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Plain Paper Fax and
Digital Answering Machine
• Telephone • Plain paper copy
Digital Answering
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This high quality plain paper fax with exceptional fax
management facilities boasts a digital answering machine,
integrated telephone handset and hands-free speakerphone.
Housed within its stylish and feature packed design, the
FAX-T76 represents the all in one communications
Plain Paper Thermal Transfer
solution for the small office and home environment.
CCITT group compatibility G3
Modem Speed
Up to 15 mins digital recording
Its a comfort to know you have up to 15 mins of digital
quality answerphone messages at your disposal.
Remote message retrieval
Collect your answerphone messages from a different
location at anytime.
Integrated telephone handset
With the reassurance of a conventional telephone, this
device can exist as comfortably in the office space as it
can in the home environment.
Distinctive Ring
A service purchased from the
Telephone Company that allows two
or more telephone numbers to share
a single fixed line, the function
enables the machine to provide a
different ring tune for each number**
Reduce transmission times by
scanning a fax into memory
before sending.
Auto Reduction
When receiving a single page
document between 297mm and
350mm long the fax machine will
automatically reduce the message to
fit onto a single A4 sheet.
Makes copies of each page loaded in
the ADF
Up to 14,400 bps
Data Compression
Modified Huffman (MH)
Transmission Speed
9 seconds (excluding protocols)*
Integrated telephone handset
Full Duplex Speaker
Allows 'hands free' telephone
Phone conversation
Mute / Music on Hold
Puts call on Hold with
background music
FAX/TEL Switch
Automatic recognition of fax and
telephone reception
ADF ( Auto Document Feed ) Up to 10 sheets
Input/Output Width
Up to 21.6 cm
Paper Capacity
Up to 30 sheets
Memory Capacity
512 KB
Presents multi-copies in sheet order
Out of Paper Reception
Up to 20 pages*
‘Hands-free’ speakerphone
In a busy office environment, multi-tasking is
commonplace. This feature allows you to make
a call ‘hands-free’ and hold a conversation
whilst working.
Memory Backup
Up to 6 hours
Presents multi-copies in
document order
One Touch
Speed Dial
Reduce or Increase document
sizes from 50% to 150%
Enables the user to find a speed dial
by keying in the initial characters of
the stored name
LCD Display Size
16 Characters on 1 Line
On-Screen Programming
Easy to use design
This modern, compact design has great benefits
ideally suited for use in both the home office and
domestic home environment.
Send the same fax message
to up to 54 separate locations
Polling Type
Standard, Secure, Delayed
and Sequential
Step by step prompts are displayed
within the LCD in order to facilitate
programming machine options
and settings.
Help List
Group Dial
Up to 4 groups
A single key printing a list of basic
operational steps and functions.
Next-FAX Reservation
Prepare a fax for transmission whilst
the machine is already receiving a call
Electronic Cover-page
Generates a cover page at the
recipients machine.
Delayed Transmission
Send a fax at a specified time (within
24 hours) - useful if sending a fax
overseas or taking advantage of a
lower call rate
Journal Report
Lists information about the last 30
incoming and outgoing faxes.
Fax Forwarding
Sends a fax received in memory to
another pre-programmed fax number
Verification Report
Reports transmission details
after each fax is sent.
Message Manager
Remote Retrieval
Allows you to call your machine from
any touch tone phone or group 3 fax
set for tone dialling and retrieve a fax
Electronic messaging facility for
faxes and voice mail.
TAD Recording Time
Up to 15 minutes
On screen programming
The large 16 character LCD display can intuitively
guide you through the comprehensive capabilities of
the FAX-T76
54 speed dial locations
Easily self program up to 54 vital suppliers, contacts
or friends, then telephone or fax them at a touch of
a button.
Grey Scale (levels)
64 levels
10 page auto document feed
Save time by allowing the FAX-T76 to handle your
multi-page documents whilst unattended.
Super Fine
Enables quality transmission of very
small print and line drawings
Improves the quality of incoming
faxes by smoothing out the stepped
effect of printed images
30 sheet paper capacity
Cassette storage of up to 30 pages of plain paper.
Enables separate resolution
selection for each page of a fax
20 page memory*
Stores up to 20 pages of a received document when
the paper tray has run out.
Automatic Redial
Automatic redialling if the recipient
fax is busy
(Error Correction Mode)
Where machines share the ECM
feature, detects errors during fax
transmission and resends the page(s)
of the document that had an error
Caller ID
A service purchased from the
Telephone Company that lets you see
the number calling you**
Auto Fax/Tel Management
The FAX-T76 can automatically detect whether an
incoming call is a fax or voice call. Inbound calls can
then be either routed to the phone, fax or answering
OGM (Out Going Message) Up to 20 seconds
Remote Message Control
Allows you to access and adjust
many Message Manager settings via
a touch tone phone or group 3 fax set
to tone.
Backup for clock
Up to 15 hours
Power Consumption
Stand-by: under 5 w
334mm width x 301mm depth x
281mm high, excluding packaging,
paper support, paper supply and
catch trays
Peak: 170 w
2.9 kg, excluding consumables
and accessories
PC-70, 1 x cassette including 140
sheet ribbon. PC-71RF, 1 x 140 sheet
ribbon. PC-72RF, 2 x 140 sheet ribbon
PC-74RF 4 x 140 sheet ribbon
* Based on ITU Test Chart No.1 ** A subscription may be required for this service
Whilst in copier mode the FAX-T76 can make convenient
copies of your plain paper documents.
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