Videojet BX6000 Series
Binary Array Ink Jet Printers
• Fast drying inks enable printing on broad range of materials
• Line speeds up to 967 feet per minutes (295 m/min.) for
exceptional throughput
• Dual 2-inch printheads from one cabinet provide maximum
• Optimum print quality during continuous operation ensured
via auto-phasing function
Versatile, Dependable High Speed Printing
The Videojet BX Series Binary Array Ink Jet Printers
Throughput is the name of the game for your business — the more jobs you can print,
and the faster you get them done, the more money you make. The BX6000 Series
printers are designed to let you print an unlimited variety of jobs — quickly and
reliably. Whether it’s basic addressing of mail pieces or more complex printing of
graphics and logos on difficult to print on substrates, the BX6000 Series printers
provide unparalleled value to your operation.
The Videojet BX6000 Series printers have a 2-inch (51 mm) print band. A dual-head
configuration that operates off a single print engine provides the ability to print four
continuous inches (102 mm), or separate the heads to print on different areas of the
target piece, i.e., an address and indicia. With a 128 x 256 dpi resolution, the BX6000
Series printers provide solid print quality for addresses, maps and other basic
graphics, promotional messaging, loyalty cards and a wide range of other applications.
Get Up and Running Quickly and Keep
A computer initiated start-up sequence minimizes
manual operator procedures and gets you into print
mode in a matter of minutes. Print shut down is just as
simple, with a couple of quick mouse clicks doing nearly
all the work. To ensure maximum print performance,
previous generations of binary array printers required
operators to periodically stop the line and run a phasing
routine. The BX6000 Series is all about uptime, utilizing
an automatic phasing process that optimizes print
quality without any operator intervention.
Prints on Your Choice of Substrates
Videojet offers a wide variety of fast drying inks
ranging from MEK to acetone, which means you can
expand your business to include jobs printed on
aqueous or UV coated or other difficult to print high
gloss stocks. Print dries to the touch in one second
— unassisted — so you can eliminate dryers and
their associated high energy costs. Red, green and
blue inks enable you to add a splash of color to the
print job, and specialty inks are available for printing
on plastic cards and for unmatched bar code
readability. We design Videojet fluids for optimum
performance in our printers, providing reduced
operating costs, increased uptime and maximum
print quality. Five-liter ink and make up reservoirs
provide longer, uninterrupted production runs, and
our TotalSource® program can offer significant
savings on Videojet fluids.
High-Speed Digital Printing
The Perfect Combination
Clocking in at 967 feet per minute (that translates
to over 50,000 mail pieces per hour with in-line
automatic mail sorting), the BX6000 Series printers
are ready to take on your fastest throughput
(including verified readable Postnet bar codes
printed at over 700 feet per minute!). Whatever
your imaging requirements – addressing,
ingredient statements, bar codes – the BX6000
Series delivers high image quality for your high
speed application.
An often overlooked element of print quality is
the paper path. Videojet’s Cheshire® line of ink jet
bases provides unmatched performance in
vacuum transport and friction feed technology,
with benchmark features like independent feeder
speed and transport controls, automatic space
control and Feeder Sort Control to provide a
visible gap between batches. Designed to
provide vibration-free superior media control, a
Cheshire base and BX6000 Series printer deliver
an unbeatable combination when high quality
print is required.
Flexible Configurations and Universal
Dual Printheads for Maximum Flexibility
The BX6000 Series printer can be used as a
stand-alone printer or as part of an in-line
printing application. The BX6000 system can be
integrated with a variety of production equipment
– web presses, bindery, production lines –
whatever your application, this printer can handle
it. The compact design of the printhead, a 20’ (6
m) umbilical, and the ability to print in any angle
(360° rotation), even straight up, means you can
produce your digital image on just about any
substrate in just about every in-line application
imaginable. For bindery applications, position
one printhead upside down underneath the plow
station, and add a second printhead printing at
90° — on the same plow station! You can even
roll the BX6000 Series printer from job to job as
High Reliability Plus Durability Equals
High Productivity
The Experienced Leader in Fast-Drying
Digital Printing Systems
Why pay for unnecessary spare components?
The BX6000 series printheads are built to last
– not intended to be "consumable" items.
