Falcon Waterless Urinals

Falcon Waterless
Ur i n a l s
Saving water reduces costs and saves
money. Each Falcon waterless urinal saves
an average of 150,000 litres (33,000
gallons) of fresh water per year.
A waterless urinal will not leak. A small
steady leak from a cistern can waste up to
227,000 litres (50,000 gallons) of water per
year. A stuck urinal flush valve can waste
6,370 litres (1,400 gallons) per day!
Why Install Waterless Urinals?
The waterless urinal is one of those rare products that save
money and time while conserving natural resources. The
savings for individual facilities can be significant and the
accumulative savings around the world is huge even though
less than 1 percent of urinals are waterless.
But as well as saving water and energy, waterless urinals
create more hygienic, odour-free washrooms.
Economic Benefits
Using water to dispose of urine (which is 97% water) makes
no economic sense, particularly as the supply of available
fresh water decreases. Waterless urinals save in three
important ways:
1. No Flushing Mechanism: reduces the purchase
price: Because they have no flushing mechanism, waterless
urinals are cheaper to purchase and install. All you need
is a drainage outlet, approximately 1 hour for the actual
installation and 3 to 5 minutes to install the waterless
2. Reduced Energy Costs: No water means you save
100 per cent in water charges and reduced sewage charges
– both of which are on the rise. Waterless urinals also
eliminate the energy costs associated with pumping water
to and from the fixture as well as the energy necessary
to treat approximately 150,000 litres (33,000 gallons) of
diluted urine per fixture per year.
Roughly 5% of the world’s fresh water is
used to carry away urine
On average each Falcon Waterless urinal
saves 33,000 gallons (150,000 litres) or
more of fresh water per year.
3. Reduced Maintenance Costs: Maintenance for a
Falcon waterless urinal amounts to periodic changing of the
touch free waterless urinal cartridge and the same standard
clean up associated with traditional urinals. No flush means
no stuck or broken valves and since no hard water runs
through the sewage lines they remain free of calcification.
This means reduced costs associated with pipe cleaning.
Cleaning is also faster as there is no need to scrub minerals
left behind by water.
Hygiene Benefits
Washrooms are more hygienic with lower bacteria levels
when waterless urinals are installed. Without flushing
water, there are no bacteria-spreading flush plumes. This
means that the area around the waterless urinals and the
entire washroom is cleaner and more hygienic.
User Benefits
Falcon Velocity Replacement Cartridge
Falcon waterless urinals also reduce washroom odours by locking
urine into the waterless patented urinal cartridge. The cartridge’s
airtight seal combined with the liquid sealant is estimated to be
500 times more effective than conventional P-traps.
Genuine original manufacturer’s replacement cartridge for Aridian
waterless and Falcon Waterfree urinal bowls. The Velocity patentpending anti-splash pour spout utilizes speed and direction to
streamline urine through your pipes and help keep your housing
and drain cleaner.
The Falcon Lava
The Falcon Lava urinal features a patent-pending, splash-free design
with contemporary styling and a mid-size wall footprint making it
ideal for retrofits or new construction. The Lava includes a special
area for messaging which can be used to promote the water saving
features and other environmental benefits. Alternatively, it can be
used as revenue generating advertising space. The Falcon Lava is
made of vitreous china and is available in horizontal or vertical
drain versions.
Main features:
• Improved hygiene and safety
• Waterfree
• Reduced water and sewer costs
• No moving parts
• No costly flush valve or sensor repairs
• Patented, sealed locking cartridge
• Odour-free
• Vandal resistant
• Maintenance-free cartridge
• Smooth, non-porous surfaces
• Minimal care and easy cleaning (see separate sheet)
• Vitreous china bowl
• Unsurpassed durability
Replacement Cartridge
Kits include:
• Sealed cartridge
• Installation key (also sold
• Pre-measured liquid sealant
• Disposal bag
• Plastic gloves
• Instruction sheet
The Falcon Waterfree system consists of vitreous china or
stainless steel fixtures with a patented cartridge that locks into
the base of the urinal. The design of the urinal bowl and use
of nonporous materials ensure that all urine passes into the
cartridge. That’s all there is - no flush valve assembly, no water
supply hookup, only a standard waste.
Falcon waterless urinals already make global water
savings of over 50 billion litres
(11 billion gallons) per year. Once installed, a Falcon
waterless urinal will reduce your water bills and improve
green credentials.
T his touch free waterless patented
urinal cartridge is made out of
non-stick, non-porous material and
designed to work like a funnel.
Urine passes through the waterless
system where the Falcon Waterfree
Technologies’ sealant forms an
airtight barrier between it and the
washroom space helping to keep
your washroom odour free.
T he sealant is less dense than water
allowing urine to pass through and
flow into the drain. As liquid passes
through, the cartridge works to
filter and collect uric sediment that
could otherwise end up in the drain
line translating into an odour-free
washroom, clean pipes and zero
water waste.
I nternal components create speed
and direction for exit flow helping
to keep the housing and pipes
cleaner. The waterless patented
urinal cartridge also features an
O ring, which provides an airtight
barrier between the cartridge
and the urinal itself. The only
maintenance required is routine
cleaning of the fixture and an easy
change of the cartridge, two to
four times per year (depending on
the use).
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