Firebox® X Peak
Unified Threat
• Complete
Management protects you
from malicious network threats
Zero Day protection
• proactively
blocks new and
unknown attacks without
the performance
• ofDoubles
previous models and has
eight 10/100/1000 Gigabit
Ethernet ports
Manages resources,
• optimizing
traffic and
increasing uptime
configuration and
• Easy
management of Firebox X
appliances and services
Integrated security
• capabilities
for more
granular protection
10/100/1000 Gigabit Security for Demanding Networks
Firebox® X Peak™ is the highest-performance line of Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliances from
WatchGuard,® offering true Zero Day protection out of the box, with up to gigabit-per-second firewall throughput.
Integrating powerful security capabilities with advanced networking features, the Firebox X Peak delivers a superior
overall solution that meets the needs of the most demanding network environments.
Complete Unified Threat Management
Firebox X Peak provides comprehensive security by
integrating stateful packet firewall, VPN, true Zero Day
attack prevention, gateway anti-virus, intrusion
prevention, anti-spyware, anti-spam, and URL filtering
into a single appliance, reducing the time and costs
associated with managing multiple-point solutions.
True Zero Day Protection
The Intelligent Layered Security (ILS) in Firebox X Peak
offers true Zero Day protection right out of the box. It
protects against new and unknown threats before the
vulnerability is discovered and the exploit is created
and launched. Many vendors only provide signaturebased protection that requires a separate license fee.
These reactive solutions actually leave their customers
exposed to new types of threats.
Highest Performance Firebox X
Offering up to 2.0 Gbps firewall and up to 600 Mbps
VPN, Firebox X Peak provides the highest performance
and best scalability of any UTM solution in our line.
Firebox X Peak has eight 10/100/1000 Gigabit
Ethernet ports on all models to support high-speed
LAN backbone infrastructures, as well as gigabit WAN
connections. To maximize port utilization, any of the
eight ports can be configured as Internal, External, or
monitoring; and drag-and-drop VPN creation are all
included in WSM, with no hidden costs.
Integrated Security Capabilities for More
Granular Protection
Each WatchGuard security service works cooperatively
with the built-in Zero Day attack prevention of the Firebox X
Peak for an unbeatable combination of security
capabilities. These capabilities are fully integrated with
the Firebox, so no additional hardware is required.
Subscriptions are priced per appliance, not per user, so
there are no escalating costs. All security services are
continuously updated to give you up-to-the-minute
protection, and are centrally managed with WSM for
real-time views of all service activities.
Services include:
Get the best anti-spam service in the industry,
blocking up to 97% of unwanted e-mails.
Gateway AV/IPS
Rely on robust, signature-based protection at the
gateway against known viruses, spyware, trojans,
and Web-based exploits.
Increase productivity and decrease security risks
by blocking access to malicious Web content and
managing your users’ Web surfing.
Advanced Networking Capabilities
Firebox X Peak advanced networking features
intelligently manage resources, optimize traffic, and
increase network uptime. Multi-WAN load sharing and
interface failover increase performance and reliability,
while dynamic routing, and traffic management and
prioritization deliver superior network capabilities for
mission-critical data and communication throughout
your network.
Full Model Upgradeability and Scalability
As your network security requirements change, you can
easily extend and protect your security investment.
Increase capacity and firewall or VPN throughput, or
add any of our security capabilities with no hardware
replacement required.
The only truly model upgradeable UTM security
appliance on the market today, Firebox X Peak
lets you easily increase performance, capacity,
networking, and security capabilities as your
needs grow.
Firebox X Peak can be upgraded to support
growing business requirements with a simple
license key. No forklift upgrades.
Easy, Intuitive Management
WatchGuard System Manager (WSM), included in your
Firebox X Peak, streamlines your network security
administration. With a graphical user interface, quick
configuration wizards, and smart defaults, WSM
simplifies the installation process. Comprehensive
logging and reporting; interactive, real-time
Firebox®X PeakTM
Blocking Web-based Exploits
The Web is one of your most valuable business tools, but it can also be a
serious threat to your network. Unmanaged Web users can inadvertently or
deliberately create weaknesses, introducing bots and spyware that can put
sensitive corporate data in jeopardy and dramatically increase helpdesk calls.
