HP Connected Backup - Data protection in a mobile

HP Connected Backup
Data protection in a mobile world
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Key benefits
HP Connected Backup offers a range of
benefits, including the following:
• Ensures that enterprise data is always
available with scheduled and
automated backups
• Secures and automates backup in
the background while users work
• Protects and restores data for large
enterprises with unmatched scalability
• Reduces network traffic and storage costs
with WAN optimized mobile backup
• Increases user productivity and
minimizes IT help desk workload
• Actionable, efficient large distributed
Enterprise Management & Reporting
• Flexible deployment options – onpremise, cloud, or hybrid
• Simplifies and streamlines
organizational data migration during
PC refresh
Todays’ professionals are mobile and constantly on the
go. As these enterprise users adopt the mobile devices
that most appeal to them, their data must still be
securely protected and accessible anytime, anywhere,
regardless of the device chosen. In addition, companies
are faced with growing amounts of data, storage costs,
viruses, malicious attacks, compliance regulations, and
eDiscovery requirements.
The duty to preserve potentially relevant information presents great challenges for most
organizations. Preservation of custodian data on laptops and desktop systems can be particularly
challenging. The whereabouts of mobile professionals and the accessibility of data are difficult to
ascertain from the administrative location. Gaining accessibility, visibility, and control over
enterprise data across laptops and desktops is not only important for business continuity, but it is
also a legal obligation that organizations today must satisfy. Enterprises need to know what data
they have in order to understand the related business costs, risks, and regulatory obligations.
The original, undisputed number one PC backup solution
As a leader in backup and recovery, HP Connected® Backup ensures secure, fast, efficient,
automatic backups without IT intervention. Mission-critical information is protected—no matter
where it resides in the enterprise. Today over four million corporate users rely on Connected
Backup to protect and provide access to their business critical information.
HP Connected Backup eliminates virtually all of the risk of data loss from enterprise desktops and
laptops, whether local or remote. By automatically backing up data in the background, the
solution ensures comprehensive data protection without interrupting users. Using patented
technology, Connected Backup transmits only changes to data for backup, to save time, network
bandwidth, and storage space. HP utilizes advanced encryption and other security
technologies to safeguard enterprise data at all times, including during transmission, storage,
and recovery.
HP Connected Backup interoperates with HP’s Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) to apply
automatic advanced analytics, categorization, and clustering to all types of data, enabling
organizations to reduce costs and risks and collect server data for data analytics, efficient
discovery, and legal hold. Note: HP IDOL requires a separate software license.
HP Connected Backup simplifies and streamlines data migration during PC refresh and
enables IT to scale the data migration process across all users. Users are empowered with
self-service access for all of their backed up data the moment they log in to the brand new PC
—without IT intervention. IT administrators are able to perform scalable, systematic data
migration as a natural part of the desktop refresh process. Connected Backup eliminates the
downtime normally associated with typical service center-based data migration, so users can
remain productive, which saves time and help desk-related costs.
Connected backup mobility
As the trend toward “bring your own device” (BYOD) continues, both large and small organizations
need data protection solutions that offer the flexibility to keep data securely protected and
accessible regardless of device type or brand. HP Connected Backup Mobility brings the key
capabilities of HP Connected Backup, our industry leading endpoint data protection solution, to
address mobile access on popular mobile devices such as Apple iPad and the Andriod
smartphone and tablet. An innovative user interface enables mobile professionals to gain access
to data protected by Connected Backup, find and view documents, and securely utilize information
anytime, anywhere.
Brochure | HP Connected Backup
Connected Backup Mobility provides professionals with the tools to access, protect, and manage
their information effectively so they never have to feel disconnected again. HP Connected Backup
enables users to gain access to protected end user data through a range of devices including
tablets, laptops, and desktops via native applications and browser-based solutions. The self-service
capabilities of Connected Backup allow users to access and recover information at their own speed,
versus the speed of the corporate help desk. Connected Backup Mobility applications give users
mobile access to protected information, and is specifically designed to make user data more
accessible and useful.
Enterprise-grade, unmatched scalability
Today, a wide range of enterprise companies use Connected Backup to protect their 250,000+
employee laptops and desktops. Organizations having as few as five PCs to hundreds of
thousands can use the Connected Backup solution to protect and restore data, all managed from
a central location. Connected Backup can be integrated with enterprise single sign-on and two
factor authentication solutions ensuring compliance with enterprise security and compliance
The support center enables actionable, efficient administration of large distributed enterprises and
assures companies that their most important data is always protected, including custom and
out of the box advanced system reporting, automated report generation, delivery, and proactive
metric based management of backup.
Simplified eDiscovery
Today, legal hold and eDiscovery are key drivers in the data protection arena. HP Connected
Backup delivers the ability to create and maintain a centralized backup of data stored on large
numbers of mobile laptops and distributed workstations—an extremely powerful capability when
leveraged to satisfy legal hold requirements. Deploying HP Connected Backup as a complement
to a legal hold process brings data stored at the outer edge of the enterprise on laptops and
workstations under control, along with custodian data stored within enterprise email and
document repositories.
Using HP Connected Backup to complement a legal hold process can dramatically reduce the
time it traditionally takes to execute legal hold on laptops and desktops, HP Legal Hold can
replace the high cost and protracted effort of manual solutions with a defensible process.
Patented data reduction and de-duplication
HP Connected Backup maximizes storage efficiency for endpoint data by using advanced,
patented data reduction technologies, including:
Delta Block®
Sends only the changed data in files, saving transmission time and storage requirements. For
example, when a document changes, Delta Block only backs up the changes at the block level.
This patented technology reduces backup time, minimizes network traffic, decreases the size of
stored files, and enables backup even over low-bandwidth connections.
Eliminates duplicate files across the enterprise by saving each file only once. This patented
technology backs up files to a SendOnce pool, preventing identical copies from being stored in
multiple user archives. Enterprises avoid the time and expense of storing the same files
Optional Connected EmailOptimizer® (PC only)
Reduces the storage space for email files by 30 percent. This optional service recognizes
duplicate email attachments and stores them only once, significantly reducing storage
requirements and costs.
Brochure | HP Connected Backup
Secure mobile data accessibility
HP Connected Backup enables organizations to accomplish their data protection goals by
enabling them to:
• Search for, view, and access documents on a number of mobile devices
• Keep users in touch with their business information on laptops or mobile devices
• Integrate Autonomy Legal Hold and Autonomy eDiscovery solutions to reduce costs and risks
• Leverage advanced, patented data reduction technologies
• Deploy MyRoam®, a web-based access portal that lets users access backed-up data anywhere,
without IT intervention
Flexible deployment options
HP offers flexible deployment strategies for HP Connected Backup, including on-premise, cloud-based, or
a hybrid configuration that combines the best of on-premise and hosted approaches. Whether taking a
licensed, hosted, or hybrid approach, HP customers are offered a seamless experience because the
technology licensed is the same technology used in the hosted environment. HP Autonomy solutions are
available as individual modules, which enables customers to build the solution that meets their unique
needs and requirements.
About HP Autonomy
HP Autonomy is a global leader in software that processes unstructured human information,
including social media, email, video, audio, text and web pages. Using HP Autonomy’s
information management and analytics technologies, organizations can extract meaning in real
time from data in virtually any format or language, including structured data. A range of purposebuilt market offerings helps organizations drive greater value through information analytics,
unified information access, archiving, eDiscovery, enterprise content management, data
protection and marketing optimization.
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