MultiSafe DSP 3T T1
Telescope voltage tester for light rail systems
The MultiSafe DSP 3TT1 is a safe
equipment for fast voltage
testing at overhead lines of light
rail systems.
ƒ Precise indication of voltage up
to 1000 V
ƒ Test height up to 6,2 meter
variable height adjustment
ƒ Highest degree of safety provided by protective resistors
within test prod, maximum
current < 3,2 mA
ƒ Easy operation with one single
push-button, self-test for testing
function, protective resistors
and proper ground connection
Voltage tester
The MultiSafe DSP 3TT1 is a two-pole
telescope voltage tester for voltages up
to 1000 V AC / 1500 V DC.
It is particularly suitable to detect quickly
and securely voltage at catenary lines of
light rail systems.
The voltage tester consists of a
telescopic tube with test electrode to
be connected to the overhead line, a
display part and a contact magnet for the
grounded rail.
The display part was designed on the
basis of the two-pole voltage tester
MultiSafe DSP 3, which is certified by
VDE in accordance with EN/IEC 61243-3.
A high level of safety is provided by resistor decades that are moulded within the
test probe. The current is securely limited
to 3,2 mA.
Three readout systems
Unambiguous and rapid recognition of
function and result:
ƒ round red flares for voltage, green
square symbol for standby and
abscence of voltage
ƒ illuminated display shows precise
values in V or kΩ as well as voltage
type and polarity
ƒ acoustic signal > 50 V AC / 120 V DC.
Easy operation
Simple test sequence in three steps:
1. Place the contact magnet / contact
clip onto the grounded rail.
2. Perform self-test before voltage tests
3. Pull out the telescopic tube, mount
the electrode to overhead line,
voltage testing
Technical data
MultiSafe DSP 3TT1 Telescope voltage
tester for light railway overhead lines
Nominal voltage range
50 ... 1000 V AC / 1500 V DC
0 ... 500 Hz
Input resistance
Robust design
High-quality elements guarantee function
and safety:
ƒ 4-part GRP-telescopic tube with
variable height fixing
ƒ Display part made of impact-proof
plastic with break-proof display cover
ƒ Dust and water proof, approved for
operation in outdoor areas
ƒ solid PUR control cable with contact
magnet for grounded rail
ƒ unscrewable display part and test
ƒ Bag with ring bolt and shoulder belt
176 x 24 cm
ƒ Wall holder
311 kΩ, therefrom 186 kΩ in the moulded resistance cartridge beneath the test electrode
Measurement current
3,2 mA at 1000 V AC/ DC
two redundant systems
1. LC-display at > 50 V auto-on
2. LEDs at > 50 V
Detection of operating mode +/ -/ ~
15 minutes
function, protective resistors and ground contact
Surge voltage strength
> 12 kV case insulation to user
> 12 kV switching mechanism between test prods
tested with 14,8 kV 1,2/50 μs surge
Overvoltage category
CAT IV in accordance with IEC 60664-1 (VDE 0110)
Operating temperature
–10°C … + 55°C
Power supply
9 V alkali-manganese-cell in accordance with IEC 6 LR61
Protection category
IP 65, device can be used in moist environments
Two-pole voltage tester
Basic device DSP 3:
impact-proof, dust proof plastic casing with
unbreakable display cover,
protection category IP 65
Extension DSP 3TT1:
4-part telescopic tube made of GRP with
integrated PUR spiral line
moulded resistor decade, approx. 186 kΩ
PUR control line with contact magnet/contact clamp
The MultiSafe switches on at 50 V or
more, or over from test function to
voltage test.
Basic device DSP 3:
in accordance with EN/IEC 61243-3
Extension DSP 3TT1
Surge voltage strength > 20 kV
in accordance with EN/IEC 60071,
further applied standards: EN/IEC 61010-031
1740 x 120 x 110 mm
run-out length up to 5,2 m
device incl. line and magnet approx. 2,3 kg
device with clamp approx. 2,6 kg
MultiSafe DSP 3TT1M
Protective resistors, function of the voltage tester and the connection between
magnet and rail are checked easily and
quickly with the self-test.
Article number
Type / Label
MultiSafe DSP 3TT1M
MultiSafe DSP 3TT1K
Bag TT-KLT 176 x 24 cm
Wall holder
Variable locking
MultiSafe DSP3TT1K
Contact terminal for rail foot (as an alternative to contact magnet).
Wall holder
Made in Germany
further designs up to 3 kV are available on request
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