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IQ 4400
It’s an online world
The all new IQ 4400 with market leading CIS quality:
Connects directly to your global network,
supporting your wide-format workflows
IQ large-format scanners offer you an outstanding collaborative workflow whether you work
with in-house scanning activities or in project groups of global players. Using simple onetouch buttons you can scan directly over the network to your desk and continue working
instantly. You get exceptional professional-grade quality with true 1200dpi optical resolution
and patented technologies that ensure accurate results the first time.
Whether you are in a private business or government, the Contex IQ 4400 series is designed for collaboration projects through occasional scanning or the creation of digital
archives. The 44" imaging area delivers clean, sharp image quality on technical documents,
sketches, and maps.
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IQ 4400
IQ 4400: Market leading CIS quality
New high standards
Key features
Contex sets the highest standards in scanning technical documents, maps and drawings. The IQ 4400 is
built to withstand high-volume use on daily basis and
is available in a new sleek and lightweight design.
With IQ 4400 you get a total scanning solution with
leading-edge software and network connectivity that
fit your existing tools and business processes.
• Gigabit Ethernet with xDTR2 standard
Contex IQ technology
Digital documents at once, anywhere
• ENERGY STAR compliant, using just 1W in standby
Instant-on scanning and one-touch interface save
time in scanning large documents. Simply load your
document and the scanner immediately comes to
live. Click a one-touch button to scan directly to your
preferred destination. Nextimage software makes
scanning to file, to print, or to the network fast and
• 1200dpi optical resolution standard
• Scanner sharing across a network, and sending
files to remote desktop
• Enhanced image quality with Contex patented
CIS technology and new CIS modules.
• Superior image quality with Contex patented colorfringe removal (CFR)
• 44" wide document handling
• All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) for a perfect grip on your
• See what you scan with face-up scanning
• One-touch scanning
Another great advantage is upgradeable speed and
resolution. That means your scanner can meet all your
needs today, and then grow along with your business.
Return guides makes docu­ment handling and scanning operations faster
and simpler, while protecting your fragile originals.
IQ 4490
Productivity1 (documents/hour): Batch scanning for 60 minutes. Includes paper load and eject time. Measured in completed scans.
Arch D-size, RGB Color, 200dpi
Arch D-size, Monochrome, 200dpi
A1-size, RGB Color, 200dpi
A1-size, Monochrome, 200dpi
(Ready / Power Save / Scanning)
Power Requirements
Weight & Dimensions
44 inch (1118 mm)
47 inch (1194 mm)
1200 dpi
9600 dpi
64,800 pixels
Contex Unibody CIS design
44 inch (1118 mm)
47 inch (1194 mm)
1200 dpi
9600 dpi
64,800 pixels
Contex Unibody CIS design
0.08 inch (2 mm)
0.1% +/- 1 pixel
48-bit / 16-bit
Adobe RGB, sRGB and Device RGB
Pull / Push
0.08 inch (2 mm)
0.1% +/- 1 pixel
48-bit / 16-bit
Adobe RGB, sRGB and Device RGB
Pull / Push
AutoCAD®, Microstationtm, ArcGIStm and all other CAD, GIS and image editing / storage applications
TIF, JPG, PDF, DWF, CALS, BMP, JPEG-2000(JP2), JPEG2000 Extended(JPX), TIF-G3, TIF-G4, others
32 and 64-bit Windows 8, Windows 7, XP and Vista
32-bit TWAIN application driver included for use with EDM and other imaging software
8W / 1W / 22W
110/220/240V, 60/50Hz, 22W
27 kg, LxWxH: 53.1 x 18.9 x 6.3 inches (135.0 x 48.0 x 16.1 cm)
CE, cUL, Gost-R, VCCI, FCC Class A, RoHS and ENERGY STAR
Scanning speeds depend on document width and computer configuration. Contex recommends Intel Core Duo, Core 2 Duo,
or better processors, 2GB RAM, Hi-speed USB2.
Speed tests performed using Nextimage software, PC with Intel Core i5-2500 Quad processor, 8GB RAM, Hi-speed USB2,
7200rpm HDD, Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate.
Signal Intensity Matching (SIGMA) is a Contex Patent. Sensor heating during a scan can cause inhomogeneous images.
Thanks to Contex innovative thinking Contex IQ 4400 series scanners will minimize sensor differences LIVE during a scan.
Color Fringe Removal (CFR) is a Contex Patent. Color Fringing is a natural consequence of CIS technology sequentially
flashing R-G-B. Thanks to Contex innovative thinking CFR will remove this problem with advanced filter technology.
Contex applications creates industry standard raster file formats that can be used in any CAD or GIS application
Requires optional Nextimage software
All trademarks remain the property of their respective holders, and are used only to directly describe the product being
provided. Their use in no way indicates any relationship between Contex A/S and the holders of the said trademarks.
Color Fringing is a natural consequence of CIS technology sequentially flashing R-G-B. Contex patented
CFR removes this problem with
advanced filter technology.
All IQ 4400 scanners come standard
with hi-speed EthernetContex scanners use X-Rite
i1Profiles for professional
color results
Contex Head Office
Phone: +45 4814 1122
Contex Americas
Maryland, USA
Phone: +1 (703) 964 9850
Contex EMEA & AP
Copenhagen, Denmark
Phone: +45 4814 1122
Contex Singapore
Phone: +65 6853 8129
Contex China
Phone: +86 21 6422 2525
Contex Japan
Phone: +81 3 3669 5515
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IQ 4450
Scanning Speed1 (inch/sec.): Scanner speed while scanning 36-inch wide document.
200 dpi RGB Color
Upgradable to 3.0 inch/sec color
200 dpi Grayscale / Monochrome
File formats5
Device Drivers
Nextimage TWAIN
Power Consumption
Contex IQ models are designed for line
drawings, maps and other technical
• User upgradable – Need color? More speed? Higher
resolution? Upgrading is electronic, fast and easy.
Grows with your business
Maximum Scan Width
Maximum Media Width
Scan Length
Optical Resolution
Maximum Resolution
Total number of Pixels
CIS Technology
Contex SIGMA2
Contex CFR3
Maximum Media Thickness
Data Capture (color/mono)
Color Space
USB with xDTR
Gigabit Ethernet with xDTR2
Network workflow
Energy Star compliant
Contex Custom Dual Diffusion CIS
Contex IQ scanners use the latest in
high quality CIS modules with Contex
Dual Diffusion. This combined with
xDTR, CFR and Sigma provides the
best quality CIS scans in the market.
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