Development of Multimedia Interactive Module for Learning Adobe

Scientific Journal of PPI-UKM
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ISSN No. 2356 - 2536
Development of Multimedia Interactive Module for Learning Adobe
Photoshop CS4
Andi Putraa*, Elvi Syamsyuirb, Nabilah Filzah Mohd Radzuanc
Department of Computer Engineering, Knowledge Technology Research Group, Center of Artificial Intelligence Technology
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, 46300 Bangi,Selangor, Malaysia
Department of Civil Engineering, Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Payakumbuh, Sumatera Barat, Indonesia
Data Mining Research Group, Center of Artificial Intelligence Technology,
Faculty of Technology and Information Science, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, 46300 Bangi,Selangor, Malaysia.
A combination of knowledge process with instructional media will offer extra discrepancy in the ways of education so that the purpose
of users generate interest in knowledge to be more active. This study aims to develop a multimedia interactive module on the subject of
learning Adobe Photoshop CS4 by Camtasia Studio 8 software. There are four phases of methodologies in this article which included the
video and sound recording, CD learning manufacture, testing and revision. The consequences of this study is producing learning CD Adobe
Photoshop CS4 which is supported by various aspects: voice, video, and text in order to assist the user in ease of ferreting Adobe
Photoshop CS4.
Keywords: multimedia, learning, photoshop CS4, and camtasia
The rapid development of multimedia technology is very
useful for the incredible variety of fields, both the fields of
entertainment, education and other fields who present
information in a clear and pleasant approach. Multimedia
technologies are used in the development of various
applications, so the easier it is to use.
Education is the primary needs that must be met, in
accordance with the demands of scientific progress as well
as a demand and technological progress of civilization of a
country. The education level of civilization a citizen
determine the country field of education, the learning
process is identified with the process of delivering the
information or communication. In this case study media is
an integral part of the educational institutions. Utilization
of instructional media is a creative and systematic effort to
create an experience that can give lessons to students so
that educational institutions will eventually be able to
produce quality graduates [7].
In the field of education, the delivery of interactive
teaching materials and can facilitate learning because it is
supported by various aspects: voice, video, animation, text,
and graphics. Learn to listen to the lecture method of
teaching is a form of learning interactions. But by listening
alone, its effectiveness is dubious. Learning is most
effective when the user is given many opportunities to do
something, through a multi-method and multimedia.
The learning process is supported instructional media
will give more variation in the ways of teaching so that
users generate interest in learning to be more active. In
addition, the media is one of support educational goals have
been determined. A teacher must be able to establish what
the most appropriate media and appropriate for a particular
purpose, delivery of certain materials, the learning
conditions of students, and to use a strategy or method that
is already selected. Multimedia player serves one enough
performance to this experience [5].
Interactive multimedia can be interpreted as a
combination of various media elements consisting of text,
graphics, photographs, animations, video, and sound that is
presented in an interactive learning media [2]. The use of
interactive multimedia in learning it is possible to improve
thinking skills expected. Advantages of interactive
multimedia are to prepare human resource through quality
education. In the learning process of users is expected to
acquire the ability of reasoning, the material presented.
These abilities involve critical thinking, systematic,
logical, and creative which is needed in the era of
communication technology, problem solving, and has the
respect of the current uses, for example in selecting and
managing information and communication. Through a
variety of learning methods and media, many users will be
able to actively interact with utilizing all its potential users.
Framework is almost always associated with the software
development methodology for using information systems.
* Corresponding author. Tel.: N/A; fax: N/A.
E-mail address:
A. Putra, E. Syamsuir, NF. Radzuan
Realizing the framework is to guide researchers in
developing software.
How to learn to follow instructions which sometimes
gives the book its own difficulties, when the user follows
the instructions or directives are written in the book of
which there are no problems and obstacles, let alone
studying books on computer programming, design,
multimedia designer. If the books above are supported by
interactive multimedia that is equipped with video,
animation and sound that will facilitate the user in the
learning process. In this research will create a learning CD
Adobe Photoshop CS4.
Multimedia is defined as the combined use of multiple
media in conveying information in the form of text,
graphics or animated graphics, movie, video, and audio.
Multimedia include hypermedia and hypertext. Hypermedia
is a form of multimedia presentations that include text, still
or animated graphics, shapes movie, video and audio.
Hypertext is text, static diagrams, figures and tables are
displayed and arranged in a non-linear [7]. In addition, the
term multimedia can also be interpreted as a collection of
technologies that combine diverse visual medium (sight)
and audio (hearing) in ways that are new or modern for
communication purposes.
The use of multimedia can be applied in various ways,
including entertainment, education, advertising, and many
others [6]. Multimedia learning as one of the main aspects
of the media who collaborate on text, sound, images, video,
and animation can become one medium that presents visual
information to be of interest to students [1].
