DocuCentre-V 3065 / 3060 / 2060

DocuCentre-V 3065 / 3060 / 2060
3065 / 3060 / 2060
Easy to Operate, Easy to Collaborate
A compact multifunction device saving work,
space, and cost.
Based on the foundation of solid basic functions, the functionality of
the DocuCentre-V 3065 / 3060 / 2060 can be enhanced to suit your work style.
Excellent noise-free environmental performance is provided in addition to easy-to-use
operability and visibility. Includes a variety of features that increase efficiency of day-to-day
operations and reduce cost. The birth of a dependable
monochrome multifunction device that supports
operations within a small office.
35 30 25
35 30 25
Super G3
B / W, Colour
*1: A4 LEF
*2: Fuji Xerox Standard Paper (A4 LEF) 200dpi, to Folder.
DocuCentre-V 3065 / 3060 / 2060
*The picture shows the multifunction
device with options: Side Tray and Fax Kit.
A variety of options with a variety of combinations.
Flexibly adapting to any installation space.
Optional Functions
1 Finisher-A1
2 Finisher-B1
2-hole punch
3 Booklet Maker Unit for
Finisher B1
4 1 Tray Module
5 1 Tray Module with Cabinet
2-hole punch+saddle staple
6 3 Tray module
Convenient inner output tray, bypass tray that
can be used to print on envelope
The inner output tray
and optional side tray
allow you to switch
output trays for copy,
fax, and print jobs.
The bypass tray is
convenient for printing
on envelopes used
when sending delivery
notes and invoices.
More efficient use of multifunction device
Easy Fingertip Control.
The new DocuCentre-V series take
advantage of technology seen
in smartphones and tablets by
enabling users to operate the devices
intuitively, for faster and more
efficient production. Four different
gestures – tap, double-tap, drag and
flick – can be used to scroll and switch
functions smoothly and quickly.
*Pinch in and pinch out operations
(zooming in/out with two fingers) are
not supported.
Clear printout
Easy operation from “Simple” windows
Faithfully reproduce detailed figures in high-quality 1200 x
1200 dpi resolution.
“Simple Copy” and “Simple Fax” windows are available to easy
operation. This operation by showing only the basic settings.
Easier to read with 5 mm font.
Faster scan
A monochrome multifunction device equipped with high speed
colour scanner. Large volume paper documents can be turned
into electronic form easily with the use of Duplex Automatic
Document Feeder.
Waste-free fax
Scan data can be converted to DocuWorks document or
PDF when sending as e-mail or storing in PC. Also available
are functions such as OCR* useful for search, compression to
reduce communication load, and password to provide security.
Scanned data can be saved directly to USB memory.
Received fax documents are stored in a folder and you can
view their thumbnails to print only the necessary documents.
This reduces unnecessary print out. Once a fax is stored in a
folder, you can send it by mail or transfer it to a shared folder
in addition to printing. You can even check the content of your
fax on your smartphone while on the go.
* Optional.
Received fax
Two easy-to-use scan applications are available
Scan Auto (personal use)
Automatically send scanned file to
yourself. No need to worry about setting
because scan settings are automated.
By task Scan Delivery (group use)*
Press a button specific to the type of
document and send the scanned file to
the specified storage destination. The
administrator configures in advance
so there is no need to configure
* Optional.
Send as
Check fax on
your smartphone
FTP transfer
SMB transfer
Direct Fax (sending fax directly from PC) can also be used.
Sent fax documents can also be saved as PDF and sent as
e-mail attachments.
Allows administrators to block incoming faxes from certain
numbers and anonymous numbers.
Supports secure and waste-free output
Authentication using IC card
Print jobs are stored in the storage device of the multifunction
device and output only after authenticating. This prevents
uncollected print output and print error. You can also set the
number of copies or change the print settings such as from 2
to 1 sided or color to monochrome mode during output. Thus
reducing error, waste, and TCO.
The authentication function can be used to restrict
unauthorized users from accessing the multifunction device.
