Solution Brief
Banner® Data Defense
Safeguard your data and boost compliance
Advanced security
• Network Encryption
• Encrypt entire
database including
physical files,
backups and
Database firewall
• First line of defense
against malicious
• Monitor inbound
SQL for suspicious
Audit vault
• Help detect
suspicious activity
• Consolidate audit
data from databases
• Report and alert
on audit data
Social security numbers. Payment information
and financial records. Intellectual property. Your
institution’s enterprise resource planning (ERP)
system contains a vast amount of sensitive
information that needs to be protected. With
security attacks that grow in sophistication every
day, it’s critical that you close the gaps and
protect your database from unauthorized activity,
access, and disclosure.
Banner® Data Defense combines multiple layers
of IT security defense solutions, including an
encryption package for your data and network,
firewall, and audit tool, into one solution and
offers implementation services to help you
ensure data privacy, protect against threats, and
maintain regulatory compliance.
Detect and block threats
It’s one thing to recognize an attack. It’s quite
another to prevent it. Rather than spend
precious resources undoing significant damage
to your assets and your reputation, implement
a comprehensive database security solution
that thwarts attacks in the first place. The
Banner Data Defense solution bundles Oracle®
Advanced Security and Oracle® Audit Vault and
Database Firewall with Banner® by Ellucianspecific documentation and reports and bestpractice implementation advice from Ellucian
Services. This powerful solution helps you
protect your data and:
Improve compliance reporting
Employ comprehensive data encryption
Prevent internal and external attacks
Address privacy and regulatory
compliance requirements
Oracle Advanced Security provides tablespace
level transparent data encryption that helps
institutions comply with privacy and regulatory
mandates by transparently encrypting all
application data such as birth dates, social
security numbers, or personally identifiable
information (PII). By encrypting data at rest and
whenever it leaves the database, this provides
one of the most cost-effective solutions for
comprehensive data protection available.
Oracle Advanced Security protects sensitive
data on the network, on storage media, and
within the database from unauthorized access
and protects against theft, loss, and improper
decommissioning of storage media and database
backups. Transparent data encryption, network
encryption, and strong authentication—this
solution delivers them all.
Detect and prevent attacks
The Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall
provides the first line of defense for databases
and consolidates audit data from databases, operating
systems, and directories. Its highly accurate structured
query language (SQL) grammar-based technology
monitors and blocks unauthorized SQL traffic before it
reaches the database and combines information from the
network with detailed audit information for trouble-free
compliance reporting and alerting. Easy to configure, this
solution can be deployed with no changes to existing
applications and features monitoring controls that can be
easily tailored to meet enterprise security requirements.
Reduce security risk with a
comprehensive solution
Implementing and configuring a robust defense solution
that encrypts all data is very complex. Rely on us for a
smooth and successful deployment. Our experts have
years of experience working with both Banner and
Oracle databases and solutions and provide bestpractice
guidelines to help you configure this powerful set of
defense-in-depth security solutions correctly. Because we
apply an established methodology, we can help minimize
downtime during implementation and alleviate day-to-day
interference during the encryption process. We provide
Banner-specific alerts, policies, reports, and FAQs to help
you set up the parameters for this solution package and
maximize its benefits as quickly as possible. In addition, we
stay on top of emerging privacy and security regulations to
help you maintain compliance. Our experts on the Ellucian
Services team will take you through the implementation
process step-by-step to help you determine which policies
to set up in the Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall
and which reports to run.
Implement with minimal downtime
and disruption
Ellucian’s skilled consultants will encrypt the Banner
database utilizing Oracle Advanced Security Transparent
Data Encryption (TDE) and an Elluciandesigned
implementation methodology to add another level of data
security in your operating environment. With a professional
implementation of Banner Data Defense, you can rest
assured that any potential data breaches on storage,
backup files, network, or media will remain protected by
strong encryption. Ellucian Services are based on best
practice guidelines to help you optimize your existing
configuration and lower potential impact to overall system
performance and application usability.
Ellucian Services for a Banner Data Defense
implementation include:
Environment assessment
Ellucian experts examine how the database
is structured, deployed, and operated, gauge
its workload, and present implementation
recommendations including time and resource
Executive briefing
Ellucian experts present an overview on Banner Data
Defense, potential impacts, and recommendations to
ensure business continuity.
Ellucian experts install and configure Banner Data
Defense and its supporting components in two,
consecutive non-production environments to
demonstrate proficiency in managing and maintaining
a secure environment.
Knowledge transfer
Ellucian experts provide an overview of Banner Data
Defense, Oracle Wallet Management, prerequisite
components and implementation of Oracle Advanced
Security, best practices for cloning, and a review of
backup and restoration best practices within a Banner
Data Defenseenabled environment.
Gain peace of mind
Powerful technology for advanced performance.
Bestpractice support by higher education experts.
Ellucian services for a faster return on investment.
Automate and simplify your security measures today and
gain peace of mind.
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