Free Health Screening In The West

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Free Health Screening
In The West
urong residents received a welcome boost to
healthy living on 21 April 2013 as they made
their way to SATA CommHealth Jurong Medical
Centre to receive complimentary health checks
including BMI measurements, pre-physiotherapy
assessments, subsidised mammography scan and
vaccinations during its Community Health Day (CHD).
This is the second time residents in the
West have been treated to free health screening since
Arrival of Guest-of-Honour, Mdm Halimah Yacob, Speaker
of Parliament at the Jurong medical centre.
“After seeing the Community Health Day ad in the
Chinese newspaper, I’ve decided to participate in this
event for the first time. The free medical checkups are
useful, especially for the elderly like me. I think I’ll attend
the next Community Health Day as well” commented a
64-year-old retiree, Mr Goh Eng Kee who stays in Jurong.
Among some of the free health screening services
offered was the Digital Retinal Photography (DRP)
catering to the diabetics. Diabetes can lead to severe
eye problems where the small blood vessels in the eyes
become damaged (diabetic retinopathy) and this can
cause blindness. This DRP scan can help to monitor the
eye condition as well as to detect any changes in the
retina. (Cont’d pg 2)
MICA (P) 166/10/2012 | September 2013
Woodlands Residents
Staying Healthy On
Community Health Day
Community Health Day (CHD) on 28 July 2013 at
SATA Woodlands Medical Centre for residents of
Woodlands and neighbouring constituencies. A range of
free and heavily subsidised specialised health checks were
offered to the community.
Mr Vikram Nair, shaking hands with residents at Woodlands
medical centre.
Residents of various ages turned up in droves at
the medical centre for complimentary health
checks consisting of chest X-Ray, BMI, blood
pressure; glucose, cholesterol tests, digital retinal photography, pre-physiotherapy assessments, eye tests
(visual acuity and DRP) and vaccinations were arranged
to complete the holistic health screening event.
SATA CommHealth has been focusing on addressing
chronic illness/ disease management and ageing
related health issues. Bone Mineral Densitometry (BMD)
scans were opened for booking at a highly subsidised
rates for elderly residents. The scan was to detect
osteoporosis among the elderly and even the middleaged. In this respect, the CHD also offered subsidised
mammography services for women above the age of 40
to detect signs of breast cancer, the leading killer
cancer among women in Singapore. (Cont’d pg 2)
2 | HealthLine | September 2013
Community Health Day
Since its inception in 1947, SATA
CommHealth has evolved over the
years to become a one-stop primary
healthcare organisation. It provides
a comprehensive range of health
screening and general practitioner
services at its four Medical Centres,
three X-ray buses, a Doctors-OnWheels mobile clinic and a
Mammo-On-Wheels mobile
mammography service.
To be the leading charity for the
advancement of lifelong health in
the community.
Promoting lifelong health, serving
the community.
C - Compassion
R - Respect
E - Excellence
A - Accountability
T - Teamwork
E - Empowerment
Acute ailments, chronic diseases
Cardiology, radiology, respiratory
medicine, physiotherapy
Pre-employment, social visit pass,
visa application, work permit
Health screenings, vaccinations
Fluoroscopy, mammography,
ultrasound, X-Ray
Audiometry, ECG, echocardiography,
industrial tests, spirometry, treadmill,
Bone Mineral Densitometry scan
Only at Bedok and Woodlands
Available at all Medical Centres
351 Chai Chee St Singapore 468982
Blk 715 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6
#01-4008/4010 Singapore 560715
Blk 135 Jurong Gateway Rd
#04-345 Singapore 600135
900 South Woodlands Dr
#04-01 Woodlands Civic Centre
Singapore 730900
: Andrew Yap
SUB-EDITOR: Esther Kong
ADVISOR : Dr K Thomas Abraham
Free Health Screening
In The West
In Singapore, the percentage of Singapore
residents with diabetes aged between
18 and 69 years old has increased from 8.2% in
year 2004 to the current rate of 11.3%1. Like many
developed countries, such as USA, the
prevalence of diabetes has been rising in
Singapore. Hence, preventive health screening
is the key to early detection of chronic diseases.
SATA CommHealth aims to highlight the
importance of health screening and
maintaining a healthy lifestyle for the
Health Day. q
Woodlands Residents
Staying Healthy On
Community Health Day
Participants waiting for their health checks at
the Jurong medical centre.
“Regular health screening scan help
to spot the early warning signs of
undetectable diseases in the human
body and enable timely intervention
to the condition. I am happy that the
young and old have the opportunity
at SATA CommHealth’s Community
Health Days.”
Many residents came early for their health
checks at the Woodlands medical centre.
