IPAC Access Controller Datasheet PDF

Designed around the practical needs of installers and
end-users, the iPAC is an all-in-one access controller
and proximity reader. It can be installed, set-up and
programmed as a complete standalone system, but
is also fully scaleable to a larger networked solution
and has a built in web-browser interface for remote
The new iPAC controller is a true ‘out of the box’
solution. It utilises the very latest technologies
including Microsoft Windows® CE operating system,
powerful configuration software and a OneProxTM
administration reader, whilst practical features such
as its navigation jog wheel and QVGA colour LCD
screen improve the ease and speed of operation.
Enabling new users, keys and profiles to be set up
within minutes, the iPAC brings a new dimension
to the mid-range access control market, the ideal
solution to applications with between 2 and 16
doors requiring multiple keyholder access and event
Key Features
• A true “out of the box” access control solution, eliminating the need for
a separate administration PC
• Microsoft Windows® CE operating system built-in
• Secure login
• High resolution colour screen
• Built-in Oneprox administration reader (ability to add new keyholders on
• Built-in web browser interface (reliable secure remote administration)
• Simple intuitive navigation jog wheel and configuration keys
• Access control solution supporting up to 16 doors
• Full connectivity with PAC 512 controllers (Max 7 slave controllers via
• 1100 Keyholders
• 100 Operators (full administration rights)
• 8 Time profiles (3 periods per profile)
• Downloadable event log database (10,000 records)
• TCP / IP connectivity (RJ45 Socket)
• USB Port (firmware upgrades, system configuration and database
• Multiple language support
• Third party Wiegand reader support (2 readers per controller)
• SecureNet, EasiNet Residential and EasiKey Manager software platform support
Web Browser
The built-in web browser has been designed to provide authorised users
access to the iPAC access control system at any time via the customer’s
network. The web browser is the ideal solution for reliable and secure
remote administration, complete with a suite of
powerful user friendly tools.
Web Browser Features
• Alarm Management
• Event Logs
• Operators Administration
• Keyholders Administration
• Door Configuration
• Time Profiles
• System Configuration
• Help Menu
Features & Specification
iPAC Din
Boxed iPAC without cut-out
Boxed iPAC with cut-out
iPAC Boxed (Sarel cabinet)
iPAC Boxed (Sarel cabinet) with GSM Modem Kit
ID Technology
KeyPAC (125KHz) & PAC (153KHz) proximity technology
iPAC Din H: 125 x W: 180 x D: 60mm
Boxed iPAC without cut-out H: 450 x W: 440 x D: 200mm
Boxed iPAC with cut-out H: 410 x W: 260 x D: 100mm
iPAC Boxed (Sarel cabinet) H: 500 x W: 420 x D: 250mm
iPAC Boxed (Sarel cabinet) with GSM Modem Kit
H: 500 x W: 420 x D: 250mm
Door Configuration
Each door supports up to 2 Oneprox, PAC or KeyPAC readers
or 1 Wiegand output reader
Supported Reader Protocol
Door contact and RTE
5-Amp single pole double throw lock relay and alarm relay
Status LEDs
RS232, RS485, door 1, door 2 and system status, Ethernet
transmit and receive status
Memory Backup
3V re-chargeable lithium cell (monitored and status reported)
– 6 months memory retention when not powered
Communication Ports
RS485, RS232 (57.6k bps)
Module Power
10.5 to 28 VDC, 0.4A (controller only)
Operating - 10°C to 55°C. Storage -25°C to +80°C. Humidity
0 to 85% RHNC
Declaration of Conformity available upon request
Boxed iPAC without cut-out
Boxed iPAC with cut-out
Ordering Information
Part Number
iPAC with DIN mount
iPAC boxed with 3 Amp PSU
iPAC boxed with cut out and 3 Amp PSU
iPAC boxed (Sarel cabinet) with 3 Amp PSU
iPAC boxed (Sarel cabinet) with 3 Amp PSU, GSM
Typical Applications:
• Small Commercial
• Light Industrial
• Offices
• Residential
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