Bticino digital function modules

Bticino digital function modules
for Sfera monobloc entrance panels
3425 60
3421 70
3423 50
3422 40
3426 00
3426 10
3426 30
3426 40
3422 00
3326 50
3425 10
3425 50
Selection charts p. 19
Digital function modules are compatible with Sfera monobloc entrance panels
Cat. Nos.
Speaker modules
Audio/video speaker module
3425 60 2 push buttons (1 column or 2 columns) including
colour camera with LED lighting for night visibility
Camera angle of lens on the horizontal axis can be
set at ±15°
Digital speaker modules
The name plates are illuminated by 8 green LEDs
3421 70 2 push buttons and an additional push button for
trade function
3423 50 4 push buttons (2 columns)
Universal speaker unit
3469 91 For use with vandal resistant bespoke entrance
Camera modules
For video systems with IR lighting for night visibility
In the installation phase the angle of the lens on
the horizontal axis can be set at ± 20° and on the
vertical axis at ± 15°
3425 10 Black and white camera module
3425 50 Colour camera module
Miscellaneous modules
Digital call speaker module with graphic display
3426 30 Digital alphanumeric call + speaker module
Can send the call to a handset by scrolling residents’
names or codes on a display using dedicated keys
Combines the functions of digital speaker module
and alphanumeric display in a single device
Module can save up to 1 000 residents’ names and
surnames associating them to the apartment SCS
500 names can be saved when the possibility of
coupling a message with them is chosen
If only the residents’ codes are saved, capacity
extends to 5000 codes
NOTE: Can be programmed using a PC with the
TICALL software (can be downloaded free from the
website and the suitable interface
Cat. No. 3359
Push button modules
Connects to the system using cable (supplied)
Name plates are illuminated by 12 green LEDs
3422 40 4 push button module
3424 80 8 push button module (2 columns)
3469 92 Additional 8 push buttons for expansion of
Cat. No. 3469 91
Cat. Nos.
Additional alphanumeric keypad module
3426 40 Use with module Cat. No. 3426 30
Call the resident directly (by typing the programmed
code) and activate the “open door lock” function (by
typing the secret code)
Supplied with cable and connector for connection to
the speaker module
Name plate module
3422 00 Use to display the street number or any other
information Can be used to display a caption in
entrance panels with numeric call module Cat. No.
3426 10
Alphanumeric digital call module
3426 00 Send the call choosing the name of the handset in a
list which is shown on a display
The module can also activate the door lock by
means of a secret code number
Supplied with cable for connection to the speaker
Numeric digital call module
3426 10 Make calls from the entrance panel to handsets by
keying in the number corresponding to the handset
The correspondence between the numbers and the
user names is found from a phone book by the side
of the module and made up of name plate modules
Cat. No. 3422 00
From 1 to 4 numbers may be keyed in to make the
call, as programmed by the installer
Activate the electric door lock by means of a secret
code number
Supplied with cable for connection to the speaker
Code lock module
3426 50 For door lock activation
For monobloc front covers
see p. 18-19
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