Mr Vikram Nair
Advisor to Admiralty Grassroots Organisations,
MP for Sembawang GRC (Admiralty) and
Guest-of-Honour for the event.
is wealth as the old
adage goes. We often neglect to do
a ‘spot check’ on our health before a
debilitating condition is found. I’m so
glad that these Community Health
Days are a regular feature with SATA
CommHealth to reinforce the message of
preventive health for healthy living,
I encourage more residents to look out
for such community events to monitor
their health status.”
Mdm Halimah Yaccob
Speaker of Parliament and Member of Parliament for
Jurong GRC
1 Information Paper On Diabetes In Singapore- HPB 2011.
Mdm Suppiah getting ready for her
mammography and BMD scans.
Mdm Suppiah Chandravatheni, visited SATA
Woodlands Medical Centre early in the
morning for her mammography and BMD
appointments. “I read about the two
services on the flyer and find the
rates affordable and reasonable plus the
medical centre is conveniently located near
my home. This is a good time for my
yearly check-ups”, said the amiable
57-year-old grandmother. q
3 | HealthLine | September 2013
Board Announcement
Announcement of SATA CommHealth
New Chairman and Vice-Chairmen
ATA CommHealth announced the appointment of a
new Chairman, Mr Ang Hao Yao, and two new ViceChairmen, Dr Tan Chi Chiu and Prof Ho Yew Kee as well
as a new board member during the Annual General Meeting
held end Jun 2013.
The change in Board of Directors marks a new chapter for
SATA CommHealth. As part of the expansion of its community
health and wellness activities, the health care services provider
also plans to focus more on the needy and disadvantaged.
Mr Ang Hao Yao, previously the Vice-Chairman, takes over the
Chairmanship from A/Prof Mak Yuen Teen. Mr Ang, age 40, is
a businessman with 20 years of experience. He currently also
serves as the Treasurer of Singapore Chess Federation and
on the Executive Committee of Singapore Jian Chuan Tai Chi
Chuan Physical Culture Association. He had served on the
Management Committee of Securities Investors Association
(Singapore) as the Treasurer and Chairman Membership.
Mr Ang Hao Yao,
Chairman of SATA CommHealth
Mr Ang, Chairman of SATA
CommHealth said,
CommHealth now has a broad
range of primary healthcare
and community services. We
conduct about 100,000 health
checks a year and are expanding our acute and chronic care
services”. He continued on the
future plans, “Going forward,
we will continue to grow SATA
CommHealth to serve the community better in the coming
years. One of the main areas of our growth will be in the area
of Intermediate and Long term care (ILTC). In continuing our
services for the community, we intend to serve more people
and in more ways around Singapore in the coming years. We
have plans to set-up a Community Health Centre in Jurong
East this year. This centre will complement the work of family
practitioners and general practitioners in the area to provide
more holistic care with our allied health and nursing
services. We have also embarked on partnering other healthcare
organisations to help us expand our services and intend to have
more collaborations with both public and private healthcare
organisations in the future. As we expand, we intend to
increase our community care programme for the needy,
elderly and disadvantaged.”
Dr Tan Chi Chiu is currently Consultant Gastroenterologist,
Gastroenterology & Medicine International Pte Ltd, Gleneagles
Medical Centre as well as Chairman, Lien Centre for Social
Innovation; Singapore Management University, Board Member; National Youth Achievement Awards; elected Council
Member, Singapore Medical Council, Chairman of Medical Ethics
Committee; Medical Advisory Board Member, Chairman of
Endoscopy Committee, Gleneagles Hospital; Fellow, King
Edward VII Hall, National University of Singapore and Associate
Mentor, Terrific Mentors International.
Prof Ho Yew Kee is Head, Department of Accounting, NUS
Business School, as well as the President, The Boys’ Brigade
in Singapore; Chairman, Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Schools
Management Committee; Chairman, Audit Committee, St
Luke’s Hospital; Director, United International Securities Ltd;
Director, Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority
(ACRA) and Member, Ngee Ann Polytechnic Council.
Associate Prof Mak Yuen Teen who retired as Chairman, joined
SATA in 2002 and held many positions during his term of
office. He served as Vice Chairperson and led the Governance and Nominating Committee from 2005 till 2008 when
he was elected as the Chairman of SATA CommHealth. He
served SATA CommHealth with distinction as Chairman from
2008 till June 2013. The newly elected board member is Dr
Edward Yang Tuck Loong, age 56. Dr Edward Yang is a Senior
Consultant Radiation Oncologist with Gleneagles Hospital. q
4 | HealthLine | September 2013
Staff Welfare
Heartfelt Condolences
n HealthLine September 2012, we paid tribute to our
late colleague, Mdm Agisha Appukuttan who had been
faithfully serving as a radiographer since October 2008.
