Compact Multifunction
POS Printer
Get receipt, slip, and validation printing all in
one small, space saving package.
The TM-U375 makes the most efficient use of limited
space, and with a clamshell mechanism that simplifies
roll paper replacement and a moveable platen that
facilitates slip insertion, this printer also boasts
excellent paper handling.
Handles many types
of media
EPSON’S high-quality
multifunction printer can be used
for a variety of applications. The
TM-U375 prints receipts, slips,
journals, and can also perform
validation printing. Printing up to
58 lines on slip paper and 16 lines
of validation printing, this printer
handles the needs of almost any
Optimized features and small footprint perfect for busy counters
Easy paper loading
High speed logic seeking print head
Save ports by using optional display interface
OPOS compliant
High reliability
User friendly design
and use
The moveable platen, paper
loading lever switch and clamshell
mechanism makes slip insertion,
roll paper loading and routine
maintenance quick and easy. The
TM-U375 also includes a port to
attach an optional EPSON pole
display. Add to this an ASB
(Automatic Status Back) function
to keep operators constantly
informed of printer status.
Small footprint
With a height of just 145 mm {5.7"}
and a footprint of only 186 ×
327 mm (W × D) {7.3 × 12.9"}, the
TM-U375 is one of the smallest
1.5 station printers available,
allowing you to use your limited
counter space to its maximum
The TM-U375 conforms to
EPSON's ESC/POS command
system. Moreover, high expandability and easy upgradability
ensure efficient use of current
software assets. Also, using the
EPSON OCX driver for OLE
POS (OPOS) will allow you to
reduce time and money spent on
developing POS application
Superb Reliability
EPSON’s world-renowned quality
and reliability are reflected in every
component and mechanism of the
TM-U375, ensuring our products
are unsurpassed in performance and
Compact Multifunction
POS Printer
TM-U375 Printer
TM-U375 Specifications
Print Method
9-pin, serial impact dot matrix
Print Font
Column capacity
33 / 40 columns
Character size
1.56 × 3.1 mm (W × H) / 1.24 × 3.1 mm (W × H)
{0.061 × 0.122" / 0.049 × 0.122"}
Character set
95 Alphanumeric characters, 32 International characters, 126 × 8 Graphic characters
Print Speed
Approx. 3.5 lps (40 columns, 16 cpi)
Approx. 5.4 lps (20 columns, 16 cpi)
Data Buffer
4 KB or 40 bytes
RS-232C / Bi-directional parallel
Paper Dimensions
Receipts or Journal: 76 ± 0.5 × diameter 83 mm {2.99 ± 0.02 × diameter 3.27"}
Slip: 70 to 182 × 160 to 257 mm (W × L) {2.76 to 7.17 × 6.30 to 10.12"}
Validation: 135 to 182 × 70 to 257 mm (W × L) {5.31 to 7.17 × 2.76 to 10.12"}
Paper Thickness
Receipts or Journal: 0.06 to 0.085 mm / sheet {0.0024 to 0.0033"}
(Total thickness: 0.16 mm {0.0062"} or less)
Slip: 0.09 to 0.12 mm / sheet {0.0035 to 0.0047"}
(Total thickness: 0.09 to 0.31 mm {0.0035 to 0.0122"})
Copy Capability
Receipts or Journal: One original and one copy
Slip: One original and two copies
Inked Ribbon
ERC-38 (black)
Ribbon Life
Black: 3,000,000 characters
Power Supply Voltage
24 VDC ± 10%
Current Consumption
Approx. 1.4 A (mean)
D.K.D. Function
2 drivers
MTBF 180,000 hours
MCBF 29,000,000 lines
Overall Dimensions
186 × 327 × 145 mm (W × D × H) {7.3 × 12.9 × 5.7"}
Approx. 4.0 kg {8.8 lb}
EMI Standards
VCCI class A, FCC class A, CE marking
Safety Standards
Inch values are approximate.
cpi: characters per 25.4 mm (characters per inch)
lps: lines per second
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