You can also check each user’s usage from the job log.
Authentication using an IC card is also possible by adding an
IC card reader to the multifunction device.
* Requires use of authenticate mode.
Efficiently utilize multiple multifunction devices
Printable from Any Machine on Demand
After a job has been sent to the device, users can choose the
“Server-less On-demand” feature to print it from any machine
on the network on demand, simply by logging on to the
machine. Even if the selected device is in use, users can choose
their job from another machine and print it. No dedicated
server is required for this feature. It is also possible to use up
to five devices in this way by grouping them – for example, by
floor or workgroup.
On a machine having fewer
load on the network, login
through authentication, select
a stored job, and print it.
The specified
machine is in use.
Store data.
Transferring of data
* Optional.
Authentication with
IC card reader
Easy printing wherever you are
Print Utility for iOS / Android
Wi-Fi Direct®
This free Fuji Xerox application lets you output web pages,
pictures, DocuWorks and PDF documents*1, and import
scanned documents to mobile devices. You can configure it
to print N-up and duplex. Server-less On-demand printing *2
is also available by assigning authentication information.
Additionally, the application is supported by standard
printing frameworks on Android™ OS 4.4 or later. More
applications allow output using Print Utility for Android.
Wi-Fi Direct® can be used with a wireless LAN adaptor. You
can connect personal mobile devices directly to the multifunction device then print. Using a wireless LAN access
point allows you to separate connections from business
mobile devices and computers on an Intranet.
*Print Utility can be downloaded for free from the App Store (iOS) or
Google Play™(Android).
*1:Outputting DocuWorks and PDF documents requires DocuWorks
Viewer Light for iPhone/iPad or DocuWorks Viewer Light for Android.
Google Cloud Print
By registering the multi-function device
with Google Cloud Print, you can output
documents via the cloud from Android™
devices, Chromebook™ and computers.
Giving permission to office visitors provides them with a
printing environment without connecting to your Intranet.
*Google Could Print is a web printing service from Google.
Supports AirPrint, iOS and OS X standard print
functions. You can output e-mails and documents
created with Apple applications, including
Safari, Map, Numbers, Pages and Keynote, and Microsoft
applications such as Word, Excel® and PowerPoint®.
Mopria™ Print
You can output on a Mopria-certified device
from Mopria Print Service* installed on mobile
devices without installing different printing
applications of models or manufacturers.
*Mopria Print Service can be downloaded for free from Google Play™.
(Android™ 4.4 or later)
Environmentally responsible
Excellent noise reduction performance
through airflow design
Natural convection is used in addition to reducing the number
of cooling fans and the fan is stopped completely during
standby. This enables energy-saving and ultra-low noise during
standby (3.3B*1). Also, the 6.7B*2 noise level during operation is
hardly noticeable enabling installation on top or side of a desk
with no problem.
* For DocuCentre-V 2060
*1:A-weighted sound power level (LwAd), A-weighted emission sound pressure
level (LpAm) is 16dB. Measurement is ISO7779.
*2:A-weighted sound power level (LwAd), emission sound pressure level
(LpAm) is 49dB. Measurement is ISO7779.
Quickly reverting operation panel
The control panel becomes available about 3 seconds after
pressing the power save button. Promoting environmental
awareness without special consideration.
Energy-saving design consuming less than
1.0 W* power during sleep mode
The newly adopted low-power controller and fax boards
significantly improve power consumption during sleep. Energy
efficiency is increased.
* For CP model
Sleep mode power consumption comparison (unit: W)
Using environmentally safe new materials
Facing the challenges of modern society such as global
warming, petroleum resource depletion and food problem,
Fuji Xerox is engaged in the research and development of
environment friendly cellulosic bio-based plastics. The newly
developed “woody non-edible biomass plastics” has more
strength and flame resistance compared with the conventional
petroleum-based plastics and enables reduction of CO2
emissions. It is adopted also for some parts of new products.
