Outdoor Screen Request Form
Guidelines for Posting Information on Outdoor Screens
Outdoor screens were installed on the main campus to inform the college community about campus events open to all students
and/or campus information important to all students. Students are the primary audience for these screens. The responsibility for
posting messages on these screens rests with the Associate Dean of Students Office. The Associate Dean or designee has the
discretion to determine what requests will be posted based on the general guidelines below. Any member of the College requesting
a message posted may submit an Outdoor Screen Request Form available online at http://www.wsc.ma.edu/outdoorscreens or Ely
131. To display a film, television or video broadcast on the large LED screen at the Dining Commons, the MEDIA SERVICES section
must be completed on the Outdoor Screen Request Form. Upon completion, send the Outdoor Screen Request Form to
outdoorscreens@wsc.ma.edu or Ely-131 attention Maureen Johnson, Campus Center Secretary.
1. Primary focus for announcements is on campus events open to and intended for all students and campus information important
to all students.
2. Requests should be submitted at least three business days in advance of the information posted in the message.
3. In general, messages will be posted for no more then one week in advance of an event. Exceptions may be made to extend this
time period for major campus events.
4. Information provided must be clear and concise (100 characters or less including spaces and punctuations). Messages will be
edited at the discretion of the Associate Dean of Students/designee.
5. Meetings/events open to and intended for the entire student body may be posted, however, meetings or campus
announcements that generally target specific groups may not be posted. (Example: “General Interest meeting for students
interested in joining the ‘Boxing Club’ would be posted but ‘Boxing Club practice’ will not be posted.)
MESSAGE REQUESTED (In the box below, insert 100 characters or less including spaces and punctuations)
Contact Person’s Name
________ Phone no.
Email Address
College Department or Student Organization______________________________________________________________
Message Start: Date & Time
Message End: Date & Time
MEDIA SERVICES (For large LED Video Screen at the Dining Commons)
Show Date
Start Time
End Time
Title of Event_______________________________________________________________________________________
Type of Event: Please check (√) one: DVD ____, VHS____, TV____, Live Video____
The LED Video Screen system does not allow a copy-guarded Video to be displayed. A licensed copy of the Video must be delivered
to Media Services, Parenzo Hall -05 prior to the Show Date. For more information contact Bob Mailloux, Media Services at
bmailloux@wsc.ma.edu or 413-572- 5652 (or 5653). Live Video (Example: Concert) requires written permission from the performer
or agency. Contact Mark St. Jean mark@wsc.ma.edu or 413-572-5750 for details on camera and audio requirements.
Associate Dean of Students dhendery@wsc.ma.edu, x5444, Ely-146
Director of Public Safety mnockunas@wsc.ma.edu, X5262, White House
Rev. 4/10/2009
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