The GWD Wildcat provides an economical approach to filling bags from 10 lbs. to 110 lbs.
Typical production speeds are 8-9 bags per minute at ± 2 ounce (50 gram) accuracy.
The system comes standard with two 220 lb single point compression load cells,
bulk and dribble gravity gate, air operated center grip spout with foot pedal clamp activation, complete
electrical and pneumatic controls package with transformer for 24V (low voltage) controls.
Feeder types available: Belt Feeder/Auger Feeder/Gravity-Vibratory Pan Feeder
GWD Wildcat
Rinstrum R423 JEM-BAT-100 Digital Controller
*JEM-BAT 120 for use with Auger and GV Feeders*
Scale Features include:
 Auto Jog Feature to eliminate underweights.
 100 memory retained recipe codes.
 JEM-Link cable for remote access
and software
 System includes complete pneumatic and 24v low
voltage controls package.
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R400 Series – Data Sheets
100,000 d @ 0.25 µV/d
Trade approved Australia,
Europe and USA
Built in RS232/RS485
IP65 ABS or stainless steel
16 x 350 ohm cells
Ethernet and Profibus DP
The R400 series of indicators are designed with both the installer and operator in mind and cover
a wide range of applications. They are engineered and built to last with reliability being foremost.
The modular design allows for the installation to be commissioned with only the components
required, saving on time and money. With upwards of nine (9) versions of firmware available the
R400 indicator is an ideal for distributors dealers and distributors as it simplifies installer training
and reducing stocking levels.
Flexibility is the key with its award winning modular accessory design. Modules include:
additional serial options, input/outputs, analogue outputs, external buttons, Ethernet, Alibi (Data
Storage Device) and battery or AC option.
Superior housings - two housing types are available:
Robust precise analogue
output module
R420 (ABS) rated to IP65
R423 (stainless steel) rated to IP66
Both housings are designed with extra attention to detail to increase their reliability in the field,
thereby reducing unplanned downtime and servicing costs. For example, the R423 uses a high
impact polycarbonate lens to protect the LCD from knocks.
Simple setup - use the menu system directly via the alpha numeric keypad or the configuration
utility View400 on a PC.
Operator friendly - large multi-segment display that uses logical prompts along with dedicated
and programmable function keys. Printing can be tailored with custom record, docket or reports
printouts. Primary display is 29mm (1.1”) and secondary display 18mm.
Rugged Load Cell Input - Designed to take 16x320 ohm load cells; providing flexibility and
reducing the need for summing hardware, simplifying the installation and saving money. The load
cell input is protected with onboard transorbs to limit damage from external voltage surges.
Networking Capability - Support for both Ethernet and Profibus DP to improve integration into
larger control systems
The R400 Series flexibility is provided through its broad range of modules that are easy to
configure and neatly connect into the rear of the indicator. There are 4 module slots where an
indicator can be equipped with only the features required for a given installation.
Robust Input/Output Modules (M4301, M4311, M4321, M4331)
An R400 indicator can be equipped with up to 32 I/O. These I/O are electrically isolated, designed
for direct connection into PLC’s and are capable of driving low voltage actuators directly.
Isolated high side (400mA current source) drivers are capable of driving low voltage
actuators directly or can be connected directly with PLC controllers.
Each module has 8 digital I/O ports which are limited to maximum input voltage of 30V
and can drive up to 400mA.
Direct connection between I/O points is supported
Inputs are isolated to resist against system noise.
Button Module (M4302)
The Button Module provides 4 voltage free inputs for use with switches or thumbwheels. The
voltage free inputs eliminate the need to wire up complicate input driver circuits.
Isolated Communication Modules
Communication modules are in addition the built in RS232/RS485 ports on the R400 indicators.
Fully isolated and recommended for application where there is a risk of lightening or
surges or where additional communication ports are required.
M4201 RS232/RS232, M4202 RS232/RS485, M4203 RS485/RS485
Precise Robust Analogue Output Module (M4401)
The analogue module provides a 4-20mA or 0-10V analogue output and two digital I/O.
