1 Table of Contents 1. Introduction Product Overview

1 Table of Contents 1. Introduction Product Overview
Table of Contents
Product Overview
Box contents
Structure and Display Overview
Main Manu Optional Detail
1. Introduction
Product Overview
This camera is a discreet while versatile body camera specially designed not just to capture
video, audio, images, but also to collect GPS location when law enforcement and safety
professionals encounter as they go about their duties.
With up to 32GB(optional 64GB/128GB) of secure, tamper-proof internal storage and built-in
3200mah battery , It’s able to capture up to 8 hours continuous video, rendering impeccable
detail and clarity, in demanding conditions. User can attach the camera using a swiveling clip
for optimum video capture from the ultra-wide 140-degree field-of-view lens.
Purpose-built for harsh situations, this camera is rugged and seamlessly integrates with
uniforms and heavy outerwear under demanding conditions. A front, high-resolution 2.0-inch
color screen provides in-field review capabilities, while the password-protected files are
secure from tampering or erasure by unauthorized personnel. Footages are marked with user
ID, time and date, ensuring the authenticity of collected video of the event.
More than ever, professionals who interact with the public need to document their
whereabouts and activities for evidence, analytical, liability and professional development
purposes. Body camera, with its all-day battery and secure, internal storage acts as a silent
witness, protects the interests of the public and those who serve them, discretely and
Body camera is built in versatile features that designed to work in different conditions.
1. Multiple Recording Resolution: 1296p30, 1080p30, 720p30, 480p30
2. High Resolution Snapshot 32 megapixels
3. Pre-recording feature
4. On-screen display: time, date, memory, resolution, recording speed, battery life,
recording space available
5. Audio alarms: on/off, record, stop record, low battery, low memory
6. Full-shift battery (standard recording capacity of 10 hours with Pre-record off,
resolution 480P)
7. Waterproof IP65
8. GPS function
9. Visual LED indicates current status
10. Tamper-proof/password setup: prevent video from deleting or overwriting.
Box contents
Body Camera
Charging Dock
USB Cable
USB Adaptor
Universal Metal Clip
User Manual
2. Specification
Wide Angle
Video Resolution
Audio Format
Video Section
Snap Shot
Image Format
Video/Image Review
LCD Screen
Audio Playback
Video Output
Video Transfer
GPS location
IR LED switch
IR Distance
One Button
Motion detection
File type
Built-in Storage
140 degree wide angle lens
2560X1080 30p/ 2304x1296 30p/ 1920x1080 30p /1280x720 60p
/1280x720 30p / 848x480 60p
High Quality Build-in Microphone
User ID, Time and Date
Administrator password to prevent video deletion
Max 32 Megapixels
2/3/5/10/15/20 Snap Shots
2.0in TFT-LCD High-Resolution Color Display
Not support
USB 2.0
10 Meters
Support One Button Record
Police control/criminal inspection/public security
32GB (64GB/16GB)
-40~60 degrees Celsius
-20~55 degrees Celsius
Charging dock, USB cable, Charger, Manual, Universal metal clip,
leather strap
3. Structure and Display Overview
3.1 Radio Body Camera Structure
1. Status Indicator
Flashing Red: camera is recording video
Flashing Yellow: camera is recording audio only
2. Indicator LED
Blue: Charging Status
Green: camera is powered up and in standby mode
3.Charging dock
Connect charging dock for charging or connecting PC
4.Light Sensor
Detect changes in light and auto turn on IR for low-light
5.Infrared LEDs
Records clear image in low light situation. Enable Clear face view
with up to 10 meters
6.White Light
Provide light source
7.Record Button
a). Press to start/stop recording
b). Hold to switch between FHD 1080P30 and HD720P30
c). Hold to power up camera and start video recording
immediately when camera is powered off.
d). Press to exit from menu or playback.
8.Power Button
a). Hold for 3 seconds to turn camera on/off
b). Press to enter or exit screen saver
9. Snapshot Button
a). Press to take pictures in standby mode
b). Press to take a single snapshot image while in video recording
10.Audio Button
Press to record audio when not in recording mode
11.USB Port
Connects to USB cable for charging or connection to PC
PS: optionally connects to external camera
12.LCD Screen
2.0in TFT-LCD color screen
13.Scroll Up Button
14.OK Button
15. Menu/Scroll
down Button
a). Press to scroll up in menu mode
b). In play mode, hold to zoom out the playing image
c). In play mode, press to rewind video
d).Press to switch IR LEDs on/off when in manual night vision
a). Press to make a selection in menu mode
b). In play mode, press to pause/resume video or audio playback.
c). In standby mode, press to review files.
d). Press to TAG recording when camera is on recording
a). Press to enter into menu mode
b). Press to scroll down in menu mode
c). In play mode, hold to zoom out the playing image
d). In play mode, press to fast forward video
3.2 LCD Display Overview
Record Status
Red blinking record status icon indicates camera is recording,
white solid is standby mode.
