Tüpras Improves Data Management with Uniformance PHD

Case Study
Tüpras Improves Data Management with
Uniformance PHD and System Monitor
“We are very happy with the Honeywell solutions having attained a solid return on
investment in a very short amount of time. The strong determination and excellent
communication skills of the team eased to solve the problems we faced.”
Kaan Mutluel, IT Manager, Tüpras Izmit
As the largest oil refinery in Turkey, Tüpras İzmit Refinery was
looking to improve the accessibility, accuracy and timeliness of
data to make better operating decisions and address issues with
data integrity.
Tüpras implemented Honeywell’s Uniformance® System Monitor
to gain information about the network’s health, following the
installation of Honeywell’s Uniformance Process History
Database (PHD).
Reducing manpower costs was one of the key goals for Tüpras.
Since implementing Uniformance PHD and System Monitor, the
company has saved two hours per technical services engineer
per day, and plant supervisors are now able to prepare their
monthly reports in one to two hours instead of two days.
Tüpras has achieved many additional benefits, including:
 Data can be gathered from many sources, including third-party
 Data is consolidated into a centralized database so engineers
can understand past performance and make improvements
 Real-time access to data flow and no data loss
 Ability to maintain large volumes of online data
 Sensitive data is secured by tag and user role
Tüpras Izmit has gained a more organized and reliable method of
collecting and managing process control data with Uniformance.
The Tüpras İzmit refinery began production in 1961 with an
annual capacity to process 1 million tons of crude oil. The
company has grown over the years, and in 2007 the İzmit
refinery processed 11 million tons of crude oil, achieving 100
percent capacity utilization and breaking production records. The
Turkish Petroleum Refineries Corporation (Tüpras) is the leading
İzmit refinery accrued sales of 11.6 million tons in 2007,
oil refining company in the country and seventh largest refiner in
Europe. Tüpras runs four oil refineries located at Izmit, Izmir,
Kirikkale and Batman, with a combined capacity of 28.1 million
metric tons per year. Tüpras cover a wide range of products
including LPG, naphtha, gasoline, jet fuel, kerosene, gas oil,
domestic and export grade fuel oils, asphalt and lubricant base
indicating an increase of 869,000 tons (8.1 percent) while
breaking all-time records for jet fuel, diesel, asphalt and sulfur
Tüpras Improves Data Management with Uniformance PHD and System Monitor
Uniformance PHD provides a robust, flexible environment for the
The Tüpras Izmit Refinery faced issues with data accessibility
collection, storage and analysis of data for Tüpras. Uniformance
and accuracy. Each morning the technical services department
System Monitor automates many of the repetitive tasks
would spend about two hours per engineer visiting each unit to
commonly performed by a Uniformance system administrator to
manually collect data. Additionally, the integrity of historical data
evaluate the health of the system and take appropriate actions.
could not be trusted and needed to be manually corrected on a
regular basis. Quick access to reliable information and a more
PHD’s collector/shadow architecture allows data to be gathered
organized method of collecting, storing and managing process
from disparate control systems and other sources into a unified
control data was needed to stay ahead of the competition.
database for long-term storage. The data is shadowed into a
single centralized database, allowing Tüpras engineers and plant
Tüpras chose Honeywell for its data management solution
because of the positive results it had experienced from other
Honeywell solutions, including DCS and field instruments.
“Honeywell’s team is very experienced and has supported us well
throughout the years,” said Kaan Mutluel, IT Manager, Tüpras
management to analyze performance of the entire operation from
a single location.
Tüpras first installed Uniformance PHD and then added
Uniformance System Monitor to ensure uninterrupted collection
of data. System Monitor checks the performance of PHD buffers,
while at the same time verifies whether advanced process control
applications are running well. Uniformance System Monitor
Tüpras implemented Honeywell’s Uniformance PHD,
ensures Tüpras’ network health and provides notification to
Uniformance System Monitor and Workcenter. Uniformance PHD
support personnel – often automating corrective actions when
gives Tüpras timely and accurate data to make the right
potentially problematic software conditions are detected.
operating decisions. The technical services department is able to
reach plant data from their computers faster and more accurately
than the previous manually intensive collection process.
Engineers have access to real-time data and there is no more
data loss.
“We are now happy with the Honeywell solutions and have
attained a return on investment in a relatively short amount of
time than expected. We are pleased with the entire Honeywell
team that works with us. They are well equipped in all areas and
our support is taken very seriously. It gives us great confidence
to know that any issues will be resolved quickly and
professionally.” commented Mutluel.
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