Record for today on Hard Disk and preserve for life

DVD Recorder / Hard Disk
Record for today on Hard Disk and
preserve for life on DVD
Record anything without having to worry ever again where to store it.
Keep what you like in lasting digital quality on DVD
The perfect recording solution
80 GB Hard Disk for up to 130 hours of TV recording
One Touch Recording from Hard Disk to DVD for archiving your favourites
Flex Time watch the beginning while you record the end
Instant Replay/Pause Live TV
TV Recording made simple!
• GUIDE Plus+ on-screen TV Guide for Point & Click TV recording
• Sat Mouse for full Set Top Box control through your DVD Recorder/Hard Disk
Preserve your favourite memories on DVD
• i.LINK digital connection for perfect camcorder copies
• Smart chaptering for automatic scene-based chapter marking via i.LINK
Share your favourite recordings
• Two-way Compatibility: The DVDs you create will play on DVD players
and PC drives
• Always compatible recordings: no choosing between (non) compatible discs
or rec modes
80 GB | 130HRS
DVD Recorder
Technical Specification
Product Highlights
Storage media
Hard Disk recording
Optical disc recording
Optical disc playback
80 Gb HDD
DVD-Video,Video CD,
Super VCD, Audio CD,
Record modes
Interactive Program Guide
Timer programming
Number of events
Set Top Box control
Recording control
Max HDD recording time 128 h
Max DVD recording time 8 h
DVD record modes
M1, M2, M2x, M3, M4,
M6, M8
TV systems
Internal tuner:
Video Performance
AD Converter
DA Converter
9 bit, 27 MHz
10 bit, 54 MHz
Dolby Digital 2-channel
Dolby Digital, DTS,
MPEG2 Multichannel,
MPEG1 layer 3 (MP3),
• Follow TV
• Direct Record
Video Editing Functions
Favorite Scene Selection
Automatic/Manual Chapter Marker insertion
Selectable Index Pictures
Disc Library
Title browsing with index pictures
Automatic title extraction via IPG
Up to 9000 titles
Up to 999 discs
On-Screen Display
Audio Performance
AD Converter
24 bit, 48 kHz
DA Converter
24 bit, 48 kHz
Signal / Noise (1kHz)
105 dB
Dynamic range (1kHz) 90 dB
Cross-talk (1kHz)
105 dB
Distortion / Noise (1kHz) 90 dB
Front Connections
i.LINK DV in (IEEE 1394 4-pin)
S-video in
Video in
Audio left/right in
Rear Connections
Scart 1 (cvbs, S-video/rgb out)
Scart 2 (cvbs, S-video/rgb in, decoder)
S-video out
Video out (cvbs)
YUV out
Audio left/right out
Digital audio out (coaxial/optical)
RF antenna in
RF TV out
G-LINK (for Sat Mouse)
IPG/Manual/ShowView /
Video Plus+
12;1 month; daily/weekly
Sat Mouse (IR Blaster)
English, French,
German, Dutch,
Spanish, Portuguese,
Italian, Swedish, Danish,
Norwegian, Finnish
Power Supply
200-240 V, 50/60 Hz
38 W power consumption (operation)
11 W power consumption (standby)
3 W low power consumption (standby)
Dimensions (w x h x d) 435 x 76 x 335 mm
Net Weight
5,35 kg
Package Contents
DVD Recorder / Hard Disk
Remote Control + batteries
Sat Mouse (IR extender cable)
Directions for use
SCART cable, fully connected
Coax RF antenna cable
Mains cable
Date of issue March, 2004
Specifications are subject to change without notice
VIDEO Plus+ and SHOWVIEW are trademarks of
Gemstar Development Corp.
GUIDE Plus+® is a registered trademark of
Gemstar - TV Guide International Inc.
Dolby Digital and the double-D symbol are
trademarks of Dolby Laboratories Licensing, Inc.
DTS is a trademark of Digital Theater Systems, Inc.
2004 © Royal Philips Electronics – All rights
With FlexTime you can watch a program while it’s still
being recorded, thanks to the extreme speed of a Hard
Disk.You can also watch a different progam from the
Hard Disk while it’s recording something else.
Instant Replay
With Instant Replay you are in control of exciting TV
moments so you can enjoy a precious TV moment like a
scene in a movie or football match again – immediately,
at the press of a button.The Hard Disk can play back
any scene while continuing to record the rest of the
programme, so you can instantly replay the last scene
at any moment.
Pause Live TV
A very large built-in memory records the program on
screen when you press the pause button.When it suits
you, you can resume the program from the moment
you pressed ‘pause’ as if you’re watching a live program.
High-Speed archiving (from HDD to DVD)
High speed archiving lets you make a copy of a
recording from Hard Disk to DVD in a fraction of the
original recording time. Once the program is stored
on HDD you can copy it to DVD+R/+RW at
maximum speed.
GUIDE Plus+ is an Interactive Program Guide – a free
on-screen TV Guide that shows what’s on TV for the
next couple of days and lets you program the timer
of the DVD Recorder with the push of a button.
Sat Mouse
The Sat Mouse is a special accessory that lets a DVD
Recorder control external satellite receivers. It sends
infra-red remote control commands in order to switch
the satellite receiver on and select the correct channel.