Ensure your e-mail communication is secure, uninterrupted
and compliant with regulatory standards.
For organizations that
need to fulfill compliance
requirements and protect
their network assets from
malware and other threats
that spread via e-mail
About Trustwave ®
Trustwave is a leading provider of
information security and compliance
management solutions to large and
small businesses throughout the
world. Trustwave analyzes, protects
and validates an organization’s
data management infrastructure from the network to the application
layer – to ensure the protection of
information and compliance with
industry standards and regulations
such as the PCI DSS and ISO 27002,
among others. Financial institutions,
large and small retailers, global
electronic exchanges, educational
institutions, business service firms
and government agencies rely on
Trustwave. The company’s solutions
include on-demand compliance
management, managed security
services, digital certificates and 24x7
multi-lingual support. Trustwave is
headquartered in Chicago with offices
throughout North America, South
America, Europe, the Middle East,
Africa, Asia and Australia.
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Elements of Compliance and Data Security
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Conserve Resources, Optimize Performance
E-mail plays a central role in today’s business environment. It is fast, inexpensive and easy to use. However, with
this convenience and increase in productivity comes many risks—viruses, illicit content and potential exposure of
confidential information. Unsolicited e-mail also wastes time, consumes IT resources and complicates regulatory
compliance. Trustwave mailMAX offers a managed solution to mitigate these risks.
Control Incoming and Outgoing Communication
Trustwave mailMAX ensures every message sent to your organization is clean before it enters your network. After a
thorough scan for viruses, spam and unauthorized content, questionable messages are quarantined outside your
network at a Trustwave data center. Designated contacts within your organization receive notification to review
suspect messages before they are delivered or deleted to prevent the loss or rejection of valid e-mail. Outbound
e-mail messages present another security obstacle: unknowingly passing malicious or inappropriate information to
a client or business partner or exposing confidential information threatens your credibility and reputation. Trustwave
mailMAX scans and filters all outbound e-mail traffic and can also encrypt and append a disclaimer statement to
each message.
Easily Manage E-mail by Web
Using our intuitive Web portal, you can remotely set policy on appropriate e-mail usage. The configuration options
allow highly customized filters and different levels of control across your network to meet the requirements of
different departments or individuals. The Web portal also provides robust reports detailing real-time e-mail use
and content information.
Facilitate Compliance
Industry and regulatory compliance
requirements outline strict logretention and backup procedures
for e-mail content. Trustwave
mailMAX helps satisfy many of
these requirements and limits
an organization’s liability by
stopping inappropriate e-mail
before it leaves the network.
Additionally, dynamic online
reports track this information and
allow management to modify and
enforce e-mail policies the moment
an issue is identified.
Shield Your E-mail Server From the Internet
Trustwave mailMAX diverts e-mail to a secure data center
to protect your server from unnecessary exposure.
70 W. Madison Street, Suite 1050, Chicago, IL 60602
Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need any special equipment to use Trustwave mailMAX?
No—a simple change to your DNS MX record is the only requirement. To scan outbound e-mail, you must
configure e-mail client applications to direct all outbound e-mail first to our service, which, after scanning, routes
the message to the designated recipient.
Landing page provides at-a-glance reporting
Is there any advantage to routing my mail through your servers?
Yes—your firewall can be set to only accept e-mail from our system. Our servers are thoroughly secured and
designed to repel threats and attacks. By eliminating the possibility of a spammer or hacker connecting directly
to your e-mail server, your overall security posture is improved.
Doesn’t this mean we give up control of our e-mail?
No—our Web portal allows you to administer Internet e-mail in accordance with your organization’s policies on
appropriate e-mail usage. With mailMAX, you manage e-mail usage by controlling the delivery of attachment
types, searching for inappropriate content, monitoring messages for sensitive internal information, blocking
spam and filtering out viruses.
We have virus protection on our network already; why do we need mailMAX?
We detect and block viruses before they enter your network. Our filtering and rule updates occur every 10
minutes ensuring your network is protected more efficiently than anti-virus solutions that expire or update only
once a day.
Custom report builder
Does mailMAX introduce any noticeable delivery delay?
No—multiple load-balanced servers and a redundant ethernet connection to the Internet ensure that processing
time does not exceed a few seconds.
What happens to our e-mail if our network goes down?
Your messages will simply queue until you are back on-line. None of your messages will be bounced back as
undeliverable. This feature complements your own disaster recovery program.
What about privacy?
Our service does not keep record of individual messages. The only time a message is quarantined is when the
message or attachment violates your organization’s policies for appropriate e-mail use. Even then, the only
person to see that message is the selected administrator within your office.
Interactive quarantine management
Will your servers store our e-mail?
No—the service only scans inbound and outbound e-mail messages based on parameters you select. Once a
message is scanned, it is immediately sent to its designated recipient. We keep no permanent record of your
e-mail messages.
What reports are available?
Standard and custom reports detailing all aspects of your e-mail processing are available. This includes number
of messages sent, virus/spam status, most frequent senders and most frequent recipients.
Consider The Risk And Calculate Your Savings
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E-mail Security Management
70 W. Madison Street, Suite 1050, Chicago, IL 60602