Speed • Quality • Automation • Productivity

Speed • Quality • Automation • Productivity
Wide-Format Inkjet Printer
• Speed
• Quality
• Automation
• Productivity
MacDermid ColorSpan once again has set a
new industry standard for quality, speed and
performance with the introduction of the
DisplayMaker ® Mach 12. Now, for the first time, a new
printer that outperforms your expectations for speed
without sacrificing your demand for quality. Designed around
twelve (12) state-of-the-art, nearly one-inch wide, high frequency
printheads, the Mach 12 can be configured with the broadest
combination of multi-density and gamut-extending inks to achieve
fastest print speeds, wider color gamut and better apparent resolution.
The Mach 12 gives you unprecedented flexibility in meeting the output
requirements of your customers.
12 Print heads
Twelve printheads give you more...more speed, more
color, more flexibility. Choose between printing with 4, 6,
8 or even 12 colors. Use two sets of six colors for 1200-dpi
HiRes printing at incredible speeds. Or, one set of eight, or
twelve unique colors for stunning 1800-dpi Film Quality
output at better than competitor’s fastest “production” print
Fast Print Speeds Wit hout
Sacrificing Qualit y
User selectable print modes automatically regulate the number of print passes,
two up to twelve, to give you the widest possible choice of quality at optimum
productivity. From 4 color “economy” mode, 600 dpi output in excess of 400
square feet per hour, to “film quality”, apparent 1800 dpi in excess of 200 square
feet per hour, the Mach 12 does it all. Imagine the unrivaled performance of a
24" x 36" photo-quality poster printed in under one minute, a 30" x 40" backlit
in two and one-half minutes, or an 18" x 24" fine art reproduction on canvas in
under 3 minutes.
Print Mode
Ink Configuration
Max. Print Speed
2 sets of CMYK
pigment or dye
>400 ft.2/hr. (37 m. /hr)
Reduced ink usage at 600 dpi
2 sets of C2M2YK
pigment or dye
>400 ft.2/hr. (37 m. /hr)
1200 dpi apparent image
2 sets of CMYK pigment
1 set of CMYK dye
>400 ft.2/hr. (37 m. /hr)
>200 ft.2/hr. (19 m. /hr)
Reduced ink usage for indoor
and outdoor use
1 set of C2M2YK pigment
1 set of C2M2YK dye
>200 ft.2/hr. (19 m. /hr)
>200 ft.2/hr. (19 m. /hr)
Apparent 1200 dpi indoor
and outdoor use
1 set of C3M3YK dye
>200 ft.2/hr. (19 m. /hr)
1800 dpi apparent image
Film Quality
Modular Ink Delivery System
Designed for higher productivity and low cost of operation, the Modular
Ink Delivery System includes high-capacity ink reservoirs, semi-permanent
ink supply lines and state-of-the-art thermal inkjet printheads. Sets of high
capacity, 960ml ink reservoirs provide thousands of square feet of printing
between ink changes and are built to be ‘hot-swapped’ while printing to
prevent job interruption. The semi-permanent ink supply lines, while
normally are not exchanged, are user
960ml Ink Reservoir
replaceable to allow the printer to be
set up with an endless variety of ink
configurations. At the heart of the ink
system are twelve high-density
printheads, designed to jet multiple
Ink Delivery Tubes
960 ml reservoirs, and replaced only as
you determine is necessary based on
your performance requirements, not ours.
Higher throughput per printhead yields
lower cost per print.
600-dpi Printhead
Printing Features
The DisplayMaker Mach 12 comes fully equipped to
support unattended lengthy print runs. Whatever your
applications or environmental conditions, eliminate
damaged prints and wasted time from your work
flow with these features:
Tilt-Up Carriage
For easy access, the carriage assembly can be
tilted up to expose the bottom sides of the
printheads and Automation Eye image sensors
for periodic cleaning without affecting
printhead alignment and calibration.