DocuCentre-IV 3060
DocuCentre-V 3060
“Smart Energy Management” for
Specific Power Use
Reduced power consumption with
excellent TEC value
Power consumption and CO2 emissions are reduced by
supplying power only to the portion to be used depending
on the used functions. For example, during scanning or fax
transmission, no power is supplied to unnecessary output
Complies with International ENERGY STAR® Program. Greatly
contributes to reduction of power consumption.
(Example)During scan or fax transmission
Power supplied
No power supplied
*Value measured by the test defined in International ENERGY STAR® Program.
DocuCentre-V 3065
CP model
1.6 kWh
DocuCentre-V 3060
CP model
1.4 kWh
DocuCentre-V 2060
CP model
1.1 kWh
Specifications of DocuCentre-V 3065 / 3060 / 2060
Basic Specifications/Copy Function
Scan Function ( Optional )
DocuCentre-V 3065
Desktop / Console
Colour Scanner
Memory capacity
4 GB (Max: 4 GB)
Scan Resolution
Hard disk capacity*1
Optional: 160 GB or larger (Usable space: 128 GB)
Scan Resolution
600 x 600 dpi
Duplex Automatic B/W: 55 ppm, Colour: 55 ppm
Document Feeder [Fuji Xerox Standard Paper (A4 LEF), 200dpi, to Folder.]
Printing Resolution
1200 x 1200 dpi
Warm-up Time
32 seconds or less, 14 seconds or less if the main power is on (At room temperature 23ºC)
Original Size
Maximum of 297 x 432 mm (A3, 11 x 17") for both Sheet and Book
Paper Size
Paper Tray
DocuCentre-V 2060
A3, 11 x 17"
A5 [Postcard (100 x 148 mm) and Envelope Monarch (191 x 98 mm)
when using Bypass Tray]
600 x 600 dpi, 400 x 400 dpi, 300 x 300 dpi, 200 x 200 dpi
Ethernet 1000BASE-T / 100BASE-TX / 10BASE-T
*1: The scanning speed varies depending on the documents.
Fax Function ( Optional )
Original Size
Max: A3, 11 x 17", Long document (Longest 600 mm)
Image loss width Lead Edge 4.0 mm, Trail Edge 2.0 mm, Right & Left Edges 2.0 mm
Recording Paper Size
Max: A3, 11 x 17" Min: A5
Paper Tray
60 to 256 gsm
Transmission Time
2 seconds and more but fewer than 3 seconds*1
Bypass Tray
60 to 216 gsm
Transmission Mode
Applicable Lines
Telephone subscriber line, PBX, Fax communication (PSTN),
Maximum 3 ports*2 (G3-3 ports)
First Copy Output Time
DocuCentre-V 3060
4.5 sec. (A4 LEF)
A4 LEF / B5 LEF 35 ppm
30 ppm
25 ppm
26 ppm
23 ppm
19 ppm
13 ppm
13 ppm
11 ppm
22 ppm
20 ppm
16 ppm
19 ppm
17 ppm
14 ppm
500 sheets x 1-tray + Bypass Tray 96 sheets
1 Tray Module / 1 Tray Module with Cabinet: 500 sheets x 1-tray
3 Tray Module: 500 sheets x 3-tray
DocuCentre-V 3065
2096 sheets [Standard + 3 Tray Module]
Original Size
Max: A3, 11 x 17" Min: A5 *1
*1: When A4 size document with approximately 700 characters is transmitted in standard image-quality (8 x
3.85 lines / mm) and in high-speed mode (28.8 kbps or faster, JBIG). Only indicates the time for transmitting
the image information and does not include the communication control time. The total communication
time will vary depending on the contents of the document, the type of machine receiving the fax, and line
condition. *2: No.of FAX lines is up to 3 ports. Port refers to number of channels for FAX.
