Form Measurement
A small, lightweight, extremely easy-to-use surface
roughness tester with colour LCD.
The Surftest SJ-210 is a user-friendly surface roughness tester
designed as a handheld tool that can be easily carried and
used on site.
Easy to use
Colour-graphic LCD with backlight
The 2.4” colour screen provides excellent readability and an intuitive display for
easy use of the extensive functionality, with the added convenience of a backlight
for excellent visibility in poor light.
Simple key layout
The Surftest SJ-210 is easily operated using the keys on the front of the unit and
those under the sliding cover.
Highly functional
Advanced data storage capabilities
Up to 10 setups and one measured profile can be stored in the internal memory.
Optional memory card
An optional memory card can be used as an extended memory to store large
numbers of measured profiles and setups.
Password protection
Access to each feature can be password-protected, which prevents unintended
operation and enables settings to be protected.
Multilingual support
The display interface supports 16 languages, which can be freely switched.
Stylus alarm
An alarm warns when the cumulative measurement distance exceeds a preset limit,
so that the stylus can be changed in good time before wear begins to adversely
affect measurement.
Extensive analysis and display features
Complies with relevant industry standards
The Surftest SJ-210 complies with the major VDA, ISO-1997, ANSI and Japanese
standards applying to surface texture measurement.
Displays assessed profiles and graphical data
In addition to calculation results, the Surftest SJ-210 can display sectional
calculation results and assessed profiles, load curves, and amplitude
distribution curves.
Colour-graphics display
Intuitive display that’s clear, sharp, and
The battery charges in one quarter the time
of previous Mitutoyo products.
Large, 2.4-inch LCD
The large screen provides excellent
The backlight improves visibility in poor
lighting conditions.
Drive unit
The drive unit can be separated from the
display unit by using the cable supplied, thus
increasing flexibility in use. Separation and
reattachment is simple.
High-speed USB communication
Data can be transferred to and from a
computer via the high-speed USB interface.
Applicable standards
There is a good choice of drive units and
detectors available to suit almost any
In addition to ISO,
ANSI and VDA, the
Surftest SJ-210 also
complies with JIS
Memory card support
Operation keys
•The keys on the front of the unit and
under the sliding cover are clearly labelled
for ease of use.
•The user-friendly screen layout and arrow keys provide intuitive operation.
•Displayed settings can be changed easily by using the left and right arrow keys.
•Infrequently used keys are hidden under the sliding cover to discourage unintended
Multilingual support
The memory-card slot enables large
quantities of data to be conveniently stored.
The display
interface supports
16 languages.
Many features in a compact form
Extensive display features that assist measurement
•The highly visible LCD with backlight
ensures good screen visibility even in
poor ambient lighting.
•The display mode can be freely switched between portrait and landscape.
•Calculation results are displayed in large characters.
•Pass/fail results are displayed in colour for easy assimilation.
•Assessed profiles, load curves, and
amplitude distribution curves can
be displayed in addition to calculation
•Assessed profiles can also be zoomed
up and down.
Stylus alarm function
•An alarm warns when the cumulative
stylus travel exceeds a preset limit. This
feature can be used to avoid problems
caused by worn-out styli. Any value can
be specified as the limiting distance.
Easy setting
•Displayed settings can be easily
changed by pressing the left and right
arrow keys under the sliding cover.
For example, these keys can be used to
switch the cut-off value (λc) and the
number of sampling lengths (N) on the
measurement screen.
Advanced features
•The multilingual display interface supports 16 languages, which
can be freely switched.
•Access to functions can be password-protected.
•The battery is a quick charge, long life type.
Setting parameters and recalculating results
•The required parameters can be
selected from the screen. The sub menu also lets you specify detailed
settings such as the tolerance.
After completing measurement,
the parameters can be changed and
calculation can be executed again,
using the new parameters*.
*May not be possible, depending on the setup.
Advanced data storage capabilities
•Interface options: RS-232C output, Digimatic output, printer output, and footswitch input.
•Up to 10 setups can be stored in the internal memory, and these
are quickly retrievable as they are each associated with a specific
•The memory card* slot enables practically unlimited
expansion of the data memory capability.
