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Coaxial Video, Data and 12V Transceiver
• Video, camera power and RS485 over a standard coaxial cable
• Video transmission (1000m max.)
• Power transmission 12Vdc 1A (600m max.)
• Data transmission RS485 half duplex both way (38400bauds max.)
• The set includes : transmitter, receiver and power supply 230VAC/40VDC
Transmission > Analog > Copper
Technical Specifications
Video Standard
Power Pass Through
Video, Data and power in one single cable, 250mA @ 300 meters
on 24 AWG1 Amp @ 30 meters on 24 AWG
Video Inputs
1 CH Composite, BNC female, 1 Vpp
Video Outputs
Balanced low voltage current loop
Twisted pair connection
Screwless terminals for power and dataRJ45 for CAT 5 cable
Max. Distance
up to 225 m with passive receivers,up to 900 m with 56-series
Wire size
26 to 12 AWG
Operating Frequency
DC to 10 MHz
Common mode rejection
>60 dB
Data Inferface
RS485 half duplex both way
UTP category
Unshielded category 2 or better
Transient Immunity
6,000 V 1.2uS x 50 uS per ANSI / IEE 587 C62.41 B33,000 A 8uS
x 20 uS when ground screw terminal isconnected to earth-ground
Power Output
12VDC/1A (600 m max.)
Supply Voltage
230 VAC/40VDC (1.4A) power adaptor included
Operating Temperature
-10°C ~ +85°C
Dimensions ( W x H x D)
100 x 75 x 26.75 mm - 3.94 x 2.95 x 1.05 In
Power Consumption (W)
(max.) 60
1.05 kg - 2.31 lbs