Last June, she suffered a fatal cardiac arrest less than a
month after the delivery of her second daughter in India.
She is survived by her husband, Mr Biju Sivanandan Sarala
and two young daughters (aged 26 months and 11 months).
Mdm Agisha was duly covered by corporate insurance
purchased by SATA CommHealth to provide financial coverage
for all staff. Through this, Mdm Agisha’s family was entitled to a
benefit payout of $60,000. On 18 April 2013, Mr Biju, currently a
radiographer at the National University Hospital (NUH) was invited to SATA CommHealth’s Headquarters to receive a cheque
for $60,000 presented personally by Dr K Thomas Abraham,
Chief Executive Officer of SATA CommHealth.
CEO of SATA CommHealth, Dr K. Thomas Abraham (centre),
handed the cheque to Mr Biju (second from left).
“Although this cheque will be a great financial aid to my
family, there’s no amount to replace Agisha’s position in the
family. I am really glad that in the past six years since both of
us first arrived in Singapore, she had enjoyed working at SATA
CommHealth very much” commented Mr Biju. q
CME Talk
Sharing Solutions for Management of
Degenerative Knee Arthritis
SATA CommHealth organised a Continuing Medical Education
(CME) talk on “Management of Degenerative Knee Arthritis”
exclusively for external GPs (General Practitioner) and its staff
on 28 June 2013 at its auditorium.
Dr Jeffery Chew speaking to participants at the talk.
ased on the World Health Organisation statistics released
2010, Ostheoarthritis is one of the ten most disabling
diseases in developed countries (WHO, 2010b).
Worldwide estimates are that 10% of men and 18% of women
aged over 60 years have symptomatic osteoarthritis, including
moderate and severe forms. Age is the strongest predictor of the
development and progression of osteoarthritis. It is more
common in women, increasing after the age of 50 especially in
the hand and knee. While joint replacement surgery is mainly
carried out among people aged 60 and over, it can also be
performed among people of younger ages.
In an effort to raise awareness of the management of
degenerative knee arthritis among healthcare professionals,
Dr Jeffrey Chew (Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Joint
Replacement Specialist and Sports Surgeon) from Centre for
Orthopaedics and Hip and Knee Surgery, Mount Elizabeth
Hospital was invited to give a talk on the various possible
solutions. The 45-year-old speaker is also a member of the
design team for the Depuy PFC RPF High Flex knee which is
the only mobile bearing high flex knee approved by the US
“Information from this talk is certainly enlightening to many
in the middle age group transitioning to the golden years as
it gives the audience an idea of where the tell-tale warning
signs of knee joint failure. The talk also highlighted many other
options other than outright knee joint replacement.” remarked
Mr Chong Ah Lek, the Information Systems Senior Manager of
SATA CommHealth. q
5 | HealthLine | September 2013
Public Awareness
Driving the Anti-smoking Message
From East To West
o commemorate the World No Tobacco Day, SATA
CommHealth partnered SMRT to launch a smoke-free
education campaign through exclusive bus ads on two
SMRT buses since end of May 2013 till 23 August 2013.
The public health education campaign spanning three months
aims to encourage the community at large to stay healthy by
adopting a smoke-free lifestyle. The essence of the campaign
message emblazoned on SMRT bus services 67 and 963 is
reflected in the tag line: “Smoking Burns Away Your Life” .
By partnering SATA CommHealth in its push against taking
up smoking among youths and females, SMRT subsidised the
cost of the advertisement space on the two buses as well as
provided a preferential rate for the entire production and design cost.
As these two long haul buses ply along highly
industrial districts, it will be highly visible to the school-going
youths and young female professionals.
Through this, it is hoped that
they will heed the call to
avoid “burning” their precious
lives away by abstaining from
the detrimental effects of
smoking. There is a rising trend
of smoking amongst youths
and young female professionals
in recent years as seen from the
The prevalence of smoking amongst young Singaporeans
aged 18 to 29 which has jumped up to 16.3% from 12.3%
in 2004 – represents a 33% increase in just six years1.
Reinforcing SATA CommHealth’s longstanding advocacy
on lung health since its founding years when it treated TB
patients island-wide, former Chairman A/Prof Mak Yuen Teen
explained: “As a community healthcare provider, it is
our responsibility to educate and inform the community and
especially the at-risk groups, particularly the school-going
youths and young female professionals, on the detriments
of picking up the health-damaging habit of smoking. These
anti-smoking bus advertisements are one of several ways
by which we hope to inculcate a smoke-free lifestyle in our
community”. q
Medical Centre Updates
New Wall Mural For
Ang Mo Kio Medical Centre
ATA CommHealth medical centre at Ang Mo Kio
had a wall facelift in the second quarter of the year.