Vulnerable networks are susceptible to Domain Name Server (DNS) cache
poisoning, buffer overflows, and Denial of Service (DoS) attacks.
URL filtering controls users' Web surfing to increase productivity, protect
network bandwidth, lower security risks, and decrease legal liability
resulting from inappropriate content in the workplace
True Zero Day protection shields your network against many new or
unknown threats before the vulnerability is discovered and the exploit is
created and launched
What You Need
Multi-layered anti-spyware capabilities block access to known spyware
sites, stop "drive-by" spyware from entering the network as a result of Web
surfing, and block spyware attempting to contact its host
HTTP proxies protect against network intrusion, DoS attacks, and DNS
cache poisoning
Integrated logging, reporting, and alerting provide detailed insight
into network activity, and allow you to take immediate preventive or
corrective action
Start with Firebox X Peak for true Zero Day attack protection and
gigabit performance
Activate subscriptions to WebBlocker for control over unauthorized Web
surfing, and to Gateway AV/IPS to block suspicious Web traffic and
downloaded files in real time
How the Protection Adds Up
Gateway anti-virus inspects Web traffic for viruses and other malware
surfing, and blocks spyware attempts
Cloaked Web servers prevent hackers from using your system information
to attack your network
Robust IPS capabilities control the use of Instant Messaging (IM) and
Peer-to-Peer (P2P) applications – two of the most common vehicles for
spyware distribution
Securing Remote Offices and Mobile Users
How the Protection Adds Up
With more employees telecommuting or working from satellite
facilities, the need for reliable and secure remote connections to resources
and data is great. Issues such as centralized management and reporting,
setting uniform security policies, interoperability with your existing network
resources and applications, and reliable remote connectivity should be
weighed carefully. And ensuring that remote devices meet your security policies
before accessing the network is critical.
Centralized policy and VPN management lets you uniformly enforce
security policies across all locations and users
Powerful Unified Threat Management for your remote offices and
telecommuters means your users and extended network are protected
from spyware, viruses, DOS attacks, and other dynamic threats
Easy, drag-and-drop Branch Office VPN configuration gets remote office
connectivity up and running in 3 clicks, and keeps IT costs low
What You Need
Start with Firebox X Peak for Unified Threat Management and gigabit
Add Firebox SSL VPN Gateway for secure, universal access for mobile
workers and telecommuters, Firebox X Edge to get exceptional wired or
wireless network perimeter protection for remote and branch offices, and
manage it all with WatchGuard System Manager
Secure remote access with end-point security checks gives mobile users
and telecommuters reliable remote access to network resources, and
ensures that their devices are secure before accessing the network
Gigabit performance provides reliability, redundancy, and flexibility for
varied network-connectivity environments and future network growth needs
Firebox®X PeakTM
Firebox® X5500e
Firebox® X6500e
Firebox® X8500e
Firebox® X8500e-F
Firewall Throughput*
900 Mbps
1.5 Gbps
2.0 Gbps
2.0 Gbps
VPN Throughput*
400 Mbps
600 Mbps
600 Mbps
600 Mbps
Gateway AV/IPS
URL Filtering
Spam Blocking
Interfaces 10/100/1000
8 (4 copper/4 fiber)
Serial Port
Security Zones (incl.)
4 RJ45, 4 SFP GBIC
Concurrent Sessions
Nodes Supported (LAN IPs)
Branch Office VPN Tunnels (incl./max.)
Mobile User VPN Tunnels (incl./max.)