*See page 9 for details of compatible memory cards.
Storage Capacity
Data type
Measured profiles
Calculation result
Memory card
Detector / drive units
Battery-powered portability scores when making surface roughness measurements on
the shop floor.
Measurements in any orientation can be performed, even upside down. Optional accessories*, such as a height gauge adapter,
allow efficient measurement in almost any situation.
*See pages 8 to 10 for details of the optional accessories available.
The detector, drive unit and display combination means versatility.
Highly capable detectors and drive units
The drive unit can be separated
from the display unit and
reattached via the cable supplied
very easily.
Drive unit housed within display unit
Standard detector
Drive unit attached to display unit
with cable
Drive units
Standard drive unit
Popular standard drive unit.
Transverse tracing drive unit
Retractable drive unit
Best suited for measurement of narrow,
shrouded workpiece features such as
crankshaft bearings, EDM parts, etc.
The detector is in the retracted position
at rest so it is immune from damage
when inserted into a feature whose
profile cannot be easily seen, such as a
blind hole, etc.
One of two types may be selected:
1.Measuring force:0.75 mN
Stylus profile: Tip radius 2 μm
Tip angle 60°
2.Measuring force:4 mN
Stylus profile: Tip radius 5 μm
Tip angle 90°.
Optional detectors
•A wide range of optional detectors* is available, including
detectors for small holes, extra small holes, gear tooth surfaces,
and deep grooves.
*See page 7 for details on the detectors.
Carrying case
•A convenient carrying
case is supplied as
standard for
protecting the
instrument in the field.
(Type of detector)
Order No.
inch / mm
X axis
Measuring range
Z axis (detector)
Range / resolution
Measuring speed
Measuring force / stylus tip
Skid force
Applicable standards
Assessed profiles
Evaluation parameters
Analysis graphs
Cut-off length
Sampling length
Number of sampling lengths (xn)
LCD dimensions
Display languages
Calculation result display
Printing function *1
(A separate dedicated printer is required)
External I /O
GO/NG judgement*2
Storage of setup
Internal memory
Memory card
(optional accessory)
Power supply
Size (W x D x H)
Standard accessories
Standard drive unit type
Retractable drive unit type
Transverse tracing drive unit type
0.75 mN type
4 mN type
0.75 mN type
4 mN type
0.75 mN type
4 mN type
17.5 mm
5.6 mm
360 μm (-200 μm to +160 μm)
360 μm / 0.02 μm, 100 μm / 0.006 μm, 25 μm / 0.002 μm
Measuring: 0.25 mm/s, 0.5 mm/s, 0.75 mm/s Returning: 1 mm/s
0.75 mN type: 0.75 mN / 2 μm R 60°, 4 mN type: 4 mN / 5 μm R 90°
Less than 400 mN
ISO ’97 / ANSI /VDA / JIS ’82 / JIS ’94 / JIS ’01
Primary profile / roughness profile / DF profile / roughness profile-Motif
Ra, Rc, Ry, Rz, Rq, Rt, Rmax, Rp, Rv, R3z, Rsk, Rku, Rc, RPc, Rsm, Rz1max, S, HSC, RzJIS, Rppi, RΔa, RΔq,
Rlr, Rmr, Rmr(c), Rδc, Rk, Rpk, Rvk, Mr1, Mr2, A1, A2, Vo, Rpm, tp, Htp, R, Rx, AR, custom
Bearing area curve / amplitude distribution curve
Gaussian , 2CR75 , PC75
0.08 , 0.25 , 0.8 , 2.5 mm
2.5 , 8 μm
0.08 , 0.25 , 0.8 , 2.5 mm
x1, x2, x3, x4, x5, x6, x7, x8, x9, x10,
x1, x2, x3, x4, x5, x6, x7, x8, x9, x10,
arbitrary length (0.3 to 5.6 mm:
arbitrary length (0.3 to 16.0 mm: 0.01 mm interval)
0.01 mm interval)
36.7 x 48.9 mm
English, Chinese (simplified or traditional), Czech, Dutch, German, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese,
Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish
1 parameter / 3 parameter / trace to measurements
1 parameter / 4 parameter / trace to measurements (horizontal display is invertable)