Duplex Automatic Document Feeder
DocuCentre-V 3060
Output Tray Capacity*5
Upper Center: 250 sheets (A4 LEF), Lower Center: 250 sheets (A4 LEF)
Paper Weight
38 to 128 gsm (In Duplex: 50 to 128 gsm)
Power Supply
AC220-240 V +/- 10 %, 8 A, 50/60 Hz common
110 sheets
Feeding Speed
(A4 LEF Simplex)
35 ppm
Maximum Power
1.76 kW or less
(AC220 V +/- 10%)
Sleep Mode:
CP: 1.0 W or less
(AC230 V +/- 10%)
Ready Mode:
82 W or less
W 590 x D 659 x H 768 mm
W 590 x D 659 x H 962 mm (when optional 1 Tray Module is installed.)
W 616 x D 659 x H 1119 mm (when optional 3 Tray Module is installed.)
1.76 kW or less
(AC220 V +/- 10%)
Sleep Mode:
CP: 1.0 W or less
(AC230 V +/- 10%)
Ready Mode:
82 W or less
1.76 kW or less
(AC220 V +/- 10%)
Sleep Mode:
CP: 1.0 W or less
(AC230 V +/- 10%)
Ready Mode:
82 W or less
48 kg
67 kg (when optional 1 Tray Module is installed.)
75 kg (when optional 3 Tray Module is installed.)
*1: The Storage Hard disk or other storage media capacity is not totally available for customers. *2: It is
recommended to use Fuji Xerox recommended paper. Correct print output may not be possible depending
on the requirement. *3: The speed may be reduced due to the image quality adjustment. *4: 80 gsm
paper. *5: 64 gsm paper. *6: Excluding Toner Cartridge.
Print Function
30 ppm
DocuCentre-V 2060
25 ppm
*1: The minimum custom size is 125 x 85 mm. *2: 64 gsm paper.
Finisher-A1 ( Optional )
Sort (Offset available) / Stack (Offset available)
Paper Size
Max: A3, 11 x 17" Min: Postcard (100 x 148 mm)
Paper Weight
60 to 220 gsm
[Without Stapling] A4: 500 sheets, B4: 250 sheets, A3 or larger: 200 sheets,
Mixed Size Stacking*2 : 250 sheets
[With Stapling] 30 sets
A4: 50 sheets (90 gsm or less)
B4 or larger: 30 sheets (90 gsm or less)
Paper Size
Max: A3, 11 x 17" Min: B5 LEF
Single stapling
W 559 x D 448 x H 246 mm
12 kg
Built-in type
*1: 64 gsm paper. *2: When larger size sheets are stacked on top of smaller size sheets.
Continuous Print Speed*1
Same as the Basic Specifications / Copy Function
Printing Resolution
600 x 600 dpi, 1200 x 1200 dpi
Finisher-B1 ( Optional )
Adobe® PostScript® 3TM
(PCL Driver)
Windows® 10 (32bit), Windows® 10 (64bit), Windows® 8.1 (32bit)
Windows® 8.1 (64bit), Windows® 8 (32bit), Windows® 8 (64bit)
Windows® 7 (32bit), Windows® 7 (64bit), Windows Vista® (32bit)
Windows Vista® (64bit), Windows Server® 2012 R2 (64bit)
Windows Server® 2012 (64bit), Windows Server® 2008 R2 (64bit)
Windows Server® 2008 (32bit), Windows Server® 2008 (64bit)
Windows Server® 2003 (32bit), Windows Server® 2003 (64bit)
Standard (Mac
OS X 10.10/10.9/10.8, Mac OS X 10.7/10.6/10.5
OS X Driver)
Windows® 10 (32bit), Windows® 10 (64bit), Windows® 8.1 (32bit)
Windows® 8.1 (64bit), Windows® 8 (32bit), Windows® 8 (64bit)
Windows® 7 (32bit), Windows® 7 (64bit), Windows Vista® (32bit)
Windows Vista® (64bit), Windows Server® 2012 R2 (64bit)
PostScript® 3™ Windows Server® 2012 (64bit), Windows Server® 2008 R2 (64bit)
Windows Server® 2008 (32bit), Windows Server® 2008 (64bit)
Windows Server® 2003 (32bit), Windows Server® 2003 (64bit)
OS X 10.10/10.9/10.8, Mac OS X 10.7/10.6/10.5
Ethernet 1000BASE-T / 100BASE-TX / 10BASE-T, USB2.0
*1: The speed may be reduced due to the image quality adjustment.The printing speed may be reduced
depending on the document.
