scan to Folder
Scanning Enablement Kit: Scan to Email, Scan to Folder, Scan to FTP, Text
searchable PDF, PDF/A, XPS, Linearized PDF, JPEG, TIFF
Scan to PC Desktop™, Various Xerox Alliance Partner Solutions, SMARTsend®
Walkup fax (one-line and three-line options), Network Server Fax
Enablement Kit (requires Scanning Enablement Kit)
Fax features
LAN fax, Fax Forward, Duplex Send and Receive, print on fax up to
11 x 17 in. / A3, Fax Build Job
Integrated Office Finisher: 500-sheet stacker, 50-sheet single-position
stapling; Office Finisher LX: 2,000-sheet stacker, 50-sheet 3-position
stapling, optional hole-punch, optional booklet maker (score, saddle
stitch); Professional Finisher: 1,500-sheet stacker and 500-sheet top tray,
50-sheet multiposition stapling and hole punch, saddle-stitch
booklet maker, V-Fold; Convenience Stapler: staples 50-sheets
(based on 20 lb. bond), includes Work Surface
Finishing options
Auditron, Xerox Standard Accounting (Copy, Print, Fax, Scan),
Color Access for copy and print via Active Directory, Enabling Color
access control, Network Accounting/Job Based Accounting
Enablement Kit (Alliance Partners)
Secure Print, Authentication with LDAP/Kerberos/SMB/CAC, Image
overwrite security, Password Protected PDF, Encrypted Disk, FIPS 140
encryption, Encrypted Email, IPSec, 802.1x, SNMP v3.0
Secure Watermark, CAC, Secure Access Unified ID System® USB card reader
EFI Fiery Network Controller, Media Card / USB Thumbdrive Reader
(includes Work Surface), Thumbnail Preview, Common Access Card
enablement, Foreign Device Interface
Competitive Comparisons
Xerox WorkCentre®
Ricoh Aficio® MP
Canon Color imageRUNNER®
Konica Minolta bizhub®
Color copier, printer;
Optional: scanner, fax
Color copier, printer, scanner,
fax (spf configuration)
Color copier, printer, scanner;
Optional: fax
Color copier, printer, scanner;
Optional fax
7425: 20 ppm color / 25 ppm black;
7428: 28 ppm color / 28 ppm black;
7435: 35 ppm color / 35 ppm black
C2550: 25 ppm color / 25 ppm black;
C2800: 28 ppm color / 28 ppm black;
C3300: 33 ppm color / 33 ppm black
C2550: 23 ppm color / 25 ppm black
(at 600 x 600 dpi resolution only);
C3080i: 28 ppm color / 30 ppm black;
C3480: 30 ppm color / 34 ppm black
C203: 20 ppm color / 20 ppm black;
C253: 25 ppm color / 25 ppm black;
C353: 35 ppm color / 35 ppm black
First-page-out time (as
fast as: color / mono)
7425: 8.7 seconds color / 6.7 seconds
black; 7428/7435: 6.4 seconds color /
5.0 seconds black
C2550: 9.5 seconds color / 6.5 seconds
black; C2800/C3300: 8 seconds color /
5.0 seconds black
8.9 seconds color / 5.9 seconds black
C203 / C253: 11.7 seconds color / 7.7
seconds black; C353: 8.5 seconds color /
5.9 seconds black
Resolution unenhanced
1200 x 2400 dpi
C2550: 600 x 600 dpi;
C2800/C3300: 1200 x 1200 dpi
1200 x 1200 dpi
600 x 600 dpi
Xerox Controller; Optional EFI Fiery®
Network Controller
Ricoh Controller; Optional EFI Controller
(C2800/C3300 only)
Canon Controller; Optional EFI
imagePASS J1 (C3080i/C3480i only)
Konica Minolta; Optional EFI Fiery
IC-409 (C253/C353 only)
7425/7428/7435: 1.5 GB + 40 GB HD;
EFI Fiery Network Controller: 512 MB +
80 GB HD
C2550: 768 MB/1 GB + 60 GB HD
(shared); C2800/C3300: 1 GB + 80 GB
HD (shared)
1 GB/1.5 GB + 80 GB HD
1 GB + 60 GB HD (shared); EFI: 512 MB
+ 80 GB HD
75-sheet DADF
50-sheet ARDF
50-sheet DADF
100-sheet RADF
45 ppm color / 50 ppm black
C2550: 26 ppm color/41 ppm black;
C2800/C3300: 50 ppm color/
50 ppm black
44 ppm
70 ppm
Print speed
Memory (std / max)
Document feeder type
DADF scan speed
600 x 600 dpi
C2550: 600 x 600 dpi (1200 dpi TWAIN);
C2800/C3300: 600 x 600 dpi
600 x 600 dpi
600 x 600 dpi
Scan to email /
Scan to server
Scan to Email: Yes
Network Scan: Optional
Scan resolution (max)
Optional: 1 or 3 line
Walk-up fax
Paper Handling
Standard paper
Optional: one line or two line
C2550: 600 sheets; C2800/C3300:
1,200 sheets
1,150 sheets
1,150 sheets
5,140 sheets
C2550: 1,600 sheets; C2800/C3300:
4,400 sheets
4,950 sheets
3,650 sheets
Media sizes (bypass)
4.13 x 5.83 in. to 12 x 18 in.
3.5 x 5.8 in. to 12 x 23.6 in.
3.875 x 5.5625 in. to 12.6 x 18 in.
4 x 6 to 12 x 18 in.
(banners up to 11.75 x 47.25 in.
with optional FS-519 Finisher)
Media weights (bypass)
16 lb. bond to 100 lb. cover
C2550: 14 lb. bond to 140 lb. index;
C2800/C3300: 16 lb. bond to
140 lb. index
17 lb. bond to 110 lb. index
16 lb. bond to 150 lb. index
Maximum paper
Media sizes
(main trays)
2,180 or 3,140 sheets
C2550: optional dual lines; C2880/
C3300: up to 3 lines
5.5 x 8.5 in. to 11 x 17 in.
7.25 x 10.5 in. to 11 x 17 in.
Up to 12 x 18 in.
5.5 x 8.5 in. to 12 x 18 in.
Media weights
(main trays)
16 lb. bond to 100 lb. cover
16 lb. bond to 140 lb. index
17 lb. bond to 90 lb. index
16 lb. bond to 140 lb. index
Integrated Office Finisher: 500-sheet
output; Office Finisher LX: 2,000-sheet
output; Professional Finisher: 2,000sheet output
1,000-sheet Booklet Finisher
(C2800/ C3300 only); 500-sheet
Finisher: 1,000-sheet Finisher
(C2800/C3300 only)
Finisher-Z1: 500-sheet output; FinisherY1/Saddle Finisher: 2,000-sheet output,
FS-519 Base Finisher: 1,200-sheet
output; FS-609 booklet finisher: 1,000sheet output
Advantages /
Better print and finishing productivity
Less productive
Less productive
Less productive
Easier to use and maintain
Difficult to use and maintain
Difficult to use and maintain
Difficult to use and maintain
Finisher name
Outstanding image quality
Image quality is limited
Image quality is limited
Image quality is limited
Simple integration into
existing workflow
Integration into existing workflow
is disruptive
Integration into existing workflow
is disruptive
Integration into existing workflow
is disruptive
Greater cost control
Minimal cost control
Minimal cost control
Minimal cost control
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