WD Red
NAS Storage
The next generation of
NAS hard drives for
home or small office
network attached
storage systems.
Expanded solutions
Next-generation experience
Experienced in NAS
The original color of NAS, our formula of
success has led to the growth of WD Red
into higher capacities and expansion into
new 2.5-inch solutions. We now offer a
broader, more comprehensive portfolio of
NAS solutions for our customers. It is not just
about NAS drives, it is REDvolutionary.™
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about WD Red
WD Red
NAS Hard Drives
Product Features
Expanded Solutions
Our formula of success has
led to the growth of WD Red
into higher capacities and into
new 2.5-inch We now offer a
broader, more comprehensive
portfolio of NAS hard drives
for our customers. It is not
just about NAS drives, it is
Every component, line of
code, and product decision
was built on our passion
and determination to deliver
the best NAS experience.
The next generation of WD
Red hard drives delivers on
this promise with massive
capacity and NASware™ 2.0,
which further improves drive
reliability and protects your
data in the event of a power
loss or disruption.
Experienced in NAS
In all of our cultures around
the world, first impressions
are what leave a mark. With
superior technology that
is driven to impress, WD
Red is a reflection of the
most extensive NAS partner
compatibility-testing list
available on the market.* That
means when you buy a NAS
enclosure, you can trust that
WD Red will be the most
compatible drive available. Our
pride is in our product and
our vision is shared with our
*Data reflects products in production
as of August 2013.
Enhanced Reliability
Since your NAS system is
always on, a highly reliable
drive is essential. With a 35%
MTBF improvement over
standard desktop drives, the
WD Red drive designed for the
24x7 environment.
3D Active Balance™ Plus
Our enhanced dual-plane
balance control technology
significantly improves the
overall drive performance and
reliability. Hard drives that are
not properly balanced may
cause excessive vibration and
noise in a multi-drive system,
reduce the hard drive life span,
and degrade the performance
over time. (EFRX models only)
Exclusive NASware 2.0
Our exclusive technology,
NASware 2.0, makes WD Red
thrive in the demanding smallNAS environment. By adding
WD Red to your NAS system,
not only is everything more
efficient and reliable, you
can better protect your data
Lower Operating
Reduce your electricity bill with
WD Red drives. Innovative
technology reduces power
consumption and lowers
the operating temperature,
resulting in a more reliable and
affordable solution for always
on NAS environments.
Longer Warranty Coverage
WD Red hard drives are backed
by a 3-year limited warranty for
greater peace of mind.
Need Help? We offer
Premium Support.
Every WD Red hard drive
comes with our world-class
professional support services
including a premium dedicated
24/7 support line (available in
English, other regional support
hours vary).
Product Specifications
SATA 6 Gb/s
3.5-inch (EFRX)
2.5-inch (BFCX and JFCX)
64 MB (EFRX)
16 MB (BFCX and JFCX)
750 GB
1 TB
2 TB
3 TB
4 TB
3 years
WD Red is part of WD’s complete lineup of internal hard drives.
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WD Red
NAS Storage
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As used for storage capacity, one megabyte (MB) = one million bytes, one gigabyte (GB) = one billion bytes, and one terabyte (TB) = one trillion bytes. Total accessible capacity varies depending on operating environment. As used for transfer rate or interface, megabyte per
second (MB/s) = one million bytes per second, and gigabit per second (Gb/s) = one billion bits per second.
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