Portable conductivity meter, CM 35

Portable conductivity meter,
CM 35
Two instruments in one. The conductivity cells normally used with the
CM 35 have an integrated temperature sensor. As a result, apart from
measuring conductivity the instrument can be used as a thermometer
up to 60 or 80°C, depending on
the cell used. By replacing the cell
with an appropriate Pt 1000 probe
the CM 35 becomes a precision
thermometer up to 600°C.
The CM 35 is a very robust, light and
functional instrument.
Key features
Double LCD display, for simultaneous reading of the specific conductivity at the selected reference
temperature, 20 or 25ºC, and the
real temperature of the sample.
Double function: apart from acting
as a conductivity meter it can be
used as a precision thermometer.
The temperature probes which can
be connected to the CM 35 are
described on page 98.
Automatic temperature
compensation applying a selectable
temperature coefficient of between
0 and 5 %/ºC.
Calibration with one, two or
three standards.
The instrument automatically
switches itself off if no keys are
pressed for 5 minutes. This function
can be disabled by the user.
Industrial-use membrane keypad,
damp-proofed and long-life.
The casing is ABS with joints to
ensure IP 65 waterproofing.
Sensors connector with IP 67
Salinity measurements, up to 50
g/l of NaCl.
Optional carry-case, holds
everything you need to work in
Automatic change of scale from
µS/cm to mS/cm, both during calibration or measurement. The instrument selects the scale with the best
resolution for each measurement.
Works with cells with electrodes
made of different materials, platinum or titanium.
The CM 35 is supplied with the
specifications Certificate and the EC
Declaration of Conformity as per
directive EMC 89/336/EC.
For further information, please see
page 132.
Laboratory Catalogue 2004
1st Edition
Display examples
The whole range of
functions can be
accessed using only
4 keys, both in
conductivity meter
and thermometer
Simultaneous measurement of
specific conductivity at 25°C and
temperature of the sample.
Measurement of salinity
The CM 35 software is similar to that
of all other CRISON portables, and
has been designed to make the use
of this new range of instruments as
easy as possible.
Technical specifications
Measuring ranges
Conductivity, χ
Instrument in calibration mode with
one, two or three standards.
Measuring as a thermometer
Measuring error (± 1 digit)
Reproducibility (± 1 digit)
Temperature compensation
Reference temperature, RT
Temperature coefficient, TC
Accepted cell constant
Low battery warning
Sensors connector
Power supply
Electrical safety
EMC (Electromagnetic compatibility)
Degree of protection
Permitted ambient conditions
Physical parameters
0.01 µS/cm… 500 mS/cm (See cells)
–20.0... 150.0
0.0… 1999 mg/l NaCl
2.0… 50.0 g/l
-200... 600ºC,
Conductivity depending on the range and cell constant used.
Temperature 0.1ºC between-99.9 …199.9 ºC. Rest of the range1 ºC
Conductivity ≤0.5 % m.v. (in the range 0-10 µS/cm, ≤0.02 µS/cm)
Salinity ≤ 2% measured value.
Temperature ≤ 0.2ºC
Thermometer ≤ 0.2ºC between -99.9 … 199.9ºC, rest of the range ≤ 1ºC.
Conductivity meter, better than ± 0.2% of the readings
Thermometer, ± 0.1 ºC between -99.9 … 199.9ºC. Rest of the range ± 1ºC.
Using a Pt 1000 sensor built into the cell.
20 or 25ºC, selectable.
0.00... 5.00%/ºC, selectable.
1, 2 or 3 calibration standards.
Automatic standards recognition: 147 µS/cm, 1413 µS/cm
and 12.88 mS/cm (at 25ºC). Values between10 and 35 ºC.
Factory settings
Between 0.05 and 50 cm -1
Liquid crytal, with icons
Membrane, 4 keys. Guaranteed for up to 6 million strokes per key.
Material: PET with protective treatment
MP-5, five-contact multipin. IP 67 protection.
Two 1.5V, type AA batteries, autonomy of over 300 h
EN 61010-1, EN 61010-1/A2
Meets EC, EN 61326, EN 61326/A1
IP 65
Operating temperature 0 ... 50ºC
Storage and transport temperature –15 ... 65ºC
< 80 % relative humidity, non-condensing
Casing material: ABS
Weight ~200 g, dimensions: 160 x 75 x 50 mm
Specifications subject to change without notice
Ordering information
35 00
CM 35 without accessories
35 01
CM 35 with accessories, without cell
35 02
CM 35 with accessories and carry case
ACCESSORIES: Bottles containing 125 ml of standard solutions 147, 1413 S/cm and 12.88 mS/cm,
small flasks for calibration.
CELLS: The cell should be requested separately for all versions of the CM 35, see page 80.
Laboratory Catalogue 2004
1st Edition
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