Video Recording Time
Recorded time of current clip
Battery Charge
Current battery charge level
Camera and Officer ID
Assigned camera and Officer IDs
Remaining Time
Estimated recording hours remaining
SD Card Memory
Internal SD Card capacity: Free space/Total capacity
4.Main Menu Optional Detail
To enter the setting menu:
Press Menu (
) button and then enter a password.
Enter the password by using the following commands:
Press Scroll Up (
Press Menu (
) button to change the character to the previous letter or
) button to change the character to the next letter or number.
Press OK (
) button to move to the next character
PS: The default password is 000000.
After selecting the last character, press OK (
) button to enter the setting menu.
To navigate the settings menu:
Press Menu (
Press Scroll Up (
) button to select next setting or option.
Press OK (
Press Record (
) button to select the previous setting or option.
) button to move to confirm your selection or enter the submenu.
) button to return to the previous menu without changing
Following is a list of the available settings and options. The bold items are the default options.
The image resolution for video
2560×1080 30P
2304×1296 30P
1920×1080 30P
1440×1080 30P
1280×720 60P
1280×720 30P
848×480 60P
848×480 30P
720×480 30P
The image resolution for photos
32M (7600×4275 16:9)
21M (6144×3456 16:9)
16M (5336×3000 16:9)
12M (4608×2592 16:9)
10M (4384×2466 16:9)
8M (3456×1944 16:9)
5M (3008×1688 16:9)
4M (2688×1512 16:9)
The number of images captured when you
take a photo.
Off, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20
Self Timer
The amount of time the camera waits to
take a photo after you press Snapshot
off, 5 sec, 10 sec
When on, pressing the snapshot button will
activate continuous shooting during which
the camera will automatically taking a
picture at regular intervals. Press this button
again to stop shooting. When off, this
feature will be disabled.
off, 5 sec, 10 sec
The quality of the image for video and photo
S. Fine, Fine, Normal
When on, any video you record will include
some of the time that elapsed before you
press the Record button (stored in the
camera buffer); When off, any video you
record will include only video and audio
from the point after you press the Record
Off, On
Delay Record
The amount of the time the camera waits to
stop recording video after you press the
Record button.
off, 5 sec, 1 minute, 10
Car DVR Mode
When on, camera will power up
automatically and start video recording
when it is charged. Camera will power off as
it normally does when it is disconnected
from the power source.
Off, On
When on, camera will overwrite the oldest
video file with the most current video file
once its memory is full. This setting can be
selected only when car DVR mode is on.
Off, On
Split Time
While recording video, the camera will
automatically split its recording into files of
this length.
3min, 5 min, 10 min, 15
min, 30 min, 45min
Slides Show
When on, viewing photo file will start a
slideshow where each photo will be shown
for around 5 seconds.
Off, on
When set to manual, you will need to hold
Snapshot button to turn IR LEDs on/off.
When set to Auto, these lights will activate
automatically based on the light sensor's
Manual, Auto
Motion Detect
When on, camera will start recording when
front movement is detected by the lens.
Off, On
When on, you will hear a voice confirmation
when you start recording. When off, voice
confirmation is disabled.
Off, On
When GPS is on, position of video will be
recorded and can be reviewed by GPS
Off, On
Time Zone
Adopt local time in real time zone
-12 to +12
The language of the text in camera interface
Englsih, 简体中文, 繁體
中文, Pусский,
Jezyk Polski, French, 日
本語, Portuguese
Screen Saver
The amount of the time the camera can be
idle before deactivating the display to
conserve power.
Off, 30 sec, 1 min, 3 min,
5 min
LCD Brightness
The bright of camera display
Low, medium, high
Auto Power
The amount of the time the camera can be
idle before powering off.
Indicator LED
Key Tone
When on, indicator LED will tell the status
of the camera; When off, camera is entering
covert mode
When on, camera will play a tone each time
you press a button. When off, tone is
The volume of camera speaker. This affects
the loudness of video playback, audio
playback, the key tone, record warning, and
any other sounds played by camera. This
doesn't affect the volume of the recorded
video or audio files themselves.
On, Off
On, Off
ID setting
User can set Device SN and Person SN
Alphanumeric characters
Password can be set or changed
Alphanumeric characters
Time Setup
Adjust time to real location
yyyy/mm/dd __:__
Default setting
Use this to return camera to its original
settings. This does not erase the memory.
O (Yes), X (No)
Power on/off
1) Power on: when camera is off, press and hold power (
) button for 2 seconds, camera
will power up and enter standby mode:
Boot up image shows up;
Working status LED indicator turns green;
Boot up music;
Camera vibrates;
Camera voice “beeps” when [Record Warning] is ON.
2) Power off: press and hold power (
) button for 2 seconds to turn off working-status
Save video/audio files before power-off;
Working status indicator turns off;
Power off image;
Power off music;
Camera vibrates.
Press reset button to have camera resetting when camera works abnormally. Please note: Do
NOT PRESS this button except maloperation.
Infrared Night Vision
While under dark circumstances, infrared LED will help to record clear image or video in HD.
