• Three lights provide all possible on-track caution and pit conditions.
• Blue light provides notification to teams of when the pit exit is closed during races,
practice and qualifying.
• Yellow light provides notification of full course caution during races and red flag
stoppage condition during practice or qualifying.
• Red light provides notification of pits closed during races only.
• Secure, digitally-encoded messages are received multiple times per second.
• Operates on +12VDC power.
• Light radiates in 360° pattern for all-around visibility.
• Tower light is easily mounted to pit stand with integral threaded shaft with nut.
• Supplied with 15 foot cable for lights and Deutsch connector for receiver.
• Using provided parts teams can custom build cable to fit their pit stand.
• Receiver can operate two lights with the addition of an optional light and cable.
Key Technical Statistics
• Light Dimensions: 5” tall x 2” in diameter
• Receiver Dimensions: 3.5” x 2.5” x 1.35”
• Power supply required:12VDC@600mA
• Temperature rating: 0 to 50 degrees Celsius
• Receiver mating connector: Deutsch AS610-35SN
• Receiver coaxial cable connector: TNC male
• Receiver antenna: Omni-directional unity gain
Contact: Bruce Natvig
Price - $1580 each
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