Side Tray ( Optional )
Paper Capacity*1
100 sheets
W 353 x D 429 x H 198 mm
*1: 64 gsm paper.
Sort (Offset available) / Stack (Offset available)
Paper Size*1
Max: A3, 11 x 17" Min: B5 LEF
Paper Weight
60 to 220 gsm
Paper Capacity*2
[Without Stapling] A4: 2000 sheets, B4 or larger: 1000 sheets,
Mixed Size Stacking*3 : 300 sheets
[With Stapling] A4: 100 sets or 1000 sheets*4 ,
B4 or larger: 75 sets or 750 sheets
[With Booklet Finishing*5 ] 50 sets or 600 sheets
[With Scoring*5 ] 500 sheets
50 sheets (90 gsm or less)
Paper Size
Max: A3, 11 x 17" Min: B5 LEF
Single stapling or Dual stapling
Number of
2-hole / 4-hole punch or 2-hole / 3-hole punch (US Specifications)
Paper Size
A3, 11 x 17", B4, A4*7, A4 LEF, Letter*7, Letter LEF, B5 LEF
Paper Weight 60 to 200 gsm
Saddle Staple: 15 sheets, Scoring: 5 sheets
Paper Size
Max: A3, 11 x 17" Min: A4, Letter
Paper Weight Saddle Staple: 64 to 80 gsm, Scoring: 64 to 105 gsm
W 657 x D 552 x H 1011 mm, With Booklet Finisher: W 657 x D 597 x H 1081 mm
28 kg, With Booklet Finisher: 37 kg
Note: Finisher-B1 is available only when optional 1Tray Module with Cabinet or 3 Tray Module is attached
to Main Unit. *1: Paper size is smaller than B5, and larger than A3, 11 x 17” can be output from the Center
Tray. *2: 64 gsm paper. *3: When larger size sheets are stacked on top of smaller size sheets. *4: 75 sets or
750 sheets with dual stapling. *5: The Booklet Finishing function requires the optional Finisher-B1 Booklet
unit. After a job with the Booklet Finishing function specified has been output, the next job may not be
delivered until the sheets are removed from the output tray. Also, if larger size sheets are stacked on top of
smaller size sheets after a job with the Booklet Finishing function specified has been run, the next job may
not be delivered until the sheets are removed from the output tray. *6: The Punch function requires the
optional Finisher-B1 Punch unit for 2-hole / 4-hole punch or Finisher-B1 Punch unit for 2-hole / 3-hole punch
(US Specifications). *7: 3-hole punch is not applicable.
1) If the storage media (such as hard disk drives) of the base unit fail, loss of received data, accumulated data,
registered setting data, etc. may occur. In no event shall Fuji Xerox be liable for any damages whatsoever
arising from loss of data.
2) Functional spare parts will be available for at least 7 years after the product is no longer manufactured.
3) The product specifications, appearance and other details in this brochure are subject to change without notice
for improvements.
All product names and company names mentioned in this brochure are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
Reproduction Prohibitions Please note that reproduction of the following is prohibited by law :
Domestic and foreign currencies, government-issued securities, and national bonds and local bond certificates. Unused postage stamps, post cards, etc.
Certificate stamps stipulated by law. Reproducing works forming the subject matter of copyright (literary works, musical works, paintings, engravings,
maps, cinematographic works, drawings, photographic works, etc.) is not permitted unless the reproduction is for the purpose of personal use, family use
or other similar uses within a limited circle.
For Your Safety
Before using the product, read the Instruction Manual carefully
for proper use. Use the product with the power source and voltage
specified. Be sure to establish ground connection. Otherwise,
electronic shock may result in the case of a failure or short circuit.
For more information or detailed product specification, please call or visit us at
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