12- Printhead Design
Twelve printheads, each nearly one-inch-wide,
provide more coverage for faster print speeds
without sacrificing print quality.
•AutoTune Scheduler –
Schedules AutoSet and AutoJet calibration
functions to ensure consistency while
printing unattended.
•Modular Ink Delivery System –
Large-capacity ‘hot-swappable’ ink reservoirs
and extended print head life.
•Forced-Air Dryers –
Ensures proper drying even at
higher speeds.
•Humidity Sensor –
Automatically paces dry-time in
higher humidity conditions.
•Motorized Take-Up Spool –
Rolls prints image-side in or out
onto 2" or 3" cores for convenient
handling and finishing.
Heated Forced-Air Dryers
Dries printed output before handling
or roll-up. Heater ensures proper
drying even at high-speeds.
72", 60", 42" Widths
183cm, 152cm, 107cm
Offers a size to meet your specific needs. Industryleading 72" width permits double-up production of
E-sized (34" x 44") or AO-sized (841mm x 1189mm)
prints or wall-size murals with minimal tiling.
Media Support
Choose from a wide selection of media,
including photo papers, films, fabrics and
vinyl in widths from 24" (61cm)
to 72" (183cm).
See it to believe it. Own it to profit.
Advanced Automation Eye
Two image sensors and sophisticated software are used to
automate many of the calibration tasks required to maintain
good print quality and accurate color reproduction.
AutoSet Calibration
Analyzes dot placement and automatically aligns
all twelve printheads with digital accuracy.
AutoJet Calibration
Maps out jets that are not up to performance standards to
eliminate banding in prints and greatly prolong printhead life, which
translates into lower cost of operation.
Measures the density of color swatches and sends to the external RIP
and color management software to linearize the color curves,
eliminating need for an external calibrator device.
Modular Ink Delivery System
A three piece ink system consisting of a 960ml ink reservoir, semipermanent supply lines and state-of-the-art thermal inkjet
printhead. Ink reservoirs can be ‘hot swapped’ while printing for
maximum productivity. Printheads are replaced independently of
ink reservoirs and typically last through multiple 960 ml ink
reservoirs, thereby reducing operating costs.
Color Profiling
High-quality photo diode image sensor when used with an
external RIP and color management software, automatically reads
hundreds of printed swatches to create ICC color profiles for custom
ink and media combinations.
AutoInkTM Swapping
DisplayMaker’s twelve-printhead design
allows you to have both dye-based inks and
pigmented inks loaded simultaneously and to
have the advantage of printing using either
without changing ink.
Quick-Screen Touch Pad
A simple user interface via the LCD touchscreen presents all frequently-used functions
on a single screen. Detailed menus below
allow for full control of all features.
Adjustable Printhead
Accomodates a wide range of media thickness, up to 1/8”
(3.175mm). Select standard heights, or create custom heights
to best work with your media. Change between printhead
heights with a touch of a button from the LCD touchscreen.
Multiple RIP Options
Motorized Take-Up Spool
Rolls print image-side in or out onto 2" or 3" cores
for convenient handling and finishing. Closed loop
drive system provides accurate advancement and
media movement fault detection.
Choose from the new turn-key ColorMark®
Pro Print Server from ColorSpan or 3rd-Party
software RIP solutions based on your unique
Automation Eye
This technology, pioneered by ColorSpan, is taken
to a new height to make the DisplayMaker Mach 12
the most advanced, yet easy-to use printer available at
any price. The Automation Eye consists of two high
resolution image sensors and highly proprietary software to
enable on-line and automatic measurements and adjustments to
maintain accurate printing and predictable color.
•AutoSet Calibration
Using the on-board image sensor, the Mach 12 analyzes dot placement of
printed patterns and automatically aligns all twelve printheads with digital
•AutoJet Calibration
The Mach 12 uses data from the image sensor to map out jets that are not up
to performance requirements. This not only eliminates banding in prints, but
greatly prolongs printhead life, which translates into lower cost of operation.