There are five multimedia elements described [8],
namely :
Text; Although it is not impossible to create a
multimedia without text, but most systems use text as text
multimedia is an effective way to communicate ideas and
provide instructions for the user.
Graphic; Multimedia can convert images into objects or
links. Sometimes graphs also appear as the background of
the text. Moreover icon images can also be combined with
text, display options, or images can be displayed in fullscreen instead of the text, with a portion of the image as an
object or a link to display events or other objects.
Audio; There are four types of sounds that can be used
in multimedia applications, namely: Waveform audio,
MIDI, Audio CD and MP3.
Video; Video provides a great resource for multimedia
applications. There are several kinds of video that can be
used as objects in multimedia applications, namely: Live
Video Feeds, Videotape, Video Discs and Digital Video.
Animation; Animation is the use of computers to create
movement on the screen. There are four kinds of animation,
namely: Frame Animation, Vector Animation, Animation
Computational, and Morphing.
2.3 Multimedia Applications
With the development of multimedia technology in the
early 1990s, and then began to explore the effect of
multimedia on several fronts and is now becoming very
important in multimedia communication.
2.4 Interactive Multimedia
Literature Review
2.1 Multimedia
Multimedia is a function of the computer to present and
combine text, graphics, sound, video, and animation so that
the user can interact, create, communicate, and control of
these elements [8]. That definition defines the four
components that must be present in multimedia. First, there
must be a computer to coordinate what we see, hear, and
interact with us. Second, there must be a relationship
between information. Third, there should be a navigation
tool that allows us to access the information. And fourth,
because multimedia is not only watching, then there must
be a way to obtain, process, and communicate information
and ideas with us.
Multimedia emerged as a very important basic skills in
the 21st century, multimedia and even change how reading
itself. Multimedia break the boundaries of the text and give
a new dimension of reading by adding and present a
complete by sound, music, pictures, and video . Multimedia
proven effective based on research by the Computer
Technology Research (CTR).
2.2 Multimedia Elements
Multimedia experience is only one direction, instead of
two directions. In multimedia, the user can understand the
information conveyed, but cannot control the information,
so there is no interaction between users with multimedia
itself. This then evolved to develop a model of traditional
multimedia into a model of interactive multimedia [6].
In terms of understanding, interactive multimedia can be
interpreted as a combination of various media elements
consisting of text, graphics, photographs, animations,
video, and voice are presented in an interactive learning
media [2]. Interactive multimedia means users can actively
choose and make decisions and also to interact with the
application. It is changing the user who originally passive
to active.
Research Methodology
Research on the development of multimedia on learning
Adobe Photoshop CS4, starting with preparation, data
collection and ending with the preparation of the report.
The study was conducted to develop a multimedia function
on learning Adobe Photoshop CS4 which is expected to
assist users in understanding or learning Adobe Photoshop
Scientific Journal of PPI-UKM
ISSN No. 2356 - 2536
A. Putra, E. Syamsuir, NF. Radzuan
Research activities include the preparation, study of
literature, software selection, made animation, video
recording, voice recording, animation tests, revision
animation, and analysis of the results thus obtained are
mutually influential relationship variables, including the
incorporation of media, the discussion and the conclusion.
The method that is used later design methods and system
design, in which the phases in this study consisted of:
3.1 Preparation and study of literature Phase
This phase of the research team prepare all the things
needed in this study such as software selection, materials,
books or related resources, tools and others.
3.2 Video and sound recording Phase
This phase of recording video and sound research is
needed in the manufacture of CD learning Adobe
Photoshop CS4.
3.3 Manufacture of CD Learning Phase
Experimental is experimenting in making CDs Learning
3.4 Assessment Phase
Phase of this trial to obtain some level of testing process
include : combining the medium of sound, images and
animation were previously recorded on equipment that has
been provided. Test whether the animation that has been
built according to the targeted users in learning Adobe
Photoshop CS4. Namely by demonstrating animation,
video and sound.
flow chart of research implementation plan which has been
described above , then obtained the following results :
4.1 Recording Video for input
In making this instructional CD, one of the essential
components required are recording video . Has been done
with the following process : Before starting the recording,
open or run the first program Camtasia Recorder by
clicking the Start button > All Programs > Camtasia Studio
Application > Camtasia Recorder. Determine the effects of
which will be used at the time of recording, add effects to
the cursor, how is click the Effects menu > Options >
Cursor and activate the selected effect, click the Effects
menu > Cursor > Tick. Tick one of the options that have
corresponding effects on the previous setting. Specify the
desktop area to be on the record either full screen or custom
(corresponding preset dimension/select/manuals size).
Once everything is in the setting , click the Record button
or F9 to start the process of recording and click the F10 key
to end the process of Record. If for a moment as she
stopped Record / Pause F9 key clicks when the record goes.
After Recording process was considered finished, click the
F10 key.