Local User Authentication DB Limit
Model Upgradeable
*Throughput rates will vary depending on environment and configuration
Security Features
IP Address Assignment
(DES, 3DES, AES 128-, 192-, 256-bit)
•• Encryption
Redundancy Features
• High
• HA Active/Passive
Stateful Packet Firewall
Deep Application Inspection Firewall
Application Proxies - HTTP, SMTP, FTP, DNS, TCP
DoS and DDoS Prevention
Progressive DDoS Prevention
Protocol Anomaly Detection
Behavioral Analysis
Pattern Matching
Fragmented Packet Reassembly Protection
Malformed Packet Protection
Static Blocked Sources List
Dynamic Blocked Sources List
Time-based Rules
• SHA-1, MD5
• IKE - Pre-Shared Key
PPTP Server
PPTP Passthrough
Dead Peer Detection (RFC 3706)
Hardware-based Encryption
User Authentication
• Windows® Active Directory
RSA SecurID®
Local Authentication
X8500e-F Fiber Interface
Fiber (MMF)
•• Multi-mode
1000 Base SX
•• 850
LC Connectors
Port Independence
PPPoE Client
Dynamic DNS Client
DHCP Server
DHCP Client
DHCP Relay
• Configuration Synchronization
• Session Synchronization
• VPN Tunnel Synchronization
Multi-WAN Failover
• WAN Failover Ports - 4
• WAN Failover Modes (Active/Passive)
Load Sharing
Robin Load Sharing
•• Round
Up to 4 Ports
Traffic Management and Prioritization
•• Maximum
Maximum Connections/Second
Traffic Prioritization
•• Policy-based
Quality of Service
• 2 Prioritization
•• Static
RIPv1, v2
•• BGP4
Modes of Operation
Mode (Layer 2)
•• Transparent/Drop-in
Routed Mode (Layer 3)
Address Translation
NAT (Port Translation)
•• Static
Dynamic NAT
•• One-to-One
IPSec NAT Traversal
• Policy-based NAT
Log Aggregation
•• Multi-Appliance
WebTrends® Compatible Reports (WELF)
XML Log Format
Log Channel
•• Encrypted
System Alert
•• Management
Custom Program Alert
• Offline Configuration w/GUI
Management Software
• WatchGuard System Manager (WSM)
• EAL-4 - Pending
Support & Maintenance
Hardware Warranty
•• 1-Year
90-Day LiveSecurity® Service Subscription
Firebox®X PeakTM
Dimensions and Power
Appliance Dimensions
1.75" x 16.75" x 14.25" (4.5 x 42.6 x 36.2 cm)
Operating Temperature
32 – 113° F (0 – 45° C)
Packaging Dimensions
7.25" x 21.75" x 19” (18.4 x 54.6 x 48.2 cm)
Non-operating Temperature
-40 – 158° F (-40 – 70° C)
Appliance Weight
12.4 lbs (5.62 Kg)
Operating Humidity
10 - 85%
Total Weight
13.8 lbs (6.25 Kg)
Non-operating Humidity
10 - 95% Non-condensing at 131° F (55° C)
WEEE Weight
10.6 lbs (4.81 Kg)
Non-operating Random Vibration 7 - 28 Hz 0.001 to 0.01 G2 per Hz
AC Power
100-240 VAC Autosensing
Acoustic Noise
54 dBA at 20 - 25° C
Power Consumption
U.S. 80 Watts
Rest of World: 69 Cal/min or 273 BTU/min
Operating Mechanical Shock
20 G with 11 Msec duration 1/2 sine wave
WEEE/RoHS Compliant
Rack Mountable
LCD Navigation Buttons
Power Lights
LCD Display
Console Port
Cooling Fans
Network Status Lights
Network Interfaces
On/Off Switch
Expert Guidance and Support
The WatchGuard LiveSecurity Service is the most comprehensive bundled
support and maintenance offering in the industry. Our expert team will equip
you to better manage your network security. LiveSecurity Service offers software
updates, expert technical support, up-to the-minute security warning
broadcasts, advance hardware replacement, and self-help resources such as
training, certification, and tutorial programs. Premium support service is
available for companies with mission-critical Internet requirements.
Power Supply
FREE! 30-day trials
Get free 30-day trials of spamBlocker, WebBlocker, and
Gateway AV/IPS with the purchase of a Firebox X Peak.
Contact your reseller for details.
For more information on Firebox X Peak, visit
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