● Please read these instructions carefully and keep for future reference.
● Do not carry additional children, bags, goods or accessories on the
stroller except recommended in the manufacturer's instructions.
● Do not leave the child unattended in the stroller.
● Before making adjustaments to stroller ensure that child's body is
clear of any moving parts.
● To avoid serious injury from falling or sliding out, always use the
harness restraints provided.
● Do not allow child to stand on the seat extender.
● This stroller is designed for one child only.
● Do not hang bags from handles as this may cause the product to
become unstable.
● Do not use on escalator or stairs. Fold stroller and carry.
● Put on all the brakes whenever you park stroller.
● Ensure stroller is completely erected and check all locks are
engaged before placing a child in the stroller.
● Any goods carried in the basket are not to exceed 5 kg.
● Do not overload as stroller may become unstable. Maximum
weight child using this stroller must not exceed 15 kg.
● The height of the child using this stroller should not exceed 96cm.
● Do not use stroller near open fire, exposed flame, BBQ or heater.
● Do not use the stroller if any screws, nuts, bolts, etc. are missing
1. To open the stroller
2. To assemble and release the
Hold the stroller by handle
and release the folding lock
Hold the handles and allow the front
legs drop towards the floor then lift the
handle upward
3. Canopy Assembly
front wheel
Find the end with the larger opening and
press it firmly onto the front legs,push until
wheel click into position
1, Attach the hood clips to each side of the
stroller frame by pushing the clips until the
snap into place
2, Tie down the hood with velcro on either
Push down on the lower locking bar until the
frame is fully opened and locked
WARNING: Ensure that all the locking devices
are engaged before use
4. To use the bumper bar
TO assemble the bumper bar
Align the bumper bar ends with the slots on
the armrest area, then slide both bumper bar
ends until it locks into place
Press the metal button to release
the front wheel.
5. Usage of canopy
6. Backrest Adjustment
To open the hood, pull forward and
push down the side hood hinge
1, Press the backrest adjustor then downward
to adjust the backrest to the suitable position.
2, Lift the backrest to select a more upright
seating position
CAUTION:Do not adjust the backrest while
your child in the stroller
To close the hood,lift up the side hood
hinges and pull back
7. To adjust the seat extension
8. To use swivel wheels
9. To use the brakes
1, To lock swivels, press the locking clip down
1, Lower the seat extension by pressing up the
release latches located underneath the seat,then
push the leg support down
2, Raise the seat extension by lifting it until the
release latches lock into place
2, Lift the locking clip up to allow the
wheels to swivel
1,To lock the brakes,push down the brake
lever with foot
2,To release the brakes, lift the brake lever
up with foot
CAUTION:Always apply the brake lever
when parking the stroller