SMART Board 600i interactive whiteboard system

SMART Board 600i
interactive whiteboard system
Dual touch
This SMART Board is also available
in a dual-touch model. With a
dual-touch SMART Board, teachers
can switch seamlessly between
single and dual-user mode in
SMART Notebook software. When
in dual-user modes, the SMART
Board has two separate work
spaces, enabling two students
to touch or write simultaneously
on the interactive whiteboard.
The SMART Board™ 600i interactive whiteboard system combines an award-winning
SMART Board, a UF55 projector and an extended control panel.
Adding flexibility to instruction, the 600i enables teachers to easily access and control
all their classroom technology from one source. It’s a complete system that offers you
extraordinary features at an affordable price.
Enhance teaching experiences
With the 600i, teachers have centralised control over the UF55 projector and
classroom peripherals. The extended control panel enables them to start the
system in 10 seconds and to easily switch between multimedia devices such as
DVD players, document cameras and laptops.
The system has a sleek and integrated design that keeps the boom-mounted,
short-throw projector out of the way, ensuring that shadows and other
distractions do not interfere with teaching and learning.
Simplify installation and maintenance
The 600i is designed to be easy to install, manage and protect. The projector is
located directly above the interactive whiteboard, eliminating the need for complicated
wiring or ceiling mounting. As the system is networked, you can connect the projector
to your school’s IP network to remotely control and manage it.
Expand your work space
For classrooms that use widescreen laptops or monitors, the 600i is one of the only
systems available in a wide-format option. Offering 20 percent more space, the 685i3
gives your teachers extra room to work. It combines the 221cm (87”) wide-format
SMART Board 685 interactive whiteboard with the UF55w, a projector with a 16:10
aspect ratio and native WXGA (1,280 x 800) widescreen projector resolution.
SMART Board interactive whiteboard – a touch-sensitive interactive whiteboard that connects to
your computer and projector and shows the computer’s desktop image
UF55 projector – an integrated XGA (1,024 x 768) projector that offers a 4:3 native aspect ratio and
support for 16:9, 16:10 and 4:5 ratios
Extended control panel – provides centralized control over classroom technology
Key features
Touch Recognition
You can write with a pen, erase with your palm
and move objects with your finger without having
to put the pen down to access other tools. The
SMART Board interactive whiteboard automatically
switches modes for you.
Closed projector engine
The UF55 projector uses DLP ® technology and does
not require cleaning or filter replacement.
Durability is built into the SMART Board 600i
interactive whiteboard system. The hard-coated
polyester surface is tear proof and easily cleaned
with any alcohol-free household glass cleaner or
disinfected with a diluted bleach solution.
Wide-format option
The system is available in wide format, providing
20 percent more working space.
UF55 projector specifications
Total size
Network enabled
Multiposition boom
The projector is network enabled, so it can be
connected to your school’s IP network to enable
commands to be sent or received through the Web
server or SNMP client.
At installation, the UF55 projector and boom can
be configured to accommodate multiple room sizes
and SMART Board interactive whiteboard models,
including the 560, 580, 660, 680 and 685.
Theft resistant
Comes with SMART Notebook
4.0 cm W × 8.6 cm H × 0.7 cm D
(1 5/8” × 3 3/8” × 1/4”)
The projector is rendered inoperable if removed
from the extended control panel or remote, whilst
the Kensington lock slot and projector padlock loop
act as additional visual and physical deterrents.
The 600i comes with award-winning SMART
Notebook software.
Extended control panel
27.9 cm W × 19.4 cm H × 6.0 cm D
(11” × 7 5/8” × 2 3/8”)
Long lamp life
The system’s lamp lasts for 3,000 hours in standard
mode and 4,000 hours in economy mode.
The interactive whiteboard comes with a five-year
warranty upon registration. The UF55 projector has
a three-year warranty.
47.0 cm W × 39.4 cm H × 120.0 cm D
(18 1/2”× 15 1/2”× 47 1/4”)
Remote control
15.4 kg (33 lb. 14 oz.)
18.7 kg (41 lb. 3 oz.) (shipping)
SMART Board interactive whiteboard specifications
139.1 cm W × 105.7 cm H × 13.0 cm D
(54 3/4” × 41 5/8” × 5 1/8”)
165.7 cm W × 125.7 cm H × 13.0 cm D
(65 1/4” × 49 1/2” × 5 1/8”)
196.9 cm W × 125.7 cm H × 13.0 cm D
(77 1/2” × 49 1/2” × 5 1/8”)
Active screen area
130.2 cm W × 97.2 cm H (51 1/4” × 38
1/4”), 162.6 cm (64”) diagonal
156.5 cm W × 117.2 cm H (61 5/8” × 46
1/8”), 195.6 cm (77”) diagonal
188.0 cm W × 117.2 cm H (74” × 46
1/8”), 221.3 cm (87 1/8”) diagonal,
16:10 aspect ratio
9.9 kg (21 lb. 14 oz.)
13.6 kg (30 lb.)
19.1 kg (42 lb.)
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SMART Technologies
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or +1 403 228 5940
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