AM492 Series Vandal-resistant Apt. Intercom System Speaker

Product Specification Sheet APS151 - Rev. 07/2013
AM492 Series Vandal-resistant Apt. Intercom System Speaker Entrance
AM492 Series Tek-Guard™ Vandal-Resistant Apt.
Intercom Entrance Panel
The Alpha Communications® AM492 series Tek-Guard™ VandalResistant entrance panel is a modular series for use with simplex
type, loudspeaker suite stations.
Panels are equipped with a mylar, voice-frequency
response speaker protected by a louvered speaker grille. The
speaker panel can accommodate up to 18 push buttons. The
aluminum push button actuators may be engraved with up to four
letter/digit combinations (at extra cost). For more than 18 suites
the AM492 is used in conjunction with the AM490 series
push button panel modules (without a speaker).
Pressing the button corresponding to the desired name and
suite number causes a signal at the apartment station. The
resident may then converse with the caller. Controlled entry is
permitted by push button operation of the electric door release.
AM492 panels with 0 - 10 buttons are available with postal option
(add suffix 'P' to the model number).
A M492/18 Entrance Panel shown
with OF191 (flush) or OF191S (surface) frame
Architects' And Engineers' Specifications
The entrance panel(s) shall be Alpha Communications® /
TekTone AM492 Series Tek-Guard™ Speaker Panel or approved
equal,and shall provide for up to 18 push buttons per panel (when
used with speaker). For buildings requiring larger panels,
contractor shall furnish and install the required number of AM490
series add-on button only modules, as required.
Push button switches shall be individually replaceable plastic
type with self wiping contacts with solid (black anodized)
extruded aluminum actuators. In addition, the panel shall contain
up to 18 individual name holders. The name holders shall be made
of BLACK flame retardant polycarbonate plastic strips to
protect card inserts. Each name holder shall snap into two small
slots on the panel itself and shall be individually replaceable. Panel
shall be of vandal-resistant construction with metal push
button actuators and louvered metal speaker grille.
Each AM492 Panel, or approved equal, shall be supplied with name
card sheets that may be easily separated into individual
name strips. Name strips shall be inserted into name holders
without the use of tools.
The panel shall be flush (or surface) mounted and shall be
finished in natural anodized aluminum finish, with appropriate panel
frame and housing as required.
Hands-free loudspeaking
Weather-resistant mylar speaker
Self-wiping push button switches
Decorative end caps (BLACK flame retardant
polycarbonate plastic)
Individually replaceable name holders (BLACK flame
retardant polycarbonate switches)
Slim-line surface-mount option
Simple installation
Frame Height: 19.00" (483mm). Frame width
depends upon number of modules in panel frame.
Individually replaceable plastic type with selfwiping contacts, with solid extruded (Black
anodized) aluminum actuators.
2.50" (64mm) voice frequency response.
extruded, anodized aluminum panel with
Construction: Modular
louvered metal speaker grille.
OH19X series for flush mounting (used in addition
to OF19X series frames). For surface mounting,
use OF190S series frame (no housing required).
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