Isolated so as to resist against system noise and interference therefore reducing
unnecessary callouts;
Precise with a 400Hz (2.5msec) update rate and 1/65,000 resolution. The fast update
and high D to A conversion rate give a smooth output curve which helps a PLC to see
more realistic readings (2.5msec step)
Scalable to suit the input on the PLC.
Two digital I/O provided the same as the M4301
Data Storage Device Module (M4501)
The Data Storage Module provides nonvolatile alibi memory storage (6M bytes) according to
WELMEC 7.2 L. Compatible with later versions of software.
Ethernet (M4221)
The Ethernet Module provides 10/100 Base TX with auto negotiation (1 Raw bi-directional port
and 10 Raw transmit only ports).
Converter 0-10V/4-20mA Input (M4902)
Connects to the Load Cell Input on R400 series indicators for a voltage or current input. Useful
where an indicator needs to take an input from load pins on a crane scale for example. Suitable
for pressure, displacement or strain transducers that output 4-20mA or 0-10V analogue signals.
The magnetically coupled rin-LINK on the front panel provides a convenient temporary connection
to a laptop - no need to access rear of the indicator.
Transfer of setup and calibration information
Download of software upgrades
Relay Modules (M4901 and M4906)
The relay modules, used in conjunction with an I/O module, provide 8 voltage free relay outputs
rated to 250VAC and 8A, available in either 12 or 24V.
DIN rail mountable.
Provides N/O (normally open) and N/C (normally closed) contacts for each output.
Smart Weighing
Superior Diagnostics
R400 series indicators have a range of diagnostic tools and features that aid
system commissioning and maintenance.
Hardware configuration report summarises how the indicator hardware is
setup, providing a record for maintenance purposes or fault finding
Force Output and Test Input functions allow the installer to specifically test
I/O to assist in site setup
Modules can be swapped in and out without recalibration of the indicator,
saving time and effort
Status LED on each I/O;
Overload counter to review if the scale has been overloaded.
R400 Series – Batching (K410/K411/K412) – Data Sheet
100 Recipes (Products)
10 batching stages
Fill, Dump and Pulse stages
3 Speed Fill
Fill correction using jogging
or in-flight
Negative batching
Batch suspend
Dump to time or weight
The R400 indicator supports three (3) batching firmware applications to create a
powerful and flexible batching controller. The three variants of firmware differ
primarily in the number of materials they each support. The K410 is single material
and ideal for filling, the K411 supports 6 materials and the K412 20 materials. The
K411 and K412 are both suitable for multi-head batching machines and more
complex control systems using multiple materials.
Each supports 100 recipes and 10 stages of batching. The batching stages can be
defined as fill, dump or pulse. Three (3) speeds of filling can be configured
depending on the complexity of the batching system.
For example a Recipe can be defined as a FILL to target, followed by a DUMP,
followed by a PULSE to release a bag. The FILL stage can use up to three I/O to
control slow, medium and fast filling.
Application Firmware:
Number of Materials
* Only K411 supports the Analogue Module
Smart weighing batching features:
Negative batching is supported by setting the fill direction which defines if the
weight is increasing or decreasing while batching - ideal for discharge and dosing
Batch Suspend can be allocated to a function key - the batch will pause and adjust
the tare weight when resuming the batch. Ideal for when a material feeding the
batch needs to be topped up during the batch without affecting the batched amount,
or when feeding from multiple bulker bags etc.
Timer based multiple batching uses the Real Time Clock to control the batch start
time and the duration between repeat batches - ideal for bio-fuel applications.
When using timer based batching, the current weight is displayed along with the
time to go before the next batch, keeping the operator informed.
Detailed reporting with material usage and batch statistics, along with QA records
of every batch run possible when combined with the data logger;
Batching operation flexibility where batch size can be varied by either weight or
proportion and the operator can set number of batches to run.
Key features of the R400 hardware that make it ideal for batching:
Overall system accuracy with unprecedented filling control with uncertainty of less
than 1 millisecond.
The 32 I/O control points allow for complex control with multiple set points,
enables and interlocks. As the outputs are isolated high side (current source)
drivers they are capable of driving low voltage actuators directly or can be
connected directly with PLC controllers.