Setups / calculation results / calculation results for each sampling length / assessed profile /
bearing area curve / amplitude distribution curve / environment setting infomation
USB I /F, digimatic output, printer output, RS-232C I /F, foot SW I/F
Desired parameters can be selected for calculation and display
By maximum value / 16% / standard deviation
Save the conditions at power OFF
Setups (10 sets), measured profile (1 set)
500 setups, 10000 measured profiles, 500 display images, text file (setups / measured profile / assessed
profile / bearing area curve / amplitude distribution curve)
Auto-calibration with the entry of numerical value / average calibration with multiple measurement (maximum 5)
Auto-sleep function (10-600 sec)*3
Two-way power supply: battery (rechargeable Ni-MH battery) and AC adapter
Note 1: charging time approximately 4 hours (may vary due to ambient temperature)
Note 2: endurance approximately 1000 measurements (depends slightly on usage / environment)
Display unit
Drive unit
52.1 x 65.8 x 160 mm
115 x 23 x 26 mm
Approximately 500 g (display unit + drive unit + standard detector)
12BAA303 Connecting cable*4
12AAE643 Point-contact adapter
12BAA303 Connecting cable*
12AAE644 V-type adapter
12BAK699 Carrying case
12BAK699 Carrying case
12BAK700 Calibration stage
12BAK700 Calibration stage
178-601 Roughness specimen
178-605 Roughness specimen
Protective sheets for display, AC adapter, operation manual,
Protective sheets for display,
quick reference manual, warranty
AC adapter, operation manual
quick reference manual, warranty
*1: Order the SJ-210 printer (178-421, optional accessory) separately. See page 9 for details on printer.
*2: Standard deviation only can be selected in ANSI. 16% rule cannot be selected in VDA.
*3: Auto-sleep function is inoperative when the AC adaptor is used.
*4: For connecting the calculation display unit and drive unit.
Dimensions: display unit and drive unit
Drive unit housed inside display unit (standard detector installed in drive unit)
Unit: mm
Sliding cover: closed
Sliding cover: open
Without back
face cover
With back
face cover
Drive unit not housed inside display unit (standard detector installed in drive unit)
Unit: mm
Standard drive unit
Retractable drive unit
Transverse tracing drive unit
Dimensions: detectors
Standard detectors
Gear-tooth surface detectors
Unit: mm
Order No. Measuring force Stylus profiles*
0.75 mN
2 μm R / 60º
Dedicated to the
4 mN
5 μm R / 90º standard / retractable drive units
0.75 mN
2 μm R / 60º
Dedicated to the transverse
tracing drive unit
4 mN
5 μm R / 90º
Dedicated to the
4 mN
10 μm R / 90º standard / retractable
drive units
*Tip radius / angle
Unit: mm
Order No.
Measuring force
0.75 mN
4 mN
Stylus profiles*
2 μm R / 60º
5 μm R / 90º
*Tip radius / angle
Deep groove detectors
Unit: mm
Small hole detectors
Unit: mm
Order No. Measuring force Stylus profiles*
0.75 mN
2 μm R / 60º
4 mN
5 μm R / 90º
Minimum measurable hole:
ø4.5 mm
*Tip radius / angle
Extra small hole detectors
Unit: mm
Order No. Measuring force Stylus profiles*
0.75 mN
2 μm R / 60º
4 mN
5 μm R / 90º
*Tip radius / angle
Minimum measurable hole:
ø2.8 mm
Order No. Measuring force Stylus profiles*
0.75 mN
2 μm R / 60º Not available for the transverse
tracing drive unit
4 mN
5 μm R / 90º
*Tip radius / angle
Optional accessories: drive unit
Nosepiece for cylindrical surfaces
Nosepiece for flat surfaces
Not usable with the transverse
tracing drive unit.
Not usable with the transverse
tracing drive unit.
Point-contact adapter
V-type adapter
A transverse tracing drive
unit standard accessory.
Dedicated to the transverse
tracing drive unit.
