Super SeaSpy
Underwater Video Camera with LED Array
Integrated LED lighting, Ivanoff corrected
lens and variable gain long line driver
An integrated array of high power LEDs ensures
the camera always has light to operate. The Super
SeaSpy is also fitted with an Ivanoff corrected lens
system that optimises the picture quality by
reducing radial distortion and reducing chromatic
aberration. Additionally an integral video line driver
can be fitted which compensates for attenuation of
the signal when used through longer cables.
The Tritech Super SeaSpy underwater video
camera is a compact, high resolution, full
colour camera with integral low voltage lighting.
Built to survive the harsh underwater inspection
environment, the Super SeaSpy has been
designed to be compact and rugged, whilst
providing high quality colour video.
Compact design
Dynamic light control
● Optimised illumination
● Water corrected optics
4000m depth rating
Dynamic or manual illumination
● Evenly distributed beam from LED
● Optimised optics using Ivanoff correction
● Amplified video for long umbilical
The Super SeaSpy incorporates a ring of white
LEDs, which provide uniform illumination over
the field of view. The LED engine utilises
dynamic light control, which automatically
adjusts the lighting level to optimise video
image quality, regardless of the reflectivity of
the work surface. This feature also helps to
enhance picture quality by reducing the
amount of backscatter from suspended
particles in the water column.
ROV inspection and ancillary camera
ROV intervention tooling camera
● Emergency services search and inspection
● Restricted access area inspection
● Marine science research
This integral lighting provides a camera that is
suited for close proximity inspection work
where little or no lighting is available. The
Super SeaSpy is also specified for ROV
intervention tooling by several of the major
developers in this field.
Document: 0514-SOM-00002, Issue: 02
Vertical resolution
550 lines
470 lines
Scanning system
625 lines at 50Hz
525 lines at 60Hz
CCD module
1/3” Interline Transfer CCD
Viewing angle
72° in water (diagonal)
Focus range
50mm to infinity
Primary lens
Fixed, 4.2mm (f/2.2) Ivanoff water corrected optics
Iris control
Auto Iris
Video output
1V peak to peak composite, 75Ω unbalanced
Signal to noise ratio
>48dB (AGC off)
Other features
Auto white balance, back light compensation, gamma correction
Minimum luminance
0.5 lux
10 lux at 1m and 110 lux at 0.3m
Illumination control
Dynamic light control, on/off, manual override
Electrical and Communication
Power requirement
12 to 48V DC (drawing 4.8W at 24V)
Standard connector
Tritech 6-pin connector
Optional connector
Burton/Seacon 5506 series or Schilling SeaNet
Weight in air
Weight in water
Depth rating
Operating temperature
-10 to 35°C
Storage temperature
-20 to 50°C
30gn for 6ms in each axis (operating)
Sinusoidal sweep and dwell in each axis from 5 to 150Hz at 10gn (operating)
Housing: Stainless steel 316
Lens: Water corrected optical acrylic
Body length
Overall length
99mm (with Tritech connector)
Specifications subject to change according to a policy of continual development.
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Document: 0514-SOM-00002, Issue: 02
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