In standby mode, PRESS Menu (
) button to navigate. Find option【Infrared】, PRESS OK
) button to enter sub-menu: Manual & Auto, press OK (
) button to select.
1) Auto infrared mode:
In low light situations (3 Lux), 8 IR LEDs will be turned on automatically, camera switches on
infrared filter lens, video image turn black and white. Otherwise, when circumstance
brightness grew up, IR LED turns off, and image becomes colorful again.
2) Manual infrared mode:
When night vision is needed, PRESS (
) button to switch to Infrared mode, IR LEDs will be
turned on, black and white image. PRESS (
becomes colorful.
) button again to turn off IR LEDs, image
Take Photos
In standby, PRESS snapshot (
) button to take a snapshot, with a sound “Click”, LED
working status indicator will flash green once, and the photo stored. The photo resolution and
quality can be set in the settings.
While camera is video recording, PRESS snapshot (
) to take a snapshot. On the LCD
display, there will be a flashing green square, which refers to that a photo has been taken
while video is recording.
Video Recording
In standby mode, PRESS record (
) button, indicator LED flashes Alternate Red and Green,
then camera “beep” and vibrates, starts video recording. If the voice is on, camera will start
video recording with indication voice. PRESS record (
) button again, video recording stops
and camera switches to standby mode, working status indicator changes to green.
Motion Detection
In settings, please find [Motion Detect] option. PRESS OK (
Sub options: ON/OFF
) button to select.
PRESS record (
) button to activate motion detection, any moments are detected, camera
will start recording. If there are no movements for 10 seconds, camera will stop recording.
Once any movements detected, camera will start video recording again.
Audio Recording
In standby mode, PRESS Audio (
) button, with a beep and camera vibration, LED indicator
turn yellow and flashes, audio recording started. PRESS Audio (
audio recording.
One Button recording
When camera is powered off, HOLD Record (
recording immediately.
) button again to stop
) button, camera will initiate and start video
Tag Important file
In audio or video recording, PRESS OK (
) button, camera vibrates, the audio or video file
will be tagged important, with a yellow icon ( ) showing on the top right of the LCD screen.
) button again to cancel importance tag.
Device ID/ User ID
In standby mode, PRESS Menu (
) button to enter settings. Find [ID setting], PRESS OK
) button to select. Enter the password, the default password is: 00000. After right
password entered, the Device & Person SN interface show up, 5 characters for device and 6
characters for Person.
PRESS scroll-Up (
OK (
) button or Scroll-down (
Time Setting
In standby mode, PRESS Menu (
2008/02/02 07:40. PRESS OK (
the date and time.
Press Scroll-Up (
OK (
) button to highlight a character, then PRESS
) button to select. then
) button to enter settings. Find Time bar, for example,
) button and enter the password, then users can change
) button or Scroll-down (
) button to highlight a character, the PRESS
) button to select.
5.13 USB Driver
After being connected to PC, password interface shows up, please enter the password(default
password is 000000), the camera will be recognized by the computer.
1) In playback mode, PRESS OK (
) to pause/resume playback; PRESS Scroll-Up (
button to rewind, PRESS Scroll-down (
) button to fast forward, then PRESS OK (
play normally. You can fast forward or rewind 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, 32x, 64x, 128x.
) to
2) Exit the Playback mode:
In Playback mode, PRESS Record (
) button to get back to standby mode step by step.
5.15 External Mini Camera (optional)
Connect the external camera to USB port, the audio and video signal input will be switched to
external camera automatically. Meanwhile, the external camera can be controlled by the main
body camera.
Drive-by-wire button operating instructions: When the camera is in standby mode: A, HOLD
the button for 3 seconds to have the external camera start/stop video recording; B, PRESS the
button to take a picture through external camera.
5.16 Charging
When camera batter is low, the battery icon will flash in the display, and you will hear a alert
tone. When this happens, charge the camera.
While camera is charging, indicator lights blue and will turn off after camera is fully charged. It
will take approximately 4 hours to fully charge the camera.
Charging methods:
1). Use a USB cable to connect camera’s USB port to one of the following:
A USB port on your computer (powered on)
The included USB power adapter (connect to a power outlet)
The included car charger.
2). Attach camera to the docking bay. Use a USB cable to connect the docking bay to one of
the following:
A USB port on your computer (powered on)
The included USB power adapter (connect to a power outlet)
The included car charger.
Trouble phenomenon
The camera can't boot
battery runs out
Charge camera again.
camera Protected
Click the [RESET] button, reboot
camera Protected
Use USB cable to connect the
recorder and the communication
power charger, activate the
device, reboot
Shorter working hours
Insufficiently charged
① for the first time or when the
recorder is not in use for a long
time, turn the power off, and then
charge for more than 8 hours.
② fully charge for more than 8
interrupted while
Computer front panel USB
the data cable to computer
copying the data to a
port power supply shortage
back-panel USB port is
Computer does not
USB cable issues
Change another USB cable
recognize the camera
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