Bracket Installation
Fixings to mount the Pendant Bracket will depend upon the fixing surface. It is important to use
adequate quality fixings to safely support an X-SERIES Camera. Fixing slots on 4” PCD
provide adequate clearance for 6mm bolts. The Pendant Bracket can be installed to mount
X-series Cameras in hanging orientation.
Flying Lead Installation
Install the Flying Lead optionally through the Central Mounting Tube or via the 20mm
Gland Entry Point. Note: the Gland Entry is supplied with a 20 x 1.5mm thread to accommodate industry standard 20mm
Safety Bond Bracket Installation
Securely fasten right angle Safety Bond Bracket to the top of the Camera with M4 x 8 socket button head and single coil
spring washer as shown FIG A. Your Camera may already have this part installed.
Attaching the Camera to the Compact Wall Bracket
1. Remove the Bracket Cover Plate by releasing the 2 M5 screws. Connect Safety Bond Cable to Camera Top as shown FIG A.
2. Fully release the Camera Hand Lock Nut.
3. Position the Camera into the Bracket Cradle, matching the orientation as shown FIG A.
4. Fully tighten the Hand Lock Nut by hand. Use the M3 Allen Key (provided) as shown FIG A to further tighten the Hand Lock Nut.
5. Ensure the clearance is even throughout 360° rotation and the Camera is free moving.
Connecting Flying Lead and Bracket Cover Plate
1. Connect Flying Lead to Camera with power isolated. Note: inspect the connector to ensure the orientation key between
the mating parts is correctly aligned.
2. Tuck the Safety Bond Cable up into the bracket as shown, confirming complete assembly as FIG B.
3. Replace Bracket Cover Plate by securing the 2 M5 screws. This Bracket Cover Plate MUST be fully secured with both
fixings to ensure Safe Camera Mounting.
• Pendant Wall Bracket Assembly
• 4m Flying Lead
• M4 Allen Key
• Safety Bond Bracket Assembly
• M2.5 Allen Key
• M3 Allen Key
• 20mm Blanking Plug
• 20mm Cable Gland
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