Classroom Technology Solutions - AV-iQ

Students Perform Better
When They Are Able
To Hear Their Teachers
Classroom Technology Solutions
Audio Enhancement
The Audio Solution Cart From The H. Wilson Company
• Built with Auxiliary Inputs to accomodate other media sources such as projectors, laptop computers,
DVD, TV, CD and MP3 players. Enjoy easy access to all your installed equipment via the lockable doors
• Loaded complete with speakers, amplifier and microphone
• One infrared microphone is included, (second is available) each with patented individual volume control
• Individual speaker volume control
• 2- Band voice “Bass” and “Treble” equalizer
Indicator Lights
(Teacher 1 & 2 green when receiving a signal)
Speaker Volume Control
For Information About How The Audio Enhancement Cart Will Improve Your Classroom Interaction,
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Classroom Technology Solutions
From The H. Wilson Company And Panasonic / Audio Enhancement
Microphone Volume Control
Auxiliary Input Volume Control
Speaker Volume Control - The volume level of each speaker can be independently adjusted with these
controls. This allows for optimal sound coverage in classroom for individual students’ needs.
Auxillary Input Volume Control - This controls the volume of the auxillary inputs connected to the input
terminals on the back of the amplifier.
Microphone Volume Control - Teacher 1 & 2 adjusts the volume of each infrared microphone (one included).
2-Band Equalizer - This allows the teacher to have control over the quality of his or her voice. This
adjustment is made by adjusting the “bass” and “Treble” controls until the desired sound quality is acheived.
Sensor Input Terminal
Speaker Output
Auxillary Inputs
Line Output Terminal
Sensor Input Terminal - Up to 7 sensors can be connected via the ‘F’ connector and coaxial cable for the infrared
wireless sensor(s), which provides the signal and power. Optional sensor coupler is required.
Speaker Output - The CAE-20W amplifier allows up to 8 speakers to be connected to the amplifier.
Auxiliary Inputs - The input allows other media sources such as DVD, TV, CD & MP3 players to be connected to
the CAE-20W amplifier.
2-Band Equalizer - Provides a line level output for connection of personal recording devices to facilitate
pod-casting, FM system or video conferencing systems.
Smart Sensing Charging Circuit
Microphone Audio Pickup
Volume Control Selector Switch
Battery Light
Charge Light
Remote Volume Control
Internal Frequency Switch
External Auxiliary Input Terminal
Charging Terminal
Smart Sensing Charging Circuit - The internal charging circuit can detect what type of batteries are placed in
the microphone. This safety feature prevents the charging of alkaline batteries.
Remote Volume Control - this revolutionary patented remote control feature enables the teacher to control the
volume of the student microphone, their own microphone, or the auxiliary input level.
External Auxiliary Input Terminal - Wirelessly connect CD players, MP3 Players or other audio devices.
Volume Control Selector Switch - Select either “own” to control the AERC-07 volume directly or “other” to control
the teacher 2, and/or student microphone (sold separately. Use mic volume up/down switch to adjust.
Internal Frequency Switch - The Teardrop Teacher Microphone features four selectable frequencies.
Up to 4 infrared microphones can be used in the same classroom at the same time. This is a great tool
for team teaching, guest speakers, and itinerate teachers.