Video footage has been recording or recorded has been
achieved, and done with image display as follows:
Installing Adobe Photoshop CS4, Introduction to the menus
and tools Adobe Photoshop CS4, and exercises in which
there is Installation Adobe Photoshop, cartoon effect,
Crosshatch effect, photo antique and 3 dimension cube
photo. The results show below Fig. 1, Fig. 2, Fig. 3, Fig. 4
and Fig. 5.
3.5 Analysis
After the above phase, this phase is to fix errors in
animation, video and sound as well as add to the
completeness of learning CD deficiencies Adobe
Photoshop CS4 is done to obtain maximum results.
3.6 Documentation and preparation of reports
Documentation is done for a period of time now and in
the future in order to facilitate treatment in the event of an
error due to the instability of the device or because of other
technical problems. The preparation of the report is the
stage where all the reports and data that have been done
during the study were made according to the format
specified report.
Fig. 1. Installation Adobe Photoshop
Results And Discussion
The results of the development of multimedia on
learning Adobe Photoshop CS4 is in accordance with the
Scientific Journal of PPI-UKM
ISSN No. 2356 - 2536
A. Putra, E. Syamsuir, NF. Radzuan
Fig. 2. Project 1
Fig. 5. Project 4
4.2 Voice Recording (Audio)
The second important component for the manufacture of
the necessary learning CD audio recording serves as a
director using voice commands. Performed using a mic that
plugs directly into a laptop or PC (headshet) with the
following process: Adjusting the Volume Record, click and
drag the volume settings. Adjust Audio hardware, click the
small arrow button next to Audio> select Options> Source>
change the option to Microphone. This method is used for
setting the Audio Source that will go into the project.
4.3 Preparation of CD Learning
Fig. 3. Project 2
After performing stage and recording video recording
sound then the next step is to get into the editing stage.
Editing process is used to edit the video that has been
recorded to achieve good quality. Some things are done in
the editing process, among others:
Importing Media Files Automatically or Manually
To import the media files automatically after the
completion of the way is Record, the Record Preview
window select the Edit button. As for importing media files
automatically open the program first Camtasia Studio>
Import and select Media> select the media files/results
included record to be edited.
4.4 Creating the Title Clip
Fig. 4. Project 3
Title clip is used to give a title to the video lessons with
the aim to allow others to know the information to be
conveyed. The steps in making a Title Clip is as follows: In
the Task List, select Add > Title Clip, it will appear after
the Title Clips Options to provide fill title name Title Name
column, type the title of the video to fill in the text field,
and click the OK button if completed. After Title appears in
Scientific Journal of PPI-UKM
ISSN No. 2356 - 2536
A. Putra, E. Syamsuir, NF. Radzuan
the Clip Bin, drag to the Timeline in the order so that the
next title will be the one with Video.
4.5 Adding Transition Effects
Transition effects are used to add visual effects between
the end of the clip and the beginning of the clip. The use of
transition effects is done in order to move between the clip
does not become stiff. The steps in making the transition
effect is as follows: In the Task List, select Edit>
Transitions. After that will perform Transition Options,
Choose one of transition effects that have been provided, to
simply click and drag to add transition effects between two
clips are selected. Click finish button when you finish, view
the CD Early Learning Adobe Photoshop CS4 in Fig. 6.
Based on the focus of the research, the development of
multimedia in learning Adobe Photoshop CS4. Discussion
of the results of this study can be formulated in four
conclusions, which can be developed in the Multimedia
Learning Adobe Photoshop CS4 for users in learning
Adobe Photoshop CS4. Collaborative design of video,
images, text, animation and vote on learning Adobe
Photoshop CS4 can be used for the manufacture of CD
learning Adobe Photoshop CS4. Adobe Photoshop CS4
learning CD collaboration video media, images, sounds
along with animation on learning Adobe Photoshop CS4
allows the user to learn Corel X5. The results of this study
are in the form of a Learning Adobe Photoshop CS4 CD
and will be followed by the making of a book Adobe
Photoshop CS4 are equipped with CD Learning.
This research has been done thanks to the funding of the
commission on higher ministry of education Indonesia
(DP2M), and thanks to LPPM Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi
Payakumbuh, Sumatera Barat, Indonesia.
Fig.6. Form Early on Learning CD
4.6 Publishing for play
Camtasia Studio can publish or produce results Record
the screen in the form of Web, CD-ROOM, YouTube, etc.
until Custom Production Settings. Steps video tutorial
using the Product publish and share is as follows: Select
Share to produce and production wizard, click the Next
button. After determine the required formats of video and
audio compression format, click the Next button. After
filling production name and specify the storage location
and click the Finish button to end the Publish process.
After the test has been awoken learning CDs are also
some editing done in expectation of good results and are
eliminating some of the mistakes (errors) in the text, video
and sound as well as add to the completeness of learning
CD deficiencies Adobe Photoshop CS4 is done to obtain
results maximum.
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Scientific Journal of PPI-UKM
ISSN No. 2356 - 2536