A transverse tracing drive
unit standard accessory.
Dedicated to the transverse
tracing drive unit.
Extension cable (1 m)
Extension rod (50 mm)
Not usable with the transverse
tracing drive unit.
Only one rod may be used
at any one time.
For connecting between calculation
display unit and drive unit.
Only one cable may be used at any
one time.
Vertical positioning adapter
Support feet set
Not usable with the
transverse tracing
drive unit.
Not usable with the transverse
tracing drive unit.
Nosepiece for cylindrical surfaces
Magnetic stand adapter
12AAA221 (ø8 mm)
12AAA220 (ø9.5 mm)
12AAA222 (9 x 9 mm)
12AAA233 (1/4” x 1/2”)
Setting attachments
Enhances measurement efficiency by facilitating the measurement setup of multiple workpieces of the same type and of the hard-to-access
sections of a workpiece. (Not available for the transverse tracing drive unit.)
V type
The V-width is adjustable
to the cylinder diameter
facilitating axial measurement
of a wide range of cylinder
Adjustable range: ø5-150 mm
Magnetic slider type
The magnetic frame
allows taking hands-free
measurement on an inclined
surface of a magnetizable
Inside diameter type
Greatly facilitates
measurement of internal wall
surfaces of, for example, a
cylinder block.
Applicable dia.: 75-95 mm
Accessible depth: 30-135 mm
Optional accessories: external equipment
Digimatic mini processor DP-1VR
This processor can be used to print calculation results, perform a
variety of statistical analyses, draw a histogram or D-chart, and
also perform complicated operations for X-R control charts.
SJ-210 to DP-1VR connecting cables:
936937 (1 m)
965014 (2 m)
Memory card
A memory card* for saving up to 500 setups, 1000 measured
profiles, 500 display images, text files (setups, measured profiles,
assessed profiles, BAC, ADC).
This palm-sized printer (W x D x H: 93 x 125 x 70 mm) can run on an
internal battery to print assessed profiles, calculation results and
•Powered by AC adapter or battery pack.
•Printable items: Setups, calculation results, assessed profiles,
bearing area curves (BAC), amplitude distribution curves (ADC),
and environment settings.
Unit configuration:
•Printer main unit
•Printer connecting cable
•Printing paper 6-pack
•Battery pack
•Exclusive use
AC adapter
Not all memory cards are
recognized. Please use the
memory card recommended
by Mitutoyo.
Examples of printer output
Printer paper (5-pack):
Optional accessories: external output
Simplified communication program for SURFTEST SJ series
The Surftest SJ-210 is equipped with a USB interface, enabling data to be transferred to spreadsheet or other software. A program that
enables inspection record tables to be created using a Microsoft Excel* macro is also provided.
Required environment*
•Spreadsheet software:
Windows 2000 SP4 Microsoft Excel 2000
Windows XP Microsoft Excel 2002
Windows Vista Microsoft Excel 2007
Windows 7
* Windows OS and Microsoft Excel are products of Microsoft Corporation.
USB cable:
12AAL068 (2 m)
This program can be downloaded FREE of charge from
A footswitch can be used to trigger measurement. This tool is very
useful in cases where the same type of workpiece is measured
multiple times, often using a fixture for alignment.
Input tool
USB keyboard signal conversion model:
IT-012U (264-012-10)
PS/2 keyboard signal conversion model:
IT-005D (264-005)
Calculation results can be loaded directly into commercial
spreadsheet software via this unit simply by connecting it from
the SJ-210 to the USB connector on a computer or a PS/2 type
keyboard connector.
Protective sheet for the display
Protective sheet for the colour LCD (5-pack).
Note: All information regarding our products, and in particular the illustrations, drawings, dimensional and performance data contained in this printed matter
as well as other technical data are to be regarded as approximate average values. We therefore reserve the right to make changes to the corresponding designs,
dimensions and weights. The stated standards, similar technical regulations, descriptions and illustrations of the products were valid at the time of printing.
In addition, the latest applicable version of our General Trading Conditions will apply. Only quotations submitted by ourselves may be regarded as definitive.
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