Application Report
SLUA755 – July 2015
bq40z50 to bq40z50-R1 Change List
Battery Management
This document describes the changes made from bq40z50 to bq40z50-R1. The latest
ordering information and data sheet is available on the TI Web site.
bq40z50-R1 firmware version 1.06 has been released to enable several feature additions and performance
improvements. The following new orderable part numbers have been released which ship pre-programmed with
this new version of firmware:
• bq40z50RSMT-R1
• bq40z50RSMR-R1
To work with bq40z50-R1, download the latest version of Battery Management Studio (bqStudio) evaluation
software from
The existing bq40z50 ICs and EVMs can be upgraded to bq40z50-R1 FW.
Table 1. Change Details
No Load Reserve
New feature introduced to
work with bq2961xy LDO
integrated protector
Feature does not exist
Clamp Current
If measured current
exceeds Max value, the
current is clamped to max
value in the discharge
Remaining capacity
reports 0% after voltage
stays below termination for
Term V Hold time.
In the discharge direction,
if current <= -32768mA,
then it is reported as 0mA.
Device enters shutdown in
Permanent failure mode
when battery voltage is
less than configurable
bit is set when
Manufacturing Status Init
is zero at power on reset
FCC remains stable
without changes in Charge
Feature does not exist
4-byte block read/write
available in gauge
Several algorithm
robustness improvements
Feature does not exist
Term V Hold
PF Shutdown
Constant FCC during
4-Byte block
bq40z50 to bq40z50-R1 Change List
Feature does not exist
Feature allows to input
reserve capacity after RSOC
reaches 0% for powering the
RTC circuit via the LDO in
Current is clamped to max
value and prevents roll over
Avoids RSOC reporting 0%
from a short high dsg current
pulse driving voltage below
termination voltage
Minimizes power consumption
and avoids draining the
battery further
bit is not set
Features added for ease of
customer production line
FCC can change in
Charge mode
Supports Windows OS
requirement of FCC
remaining stable in Charge
Feature added to support
Microsoft BIOS requirements
Improvements do not exist
Helps with smoother/accurate
reporting of SOC/FCC
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