The Activprimary toolboxes

The Activprimary toolboxes
The information is taken from the training manual An introduction to
Activprimary (Version 2 for Windows). The PDF of the manual is distributed as
part of the Activprimary software package, but it is also available online and
on the CD-ROM that accompanies this book (under the Help section). Try the
online tutorials at
tutorials.shtml (the hyperlink is provided on the CD-ROM in the Web Links
The Main screen and
Teacher tools menu
Desktop mode Access your desktop
without closing the program.
New flipchart
Across the bottom of the
screen is the Tool tray. When
certain tools are selected,
additional options for them
will appear in here. You can
reposition the Tool tray and
the Main toolbox through
settings (Teacher tools menu
In the corner of the flipchart
page, you will see the
Flipchart Bin. Use the Marquee
select tool to drag objects into
the Bin to delete them.
At the side of the screen is
the Main toolbox. It is divided
into two main areas: the
Teacher Area (the upper
section) and the Pupil Area
(the lower section). The
Teacher Area contains
administrative tools aimed
solely at the teacher.
Open a flipchart
Save a flipchart
Page reset
Page notes
Web browser (AP2.5 only)
Notes and pointer (AP2.5 only)
Marquee select tool
Design mode Switch between
Design mode and Presentation mode.
Lines tool
Activities explorer Access pre-made
activities, including the Interactive
Teaching Programs.
Sound controller/recorder
Shapes tool
Text editor tool
Fill/Colour picker tool Select a colour
using the Colour picker tool
and add it to the Colour palette.
Special tools (See page 175 for details.)
Resource library
Clear tool With this tool you have three
options: Clear Screen, Clear Objects and
Clear Annotations.
Undo/Redo buttons
Rubber stamp tool Place multiple copies
of an image.
The Resource library is a
series of folders whose
contents can include images,
word banks and sounds. You
can also create your own
folders and store your own
flipchart items in the
Resource library.
Next/Previous page buttons If
you are on the last page, clicking the
Next page button will add a new page to
the end of the flipchart.
Pen tool Select this to access the
and Eraser
The Resource library
Page number button Click on the Page
number button to open the Page
Organiser in the Tool tray.
Tickertape (AP2.5 only)
... Menu Customise preferences for
Activote Take an interactive vote (with
voting devices only).
Previous / More images
Categories Access the Resource library
directory and browse the categories.
Shared collections
Personal collections
Other location Access other resources
on your computer using the Browse to
Another Location button
Create new folder Create a new
directory to store your own resources in.
(This option is only available in Design
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