The image sensor is also used to measure the density of
color swatches. The result is available to the external
RIP and color management software to linearize the
color curves and compensate for printhead wear.
•Color Profiling
New with the Mach 12 is the colormetric photo diode image
sensor. Used with the external RIP and color management software,
the Mach 12 can print and automatically read hundreds of color swatches
to create ICC and other color profiles for custom ink and media combinations.
ColorMark ® Inks and Media
A variety of applications can be handled by the DisplayMaker Mach 12: indoor
photographic prints and backlit displays, durable outdoor vinyl signs and banners,
archival fine art prints on canvas or watercolor paper, even elegant soft fabric
EnduraChrome LightFast dye inks offer vibrant, high-quality images for extended
indoor use on a variety of papers, films, fabrics and canvas. When you need
outdoor graphics that can withstand the elements, PermaChrome pigmented inks
are designed to hold up to the task. The PermaChrome Outdoor Matched System
includes a nine month “Print & Hang” water-fast vinyl for short-term needs or an
adhesive vinyl and laminate combination that offers a three year display life. Both
are backed by the PermaChrome Outdoor Matched System warranty.
RIP Options
Choose a RIP solution for your DisplayMaker Mach 12 from ColorSpan
or our 3rd-party RIP partners. ColorSpan’s ColorMark Pro Print Server is
a complete turnkey system that offers fast, efficient file processing and
user-friendly operation. Third-party solutions include or will soon include
products from ColorGATE, Image Technologies, HighWater Designs, Onyx
Graphics, Vidar Systems and Wasatch Computer Technologies. Talk to a
ColorSpan representative for more information on these solutions.
Award-Winning Performance
The DisplayMaker Mach 12 joins the ColorSpan line of industry leading, wide-format printers. Year
after year ColorSpan is recognized for high quality, speed, size and productivity. Call a ColorSpan
representative today, and find out how we can help you with virtually all your printing needs.
ColorSpan is proud of its industry
recognition as a leader in wide-format
quality, speed, size and productivity.
12-color thermal inkjet
Open web roll-fed reciprocating head
Modular Ink Delivery System
11.7 liters (Twelve 960ml Ink Modules,
Twelve 14ml printheads)
Endura•Chrome Dye Ink
Perma•Chrome® Pigmented Ink
Roll-fed with auto width and auto caliper
detection, motorized head height adjustment,
integrated heated dryer and motorized
take-up spool
72" (182.9cm), 71.5" (181.6cm) image area
60" (181.6cm), 59.5" (151.1cm) image area
42" (106.7cm), 41.5" (105.4cm) image area
Print length limited by media roll length and/or
software application
A variety of paper, film, vinyl and fabric media
available in 36", 50", 60" and 72" widths
Humidity sensor monitors relative humidity and
adjusts print speed as necessary to ensure adequate
drying as required by the ink and media selected
0° to 120° F (-17° to 49° C)
10% to 80% RH, non-condensing
Safety: UL, c-UL and TUV
Emissions: FCC-A, CE and VCCI-1
Limited one year on-site in North America
Weight: 575 LBS. (260.8 kg)
560 LBS. (254.0 kg)
545 LBS. (247.2 kg)
Height: 43.5"
(110.5 cm)
Depth: 32"
(81.3 cm)
Width: 136.5"
(346.7 cm)
Weight: 335 LBS. (152.3 kg)
310 LBS. (140.9 kg)
Printer AC Voltage Input:
280 LBS. (127.3 kg)
100/120 or 200/240 VAC, 4.0 or 2.0 amps,
(145.5 cm)
50-60 Hz., auto-switching
Depth: 31"
(78.7 cm)
Dryer AC Voltage Input:
Width: 132"
(335.3 cm)
Two separate 200/240 VAC, 50-60 Hz circuits
(304.8 cm)
required for heated forced-air dryers; one 15 amp,
(259.1 cm)
the other 20 amp
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