The multi-line display shows batch progress, current weight, target weights,
material name along with dedicated batch status annunciators. For example in a
batch out scenario current net weight and target weight along with name of the
material that is being batched is displayed.
A more complex multi stage multi material recipe might be defined as
Smart Weighing
Functions for Industry
Automatic proportion calculation after first fill stage
Proportions of remaining batch are adjusted automatically
according to first material fill quantity
Ideal for applications with a manually loaded first fill stage
Timer based multiple batching
The Real Time Clock is used to control the batch timing
for time based batching
Ideal for bio-fuel and dosing applications that’s smart weighing.
R400 Series Specification Table
Up to 100,000 d, minimum of 0.25uV/d
10,000 d @0.7uV/d NMI(S-463), OIML R76
FCC, CE, C-tick
Zero Cancellation
+/- 2.0mV/V
Span Adjustment
0.1mV/V to 3.0mV/V
7.4V for up to 16 x 350 or 32 x 700 ohm load cells (4-wire or 6-wire plus shield)
Maximum total load cell resistance: 1,000 ohms
A/D Type
24bit Sigma Delta with ±8,388,608 internal counts
Temperature: –10 to +50°C ambient (14 °F to 122 °F)
Operating Environment
Humidity: <90% non-condensing
LCD with 4 alpha-numeric displays and LED backlighting:
Primary display: 6 x 28.4mm (1.12") high digits with units and annunciators
2nd display: 9 x 17.6 mm (0.7") digits with units
3rd display: 8 x 6.1 mm (0.2") digits
4th display: 4 x 7.6 mm (0.3") digits
Setup and Calibration
Full digital with visual prompting in plain messages
Digital Filter
Sliding window average from 0.1 to 30.0 seconds
Zero Range
Adjustable from +/- 2% to +/- 20% of full capacity
Standard Power Input
12 to 24VDC (15 VA max) - ON/OFF key with memory feature
AC power supply
Input: 110/240VAC 50/60Hz Output: 12VDC 15VA
2.5AH NiMH rechargeable battery pack
Charger Input: 110/240VAC 50/60Hz Output: 12VDC
Magnetically coupled infra-red communications
Optical Data Communications
Conversion cables available for RS232 or USB
10 point linearity correction
Serial 1A: RS-232 serial port for remote display, network or printer supports.
Serial Outputs
Serial 1B: RS485 transmit only for remote display
Transmission rate: 2400, 4800, 9600 or 19200 baud
Assignable Function Keys
Operating Modes
Single Range, Dual Range and Dual Interval
Battery Backed Clock Calendar
Battery life 10 years minimum
Application Software
Analogue Output * (M4401)
Custom printing,
custom unit
manual hold, peak
auto output
Static Axle
1 Material
6 Material
20 Material
Single pass weighing
Two pass weighing
Dedicated truck key
Custom printing
Temporary Truck IDs
Preset Tare
Specialised truck dockets
Up to 10 Batching Stages
3 Speed Fill
Fill, Dump & Pulse stages
Inflight & jogging correction,
Negative batching
Batch suspend
Timer (RTC) based multiple batching
250 Trucks
100 Recipes
Set points
Additional Communications *
Module: RS232/RS232 Module: RS232/RS485 Module: RS485/RS485
Button Input *
4 Buttons
Data Storage Device * (M4501)
Used with Rinstrum 1400 Profibus-DP Module
Ethernet * (M4221)
Housing Options
Case Materials
Stainless Steel
Indicator: 1kg (35 oz)
Indicator: 1.2kg (42 oz)
Packing Weights
Environmental IP Rating
(panel mounted or with rear boot)
R420 Rear Boot for IP65 standalone
Rear Boot
R420 Brackets
Rear Boot with
Desk Stand
Stainless Steel Wall Mounting
R423 Bracket
Stainless Steel
Post Mounting
Stainless Steel
Desk/Wall/Post Mounting
ABS Panel Mount
ABS with Rear Boot
Stainless Steel Panel Mount
Stainless Steel with Rear Housing and Stand
323.3m m
131.6m m
267.1m m
Specifications are subject to variation for improvement without notice. Illustrations are indications only and variation may be evident between products.
*Optional modules
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