Designed to last the life of the system, our
printheads have no hour meter and do not
require replacing or refurbishing. In short, the
BX6000 series were designed to withstand the
most rugged applications. From our corrosionand solvent-resistant stainless steel IP 54rated cabinet to our permanent printhead
nozzles, the BX6000 systems are built to last.
With over 2,500 digital printing systems
installed worldwide, Videojet Technologies Inc.
draws from a wealth of experience to produce
the world’s best high-speed, quick-drying
digital printing system. The BX6000 series
printers stem from prestigious lineage,
carrying on the tradition of quality and
Videojet e-Commerce
Videojet TotalSource Services
The TotalSource program is the finest and
most complete technical support system in
the business. These services include
everything from expert applications
assistance, operator training and
a full spectrum of maintenance
services. The TotalSource program
ensures total customer satisfaction.
Support when you need it
Today, US customers enjoy the speed and
convenience of the Videojet e-commerce
system. You can order Videojet parts and
accessories at the speed of demand, 24/7.
You can also check your purchasing history
and shipping information instantly. With the
click of a mouse, the boundaries of
procurement have been removed.
Click. Buy. Done.TM
Order on line at www.videojet.com
Videojet BX Series
Binary Array Ink Jet Printers
Print Specifications
128 (Vertical) x 256 dpi (in the direction of
Print Speed
967 feet/minute (295 m/min.), image
Print Height
2 inches (51 mm) per printhead, up to two
printheads per cabinet
Downloaded monochromatic Bitmaps in
standard pcx format
Windows® TrueType® fonts
Bar Codes
Postnet, Planet Code, UPC, EAN,
Interleaved 2 of 5, Code 39, 128
Character Rotation
Reverse, Mirror, Invert, Invert/Reverse and
90 degrees
Throw Distance
1/16” - 1/4”
Applicable Substrates
Non-coated and coated (including
Aqueous and UV coated) and plastic
Controller & Software
Celeron 733 MHz
64 Mb RAM
Operating System
Windows® NT 4.0
Hard Drive
80 Gb
Network Connection
10/100 Mb Ethernet
Standard Controller Configuration
One ISA card with 3 channels for printheads or I/O
Controller Expansion
Up to 2 additional ISA cards 3 channels
for printheads or I/O
Layout Software
ImageProTM– provides WYSIWYG representation of the print area layout
Production Software
Printhead and system controller programs
for print set-up and monitoring of the print
job (standard)
Diagnostic Software
InspectorTM – provides monitoring of a
variety of operational parameters and
manual override capabilities (optional)
Data Formats
Fixed Field, Fixed Record
(11 cm)
(33 cm)
(10 cm)
(106 cm)
(50 cm)
(60 cm)
5.3 liter permanent reservoirs for ink and
Ink Types
MEK, Acetone, Ethanol, Acetone/Ethanol
Black, Red, Blue (Acetone only), Green
(Acetone Only)
Fluid System
One per head, enabling multiple colors on
a multi-head printer configuration
Special Purpose Inks
Black MEK versions for optimized bar
code readability and additional plastic card
Cabinet Dimensions
41” (105 cm) H x 19.7” (50 cm) W x 23.6”
(60.0 cm)
Printhead Dimensions
12.8” (33 cm) H x 3.94” (10 cm) W
x 4.33” D (11 cm)
Cabinet Material
304 Stainless Steel
Printhead Material
305 Stainless Steel
Positive Air
40/80 psi (15/30 liters) min. consumption
19.7 feet (6 m) in length
Printhead Orientation
Vertically down, vertically up, or any angle
between 0° and 180°
Regulatory Approvals
UL E158798
EC EMC directive 89/336/EEC
Power Requirements
220 - 240 VAC 50/60 Hz or 120 VAC
50/60 Hz, Single Phase
Current Draw
8 amps
ISO 9001
Operating Temperature
40° F (4°C) to 100° F (38°C)
Humidity Range
10% - 80% RH non-condensing
Cabinet Rating
Recommended at the printhead
Optional Accessories
Stand-Alone Mount
Stand-Alone Cleaning Station
Product Detector
Shaft Encoder
Multiple Printhead Kit
I/O Kit for External Line Control or Batch
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