SIGMALT is a multifunctional embedded load control system specifically designed
for Avtron and Froment load banks. Flexible, Feature Rich and Cost Effective it is
designed for lower capacity resistive load banks giving best-in-class capabilities and
benefits to users.
Remote hand-held with enhanced
features or local control with digital toggles.
Networking capabilities increases utilisation
and testing possibilities as well as higher
returns on capital investment.
Colour touch screen control with enhanced
instrumentation and fast CAN bus
communication. Up to 25 networked load
banks can be controlled by a single handheld with USB data logging capabilities.
Best-in-class features, benefits and
capabilities without any premium.
The hand-held provides the means
to utilise all of SIGMALT’s unique and
exciting features including:
Remote control of load banks
Touch screen control
Network and control load banks together
Individual load control in the network
USB Data logging
Fast and accurate load control
Synchronous load changes
Single or three phase instrumentation
1kW load resolution on selected models
Simple firmware updates
SIGMALT also includes digital
toggle switches for simple,
local control and the SIGMA
gateway for integration with
existing control systems.
The hand-held is a touch screen remote control encased in a robust
aluminium enclosure enabling the user to optimise and maximise all
SIGMALT features and benefits.
Digital toggle switches are fitted to all SIGMALT load banks and offer
simple local control. This method of control is perfect for quick load
tests and useful as a local backup to the hand-held.
Individual remote control of a
load bank.
25 load banks can be
connected in a network
and controlled by a single
One hand-held enables
control of ALL or INDIVIDUAL
load banks in the network.
Observe the supply-on-test whilst applying load and viewing
instrumentation without the need to return to the load bank.
Control the load bank from up to 250m away.
No reaching down to the load bank to change load.
Fine 1kW load resolution on selected models.
Small load banks can be networked to provide high capacity testing
in places a larger load bank cannot be used e.g. roofs and basements.
Fine load resolution can be achieved on high capacity tests.
A single operator can control 25 load banks with no assistance.
Firmware can be updated on all load banks connected to the network.
Supports n+1 load bank redundancy if a problem occurs.
Provides differing loads to specific load bank locations i.e. data centre
HVAC testing can require precise load in various areas of the hall.
Load can be applied to any load bank/s in the network to test various
sized supplies at one time.
Superior accuracy.
Log test data onto a USB
flash drive.
4.3” full colour touch screen
control encased in robust
Modular design.
Open in spreadsheet software to create reports and certificates of
test data.
The data can be analysed, dated and filed for comparisons against
previous tests.
Prove a generators performance with backed up data.
If the supply-on-test fails, specific load, times and dates are logged
to refer back to.
The intuitive user interface allows load testing to be fast and simple
with a small learning curve.
The touch screen has a long operational life.
The aluminium enclosure ensures the hand-held is robust enough to
endure typical load test applications.
Switch between digital toggles and the hand-held with the press of
a button.
Add or remove load banks to the network quickly and simply to
increase or decrease the available capacity.
Correct load is applied whether in single or three phase mode.
Improved load accuracy in dual Voltage (240/480V) versions.
Limit the load to prevent accidental overloading of the supply-on-test.
Unlike traditional toggle switches, load changes that require multiple
steps are applied instantaneously.
Important for generator AVR and Governor testing.
Reliability and longevity.
Fast network connectivity for quick load changes and reliable testing.
20% faster load changes than the nearest competitor.
Simply connect the hand-held to utilise the enhanced features it has
to offer.
The digital toggles are rated as having an operational life 10 times
that of standard toggle switches. (10,000 vs 100,000 actuations).
The SIGMA gateway connects to the load bank control panel and
provides a means of communication over Ethernet. This method is for
the integration of SIGMALT load banks to existing PLC or BMS control
systems that are common in many load bank applications.
CAN bus network protocol.
Cycle between available instrumentation: 3 phase Voltage and
Currents or Voltage, Frequency and power.
Bright LED display with digital accuracy.
Toggle between single and three phase modes.
Synchronous load changes.
Easily expandable.
60 0
Digital, single or three
phase instrumentation.
480 0
Connectivity from SIGMALT
to Ethernet.
Provides integration into most existing PLC and BMS control systems.
Compact box can be easily connected and disconnected to the load
Network up to 25 SIGMALT load banks.
Provides the same features as the hand-held through a single
Ethernet port.
SIGMALT load banks are built to offer a range of features to suit any application. The feature rich handheld provides a means of utilising all features and the digital toggle switches provide fast local control.
Alternatively use the SIGMA Gateway to integrate the loads banks into an existing BMS or PLC control system.
Versatility is key for rental and service businesses and brings challenges with
differing voltages, capacities and applications. SIGMALT provides the ultimate
flexibility. Connect up to 25 load banks together to increase testing capacity
for a high capacity tests or alternatively use a single load bank for a smaller
test. This allows for a very flexible fleet, optimum utilisation and higher
returns on investments made. Operate either the digital toggle switches
for simple single load bank testing or the hand-held for networking and data
logging on more complex load test applications.
The importance of back-up power in a mission critical environment is
paramount. Regular maintenance plans are vital in keeping gen-sets and UPS
systems in full working order and that back-up power will run correctly if
required. SIGMALT not only provides a means of applying load and maintaining
the gen-set as part of the maintenance programme but also allows test data
to be captured, analysed and saved for future reference. A full list of test
results can be catalogued and compared in the future to keep track of the
health of a gen-set or UPS.
Data Centre heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems must
maintain a constant temperature to prevent servers from overheating and
causing damage. SIGMALT load banks can effectively simulate server heat
discharge HVAC systems may encounter. Up to 25 SIGMALT load banks can
be strategically placed in a Data Centre hall and controlled by a single handheld. Load can be applied proportionally to all load banks in the network to
provide a uniform temperature rise or alternatively, load can be adjusted
on specific load banks. This unique individual load bank control allows the
simulation of hot spots to analyse the reaction of the HVAC system in that
particular area. Test data can be logged to a USB flash drive and opened in PC
spreadsheet software for analysis. For Data Centres that already have building
management systems (BMS) in place, the SIGMA Gateway can be used. The
SIGMA Gateway allows integration of control through Ethernet and works
with most PLC and BMS systems.
SIGMALT provides the perfect test environment for regular gen-set
maintenance programmes. The Digital Toggle switches provide local control
to quickly and accurately apply load. Load can be selected and applied in
a matter of seconds and the synchronous load step changes mean the gen-set
has the correct load instantly. For generators with higher capacities connect
up to 25 load banks in network and control by a single hand-held. The handheld is able to log the test data to a USB flash drive and then can be used to
compare future tests and create a database of the health of the gen-set
over time.
The amount of electricity wind and solar farms produce depends on the
weather. On an extremely windy day, a wind turbine will produce more
electricity than is able to be put onto the grid. Load banks are an effective
way of dissipating this excess power and preventing the turbine from
overloading. The SIGMALT hand-held allows load banks to be connected
in a network to increase the capacity and effectively meet the dissipation
demands. Many wind and solar farms already have an existing centralised
control system. SIGMA Gateway provides a method of integrating the load
banks into that control system for ease of use.
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