A new wall mural depicting the milestone of SATA
CommHealth was mounted on the exterior of Ang Mo
Kio medical centre stretching almost 12 meters in length.
Residents will be able to identify and relate to the past and
present services from the healthcare provider. q
New wall mural at SATA Ang Mo Kio medical centre.
6 | HealthLine | September 2013
Research Grant
SATA CommHealth Research Grant 2014
he SATA CommHealth Research Grant was started in
2009 to encourage budding scientists and experienced
researchers to investigate and make new discoveries
related to the diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis. Since
then, we have expanded the scope of our research grant to
include practice-oriented research in the life sciences and
lifelong health.
The scope of research for this Grant has therefore been
expanded to include public/community health, geriatrics,
chronic illnesses and integrated care, in addition
to TB and lung health. Hence, the proposed research study
could be clinically based or socially/community-oriented but
with a healthcare underpinning. The grant applications for
2014 closed at the end of August 2013.
Please look out for next year’s inivitation for grant applications
which opens between July to end August. q
Write To Us
It’s Pay-back Time
Were you once a heavy smoker having difficulties quitting the harmful habit but managed to quit it with the help of someone
who has been encouraging and supportive? Give us a citation on this helpful soul who has assisted you in getting rid of cigarettes from your life. In return, SATA CommHealth will reward him / her with a set of complimentary health check at any SATA
CommHealth Medical Centre. Email your recommendation (includes his / her contact details - name, contact / mobile number
and email) to us at before the closing date of 30 December 2013. The shortlisted winner will be notified
through phone and email.
Community Events Update
Have you attended any Community Health Day events organised by SATA CommHealth? Keen to know when
and where will our next community event be held? Email us your contact details (name, contact / mobile number and mailing address) at We will keep you in the loop of all our upcoming events such as
Community Health Days where you get to enjoy complimentary health screening services at SATA CommHealth Medical
Centres. q
Vaccination & Health Screening
HPV Vaccination Alert
o you know that Human
Papilloma Virus (HPV)*
infection can lead to
cervical cancer? Reduce the
risk of infection with a HPV
SATA CommHealth offers a new
Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)
vaccination student package.
Terms and conditions apply.
For more information or to
book an appointment, please
contact 6244 6688 or visit q
National Day Package
ugust is the month to
celebrate our nation’s
birthday and also a time
to celebrate good health.
SATA CommHealth offers
screening package for you
to keep tabs on your health.
The package is available for a
limited time.
Terms and conditions apply. For more details, please call us at
6244 6688 or visit q
7 | HealthLine | September 2013
Medical Services at Your Doorstep
ATA CommHealth’s Homecare service aims to
augment the current shortage of homecare
services in Singapore. With an ageing population,
this new service will also be a boon to the elderly and
needy in the community.
It reaches out mainly to
immobile, physically impaired, post-surgery / illness and aged
sick who are incapable of performing activities of daily living by
addressing their medical needs. The needy will be accorded
discounted services.
Under the homecare service, SATA CommHealth covers:
• Wound care and dressing
• Stoma care
• Change of nasogastric / feeding tubes
• Tracheostomy care and suctioning
• Changing of urinary catheter
• Medication packing and review
• Removal of stitches and staples
• Intramuscular / subcutaneous injection
• Blood pressure / blood glucose monitoring
• Nebulisation
• Periodical diagnostics e.g. venepuncture
“With the ageing population and increased demand for
hospital services, our homecare services will help to reduce
the pressure on hospital beds and enable more medical care
to be delivered in the comfort of the patients’ homes. This
service is an extension of our primary healthcare services and is also aimed at enhancing Singapore’s healthcare
system as a whole”
Dr K Thomas Abraham
Chief Executive Officer of SATA CommHealth
SATA CommHealth offers a range of
medical services at your doorstep,
medical, home care supplies and other medical
walking aids and nebulisers).
For more details,
please contact 6244 6688.
8 | HealthLine | September 2013
For rehabilitation and to achieve
physical independence,
SATA CommHealth provides:
Pain Management
Neck and Back
Treatment for Arthritic Conditions
Post-surgical Rehabilitation
Neurological Conditions
Falls Prevention
Sports Injury Management
Work-related Injury Management
Caregiver Training and Education
Wellness Programme for the Elderly
Hotline: 6244 6688 |
Medical Transportation Services
Having difficulties to travel to your
doctor or medical centre for
treatment? SATA CommHealth offers a
new medical transportation service for
those who are incapacitated due to age
or illness to travel by public transport.
This service also caters to the wheelchair
bound to SATA CommHealth Medical
Centres or a centre of your choice for
medical consultation and treatment.
Subsidised rates are also available for the needy.
To make an appointment,
call 6244 6688 or visit
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